Wednesday, December 12, 2012

End Of The Road Day 7


Sergent Sargent is being overwhelmed by Dread Watch. They have boxed him in
and it is only a matter of time before the demon sword of Master Masters taste

Sarge prepares to over heat his Laser Bayonet, in the hopes the explosion will
destroy Dread Watch too.

Before he can implement his plan, a wave of electricity
takes down Ramshackle, Monocruel and Shuristrike. Master Masters sword
absorbed the energy aimed at him.

Sarge and Masters look over and see Thunder Thief is the one who took down
Dread Watch. His face is covered in electrical burns and his silk pajamas are
mostly burnt away.

He wipes the blood from his mouth and smiles.

"Am I worth it now Ramshackle?"

Ramshackle wearily stands up. His new calloused hide able to endure the last

"I think you are wimp."

Monocruel raises to his feet and on instinct fires an optic blast at Thunder Thief.
Masters cannot believe his eyes.


The energy hits Thunder Thief in the chest. His body absorbs the energy
like a living battery. He punches Ramshackle in the gut hard enough to break
three ribs.

Thunder Thief lifts him over his head and drops him back first across his knee.

Shuristrike examines the situation. He knows he is no match for Thunder Thief,
but he will not abandon Masters.

Monocruel gets up and begins to run away. Thunder Thief drops him with a bolt
of energy.

Before Shuristrike can teleport, Thunder Thief absorbs the Necronic energy
from the assassin. Leaving Shuristrike stranded for now. Thunder Thief knocks
him out with a single punch.

Now possessing (at least temporarily) the teleporting powers of Shuristrike, he
decides to teleport far away. He is in a great deal of pain, but he is sure he can
repair the regulator belt.

That leaves Sergent Sargent and Master Masters. Who prepare to have a fight
to the death as the skies themselves tear apart.


Courtney Hendrix is hard at work on a way to cure Spare Tire. She knows there
must be a way to help him. But she has no blood sample of Tire or the Brute
Serum itself.

Looking at the monitors, she know that the Base is going to hell. Her brother
finally got to seize the power of Pegasus.

Liberty Corps Medical Director Triage, has been helping Courtney find a cure.

But she has had little luck.

"Courtney we are going about this the wrong way. We need to know Spare Tire

"Triage, you're a doctor. You know anything that would knock out Tire, that will not kill

"I thought of that. I read thru the archives on weekends and I remember Captain
Battle having a run in with a man named the Lion Maimer."

"He had super strength."

"According to the reports he had a copy of the Brute Serum. Captain Battle had
a spray that knocked him out."

"Where could we find that?"

"Before everything went crazy, I put in a call to Battle's son in Pan Guay. He just
messaged me back with a way to make a quick and dirty version of the spray."

"Lets get to work."


Dark Horse tries to leap over Spare Tire, but has his foot snatch by the brute.

He is slung to the ground like a rag doll. Tire presses his massive foot onto the
chest of the evil Horse Power. Crushing him, or at least attempting to.

Dark Horse mentally commands his jagged Horse Shoe and chain to wrap itself around
the throat of Spare Tire. Dark Horse gets back to his feet and pulls back on the

After struggling for a minute, the Liberty Corps mechanic collapses. Spare Tire
is dead.

Clydesdale crawls over to the body of his friend. Hoping he is somehow alive.


The Necromizone

Professor Necro watches as the borders between worlds fade and his Necronoids
march onto Liberty Base.

Necro realizes none of the fighting matters. Because no power on Earth can stop
him, once he returns.


Bronco fires his Shooters at Skele-Ton. The gigantic version of SkeleGun. But
the shots bounce off of the Ultimate Necronaut.

Mustang runs all around Skele-Ton, slashing and stabbing to no effect, as
Stallion's sword bounces off helplessly.

Unicorn and Pegasus have their own plan. They have been training for combat for
a year. They have mastered every procedure and tactic they can do.

Pegasus holds out his Purple and Gold Rifle.

"Pegasus Rifle!!!"

Unicorn place his scepter along the barrel of the Rifle.

In unison they shout.


Skele-Ton's eyes glow red and he fires a barrage of rockets from his shoulders at
Unicorn and Pegasus causing the orange and purple beam of energy to miss.

Stallion calls over Bronco and Mustang.

"We have to call in the Trojan Base. Its the only way we are stopping him."

Bronco speaks

"Lets do it."

The three yell out.


From the subbasements comes the massive base.

Stallion calls over Pegasus.

"Can you help control Trojan Base."

"Since I designed it, I imagine I can handle it just fine."

The five Horse Powers are in the control center of Trojan Base. Right now it is in
tank mode, which resembles a giant rocking horse.

Bronco puts in a command.

"Fire pulse missiles now."

"I don't think that is the correct strategy."

"Pegasus, as Curt Hendrix you might be in charge of the science department, but
right now you take orders. FIRE!!!!"

Before the missiles can be fired, Skele-Ton punches the head of Trojan Base. He
creates a drill from his left hand and is trying to drill thru the Trojan Base head.

Unicorn is positioned at the rear controls.

"Stallion sir, should I produce a energy backlash to get him off of us?"

"Proceed Unicorn."

The backlash sends Skele-Ton back.

Stallion gives the command.

"Shift into Trojan Battle Mode."

The rocking horse opens up its bottom producing arms and legs. It resembles a
giant Blue and silver Horse Power.

In its arms appears a trident. Resembling The Horse Power Combination Power
Blaster in Melee mode.

"Lets finish this."

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