Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sword and The Scorn Day 3


Danny Barnes ran a weapons booth at the local Flea Market in Tulip Town
Mississippi. Usually selling knives, swords and nun chucks. One day he came across the oddest box.

It looked like it was made out of stone with tentacles and skulls carved in it. He bought it from the guy for fifty bucks. Old man would not give his game, he just seemed really happy to be rid of it.

Randy had a hell of a time opening the box. He tried every thing he could think of and it would not open. He tried to pry it open. He shot the lock with his shotgun.

He even used dynamite and it would not budge.

Every night after dinner he would try to pry open the lock.

Until one evening he was using his knife to try to pick the lock. He ended up cutting his finger and a single drop of blood hit the lock. The wind howled briefly and the lock popped open.

Randy was disappointed by what he found. A rusted and chipped old sword. It was old enough he might make some money selling it. He picked the sword up and he was suddenly filled with a power and blood lust beyond his imagination.

At first he killed people around town. The authorities had no idea anyone was being murdered, since the victims had tiny cuts on them. The sword only needed to draw blood to kill, the quantity did not matter.

But soon the sword spoke to Randy directly. It spoke to him in his dreams. It said its name was "The Claymorgue" and that it thirsted for blood. That the Claymorgue had an enemy and Randy must stop it at all cost.

It has went across the globe killing famous swordsmen. Even if Randy was in full control, he would only recognize a few of the names. Despite dealing in weapons, he only has a rudimentary knowledge of swords.

The Claymorgue has grown more desperate in its attacks. Gone are the expert cuts, replaced by the unskilled hacks of a lunatic.

It senses its enemy now knows of its presence The Claymorgue realizes it will
need a higher quality of host soon.


London, England

Sergent Sargent decided to visit each name on the list and hope to get lucky.

First name on the list Gregory Simon, the World Fencing Champion three years

Sarge along with Brutus "Clydesdale" Roberts and Zane "Mustang" Dresden
visited Simon in his London flat.

Sergent Sargent shakes Gregory Simons hand.

"Thank you for meeting us on such short notice Mr.Simon."

"Well it is not every day I get approached by Sergent Sargent and Horse Power.

You blokes are very popular over here. Why my nephew watches the video tapes
of your battles every day."

Zane Dresden looks shocked.

"What video tapes!!!"

Sergent Sargent turns to him.

"Some fly by night company, collected news footage of our battles and put it on
VHS. That is not why we're here."

Zane looks at the ground grumbling.

"Not why we're here? I better get my money."

Brutus Roberts looks at Zane very annoyed.

"Mr.Simon have you heard about the recent attacks on swordsmen?"

"Yes, terrible business. Tetsuro San is a good friend of mine. I have upped my
security detail."

Brutus Roberts continues

"We're afraid that might not be enough. We would like to tail you for a few

"That will be quite fine with me, provided you do not interfere with the daily
affairs of my academy."

Sergent Sargent speaks

"We'll try our best Mr.Simon."


Las Vegas, Nevada

David "Stallion" Foster, Romero "Bronco" Sanchez and Liberty Corps Director
Powers have arrived at the Las Vegas Weapons and Ammo convention. The

LAWAC started in 1979 and has become a premier destination for weapons

David and Romero decided to power down to prevent attracting a crowd. They
approach Darren Langham, he is an expert at forging broad swords.

Before they can approach him a commotion breaks out near the entrance.

David and Romero grab their Horse Collars.



Romero is transformed into the yellow and black armor of Bronco.


David transforms into the blue and black Horse Power known as Stallion.

Director Power turns on the harness for his laser wings. He puts his mask on and
becomes Bold Eagle.

They see a man covered in a red aura and wielding a chipped and rusted broad
sword. The man is wearing a pair of ragged camouflage hunting shorts.

His face looks like something belonging to a demon.

Stallion takes out his sword and attacks.

"Sorry buddy, this ends here."

The man does not appear to be particularly skilled at wielding his weapon. But he
makes up for this disadvantage with power.

Bold Eagle prepares to join the fray, when he is stopped by Bronco.

"Wait here Director Powers. You'll only get in the way."

"Bronco, I'm not a civilian that needs to be protected."

"Sir we can't risk you getting hurt."


Bold Eagle ignores Bronco and charges at the man with the broken sword.

Stallion has kept the man on the ropes, using superior skill. Until one of the
man's wild hacks gets through, cutting his chest plate.

"Arrrghhh, how did I feel that? It felt like my chest was cut open but I was fully

The man prepares to slice Stallion's head off, when the Bold Eagle punches him
in the face.

The man swings his sword wildly, and Bold Eagle avoids each strike. He takes
out his laser pistol and fires at the man. Who manages to block each blast with
his sword.

Bronco fires his Bronco Shooters at full power, into the chest of the man. Who
collapses to the ground.

"There its over, neutralize the sword."

Stallion flips the face mask of his helmet up.

"Bronco, what do you think you're doing. We were trying to stop the hostile with
non lethal force."

"And it was not working. At the rate the battle was progressing, Director Powers
would have been killed."

Bold Eagle walks over.

"I don't appreciate your condescending tone Agent Sanchez."

"It was not meant to be condescending sir. But I will not allow another teammate
to die on my watch."


Stallion lowers his face mask.

"Guys this will have to wait..."

The man raises up to his feet. The two fresh holes still in his body.

"No piece of modern weaponry will stop the Claymorgue."

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