Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sword and The Scorn Day 2


Tokyo, Japan 1985

Yoshi Tetsuro is the greatest Kendo master in the world. Few equal him in the art of fighting with a sword and none surpass him.

He started his school in 1975, after he retired from competition.

He still trains as hard as he ever did. He owes it to his students to be as skilled, as the was the day he started his school.

Sensei Tetsuro hears a loud crash in the dojo, he grabs his blade and runs out to meet the intruder head on.

He sees a large man wearing silver armor, resembling something out of the European middle ages.The intruder is wielding a large broad sword and has just taken down his two best students.

The remaining students are not yet skilled enough to use real blades in combat.

They are no match for the intruder.

"Students stand down."*

*Translated from Japanese

The students back away immediately. Sensei Tetsuro has not unsheathed his blade yet. A true master only does that as a last resort.

"Who are you armored stranger? Why are you in my dojo?"

The armored man says nothing. Instead unsheathing his sword, it appears he was looking for Sensei Tetsuro.

Tetsuro takes his blade out and attacks. He makes a precision slice that would kill any other man. But the armored stranger blocks it with his own sword.

Tetsuro again attempts to strike the armored man and again finds his blow

Sensei Tetsuro begins to suspect he is out matched in skill by the
stranger. But he will not yield in front of his students.

The armored stranger is now on the attack and Tetsuro manages to block and parry every one of the stranger's attacks. He does notice something off in the attacks. The stranger is only using the blunt end of the broad sword.

Tetsuro cannot ponder the strangers motives, for he is still under attack.

Eventually one of the strikes connects with his ribs, knocking the breath out of him. He bends over in pain, only to be struck in the head.

The armored stranger knocks him unconscious with one final blow.


Lawnvale, Ohio

Romero "Bronco" Sanchez is at the Burger Barn with Spare Tire and Laugh
Track. Romero was invited out to lunch by the pair, since he has seemed
distant lately.

Right now he is playing darts with Laugh Track and losing.

"C'mon Romero I know I'm good, but I've never beaten you this easily."

"Sorry Track, I'm not really myself."

Spare Tire takes two big bites of his Pizza Cheese Burger. A cheese burger that uses pizza slices as buns.

"We're your pals Romero and we know you have been down since that business with Templord. Tell us what happened."

"Tire, Track I already did an official report about what went down. I encountered a vampire in the past and drove it away from an Indian Reservation."

Laugh Track throws a bulls eye.

"Alright Romero have it your way."

"Tire, how is Wide Load doing? I know he was injured during that attack by The Cyborg Lincoln."

"He's busy working on rebuilding the Astro Risk Space Station. He is hoping to get to do some heavy welding...."

Before Tire can finish his story, Romero's communicator begins beeping.

"Sorry guys I gotta go."


Sergent Sargent, David Foster, Romero Sanchez, Brutus Roberts and Zane
Dresden sit in the conference room listening to Liberty Corps Director, Bill

"Men there have been a series of odd crimes occurring around the world."

Zane Dresden cannot resist speaking up.

"What else is new?"

Bill Powers bristles at this. For some reason Zane has been irritating him far
more lately.

"Zane if you would allow me to finish, I will tell you.
Six famous swordsmen have been kidnapped or killed."

Sergent Sargent raises his hand.

"Pardon the interruption Director, but how does this involve Horse Power?
People are killed and kidnapped every day. Not to sound callous, but isn't this business for the Police?"

"Normally that would be true Sarge, but check out these reports.

The last case involved Yoshi Tetsuro being attacked by an armored knight."

Sergent Sargent looks surprised.

"Yoshi Tetsuro?"

"You know him Sarge?"

"He trained me in Kendo between tours in Pan Guay. Anyone that could get the drop on him using only a sword, is bad news."

Director Powers brings a list up on the giant monitor in the command center.

"In addition to Tetsuro, two kendo champions were killed and one kidnapped. One fencing champion in Europe was kidnapped, while another in Michigan was killed.

The remaining names on the list are notable swordsmen who have not been attacked."

Zane Dresden looks at the list confused.

"What about Sarge and David?"

Director Powers looks mildly irritated.

"What about them Agent Dresden?"

"If this guy is going after famous swordsmen, I think Sarge and David (Or
Stallion) will be at the top of the list."

Director Powers looks impressed.

"Good point Agent Dresden, I overlooked Sergent Sargent and Agent Foster."

Sergent Sargent has the list downloaded to his pocket console computer.

"Me, Brutus and Zane are going to approach the names on half the list. David and Romero are going after the rest. Take a squad of Grunts as back up."

Director Powers looks up.

"I would like to join in on this mission."

Sergent Sargent looks annoyed.

"Director, I respect your wishes and The Bold Eagle would be a help to us. But well..."

"You think I'm getting too caught up in being a costumed agent again and that I dilute your authority in the field?"

Sergent Sargent smiles.

"That's about it. But I can't let my ego drive the team and we are short handed."

David, Zane, Brutus and Romero grab the Horse Buckles and in unison shout.



The Necromizone

Master Masters inspects the new and improved Dread Watch.

Monocruel no longer needs to depend on a complex apparatus to fire his eye beam. Instead the power is emanated from within.

He shatters the three boulders tossed into the air by Ramshackle. Who has been given super human strength and an impervious calloused hide.

Shuristrike then teleports several miles into the air and turns the fragments of rock into tiny pieces.

Professor Necro turns to Masters with a gentle smile.

"Ready to enter one of Ax Wing's cocoons?"

"Not yet Professor."

"I'm glad you said that Masters. I'm sensing a mystic disturbance on Earth that might require your attention."

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