Monday, November 26, 2012

The Sword and The Scorn Day 1


The Crusades, Jerusalem

War has ravaged this holy city. Noble Sword has just entered the conflict.

Up to this point Merlin (his spiritual guide) had forbidden him from entering the

He had told him this was a man made "Holy" war and The Noble Sword had no
place in it. But Merlin's attitude had changed very quickly.

A mystic wildcard had entered into the conflict and Noble Sword would be

He walks down the ravaged streets, where he sees bodies strewn about. He
looks at the cuts and puncture wounds on the victims.

They do not look like they could have been caused by any man made weapon. The cuts are too jagged, the
stab wounds too erratic.

But stranger still were the dead bodies that look perfectly fine. It isn't until
he takes a closer look, he sees only minor nicks and scratches. Perhaps this
was the reason Merlin sent him here.

Suddenly Noble Sword feels an intense burning pain in his arm. He looks
down and sees he has been cut.

He thinks this is impossible. That no weapon made by man could ever pierce
his armor.

Before he can take in the shock to his system, he looks up and sees the man
who cut him.

A somewhat short Muslim soldier holding what looks to be a rusted and
chipped sword. His face appears to be decaying and he is surrounded by a red aura.

The man never says his name. He simply attacks, but this time Noble Sword
is prepared and blocks every attack with his sword "Valiant".

The man changes tactics and begins driving Noble Sword into a church.

Noble Sword looks around and sees a few adults with young children praying.

"Fools leave immediately or you forfeit your lives!!!"

The man with the broken sword takes note of Noble Sword's concern and with a deceptive speed
flips back and shatters a wall near the people. The hero runs to shield the


The people leave the church quickly, as Noble Sword holds the wall up with
his shield.

The man with the chipped and rusted sword takes this opportunity to stab a
defenseless Noble Sword in the chest.

Feeling his life force ebb, Noble Sword takes "Valiant" and decapitates his mute enemy.

The red glow fades and the face of the Muslim soldier looks relived. To be
granted death, rather than be slave to some demonic sword whose name he
did not even know.

The church collapses on Noble Sword and the soldier. Their lives end, even
as the journey of their weapons is just beginning.


Sergeant Sargent and David "Stallion" Foster are having a duel in the

Corps gym. Their weapons of choice are Kendo Sticks. They have been
fighting for an hour and have not noticed the crowd gathering around them.

Neither has been able to obtain the advantage. It appears as swordsman
they are equal.

Until Sergeant Sargent attempts a leg sweep, but David leaps to avoid it
coming down with his Kendo Stick, but the Sergeant quickly blocks it.

He kicks David Foster to the ground and leaps toward him. But David
Foster tumbles to the ground and slashes Sergent Sargent across the stomach. If
these were actual blades, Sarge would be dead.

For now only his ribs and ego are sore.

David Foster tosses Sergent Sargent a towel as the crowd disperses.

"I guess that answers any questions about your stamina."

"I think having to fight Professor Necro and a army of rogue Horse
Powers in the future answered that."

"Are you really not worried about the idea that Horse Power could be

"Not really because nobody controls the future. We can just do our best to
make it better. Honestly I'm more concerned that I lost another duel to you."

"Sarge you are a great swordsman and soldier. But you are never going to
be a guy who excels in simulations."

"Maybe you're right David."

One thing Sergent Sargent has not shared about his trip to the future. That
someone will die wearing the Clydesdale armor.

He pushes the thought out of his mind and changes into his uniform.


"Alright Distrusto, we have you now."

"Oh do you Captain Battle?"

A large robot that has two large knives at the end of his arms, stabs two of
the Ultra Battlers.

"No Backstabbicus, not you!!!"

"Captain Battle will be back after these messages."


Brutus "Clydesdale" Roberts sits on the couch staring blankly at the TV.

Zane "Mustang" Dresden is sitting next to him.

"Brute I appreciate the company, but don't you hate this show?"

" I don't care about this show one way or another. I'm just waiting for our
next fight."

"Brutus you haven't seemed right since our trip to the past. What

"What makes you think something happened?"

"We share a mind as Power Horse, remember? I can't recall your memories
exactly. But I know something really bad happened."

"Zane I really do appreciate your concern. But there is nothing you can do
for me."

Brutus Roberts leaves the room. Thinking of the three cavemen he allowed
to die.


The Necromizone

Master Masters watches as the Cyber Cocoons containing Shuristrike,
Ramshackle and Monocrule hatch.

Dread Watch ended up here after being defeated by Horse Power.

A man calling himself "Professor Necro" appeared and brought the team to
his strange world, that he calls the "Necromizone".

Masters refuses to be intimidated. Even if this world is the most unsettling
place he has ever laid eyes on.

Necro explained who he was and how them combining forces was the smart
thing to do. Masters agreed with this, the last battle showed him that Dread
Watch needs help.

Necro had the monster known as Ax Wing ensnare Monocruel, Ramshackle
and Shuristrike within his cocoons. Necro says when they hatch they will have
power to rival Horse Power themselves.

Masters refused to be wrapped in the cocoon. Better he see what happens
to his men first.

Necro is also modifying the "DREAD Sky Mammoth". Making it powerful
enough to battle Horse Power's new Trojan Base.

Necro allows him to monitor Horse Power from The Necromizone. His
enemies appear to grow stronger.

"I'm sorry to bother you Masters, but the Dread Cocoons are hatching."

"Not a problem Professor. I am curious though, who does the forth cocoon

"Look for yourself Masters."

Master Masters walks over and looks into the translucent portion of the

Cyber Cocoon. He recognizes the face immediately.

"That is Road Test, the Liberty Corps Tank Driver. My Intel reported him
as being kill in combat with one of your creatures."

Professor Necro smiles

"Oh he is dead Masters."

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