Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sword and The Scorn Day 4


London, England

Sergent Sargent patrols the gym of the Gregory Simon Fencing Academy. He
watches the students duel with one another. Each student had to go thru a lengthy
screening process, to enter the gym.

Gregory Simons approaches Sergent Sargent.

"Sergent, if you are here to protect me, would it not be wiser to have Horse
Power present as a deterrent."

"Under normal circumstances, that would be a good idea. But right now we want
to lure the Sword Killer out of hiding. If he sees Horse Power, he might turn shy."

A member of Simon's security team runs into the gym.

"Mr.Simon, a large armored man burst thru the gate. He took my team apart."

"My word, are they dead?"

"No, just knocked out."

Gregory Simon turns to Sergent Sargent.

"Sergent are you going to meet him outside?"

"No we want him in the gym. If we get the better of him, we can't risk him rabbiting."

The armored man burst in thru the ceiling. He has a navy blue cape and silver
armor covers his body. But oddly, the armor has no seams. His helmet has no
visible eye holes.

Sergent Sargent wonders if the Sword Killer is a creation of Professor Necro.

Before he can analyze the energy, he needs to stop the killer from attacking

Sergent Sargent intercepts the downward thrust with his Laser Bayonet.

He tries to get a strike in on the Sword Killer, but his every thrust is parried.

Sergent Sargent finds him to be a remarkable swordsman. Maybe better than
Master Masters himself.

Sergent Sargent backs away and shifts to gun mode and fires at the Sword Killer.

But the killer manages to deflect every blast with his sword.


The Sword Killer is struck by a red sledge hammer. It belongs to the Red
Horse Power known as..

"CLYDESDALE, what are you doing? This was not in the plan."

"Called an audible."

"An audible?"

Clydesdale strikes the Sword Killer in the head and sternum with his hammer. He
knows he will get in trouble for going against the plan, but he can't risk losing
another teammate.

The Sword Killer gets to his feet and dodges the next hammer swing, leaps over
Clydesdale and slashes down his back.

"I... I felt that."

Sergent Sargent noticed he used the pointed end of the blade this time. Before he
had been only striking with the blunt end of the instrument.

He hits Clydesdale in the gut with a spin kick. But before he can follow up.


A green blur attacks The Sword Killer. The green blur is the Horse Power known as.

"Blast it Mustang you too?"

"Save it Sarge, Clydesdale already botched the plan."

"Point taken."

Mustang has his Daggers out and tries to land a blow on the Sword Killer, but the
killer is an amazing fighter.

Even with Mustang's super speed, he is unable to land a hit. Mustang thinks he should have trained harder. Dueled with Sarge and Stallion more.

The Sword Killer leaps up and plants his feet into the torso of Mustang and
monkey flips him into Sergent Sargent.

"Sorry, Sarge."

"Get off me Mustang."

The Sword Killer approaches the pair, but is entwined in a steel cable connected
to a Red Sledgehammer head.

Clydesdale pulls him forward.

"Got him, glad to test my detachable Hammerhead in the field."

Before he can tie him up, the Sword Killer disappears in a blue light.

Sergent Sargent walks over anger.



Stallion gives out instructions like a born leader.

"Eagle, Bronco, you two keep back. You can both strike from a long
distance, while I get up close with my sword."

The Claymorgue raises his broken sword and sends a surge of energy by striking
the ground.

Stallion leaps over it and brings his sword down across it. The Sword Killer
revealed himself as the Claymorgue.

It looks like the sword took this sap as a host. Which complicates the fight.

Stallion is using the blunt end of the sword to strike the host and Eagle and
Bronco have their blasters at a lower setting.

Bold Eagle speaks to Bronco.

" I have a plan. You and Stallion need to form the Bronco/Stallion
Combination Power Blaster."

"But it might kill the host."

"Not if you aim for his wrist. We need to get the sword away from him. Stallion
are you listening?"

"Yes sir, we just need you to keep him busy."

"Can do."

Bronco gets angry.

"No, we are not risking Director Powers life."

"That is not your decision, Agent Sanchez!"

Bronco knows the Director is right.

Bold Eagle blast at the wrist of Claymorgue, but each shot is blocked.

He flies in each direction, frustrating the demon sword."

Bronco connects his Bronco Shooters at the handle.


Stallion locks his sword on top of the Bronco Shooters.



The blue and yellow beam of energy comes charging at the Claymorgue. Before
it can hit, the sword cuts open a hole in the air and jumps in.

The beam narrowly misses Bold Eagle.

Stallion comes over.


He takes out his communicator and lifts his face mask.

"Sarge this is Stallion, we just made contact with the Sword Killer."

"That's funny, we just made contact too."



Another Dimension

In a shining realm, a thin, white bearded man sits on a throne. He is
surrounded by various swordsmen, each in a force field putting them in a peaceful
sleep. Among them Yoshi Tetsuro.

A blue light flashes and the Armored Man appears. He is unable to speak, but
the bearded man understands.

"So it appears that a few self styled heroes, misunderstood your motives?"

The armored man nods.

"Hmm well at least the Claymorgue was delayed by the same group."

The armored man transforms into a sword. The bearded man lifts the sword with surprising ease.

"I will find you a new master, my Noble Sword. This much Merlin swears."

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