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The Horse Power Christmas Special:Sleigh It Ain't So!!

Sleigh It Ain't So:A Horse Power Christmas

The North Pole 1985

A trio of Elves have been sent into an arctic wasteland to investigate
strange energy readings that have been interfering with Santa Claus's

The pair come across a glowing crystal.

"What the noel is this?"

"I don't know, but we better put in a report to the big man himself."

"Santa, this is Sebastian. Santa? Aw fiddle wash, the weird rock is creating too
much interference."

"Perhaps you have cheap equipment?"

"Who are you?"

A man in black and silver armor with a horse head for a helmet steps

He takes the elves down with his Horse Shoe and chain.

"My name is Dark Horse."


The Remnants of Liberty Base

Months prior, Liberty Corps was wrecked in an attack by Professor Necro,
lead by Master Masters and the traitor called Dark Horse.

Most of their energy has been spent trying to reassemble the Obliborex

Right now they are "enjoying" a holiday break.

David Foster grabs Courtney Hendrix from behind and hugs her.

"Courtney, we're under the mistletoe."

Courtney tries to smile. She knows how much stress everyone is under.

"Its okay Courtney, you don't have to pretend. You miss Curt, don't you."

"David, the last thing I think of before I close my eyes is seeing Curt die.
Then I think of Co-Op and Spare Tire.

Will this ever feel better?"

"Eventually, you know my first day in Pan Guay, I watched two squad
members die. The Beige Bengal's men had staged an ambush.

If not for Sarge, I would have died too. I've never forgotten those men, but
the hurt has gone away.

But they were not my..."

"Your brothers?"


David's communicator goes off.

"Its Sarge, we have a mission."

Courtney and David are secretly relieved.


The North Pole 1984

A patch of land that melts all snow the instant it hits the ground, sits

A pile of ashes that have sat there for centuries begin to glow and suddenly
a long forgotten figure is formed. He is seven feet tall and sickly thin. His
skin is green and is wearing a black fur suit with red trim.

Xanta Claw lives!!!!


Dark Horse has tore apart the headquarters of Santa Claus. He had simply
been seeking out the power source of this massive work shop.

He did not actually think the Santa Claus lived here.

"Alright buddy freeze!!!!!"

"Why should I?"

"Because if you don't, you will face the full power of Elf Force:Santa's
Special Forces!!!"

"You're kidding me."

But he looks over and sees four elves each wearing a swat team uniform
with a different weapon.

"Elf Force Red!!!"

"Elf Force Green!!!"

"Elf Force Gold!!!"

"Elf Force White!!!"

Dark Horse grins under his helmet.

"This should be fun."


Liberty Base

Sergent Sargent has gathered the team in the Horse Power Trojan Base. He
looks the same as always, except for a cybernetic headband grafted to his
head. Its only purpose to hold back the demonic Claymorgue. The spirit of a
demon sword that entered his body during the siege,

Zane Dresden walks in last.

"C'mon Sarge, I want to buy a Christmas Tree."

"Zane, you're Jewish."

"Doesn't mean I can't buy a Christmas Tree."

"I think it does."

"Great now you sound like my mom."

"Blast it we do not have time for this!!!!"

Zane quickly sits down.

"We have found a major energy disruption in the North Pole. We found a
huge Oblivorex Shard."

David Foster speaks

"Why is it just showing up now?"

"Something was cloaking a huge area up there. I found something else too."

Romero Sanchez speaks next.

"What is that?"

Sergent Sargent looks at the ground.

"Dark Horse"


Dark Horse is sent crashing into a candy cane pillar. He has obviously
underestimated Elf Force.

He takes out his Horse Shoe Guillotine and catches the Mistletoe sword of
Elf Force Green and kicks him in the jaw three times. Wrapping the chain
around his throat and sending him into the wall.

Elf Force Red fires his candy cane blasters at Dark Horse who deflects it
with his Horse Shoe.

He leaps across the room and kicks Red in the back of the head.

Elf Force Gold tries to use her Jingle Bells, only to have them cut to pieces
by the Guillotine.

This leaves Elf Force White. He tears into Dark Horse with his Candy Cane
Nun Chucks. But is simply over matched by the Evil Horse Power.

Dark Horse catches White's last punch and crushes his hand and knocks
him out with a slap.

"Now to find your boss."


Xanta Claw relishes being alive again. This world is so much naughtier than
the one he left. Oh most people are good, but with the population explosion,
there are far more bad people than before.

There is one source of misery that draws him closer. He disappears in a
black, red and green tornado.

His next stop is Lawnvale, Ohio.


The North Pole

Dark Horse has defeated Elf Force Four. He has entered the enter sanctum of Santa Claus. He is frustrated to find yet another locked door.

He swings his guillotine around and smashes in the door. He enters a chamber full of computers and other technical devices far beyond his perception.

Everything in the room is green and red, with white blinking lights.

"Close to the power source. What is the purpose of this place. Why devote this much energy to Christmas Town?"

"Because the world needs goodwill and cheer."

"No it can't be."

"Ho Ho Ho"

Santa appears out of a gold door of light.

"You are not Santa Claus."

"Of course I am George."

"How do you know that name?"

"I know all of your names. George Alberts, Road Test and Dark Horse."


Dark Horse kicks Santa in the jaw and attempts to punch him, but Santa teleports behind the Black Horse Power.

He holds out his palm and sends Dark Horse crashing into a wall with one burst of energy.

"Very Naughty George."

The environment shifts and they are outside in a howling blizzard.

"I'm so sorry George, but I must not let my work shop be damaged."

"Call me George again and I'll tear out your throat!!!!"

Dark Horse attempts to hit Santa with his Horse Shoe, but each swing misses. With the seven foot, 500 pound man displaying amazing agility.

Santa in returns fires a series of green energy orbs at Dark Horse, who deflects each one.

Santa teleports behind Dark Horse and puts him in a bear hug.

He releases him quickly. A white light begins emanating from Dark Horse. His armor changing to white and silver.

"What? What are you doing?"


"Where am I? I..I remember my tank exploding."

"You are safe now George. You can be more than you are."

Suddenly the white and silver peels away, revealing Dark Horse.


He takes his Horse Shoe and hits Santa in the face, knocking Old Saint Nick down. He quickly sits up.

"I'm sorry George, I thought there was some spark of you left."

A tear goes down Santa's cheek and he raises his hands and with a white burst of light sends Dark Horse back to the Necromizone.

But he will not allow himself to be overwhelmed with sadness, there are others he can help.


Courtney Hendrix is in her room looking at pictures of her brother Curt.

Curt never cared for Christmas, he thought it was spirutal hokum. Even as a
little kid he didn't believe in it. He liked getting presents, but that was it.

Now Courtney hopes more than ever, that Curt was wrong. She picks up the
Scramble Scope he gave her last year. It was a prototype that he could
never get to work.

Courtney begins crying like she does every night. She hears bells ringing
and smells the light stench of brimstone as smoke enters the room.

Out of the smoke steps a tall thin man. With sharp teeth, black hair and
beard to match with green skin.

"Do not cry little girl. I am here to end your pain, forever."

Liberty Base

Sergent Sargent and his team are preparing to leave for the North Pole
when an alarm goes off. A new enemy has attacked Liberty Base.

All four men grab their Horse Collars and scream


Davis Foster is transformed into the Blue Stallion.

Zane Dresden is transformed into the Green Mustang

Brutus Roberts is transformed into the Red Clydesdale

Romero Sanchez is transformed into the Yellow Bronco

Horse Power along with Sergent Sargent run back into Liberty Base.


Courtney Hendrix has seen too much, to be scared of a monster in a black
Santa suit. She kicks him in the face and fires five rounds into Xanta's chest.

"That's it girl, feed me your hate."

Courtney chooses to attack again. Wanting to unleash the pain she has had
inside, since Curt was killed.

Xanta grabs her and slams her to the ground.

"I will keep you alive. Your pain is simply too delicious. I can make you
suffer forever."

"Back away from Courtney!!!"

That demand came from Stallion. He leaps down and slashes Xanta in the

Xanta is bleeding from his chest and begins laughing as his eyes glow.


The wound heals as he feeds off of Stallion's hate.

He runs at the Blue Horse Power only to be hit by multiple laser blast from
the Bronco Blasters.

Xanta collapses to the ground with three large gaping wounds in his torso.

Bronco and Stallion look down at it.

"Is that one of Necro's?"

"No, energy signature is way off."

Xanta's eyes open and the wounds heal again.

"Sounds like my kind of guy!!!!"

He hits Bronco and Stallion with twin beams of black and red energy.
Sending them flying.

Sergent Sargent stands back, hesitant to enter the fray. He knows this thing
is trying to feed off hate and he is possessed by a demonic entity known as

Clydesdale tries to smash Xanta in the head with his hammer, only to have it
caught in the things grasp.

Mustang drops his daggers into the small of Xanta's back.

Xanta unleashes a blood curdling scream. These wounds will not heal.

The green one has no hate to feed off of.

Stallion gives the command.

"Fire the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster!!!!"

Clydesdale places the Horse Hammer on the ground handle first.

Bronco connects his Bronco Blasters at the handle and puts them on the
head of the hammer.

Mustang places his Daggers on the Bronco Blaster.

Finally Stallion places the Sword between the Daggers.


A Red, Green, Yellow and Blue beam of energy hits Xanta Claw, making
him explode.

They are relieved until Xanta pulls himself back together.

"Yes that recharge of hate and pain is what I needed!!!"

In a blur he takes down Horse Power.

"I can't afford to let you live."

It begins to snow in Liberty Base.

"Ho Ho Ho"

Santa Claus has arrived.


Santa had hoped Horse Power could stop Xanta on their own. But he now
knows their hearts were too full of sorrow. After failing to save Dark Horse,
Santa teleported to Liberty Base.

There he sees Xanta Claw standing over Horse Power. Xanta looks over
Santa, now over stuffed with grief.

"Cringle, I am so glad I don't have to look for you."

He attacks Santa who blocks each swipe and punches Xanta in the gut,
teleports behind him and fires a massive wave of energy at him.

Xanta gets up, having absorbed the damage. He charges into Santa and
knocks him down with a hard elbow.

He takes to the air and lifts both of his arms. He is absorbing all of the
negative energy from Liberty Base, until a black cloud of energy is in his

Sergent Sargent wants to help. But knows attacking Xanta with negative
energy, would only help him.

Santa appears in the minds of Horse Power, Sergent Sargent and Courtney

"I know you are all in a dark place. You miss your friends and truly I feel
your pain. But dwelling on the pain only strengthens Xanta."

The group remembers their friends.

Stallion remembers how much grief Curt Hendrix gave him over dating
Courtney. Curt was not a large man and was quick to avoid fights.

But he always stood up for Courtney. Maybe that was why being Pegasus
was so important to him. So he could protect his sister from the crazy world
they live in.

Bronco thinks about Spare Tire and how dedicated he was to his job. Once
staying up for three days to repair the Side Winder cycle. Then making sure
he was at Zane's birthday party.

Clydesdale remembers how much Co-Op loved training soldiers and
teaching them. Not just how to fight, but how to live better.

Mustang's memories are a little different. He remembers the cold war he
waged with Co-Op over the Adventure Ed high score at the Burger Barn.

He would never admit he was 2OP, but his face burning with rage when
Mustang came in bragging about finding the kill screen .

Sergent Sargent remembers meeting Spare Tire in Pan Guay. He was
Private Ralph Higgins back then. He had turned down a football scholarship
to Drama Bay University, to serve his country.

The second Sarge met him, he felt like he had met a long lost brother.

Courtney Hendrix remembers how scared she was about climbing into their
tree house. She remembers Curt encouraging her and finally hiding her
favorite doll in the tree house. Courtney climbed up ready to punch her big
brother, only to find him laughing and happy she had overcame her fear.

They worked on all sorts of projects up there. Until Curt's scent free air
freshener caused it to burn down.

Santa Claus stands up. A white light coming from his hands.

He sends the light into the black energy cloud of Xanta and it dissolves to

Santa catches Xanta Claw with a right cross that sends the monster crashing
to the ground.

"Horse Power, I have a special gift for you."

The Horse Power team is handed a candy cane colored Horse Cannon.

Xanta stands up bleeding.

"No, No."

Sergent Sargent smiles, his resolve finally returning.

"OH YES!!!!"


A Red, Green and Gold Beam Of Energy leaves the Horse Cannon and
turns Xanta Claw to ash.

Mustang jumps up and down.

"Sarge where did you get that new cannon so fast?"

"Don't thank me, thank Santa."

Mustang lifts his face mask revealing Zane Dresden.

"Santa Claus? C'mon Sarge, that is just silly."

"Yeah guess it is."

Courtney Hendrix runs outside excited.

"Guys a huge chunk of Oblivorex just teleported into the
DNABLER room. We traced it to the North Pole."

Everyone looks at Sergent Sargent bewildered.

He puts his arm around Zane.

"Tell you what Zane, let me buy you a Christmas Tree."


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

End Of The Road:Finale


Unicorn just witnessed his partner and only friend in the Liberty Corps being murdered by Professor Necro.

He grasp the handle of his orange scepter tightly and prepares to fight the villain.

But he looks over at the merged Horse Power known as Equestrex. Glowing
with a multicolored energy. Equestrex speaks one word and Unicorn
knows to obey.


In Equestrex hands, is the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster in Melee

He strikes Professor Necro with the weapon, who blocks it with a force
field of black light. But Necro underestimates the power of Equestrex, who
shatters the force field with a second attack.

The force field shattered, the Power Horse slashes Necro across the chest. He
attempts it again, only for the weapon to slide thru Necro harmlessly.

Necro melts into the ground and rises behind The Power Horse. Stretching his
fingers out into long tendrils, he entangles the Merged Horse Power.

He sends a surge of Necronic Energy into Equestrex. Dropping The Power Horse to one

Suddenly its eyes glow and shatter Necro's tendrils.

Power Horse summons the Horse Power Horse Cannon. Mounted on his
shoulders he fires it at full power and hits Necro.

Necro gets up and sees he is missing an arm, a leg and parts of his torso. He
draws more power from the Necromizone into himself and the rotting flesh
replenishes itself.

Necro flies into Power Horse and punches him into the Liberty Corps Hanger. At
blinding speed, Equestrex charges back into battle.

Necro takes to the sky.

"Hmm, you are too powerful for me.."

He flies down to meet the merged Horse Power face to face.


A thick wave of energy tears into Power Horse. He fights as fiercely as he can,
before turning into four distinct beings. Mustang, Clydesdale, Bronco and

Necro walks toward them with confidence.

"Yes, I think this is more my speed."


Courtney Hendrix and Triage have been running for thirty minutes. They have
ran to one of the dark pillars of light surrounding Liberty Base.

Courtney suspects if they can disable the source of the light pillars, they can stop

The pair finally get to the pillar of light by the artillery range. They look down
and see a bizarre looking plaque.

"Here we are Triage, we disable this and we're all set."

"Its not safe to touch that."

"Why I'm using this."

In her hands is a laser scalpel. At full power it can equal Sergent Sargent's Laser

Courtney aims the scalpel, only for a ghastly image to appear in front of her.

"What do you ladies have planned?"

"Professor Necro....."

"I am far too along, to have you interfere."

Five Necronoids appear in front of Courtney and Triage.

"Hmm, seems like a waste."

Four of the Necronoids disappear.

"Destroy them both."

Necro disappears and the Necronoid attacks, slamming Triage into the ground.
It swings at Courtney Hendrix, who ducks and kicks it in the face.

She picks up her laser scalpel, but it is crushed by the Necronoid. Courtney is not
going to run. Not while she can still help.


Sergent Sargent is slowly crawling across Liberty Base. Right now his body is a
spiritual battle ground for the Dragonmace and the Claymorgue. Both desire him as a

Sergent Sargent's only desire is to help his team. He knows Professor Necro has
landed on the base. He can sense that Power Horse has been defeated.

So he continues to crawl toward the one thing that can stop Professor Necro. He
crawls toward Trojan.


Unicorn sees the Horse Power team laying helpless on the ground. He knows
he is the only one left and attacks Professor Necro.

Necro blocks the attacks from the orange scepter easily.

"You're new. You and the one I killed earlier. Wonder how many of you
Horse Powers they have in reserve."

Unicorn kicks Necro in the face.

"Don't worry about them, you have your hands full with me."

Necro fires a wave of Necronic energy at Unicorn, who absorbs the energy thru
his horn.

Unicorn finds this is different than absorbing the
Curseifix energy.

Before he can be overwhelmed, he channels the energy into his scepter and fires it at Professor

Necro creates a force bubble at the last second that deflects the blast.

Now angry, Necro grows several tentacles and spider legs, while a thicket of bony spikes come out of his skull.

Unicorn attacks and Necro wraps a tentacle around his ankle and whips him into
the ground.

Necro out stretches his hand and points at the ground, bringing both the
Oblivorex Crystal and DNABLER to the surface.

"Finally I will regain favor with the old ones, bringing my birth planet into the


Courtney Hendrix has been brutalized by the Necronoid. Every attempt to get to
the Oblivoplaque has been thwarted.

She lays on the ground near the plaque, she knows if she reaches for it, The
Necronoid will stop her.

Its Robo Eye is now glowing bright red. Courtney sees her first real chance.

Courtney slides between the Necronoid's legs and puts a thin wire across its throat, aiming the Robo Eye at the Oblivoplaque.

The energy beam shatters the Plaque, creating a energy backlash that destroys the Necronoid.


Sergent Sargent has finally reached Trojan. He has put in the command and
began the slow climb upward. He has to reach the cockpit.


Necro just heard a loud explosion. He knows one of his Oblivoplaques has
been destroyed.

"Those women defeated my Necronoid. Curse my arrogance. Curse my need to
shatter wills instead of spines."

"You want something shattered!!!!"

Clydesdale leaps into the air and smashes his red hammer into the base of
Professor Necro's back.


One of Necro's tentacles grabs Clydesdale.

"Even if I can't bring Earth into the Necromizone. I can still kill Horse Power..."

Professor Necro does not notice the massive shadow above him.

Or that Mustang has recovered and snatched Clydesdale from his clutches.

Necro is unaware that Sergent Sargent won his battle with Masters and
is now in control of Trojan.

When he finally notices the giant foot above his head, it is too late. Professor
Necro is crushed under the foot of Trojan.

Sergent Sargent sits at the controls, consumed by demonic hell fire.

"At last."


The five Horse Powers stand around the body of Professor Necro.

Stallion suddenly panics.

"Where's Courtney!!!"

"Over here David....."

Courtney Hendrix is battered and bruised. Carrying the unconscious body of

Courtney is relived it is over, until she sees the dead body of her brother, Curt

She runs over and scoops his body into her arms.

"Curt, Curt, Curt.... Why? You weren't a hero. Why did you do this? Why?"

David Foster sits next to her.

"Courtney, Curt saved us today. If not for him, Crime King would have killed

Courtney hugs David and begins to sob.

Zane Dresden has the face mask on his helmet up.

"Where's Sarge?"

The foot of Trojan opens and Sergent Sargent crawls out of it.
His body covered in the hell fire of the Claymorgue.

Mustang, Bronco and Clydesdale run to help Sarge.

The Oblivorex has a minute crack in its surface. Likely obtained during the
recent fighting.

Sergent Sargent speaks.

"Don't worry about me. The crystal, check the crystal."

Suddenly the Oblivorex transforms into white energy and explodes. Scattering
across the Earth.

Unicorn looks down at the broken DNABler.

"What does this mean?"

Before the group can ponder the question, the pile of flesh and bone that was
Professor Necro disappears into a white door of light.


Professor Necro has taken the small remainder of his Necronic energy and
reformed his body. But every bone is still broken and he is unable to move.

Xcision and five of his men teleport into the lair of Necro. They walk toward his
broken body with scowls on their faces.

SkeleGun stands in front of Necro, prepared to fight with his remaining power. Xcision stares at the Necborg with his red beady eyes.

finish me....."

Xcision looks down at the broken remains of his prized student.

"Necro I could never kill you. I cared for you, as I might have cared for a
Darklin of my own.

I am sorry this has happened to you. You were never expected to pay back the
Oblivorex. I thought a deadline would motivate you......

I am unable to instantly heal injuries this severe. You were severely damaged
during this fight. Ax Wing create a cocoon for Necro."

Xcision stares at SkeleGun once again. There is something noble in
the Necborg, that twist Xcision's insides.

Finding Crime King is low on the list of priorities, for what is left of Liberty

So late one night, when a tractor beam took the prone body of the self proclaimed King of Crime, nobody noticed.

When Crime King wakes up, he sees a familiar face. The face of his long time partner, the robot known as Retro-9. Retro-9 is surrounded by a group of orange, five eyed humanoid aliens.


"Rest human, we have much to discuss. Such as what power on your planet, could
do such damage to one of our Fighter Suits?"


Clark City, Texas

Clark City is the heart of the burgeoning super science community. It took
Thunder Thief several weeks to walk here. He has made it a point not to draw the attention of Horse Power. Being a prisoner is not the life for him. Gilded cage or no.

He came to Clark City to get his regulator belt repaired and modified. So he can once again be immune to his own powers.

He found a man with the skill to repair Liberty Corps tech, yet have no moral reservations about doing it. For a no name, the guy is quite the electronics genius.


"Call me Thunder Thief."

"I was able to fix your regulator belt. Unfortunately I was unable to make it so
you can be immune to your powers."

Thunder Thief begins to feel angry.

"WAIT!!! I did add a switch that deactivates it. So you can switch your
powers on and off."

"Thanks buddy, sorry I almost flash fried you."


Horse Sense PSA

"Billy did you find the guns."

"Yeah I found where my dad hides the keys to his gun cabinet"

"Ready to play duel?"

"You bet!!!"

The boys look around as if waiting for someone.

"Alright we go ten steps and fire."

The boys walk the ten steps, continually looking around.



But the boys drop the guns.

"Billy this is stupid. Lets go play some video games."

The End

Monday, December 17, 2012

End Of The Road Part 9


Dark Horse has just had his Horse Shoe Guillotine destroyed by The Power Horse. He had no idea the Horse Power team could merge into one being. He realizes he has been gone for a long time.

He decides to attack, and finds all of his punches and kicks bounce off of Power Horse harmlessly. Then quicker than he could imagine, Power Horse punches Dark Horse and sends him flying thru a building.

He stands up and tries to plot a counter attack. But with incredible speed, Power Horse attacks again. Slamming him into the ground, creating a massive crater.


Master Masters is winning his fight with Sergent Sargent. Yet he can't help but wonder why Sargent is not dead. He has given him several deep cuts with the Claymorgue sword and whatever it cuts dies.

He realizes to end this fight, he is going to have to stab Sergent Sargent in the heart.

He rears his sword back and prepares to deliver the killing thrust. But he has failed to notice Sergent Sargent was feigning weakness. He charges his Laser Bayonet to full power and slices Masters hand off, the one that was grasping the Claymorgue.


Sergent Sargent shifts back to gun mode and shoots Masters in the chest five times. Before he can help his team he collapses, and his skin is begins to change as he is covered by a demonic hell fire.


The Power Horse is unsure what to do with the defeated Dark Horse. He realizes that it is only a mockery of the man that was Road Test. But the Clydesdale and Bronco parts of his psyche refuse to acknowledge this.

For the first time he looks around and sees the dark pillars of energy that surround Liberty Base. He realizes they are being merged with the Necromizone.

Necronoids are beginning to crawl thru cracks of light and are attacking the remaining Grunt Patrol and Liberty Corps Agents.

Power Horse summons the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster and fires it into the Necronoids destroying them.

He shift the Sword into the head of the hammer and the daggers and pistols to the side of the hammer to form Melee mode.

He lifts it up and destroys another batch of Necronoids. Unicorn and Pegasus run up to the merged Horse Power. Pegasus in particular is amazed.

"Even as I created Horse Power. I never imagined."

Suddenly the thunder storms intensify and out of a black portal of light steps Professor Necro.


Sergent Sargent vaguely recognizes this place. It is the Komondo Kingdom from the video world. He looks down and sees his cuts are gone.

"Where am I?"

Out of the shadows steps Dragonmace.

"You are safe within your own mind."

"Impossible, we killed you. I purged you from my mind."

"You purged me, but you did not purge the Heart of the Dragonmace. You can never purge the power."

"I will never be consumed by something as evil as the Dragonmace."

Another voice emerges from the shadows.

"Foolish human. The Dragonmace is not evil."

"I saw what the Komondos did in the Video World."

"What you saw was a moment is history."

Out of the shadows steps a being that resembles Dragonmace, but more noble.

"The Komondos were not always evil. We evolved over time as our enemies overwhelmed us."

"You mean the flower people? They look real dangerous."

Another voice comes from the shadows.

"Do not underestimate Emperor Redwood."

"Another one?"

Out of the shadows emerges a living redwood tree. Covered in armor and carrying a club covered in spikes.

"Where once the Plant Empire only covered a single patch of land, we expanded. Soon we took the tiny kingdom of the lizards and made it our own."

The noble looking Dragonmace steps forward.

"As king I could not allow my kingdom to be overwhelmed. I had to do something, so I sacrificed myself to create the Dragonmace. Our most powerful mages and a pair of brothers named Zulth and Multh, created the Dragonmace."

Emperor Redwood begins to speak.

"That cursed weapon destroyed me. Turned me to splinters and my heirs proved too cowardly to retaliate  Most settled for peace, while a select few joined the Komondo King's army."

Sergent Sargent looks at the trio.

"What does this have to do with me?"

Dragonmace looks at him.

"You must embrace the Heart of the Dragon or you will die."

"I feel fine."

Suddenly Sergent Sargent is surrounded by a pair of burning skeletons, and his skin begins to melt.


Sergent Sargent's eyes open and he finds himself at Liberty Base. His skin is turning to green scales and half of his body is on fire.

He begins to crawl, sensing his team needs him.


Professor Necro has finally stepped thru the portal. He stares at the being called Equesterx:The Power Horse. He has a vague memory of seeing him once before.

Pegasus looks at Professor Necro and is unimpressed. Reading his energy signature he is not much more powerful than SkeleGun or Ax Wing.

He summons his Pegasus rifle and charges at the leaders of the Nation of Necro.

Power Horse holds out his hand.

"Pegasus wait!!!"

Pegasus fires four shots at Professor Necro, and the Professor blocks each one with his hand.

Suddenly the energy readers in Pegasus's helmet go crazy. Necro lifts his hand and fires a black wave of Necronic energy into Pegasus chest. The Purple Horse Power falls to the ground, dead.

Friday, December 14, 2012

End Of The Road Part 8


Stallion looks down at the individual with his boot on Clydesdale's throat. He is
wearing black Horse Power armor. The Horse Shoe emblem is broken. He has a
chain wrapped around his arm connected to a large jagged horse shoe.


"Don't worry Stallion, I'm done with him. Its the rest of you I want."

Mustang stands up.

"What do we do Stallion? I say we go down there and kick his butt."

Pegasus looks at the monitors.

"If we fire the Horse Shoe beam, that would destroy him."

Bronco looks over.

"It might kill Clydesdale too. Lets go meet him."

Stallion, Bronco, Mustang, Unicorn and Pegasus leap to the ground. Mustang
looks at Pegasus.

"You know anything about this guy Pegasus?"

Pegasus stands defensively. He knows the original Horse Powers have never
trusted him. Even in the days of E-Unit.

"No, there were only six Horse Collars."

Dark Horse walks forward slowly swinging his chain.

"That's right, not an original. Powers created by Professor Necro himself."

Stallion runs at him with his sword out and swings it at Dark Horse, who blocks it
with his Horse Shoe guillotine.


Sergent Sargent is being overwhelmed by Master Masters and his sword known
as The Claymorgue. The sky is cracking open and he cannot figure out why.

Master punches Sarge in the gut and throws him to the ground. He lifts the
blade to stab him and is shot in the chest by a powerful beam of energy.

It belongs to the Liberty Corps agent known as Battle Line. He is the grandson
of the Living Legend of two World Wars, the late Captain Battle. In his hands is
the Battle Shot pistol.

"Back away from Sergent Sargent.."

Masters gets back to his feet.

"You? You could not beat me as a "normal" man. Yet you expect to defeat me

Battle Line kicks Masters in the face and tries to shoot him again, until Masters
grabs his wrist. He tosses him aside and lifts his sword in the air.

Before he can kill Battle Line, he is shot by the laser pistol belonging to Bold
Eagle. Otherwise known as Liberty Corps Director, Bill Powers.

He is then hit in the back with the laser hatchet of the Bronze Destroyer.
Otherwise known as Liberty Corps Director, Jeff Dixon,

"You men are too old to be playing this game."

He brings his sword down at Destroyer who blocks it with his hatchet. Battle Line
fires at Masters again, who leaps behind Destroyer and uses the Director as a
battering ram to run over Battle Line.

Bold Eagle lifts Sergent Sargent and prepares to fly away with him.

"What are you doing Powers?"

"You're hurt, you need help."

"Let go of me. I have to finish this with Masters. You need to get out of her.

Take Destroyer and Battle Line and form a second front in Pan Guay."

Eagle wants to tell Sergent Sargent that he is hurt and the four of them have a
better chance of winning. But he realizes that Masters would get at least one of
them in a prolonged fight and they need to form a second front.

"It's your call Sarge."

Sergent Sargent fires a high powered round at Masters who deflects the blast
with his sword.

But it gives Bold Eagle a chance to save Destroyer and Battle Line.

Sergent Sargent sets his Laser Bayonet on its highest setting and attacks again.

Masters manages to block every attack Sarge can think of. Eventually Masters lands
a small cut to the shoulder. Then a larger one to his right bicep.

The cuts begin to glow, but neither man notices in the heat of combat.


Dark Horse has overestimated his powers. His dominance over Clydesdale lead
him to think Horse Power was significantly weaker than him. What he did not
realize was the Red Horse Power was exhausted from holding the transformed
Spare Tire at bay.

His only advantage right now is the Orange and Purple Horse Powers keep
getting in the way. Dark Horse has no memory of them. He thinks they must
have been activated recently.

Still he is finding it difficult to fight all five of them. Stallion tries to cut him with
his sword, but Dark Horse catches it in his Horse Shoe and drives it into the

Pegasus tries to shoot him in the back, but Dark Horse rolls behind
and uses Stallion as a shield.

Unicorn tries to batter him with his scepter, as Mustang tries to slice him with his
daggers. But the team is too inexperienced to avoiding hitting each other.

Mustang turns to Unicorn angry.

"Watch it new guy!!!"

Unicorn feels an overly intense reaction to this and shoves Mustang.

"Learn to duck!!!"

Dark Horse strikes them with his chain, only to be shot in the side by Bronco.

Pegasus follows up with a blast from his rifle.

He tackles Dark Horse and begins flying higher and higher.

Stallion runs over.


But its too late he is already in the air. His plan is to drop Dark Horse from a
high altitude. But there is a problem with this plan. Dark Horse wraps the chain
around Pegasus throat and begins hitting him, before driving him into the ground.

Dark Horse stands up without a scratch.

"Alright who's next?"

Mustang steps forward.

"Grrrrrrr.... You want to know who's next, how bout what's next!!!"

Stallion grabs the Green Horse Power.

"What are you thinking?"

"Look at the sky. Look at those pillars of black energy. We do not have all day to fight this fraud. We need the power of Equestrex."

Stallion looks at the ground.

"That has a price."

Bronco walks over.

"And we already paid it."

Clydesdale stands up, using his hammer as a cane.

"Do we include the new guys?"

"No this is dangerous enough, without adding Hendrix and Bedlam."

Dark Horse begins swinging his Horse Shoe Guillotine at faster and faster speed to the point it is a swirling vortex of energy.

"Time out is over Horse Power. Time for you to join your friend's."

Stallion, Mustang, Bronco and Clydesdale press down on the Horse Shoe emblems on their chest. Their bodies are transformed into Blue, Green, Yellow and Red energy forms and smash into each other.

Out of the light steps Equestrex:The Power Horse. Dark Horse swings his Guillotine at The Merged Horse Power. who catches the Horse Shoe in his hand and shatters it.

"NO MORE!!!"

Thursday, December 13, 2012

End Of The Road Part 7


Sergent Sargent and Master Masters are having the fight they knew they were
destined to have. Laser Sword clashes with Claymorgue with neither man giving
an inch.

Sergent Sargent in particular knows the danger he is in. The demonic Claymorgue not only gives Masters greater speed and strength. But it only needs to draw blood once to take the life of its enemy.

Sarge does several back flips and fires off six shots from his Laser Bayonet. But
Masters deflects them with his demon sword.

"Now it is my turn Sargent."

He holds the Claymorgue in the air and allows it to be surrounded by fire and
throws it at Sergent Sargent, destroying the Grunt Patrol barracks at the same
time. Sergent Sargent narrowly rolled out of the way.

Masters walks forward defiant.

"Excellent Sargent."


Clydesdale sits near the body of Spare Tire his face mask lifted as he tries to
administer CPR.

"C'mon Tire!!!!! You have to live!!!!"

Clydesdale is kicked in the head by Dark Horse.

"What made you think, I would let you revive Spare Tire. If I had not broken his
neck, the serum would have induced a heart attack."

Clydesdale retrieves his hammer and lowers his face mask. He charges into Dark Horse and smashes in his helmet, then strikes him in the gut with his hammer.

He body slams him to the ground. Lifts him up and knocks the Evil Horse Power down with a massive clothesline.

Before Dark Horse can stand, Clydesdale lifts him up and drives him into a
brick wall. He props him up and keeps hitting him. Clydesdale is too consumed by
grief and rage, to notice Dark Horse retrieving his Horse Shoe Guillotine.

He mentally commands it to wrap around Clydesdale's throat.

"Are you done?"

He grasp the chain and whips Clydesdale into the ground.

"I can't believe this is the mighty E-Unit. Horse Power was suppose to take
Liberty Corps to the next level."

Clydesdale slowly stands up.

"Who are you?"

Dark Horse strikes Clydesdale with the Horse Shoe three times.

"You couldn't save Co-Op...."

He hits him again with the Horse Shoe.

"You could not save Spare Tire."

He begins spinning the Horse Shoe above his head creating a vortex of black


The energy strikes Clydesdale with full force, causing him to collapse.

Courtney Hendrix and Triage run up on the scene, with the knock out spray that
was meant for Spare Tire. But they see that is not necessary.

Courtney fires her laser pistol at Dark Horse to save Clydesdale. Dark Horse
turns around amused.

He swings his Horse Shoe slowly and walks toward them. Triage runs at him and
hits three vicious martial arts strikes to the Evil Horse Power. Only to see they
have no effect.

Dark Horse grabs her wrist and slams her to the ground. He twist her arm slowly,
only for Courtney to kick him in the face. This gets him to release the hold.

If Courtney Hendrix had the powers of Horse Power, she could survive this fight.

But right now she is over matched.

Dark Horse is splattered into the ground by a massive red hammer.

Clydesdale pulled himself together long enough to save Courtney and Triage.



Skele-Ton is sent reeling by the first Melee weapon slash of Trojan. The fully operational Horse Power Mech.

He fires his fist into the sternum of Trojan. He then forms two high powered rifles in his hands and fires. This sends Trojan back several steps.

Stallion sits in the command seat of Trojan.

"Unicorn how are the shields holding up?"

"Good Stallion, but I don't think it can take another direct hit like that."

"Bronco fire the Horse Shoe beam."

The horse shoe emblem on Trojan lights up and fires a golden beam of energy into Skele-Ton.

Skele-Ton for his part knows he is not expected to defeat Horse Power. Simply keep them from destroying the OblivoPlaques that are merging Earth into the Necromizone.

Inside of Trojan, Pegasus is fidgeting. He knows exactly what it is capable of since he designed it.

"Stallion we should activate the Solar Broadcasters and incinerate Skele-Ton."

"Right now Pegasus we have him on the ropes and we have not field tested the Broadcasters."

"I designed them, I know they only carry a five percent risk."

Skele-Ton fires a missile into the left shoulder of Trojan.

"I'M NOT TELLING YOU AGAIN  PEGASUS!!! You are not experienced enough to direct a battle.
Mustang, shift the Trojan Blaster Melee Mode into Gun Mode.

"Got it Stallion."

The blades and guns shift back into the horizontal position on the hammer head.

The team (minus Pegasus) yells in unison.


A large blue, purple, green, orange and yellow beam of energy fires into Skele-Ton:The Ultimate Necronaut stands up with a hole in his torso. Before falling to his knees.

"Shift back into Melee mode and finish him."

A noise comes in over the radio in Trojan.


"Who is this?"

"Never mind, back away from Skele-Ton now."

Mustang grabs his receiver.

"Why should we?"

"Because if you don't, Clydesdale will die!!"

The team looks out the window and sees a Horse Power in black armor standing over a bruised and beaten Clydesdale. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

End Of The Road Day 7


Sergent Sargent is being overwhelmed by Dread Watch. They have boxed him in
and it is only a matter of time before the demon sword of Master Masters taste

Sarge prepares to over heat his Laser Bayonet, in the hopes the explosion will
destroy Dread Watch too.

Before he can implement his plan, a wave of electricity
takes down Ramshackle, Monocruel and Shuristrike. Master Masters sword
absorbed the energy aimed at him.

Sarge and Masters look over and see Thunder Thief is the one who took down
Dread Watch. His face is covered in electrical burns and his silk pajamas are
mostly burnt away.

He wipes the blood from his mouth and smiles.

"Am I worth it now Ramshackle?"

Ramshackle wearily stands up. His new calloused hide able to endure the last

"I think you are wimp."

Monocruel raises to his feet and on instinct fires an optic blast at Thunder Thief.
Masters cannot believe his eyes.


The energy hits Thunder Thief in the chest. His body absorbs the energy
like a living battery. He punches Ramshackle in the gut hard enough to break
three ribs.

Thunder Thief lifts him over his head and drops him back first across his knee.

Shuristrike examines the situation. He knows he is no match for Thunder Thief,
but he will not abandon Masters.

Monocruel gets up and begins to run away. Thunder Thief drops him with a bolt
of energy.

Before Shuristrike can teleport, Thunder Thief absorbs the Necronic energy
from the assassin. Leaving Shuristrike stranded for now. Thunder Thief knocks
him out with a single punch.

Now possessing (at least temporarily) the teleporting powers of Shuristrike, he
decides to teleport far away. He is in a great deal of pain, but he is sure he can
repair the regulator belt.

That leaves Sergent Sargent and Master Masters. Who prepare to have a fight
to the death as the skies themselves tear apart.


Courtney Hendrix is hard at work on a way to cure Spare Tire. She knows there
must be a way to help him. But she has no blood sample of Tire or the Brute
Serum itself.

Looking at the monitors, she know that the Base is going to hell. Her brother
finally got to seize the power of Pegasus.

Liberty Corps Medical Director Triage, has been helping Courtney find a cure.

But she has had little luck.

"Courtney we are going about this the wrong way. We need to know Spare Tire

"Triage, you're a doctor. You know anything that would knock out Tire, that will not kill

"I thought of that. I read thru the archives on weekends and I remember Captain
Battle having a run in with a man named the Lion Maimer."

"He had super strength."

"According to the reports he had a copy of the Brute Serum. Captain Battle had
a spray that knocked him out."

"Where could we find that?"

"Before everything went crazy, I put in a call to Battle's son in Pan Guay. He just
messaged me back with a way to make a quick and dirty version of the spray."

"Lets get to work."


Dark Horse tries to leap over Spare Tire, but has his foot snatch by the brute.

He is slung to the ground like a rag doll. Tire presses his massive foot onto the
chest of the evil Horse Power. Crushing him, or at least attempting to.

Dark Horse mentally commands his jagged Horse Shoe and chain to wrap itself around
the throat of Spare Tire. Dark Horse gets back to his feet and pulls back on the

After struggling for a minute, the Liberty Corps mechanic collapses. Spare Tire
is dead.

Clydesdale crawls over to the body of his friend. Hoping he is somehow alive.


The Necromizone

Professor Necro watches as the borders between worlds fade and his Necronoids
march onto Liberty Base.

Necro realizes none of the fighting matters. Because no power on Earth can stop
him, once he returns.


Bronco fires his Shooters at Skele-Ton. The gigantic version of SkeleGun. But
the shots bounce off of the Ultimate Necronaut.

Mustang runs all around Skele-Ton, slashing and stabbing to no effect, as
Stallion's sword bounces off helplessly.

Unicorn and Pegasus have their own plan. They have been training for combat for
a year. They have mastered every procedure and tactic they can do.

Pegasus holds out his Purple and Gold Rifle.

"Pegasus Rifle!!!"

Unicorn place his scepter along the barrel of the Rifle.

In unison they shout.


Skele-Ton's eyes glow red and he fires a barrage of rockets from his shoulders at
Unicorn and Pegasus causing the orange and purple beam of energy to miss.

Stallion calls over Bronco and Mustang.

"We have to call in the Trojan Base. Its the only way we are stopping him."

Bronco speaks

"Lets do it."

The three yell out.


From the subbasements comes the massive base.

Stallion calls over Pegasus.

"Can you help control Trojan Base."

"Since I designed it, I imagine I can handle it just fine."

The five Horse Powers are in the control center of Trojan Base. Right now it is in
tank mode, which resembles a giant rocking horse.

Bronco puts in a command.

"Fire pulse missiles now."

"I don't think that is the correct strategy."

"Pegasus, as Curt Hendrix you might be in charge of the science department, but
right now you take orders. FIRE!!!!"

Before the missiles can be fired, Skele-Ton punches the head of Trojan Base. He
creates a drill from his left hand and is trying to drill thru the Trojan Base head.

Unicorn is positioned at the rear controls.

"Stallion sir, should I produce a energy backlash to get him off of us?"

"Proceed Unicorn."

The backlash sends Skele-Ton back.

Stallion gives the command.

"Shift into Trojan Battle Mode."

The rocking horse opens up its bottom producing arms and legs. It resembles a
giant Blue and silver Horse Power.

In its arms appears a trident. Resembling The Horse Power Combination Power
Blaster in Melee mode.

"Lets finish this."

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

End Of The Road Part 6


Clydesdale is thrown thru a brick wall. The brute known as Spare Tire follows

Clydesdale has been trying not to hurt Spare Tire. He knows his friend is not in
control of what he is doing. Now he knows he needs to do something to slow Tire


A red hammer appears in Clydesdale's hand.

"Sorry Tire, its the only way."

He smashes Spare Tire in the jaw with his hammer. This enrages Tire who
attempts to punch Clydesdale, who ducks the swing.

Clydesdale retaliates by hitting Tire with an uppercut and pushes him to the wall
with the handle of his hammer.

"Where is Sarge with that backup?"


Sergent Sargent is running across Liberty Base. He gave the orange and purple
horse collars to Dr.Hendrix and Private Bedlam. They contacted him minutes
before, reporting that they had taken out the Heterocera, Crime King and Greasetrap.

He was going to help Clydesdale, until he got a report of an evil Horse Power attacking the base.

Before he can go witness it for himself, he is zapped in the leg by a powerful laser

It belongs to Monocruel of Dread Watch. They have picked this moment to

Ramshackle and Shuristrike are accompanying Monocruel. They are lead
by Sarge's former mentor, Master Masters. Who is surrounded in a dark red fire.
Wielding the broken Claymorgue.

Sergent Sargent shifts his Laser Bayonet into sword mode.

"What is it Sargent? Were you not expecting Dread Watch to strike at once? I suppose you expect the old cliche of me wanting to fight alone?

Not this time..."

Ramshackle lunges at Sergent Sargent, who leap frogs over his head, while
slashing him across the back.

Monocruel fires three laser blast at Sergent Sargent, but he deflects all three
with his Laser Bayonet.

He narrowly avoids being stabbed by the teleporting Shuristrike. Master
Masters sits back amused, watching his former protege fight for his life.

Even as tough as Sergent Sargent is, eventually one of Ramshackle's hay makers
gets thru. Another of Monocruel's laser blast makes contact, and Shuristrike
cuts him with his katana.

Masters decides to end this now.


Thunder Thief walks around Liberty Base in agony. He is absorbing more and
more electricity, each power increase putting him in more pain.

Why does he not release the power, to get even temporary relief? At first he
thought it was misguided nobility.

Not wanting to hurt his support staff. But he knows that is no longer true. Right now he would deep fry his own mother if this pain would go away.

He gets outside and he sees the base is in chaos. Grunts lay dead, while others
are wounded. He could safely release the power right now. But some instinct
stops him.

He stumbles across the field in agony when he comes across Sergent Sargent
fighting Dread Watch. He remember encountering the lumbering idiot know as
Ramshackle during Dread Watch's last invasion. He remembers being tosses

The anger puts him in even more pain as he begins instinctively absorbing more
power. Turning a bright blue sky black.

He'll show Ramshackle.


Stallion, Bronco, Mustang and the newest Horse Powers known as Unicorn and
Pegasus have been attacked.

The five were preparing to split up when they were ambushed by SkeleGun and the

Joining SkeleGun, are Curseifix and Ax Wing with a cadre of Xenoids.

Stallion does not feel ready to lead this team into combat. But right now he has
no choice. He raises his sword and screams.


Stallion attacks SkeleGun, anxious to finish the fight from earlier. He deflects
bullets and rockets fired by the Necborg.

He leaps forward and slices each gun and rocket from the body of SkeleGun.

Giving Bronco the chance to unload his Bronco Shooters into the Necborg.

Ax Wing confidently takes to the sky with his Xenoids. Feeling confident no one
can lay a finger on him. But before he can decide which Horse Power to attack,
Pegasus attacks him.

Ax Wing has not had to fight in the air before. At least not on equal terms.

He flies at Pegasus and spins like a drill to avoid being hit by his gold and purple
rifle. But before he can strike, Pegasus has moved.

"You can't be that fast!!!!"

Pegasus charges at Ax Wing and sends him crashing to the ground with a flying

"Believe it!!!"

Pegasus sees he is surrounded by the flying Xenoids. He charges his rifle and
zaps them to pieces in seconds.

Curseifix keeps blasting beams of Necronic energy at Mustang and Unicorn.

Unicorn for his part is taking out the empowered Necronoids.

Mustang keeps changing patterns at super speed, but he cannot get close to
Curseifix. He attempts the direct path and is hit with a full blast Necronic energy.

Unicorn having taken apart the last Necronoid runs at Curseifix.

"You Horse Powers keep growing in numbers and shrinking in brains. You saw
what happened to Mustang. Well if you insist on a taste."

His Curseistaff glows with power and fires upon the Orange Horse Power.

The black horn on Unicorn's helmet glows and absorbs the Necronic energy.

"Maybe you should do better research."

He lifts his scepter with the Horse Shoe at the end and fires the energy at
Curseifix, breaking his body in half.

SkeleGun slowly rises to his feet with no hands or weapons.

Stallion walks toward him.

"You should give up, you can't win like this."

"You're right, not like this."

The eyes of the Necborg glow bright red as he is surrounded by all of the fallen
Necronoids and Xenoids.

They form giant arms, legs and eventually a torso in seconds.



Spare Tire throws Clydesdale across the base again. He somehow seems to be
growing in power. He would be mad at Sarge for not returning with back up, but
he knows something must have went wrong.

He wearily stands up and prepares to fight with his friend. When a black blur
kicks Tire in the head. Did Sarge actually activate Unicorn and Pegasus?

He realizes that is not the case when he sees the individual standing still. It looks like a dark reflection of Horse Power.

"Who are you?"

"No thank you? You Horse Power types were never grateful to the little people."

"I'll thank you, when I figure out what you are."

Spare Tire gets up. He tries to punch Dark Horse, who leaps over his head and lands behind him. He takes out his giant jagged horse shoe. But before he can kill Spare Tire with it, Clydesdale strikes Dark Horse with his hammer.

"I'm not going to let you hurt Tire!!!"

"But you were fine with Road Test being killed."


Dark Horse attacks with his jagged Horse Shoe, but Clydesdale blocks each strike with his hammer. He wraps the Horse Shoe around the hammer, to disarm Clydesdale. But the Red Horse Power is far too powerful and pulls Dark Horse toward him. But Dark Horse slides between the legs of Clydesdale and kicks him below the abdomen.

He quickly retrieves his weapon and tears apart the Red Horse Power. Before he can finish him off, Spare Tire smashes his head in with all of his new found brute strength.


Monday, December 10, 2012

End Of The Road Part 5


Bronco and Mustang have been frustrated by the Heterocera Husk.  Somehow
the creature has out maneuvered them at every turn.

High Five is directing the Ace Squadron in their attacks, but the husk is too
strong. It is already regenerating the parts it lost earlier. In addition to that, High
Five is having a difficult time flying Mustang's Green Horse Fly Chariot.

They are preparing to go in for another attack on the husk, when Bronco's
communicator starts going off.

"Bronco here.."

"This is Co-Op. Greasetrap and Crime King are loose. Crash Course is in critical

High Five takes the communicator.

"What happened?"

"He was seen with Road Test, then Test disappeared and some guy in black Horse Power armor appeared."

"Is Test okay?"

"I don't know he........"

Mustang fires the lasers on his chariot at the husk of Heterocera.

"We have to finish this thing and go help the others!!!"

Before he can fire again, a purple streak goes thru the husk of
Heterocera. The husk regains its balance, but now has a hole in its torso.

It opens its broken mandible and roars. But the purple streak flies thru the husk
three more times.

The purple streak of energy finally stops in midair. Revealing a purple alternate
version of the Horse Power armor. But with the alteration of a pair of black
metallic wings.

Bronco opens his face mask.

"Oh no Sarge, you didn't."

Pegasus speaks.

"I'm here to help Horse Power."

The husk of the Heterocera flies toward Pegasus, now missing large portions of
its body.

Pegasus holds his hands out.

"Pegasus Gun!!!!"

A Purple and Gold Shotgun appears in his hands.


A beam of Purple and Gold energy fires out of it, destroying the husk of the

Pegasus flies to Bronco and Mustang.

"We need to return to Liberty Base immediately."

Soon he is back to being a Purple blur of speed.


Dark Horse is surrounded by twenty grunts. They are wielding Heavy Hitter
canons and Pulse Rifles.

He grasp the chain wrapped around his arm and begins swinging the large jagged
horse shoe attached to it.

He knows the Grunts will not fire until he makes a move. He leaps into the air
and they fire.

With a speed they can not expect, he deflects every shot with the
jagged horse shoe and throws it at the Grunts. Killing the squad in two swings.

"I have no idea what you are. But I'll find a way to stop you."

Dark Horse brings the jagged horse shoe back to his hand.

"Co-Op, there is something you don't know? I have been gone a long time."

"Road Test? It's you...."

"There's the Co-Op I know."

He grabs the handle at the base of the jagged horse shoe and attacks. Wielding it
like a mace. Co-Op takes out his katana and blocks each shot. He cuts Dark
Horse several times, but Dark Horse is simply too durable.

Dark Horse kicks Co-Op in the chin and smashes his jaw with a back fist. Co-Op
stands up bleeding. His katana broken now. But he refuses to die on his knees.

Co-Op throws a Mud Ball grenade at Dark Horse. The Mud Ball creates a time
displacement field within five feet of its detonation.

Dark Horse is caught in the field and slows to a crawl. Co-Op takes out a laser
pistol. Studying the Horse Power armor, he knows he has a one in five thousand
chance of hitting a structural flaw and damaging the armor.

He fires and it hits his left shoulder blade just as Dark Horse crushes the
Mud Ball grenade.

He grabs Co-Op by the throat.

"Playing the odds Co-Op? You should have ran. In this chaos I would have found another target. But you know everything don't you Co-Op?

You know exactly where you are going?"

Dark Horse clutches his hand around Co-Op's throat and The Liberty Corps Agent
falls in a heap.

Dark Horse goes searching for his next victim.


The Necromizone

Professor Necro looks at his viewing window of Liberty Base. He sees the dark
pillars of energy changing Liberty Base. Soon he will finish what he started in
1969, he will merge his home planet with the Necromizone.

His current partner, Master Masters is not aware of this. Necro does not feel
guilty, Masters will become a serious player in the Necromizone after this.

Master Masters has been transformed by the Claymorgue. His helmet
now covered in sharp edges. His shoulders have sharp bone like protrusions
sticking out. The sword emits an ugly light and uglier humming sound.

"Necro, the ceremony has began. It is time we returned to Earth. It must be at
my hand that Sargent is killed."

Master Masters, his Dread Watch, SkeleGun, Curseifix and Ax-Wing are
consumed by a black door of light.


Stallion narrowly dodges a boiling hot stream of grease.

"Hahahaha, where is your tasty girlfriend blue boy?!! Would love to deep fry

"You don't want to do that Greasetrap, she'd go straight to your thighs!!!"

Stallion takes his sword and cuts the Frying Man's legs off.

"Now Gravel Pit!!!"

Gravel Pit drops a ton of dirt onto the legs of Greasetrap.

"That should slow him down Gravel Pit. Bury him now."

Before he can move, Greasetrap brings himself to his hottest boil ever, and
explodes onto the Earth Mauler tank of Gravel Pit, which is melted into slag.

Stallion attempts to save him, but is hit by a barrage of pulse missiles fire by
Crime King.

"Forgotten about the King of Crime already?"

Crime King had never encountered Horse Power before. They would of been a
serious shock to his system, if he had not had access to television news.

He lifts Stallion by the head. Crime King's Rulian Fighter Suit is two feet taller
than the Horse Power Armor. He lifts up a glowing fist and prepares to obliterate
the skull of the Blue Horse Power.

But a surge of energy hits him in the back, actually damaging the Rulian Fighter

"Who dares?"

A being in a orange version of the Horse Power armor emerges from the smoke.

The armor is protected by a Horse Shoe shaped black shield, that surrounds his
chest and back.

On top of his head is a long black horn.

Stallion says to himself.

"Oh No Sarge, you didn't..."

Crime King activates his thrusters and flies at Unicorn.

"Unicorn Scepter!!!"

A scepter with a black handle appears in Unicorn's hand. At the tip of it is an
orange horse shoe. He smashes in the side of the Rulian Fighter Suit. Leaps into
the air and smashes it across the head of Crime King's Armor.

Crime King staggers back.

He flies into the air, out of reach of Stallion and Unicorn.

"Curse you...."

The gauntlets on the Rulian Fighter Suit begin glowing.


A gigantic beam of energy comes surging at Unicorn. But the Orange Horse
Power does not move.


The Horn Glows as it absorbs the gigantic beam of energy. He transfers the
energy into his scepter.


A Orange Beam of Energy consumes the Rulian Fighter Suit and it crashes to the
ground. Little more than scrap metal.

Stallion lifts his face plate and walks toward Unicorn.

"Private Bedlam is that...."

Before Unicorn can answers Greasetrap stands up. His body mostly regenerated.

"You won't destroy the Frying Man that easy!!!"

A Purple Blast of energy shatters Greasetrap into a million pieces.

Behind him stands Pegasus holding his freshly fired Shotgun.

"Wanna bet?"

Friday, December 7, 2012

End Of The Road Part 4


High Five is in his Sound Breaker Jet and is in pursuit of the husk of the
Heterocera, or the remains of it. Somehow it has come back to life.

High Five flips on his radio and gives orders to his men.

"Listen up, do not even attempt to get close to that thing. Stay as far back
as possible. Do not underestimate its speed, it deceptively fast."

Five gets the Heterocera in his sights and sends a barrage of gunfire at its
wings, he only manages to do a little damage. Even as a husk, its wings are too

But now High Five has its attention and flies toward The Sound Breaker Jet.

"Was hoping you would do that."

He fires a Electric Net missile at the Heterocera husk. Once it makes
contact it explodes into a field of electricity.

"Ace Squadron, fire!!!"

The Aces line up in their Hatchet Helicopters and begin firing away on the
paralyzed Heterocera husk.

The husk is not in pain because it is not truly alive. But still it is unable to
get out of the electrical field the missile created.

It looks down at its own broken talon and tears the arm off and throw it at
the Sound Breaker Jet. Destroying one of its wings.

High Five quickly ejects and sees the Heterocera has escaped the Electrical
Field he created. It is coming straight for him and he is strapped to his seat.

Before it can attack, Green and Yellow lasers cut a hole in the Heterocera.

It is Bronco and Mustang in their Green and Yellow Horse Fly Chariots.

Mustang snatches High Five out of his seat and places him in the green

"Sorry we took so long Fives."

The Heterocera stops its descent and begins charging toward Bronco and

Bronco fires his Bronco Shooters at the Heterocera.

"Why was this thing not disposed of properly."


Liberty Base Stockade

Crime King had grown adjusted to being trapped in the armor. At some point
it felt like an extended dream. So when he heard.


He thought it was part of the dream. Until he raised his arm and shattered
the west wall with a pulse beam generated by his left hand.

He looks over and sees that a bizarre looking humanoid blob had freed itself
and was burning the Liberty Corps Security Drones.

He looks up at the ceiling and destroys it with another laser blast and flies
into the sky.

"I never thought I would live to see this again."


Sergent Sargent, Stallion and Clydesdale have struggled to contain the
Brute formerly known as Spare Tire.

"Stallion, can you get Cold Snap here?"


"Why not?"

"He's busy fighting Greasetrap."


"There was a prison break. Crime King's armor was activated at the same
time, that Greasetrap was freed."

"That's not possible. Stallion go help Cold Snap contain those two.

Clydesdale just try to knock Tire out. Its not pretty, but maybe we can think of
something later."

"What about you?"

"I'm going to find Curt Hendrix."


Thunder Thief was sitting in his cell when suddenly a familiar feeling
returned. He was being electrocuted. He looked down and saw his regulator belt had
fallen off.

He tries to put the belt back on but finds he can't. He is no longer immune to
his powers and if he does not release the electricity inside of him, the greater
his pain will be.

He goes into the hall and sees a trio of nurses running from him.

He could release it right now. But he knows those women. He sees them
every day. He has killed before and likely will again. But he is not some mad
dog killer.

He has to find another way.


Road Test is near the gate of Liberty Base. He is activating and dropping
the final plaque.

The chaos around the base. It reminds him of Braionic, of Professor Necro, of

"Road Test!!"

He turns and sees someone he does not recognize.

"Who are you?"

"Name's Crash Course. But you knew me as Tank Grunt #6776. After you
well...disappeared. I took your place."

"Took my place...."

"Listen the base is falling apart and you are not cleared for combat. You
need to get out of here."

Road Test looks down and sees a purple beam of light emit from the
Oblivoplaque he placed on the ground.

"Test, we really need to go."

Road Test grabs the broken Horse Collar on his belt and activates it. He
transforms into a dark reflection of Horse Power.

"Oh my.... What are you?"

The black armored figure punches Crash Course in the face and kicks him
across the parking lot.

In his hand a large jagged horse shoe attached to a chain materializes.

"Dark Horse..."


Within a secret chamber underneath Liberty Base, Sergent Sargent has
brought Dr.Curt Hendrix and Private Mark Bedlam with him.

Sergent Sargent goes over to the computer and types in a command. The
last two Horse Collars appear. One is orange and the other a dark purple.

"We are being attacked on all fronts. Horse Power is being divided and we
cannot be every where at once, we need Unicorn and Pegasus."

Hendrix takes the Purple Horse Collar. It was originally meant for Director
Bill Powers. But it ended up being too powerful for a man Bill Powers age.

Hendrix expected that and made sure he was compatible.

Mark Bedlam takes the Orange Horse Collar. This was originally meant for
Sergent Sargent. But his first attempt to use it, gave him a seizure.

Bedlam was chosen as a suitable replacement, until he failed the psyche

That worries Sergent Sargent, but he knows Bedlam is a good man and they
need the power of Unicorn.

"You have been begging for this chance Hendrix. Don't blow it."

Hendrix and Bedlam in perfect unity activate the Horse Collars.


Hendrix is covered in a purple light.


He emerges in a dark purple armor.

Bedlam is covered in a orange light.


He emerges in a orange armor. Complete with a chest plate that resembles
a giant horse shoe.

"Unicorn go help Stallion stop Greasetrap and Crime King. Pegasus go help

Bronco and Mustang stop the Heterocera husk. Then contact me."

The pair quickly run into the fray and Sergent Sargent wonders if he did the
right thing.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

End Of The Road Part 3


Horse Power and Sergent Sargent have returned to Liberty Base and feel
frustrated. They were unable to finish off SkeleGun and Ax Wing. Both of
them made off with seemingly random objects.

Zane "Mustang" Dresden speaks first.

"I don't get it. Why does Necro want a engine block and amplifier? Is he
going to make some kinda musical car monster?"

David "Stallion" Foster speaks

"No Zane, every creation of Necro's started out as something living that
recently died. Like Braionic or the Greasetrap monster."

Sergent Sargent looks at the ground.

"It could be a red herring."

Romero "Bronco" Sanchez speaks next.

"What do you mean Sarge?"

"Masters knows how I think. He knows we are planning to invade the

Necro must have something big planned that he does not want
interrupted. So Masters had him send out those two, to distract us."

David Foster ask the question.

"But what is he planning?"

"I don't know David."


Road Test has accomplished his first mission. He successfully drugged the
food in the Liberty Corps Dining Hall.

Later in his private barracks, he is contacted by a hologram of Master

"Excellent work Road Test. Soon Liberty Base will be swarmed by Brutes.
Now I need you to execute the second part of the plan. Prepare to receive
the Necro Plaques."

Four black and grey plaques materialize on his bed. They appear to be made
of stone but with circuits embedded on them.

Road Test looks at them.

"What do I do with them?"

A map materializes near the plaques.

"On that map are five locations. Place one plaque at each location
and activate it. "

"What happens after that?"

"You will destroy Horse Power."


Spare Tire is in bed, he is in terrible pain. Earlier he had went to the dining
hall, because it was country fried steak day.

He had been working for twenty straight hours on the Trojan Base. When he
got to the dining hall he was starved and went straight to the kitchen and helped
himself. He ate twenty steaks all by himself. Even though they had a weird
after taste, he could not stop himself.

Mess Hall had a fit, and threw him out of the dining hall. Spare Tire thinks
the pain he feels is simply the effects of over eating. That is until he feels like
every muscle in his body is tearing apart.

He looks in the mirror and does not recognize himself.  His eyes are
bloodshot and veins in his neck are throbbing. His work boots are tearing off, as his
feet grow larger.

His coveralls are tearing as his arms grow bigger. Finally Spare Tire
screams and destroys the left wall in his office.


Curt Hendrix is in the Liberty Corps stockade. This is where menaces too
dangerous for normal prisons go.

He first walks into the cell holding Crime King. King has been here for a

Since his Rulian Fighter Suit ran out of power. He has been unable to
remove the armor. It has just enough power to wash and feed him, It even
massages his muscles to prevent atrophy. But still he has been going a bit stir crazy.


Curt Hendrix taps a few buttons on the Rulian Fighter Suit and an outlet

"Just routine maintenance."

He insert a cord into the Fighter Suit and leaves.


Hendrix next walks into the room containing Grease Trap. He taps a
command into the container holding the monster. Then leaves the room.


Road Test is on the artillery range, where Grunt Patrolmen train. The
sounds of gunfire and explosions take him back to the fight with Braionic.

He remembers trying to escape just as his tank exploded.

He remembers the shrapnel tearing his stomach open and the fire burning
his flesh.

He remembers the rotting man in the tattered robes appearing before him.

That man was Professor Necro and he stole from Road Test the peace of death.

These memories keep racing in his mind. He grabs the broken Horse Collar
Buckle and prepares to activate it. But he stops himself, it is not time yet.

He activates the plaque and drops it on the ground. It glows a bright purple
light and binds itself to the ground.

Road Test feels nothing and simply moves to the next location.


Sergent Sargent is thrown across Liberty Base Court Yard. When he heard
the report of a large man tearing apart Liberty Base, he thought that
Masters had sent more of his DREAD Brutes. But this is worse, this is
Spare Tire.

Spare Tire has been transformed into a monstrous brute. Now Sergent
Sargent and Horse Power are trying to contain him.

Mustang and Stallion charge at him. Mustang hitting him with a thrust kick
to the stomach and Stallion punches him in the side.

Spare Tire grabs the Green and Blue Horse Powers by their chest plates
and slams them into a brick wall.

Clydesdale grabs him from behind and prepares to drop Tire on his head.

But freezes up, not wanting to hurt his friend.

Sergent Sargent gives an order.

"Bronco, fire a low powered energy blast at him, while Clydesdale has him."

Bronco gets ready to fire but stops. Like Clydesdale, he is afraid of hurting
his friend.

Spare Tire elbows Clydesdale in the face and throws him into the Yellow
Horse Power.

Sergent Sargent is beside himself.

"For the love of thunder..."

He jumps onto the back of Spare Tire only to have Tire drive his body into
the ground back first.


The Necromizone

Master Masters and Professor Necro watch as the chaos unfolds at Liberty

"Masters, you said they all would transform."

"I did not account for the gluttony of Spare Tire. But this has worked out

"At this rate they will defeat him and discover what Dark Horse is doing."

"Necro, can you truly reanimate the dead?"

"Of course I can."

"When I had control of Liberty Base, I discovered something interesting in
one of the labs in sector G7. It was the husk of the Heterocera creature that
Horse Power battled."

"I see what you are planning Masters. Yes I can do this."

Necro's eyes emit a bright red fire and he begins to chant.



The husk of the Heterocera has laid here for months. Dr.Hendrix had been
planning on reverse engineering its creation.

Martin Howard (the creator of the Living Larva/Heterocera) has been in a
coma for months.

Without Howard's help, Hendrix has had no luck in recreating the process.

But the husk has remained here in the cold storage unit.
Security Drones no longer pay this area much attention. They do the routine
check and move on. The husk has not moved in months. The eyes of
the creature open and its wings flap wildly and it flies thru the ceiling.


Clydesdale has now summoned his Horse Hammer and hits Spare Tire in
the gut.

He does not want to hurt Tire, but he will not risk Sergent Sargent's life either.

Sergent Sargent is back on his feet. Times like this he fears he is not free of
the Dragonmace. He thinks that every bone in his body should have been

Before he can rejoin Horse Power in containing Spare Tire, his
communicator goes off.

"Sarge here."

"Sarge, its Laugh Track, The Heterocera is back."

"Dr.Howard came out of his coma?"

"No, the Heterocera husk came to life and flew thru the ceiling. He really
did some damage to the Security Drones guarding him."

"We're on it Track. Get High Five and the Ace Squadron on it. I'll send
Horse Power soon."