Friday, November 30, 2012

Sword and The Scorn Day 5

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The Eagle's Claw is flying back to Liberty Base. Inside is Sergent Sargent,
The Bold Eagle, the Horse Power team, along with fencing champion Gregory Simon and sword collector Darren Langham.

The last two are on the ship, to protect them from the sword killer/killers.

Sergent Sargent leads the meeting.

"So it appears we have two sword killers. The armored one my crew encountered in England and the monster called Claymorgue, that Stallion's team encountered in Vegas.

So now the question is, how are these things related?"

Stallion speaks

"Going by what you told us of your fight in England. The armored man was not
going for the kill. Claymorgue was definitely out for blood.

I think it is safe to say Claymorgue is the killer and the armored man is the
kidnapper. Bigger problem is we need a full team to fight them both."

Bold Eagle enters the conversation.

"Claymorgue is the more immediate threat. We can track him by his energy
signature, then hit him with every thing we have."

Bronco is studying the monitors.

"That will be easier now that we have the Claymorgue and armored man's
energy signatures."

Stallion looks closely at the energy signatures.

"The energy signature for the armored figure looks familiar."

Bold Eagle begins speaking again.

"We need to watch the monitors and hope the Claymorgue appears soon.
It might help if we knew what might draw him out again."

Darren Langham walks in.

"I can help with that."

Mustang runs up to him.

"Look buddy this is a private meeting."

Clydesdale grabs Mustang's shoulder.

"Let him speak."

Darren Langham swallows before continuing.

"There is the Yankton, Renaissance Festival."

Mustang looks confused.

"Yanked on? Yanked on what?"

"Yankton, South Dakota. It is known for its Renaissance Festival. Every year
they have a all ages mock sword tourney.

It draws a ton of spectators and it makes a lot of money for sword dealers."

Bronco does not look away from the monitor.

"So both energy signatures just appeared. Right in Yankton, South Dakota."

The Eagle's Claw sets a course for South Dakota.


The Claymorgue steps out of the dimensional riff, the host has created.

He walks toward the large gathering. He is confused by the garb, the humans are
wearing. It looks like clothing worn during the middle ages. He remembers that
as a satisfying period.

Europe ran red with the blood of his victims. It did not end til the Noble Sword
stepped in and stopped him.

He sees two men approach him in the odd garb. One very bloated and the other
somewhat sickly.

"Alas sir, yon sword be not regulation. While yon makeup not be accurate for
yon era."

Claymorgue takes his sword and slices the bloated one across the chest. He dies
instantly. The sickly one starts running and the Claymorgue takes him down with
a beam of energy fired from the sword.

The time for subterfuge has ended.


Fourteen year old, Randy Page is excited to finally be at the Yankton Ren
Festival. He is entering the jousting tourney later and plans to kick some butt.

The competitors only get to use foam weapons, but he has trained all year. He
goes to sign up, but is nearly trampled by a stampede of people.

He grabs a heavy set lady.

"M'lady, why doth thou be running?"

The woman is in no mood to stay in character.

"There is some nut with a broken sword dressed like a demon. I think its an act,
but I'm not taking a chance."

Randy is excited to be a part of one of Yankton Ren Fest annual play. Last year
they had a mad wizard turn the king into a toad.

He sees the guy dressed as a demon and wonders how they made the make up
look so good. Or got such realistic light effects coming off of him. He thinks it
looks better than Conan the Destroyer.

Well time to step up. He is nervous, but the guy who saved the king, got a five
hundred dollar gift card to the Yankton Hobby Shop.

"Foul beast, yon time has come. No more will thou pillage and plunder, for you
face Sir Randall, Knight of Trust!!!"

The twisted face of the Claymorgue smiles.

Randy attacks and makes expert strikes with his foam sword. But alas, tis only a
foam sword. Before the Claymorgue can strike him down, the armored figure

He attacks the Claymorgue with his own blade. It slices Claymorgue across the
chest. The cut gives Claymorgue little pain. But the blade itself, burns at the touch.

The Sword follows thru with more slices. It feels peace, in knowing soon it will have a new master and the evil of Claymorgue will be forever gone.


A gigantic beam of energy strikes Claymorgue and the Sword.

All that remains, is the somewhat intact body of Claymorgue, and the Noble
Sword stuck in the ground.

The Blue Horse Power known as Stallion lifts his face mask and looks shocked.

"Oh no..."

Sergent Sargent speaks.

"What's wrong Stallion?"

"I know why I recognized the energy signature of the armored man."


"It belonged to Noble Sword."

Before they can sink in on what they have done, they see the Claymorgue has

It holds its sword in the air and generates a wave of hell fire and
throws it at Horse Power.

The team is on the ground hurt. They try to get to their feet but the Claymorgue
is already on the attack. Slashing each member of Horse Power with its broken
and chipped blade.

Sir Randall is in disbelief at what he is seeing. Its one thing to see Horse Power
on the news, but seeing them in person? It looks like they are going to be killed.

"Seize me Randy Carol. Take me out of the ground and destroy the


Randy feels like his brain has snapped, because a sword is talking to him. He
feels even crazier because he is listening. He grabs the handle of the Noble
Sword and pulls.


Sergent Sargent has put his Laser Bayonet in sword mode. He attacks the
Claymorgue and has it outmatched in skill.

"I already got yet number Claymorgue. You can't be stopped as long as that
blade is in your grasp. So lets see if I can't take that away from you?"

He aims each slice for the wrist of the Claymorgue. The Claymorgue generates
another wave of energy and injures the Sergent.

Claymorgue hesitates on killing Sergent Sargent. Before it can go thru with
it, the thrust is blocked by another sword.

"Tis the end of the line Claymorgue. So says Noble Sword."

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