Friday, November 30, 2012

Sword and The Scorn Day 5

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The Eagle's Claw is flying back to Liberty Base. Inside is Sergent Sargent,
The Bold Eagle, the Horse Power team, along with fencing champion Gregory Simon and sword collector Darren Langham.

The last two are on the ship, to protect them from the sword killer/killers.

Sergent Sargent leads the meeting.

"So it appears we have two sword killers. The armored one my crew encountered in England and the monster called Claymorgue, that Stallion's team encountered in Vegas.

So now the question is, how are these things related?"

Stallion speaks

"Going by what you told us of your fight in England. The armored man was not
going for the kill. Claymorgue was definitely out for blood.

I think it is safe to say Claymorgue is the killer and the armored man is the
kidnapper. Bigger problem is we need a full team to fight them both."

Bold Eagle enters the conversation.

"Claymorgue is the more immediate threat. We can track him by his energy
signature, then hit him with every thing we have."

Bronco is studying the monitors.

"That will be easier now that we have the Claymorgue and armored man's
energy signatures."

Stallion looks closely at the energy signatures.

"The energy signature for the armored figure looks familiar."

Bold Eagle begins speaking again.

"We need to watch the monitors and hope the Claymorgue appears soon.
It might help if we knew what might draw him out again."

Darren Langham walks in.

"I can help with that."

Mustang runs up to him.

"Look buddy this is a private meeting."

Clydesdale grabs Mustang's shoulder.

"Let him speak."

Darren Langham swallows before continuing.

"There is the Yankton, Renaissance Festival."

Mustang looks confused.

"Yanked on? Yanked on what?"

"Yankton, South Dakota. It is known for its Renaissance Festival. Every year
they have a all ages mock sword tourney.

It draws a ton of spectators and it makes a lot of money for sword dealers."

Bronco does not look away from the monitor.

"So both energy signatures just appeared. Right in Yankton, South Dakota."

The Eagle's Claw sets a course for South Dakota.


The Claymorgue steps out of the dimensional riff, the host has created.

He walks toward the large gathering. He is confused by the garb, the humans are
wearing. It looks like clothing worn during the middle ages. He remembers that
as a satisfying period.

Europe ran red with the blood of his victims. It did not end til the Noble Sword
stepped in and stopped him.

He sees two men approach him in the odd garb. One very bloated and the other
somewhat sickly.

"Alas sir, yon sword be not regulation. While yon makeup not be accurate for
yon era."

Claymorgue takes his sword and slices the bloated one across the chest. He dies
instantly. The sickly one starts running and the Claymorgue takes him down with
a beam of energy fired from the sword.

The time for subterfuge has ended.


Fourteen year old, Randy Page is excited to finally be at the Yankton Ren
Festival. He is entering the jousting tourney later and plans to kick some butt.

The competitors only get to use foam weapons, but he has trained all year. He
goes to sign up, but is nearly trampled by a stampede of people.

He grabs a heavy set lady.

"M'lady, why doth thou be running?"

The woman is in no mood to stay in character.

"There is some nut with a broken sword dressed like a demon. I think its an act,
but I'm not taking a chance."

Randy is excited to be a part of one of Yankton Ren Fest annual play. Last year
they had a mad wizard turn the king into a toad.

He sees the guy dressed as a demon and wonders how they made the make up
look so good. Or got such realistic light effects coming off of him. He thinks it
looks better than Conan the Destroyer.

Well time to step up. He is nervous, but the guy who saved the king, got a five
hundred dollar gift card to the Yankton Hobby Shop.

"Foul beast, yon time has come. No more will thou pillage and plunder, for you
face Sir Randall, Knight of Trust!!!"

The twisted face of the Claymorgue smiles.

Randy attacks and makes expert strikes with his foam sword. But alas, tis only a
foam sword. Before the Claymorgue can strike him down, the armored figure

He attacks the Claymorgue with his own blade. It slices Claymorgue across the
chest. The cut gives Claymorgue little pain. But the blade itself, burns at the touch.

The Sword follows thru with more slices. It feels peace, in knowing soon it will have a new master and the evil of Claymorgue will be forever gone.


A gigantic beam of energy strikes Claymorgue and the Sword.

All that remains, is the somewhat intact body of Claymorgue, and the Noble
Sword stuck in the ground.

The Blue Horse Power known as Stallion lifts his face mask and looks shocked.

"Oh no..."

Sergent Sargent speaks.

"What's wrong Stallion?"

"I know why I recognized the energy signature of the armored man."


"It belonged to Noble Sword."

Before they can sink in on what they have done, they see the Claymorgue has

It holds its sword in the air and generates a wave of hell fire and
throws it at Horse Power.

The team is on the ground hurt. They try to get to their feet but the Claymorgue
is already on the attack. Slashing each member of Horse Power with its broken
and chipped blade.

Sir Randall is in disbelief at what he is seeing. Its one thing to see Horse Power
on the news, but seeing them in person? It looks like they are going to be killed.

"Seize me Randy Carol. Take me out of the ground and destroy the


Randy feels like his brain has snapped, because a sword is talking to him. He
feels even crazier because he is listening. He grabs the handle of the Noble
Sword and pulls.


Sergent Sargent has put his Laser Bayonet in sword mode. He attacks the
Claymorgue and has it outmatched in skill.

"I already got yet number Claymorgue. You can't be stopped as long as that
blade is in your grasp. So lets see if I can't take that away from you?"

He aims each slice for the wrist of the Claymorgue. The Claymorgue generates
another wave of energy and injures the Sergent.

Claymorgue hesitates on killing Sergent Sargent. Before it can go thru with
it, the thrust is blocked by another sword.

"Tis the end of the line Claymorgue. So says Noble Sword."

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sword and The Scorn Day 4


London, England

Sergent Sargent patrols the gym of the Gregory Simon Fencing Academy. He
watches the students duel with one another. Each student had to go thru a lengthy
screening process, to enter the gym.

Gregory Simons approaches Sergent Sargent.

"Sergent, if you are here to protect me, would it not be wiser to have Horse
Power present as a deterrent."

"Under normal circumstances, that would be a good idea. But right now we want
to lure the Sword Killer out of hiding. If he sees Horse Power, he might turn shy."

A member of Simon's security team runs into the gym.

"Mr.Simon, a large armored man burst thru the gate. He took my team apart."

"My word, are they dead?"

"No, just knocked out."

Gregory Simon turns to Sergent Sargent.

"Sergent are you going to meet him outside?"

"No we want him in the gym. If we get the better of him, we can't risk him rabbiting."

The armored man burst in thru the ceiling. He has a navy blue cape and silver
armor covers his body. But oddly, the armor has no seams. His helmet has no
visible eye holes.

Sergent Sargent wonders if the Sword Killer is a creation of Professor Necro.

Before he can analyze the energy, he needs to stop the killer from attacking

Sergent Sargent intercepts the downward thrust with his Laser Bayonet.

He tries to get a strike in on the Sword Killer, but his every thrust is parried.

Sergent Sargent finds him to be a remarkable swordsman. Maybe better than
Master Masters himself.

Sergent Sargent backs away and shifts to gun mode and fires at the Sword Killer.

But the killer manages to deflect every blast with his sword.


The Sword Killer is struck by a red sledge hammer. It belongs to the Red
Horse Power known as..

"CLYDESDALE, what are you doing? This was not in the plan."

"Called an audible."

"An audible?"

Clydesdale strikes the Sword Killer in the head and sternum with his hammer. He
knows he will get in trouble for going against the plan, but he can't risk losing
another teammate.

The Sword Killer gets to his feet and dodges the next hammer swing, leaps over
Clydesdale and slashes down his back.

"I... I felt that."

Sergent Sargent noticed he used the pointed end of the blade this time. Before he
had been only striking with the blunt end of the instrument.

He hits Clydesdale in the gut with a spin kick. But before he can follow up.


A green blur attacks The Sword Killer. The green blur is the Horse Power known as.

"Blast it Mustang you too?"

"Save it Sarge, Clydesdale already botched the plan."

"Point taken."

Mustang has his Daggers out and tries to land a blow on the Sword Killer, but the
killer is an amazing fighter.

Even with Mustang's super speed, he is unable to land a hit. Mustang thinks he should have trained harder. Dueled with Sarge and Stallion more.

The Sword Killer leaps up and plants his feet into the torso of Mustang and
monkey flips him into Sergent Sargent.

"Sorry, Sarge."

"Get off me Mustang."

The Sword Killer approaches the pair, but is entwined in a steel cable connected
to a Red Sledgehammer head.

Clydesdale pulls him forward.

"Got him, glad to test my detachable Hammerhead in the field."

Before he can tie him up, the Sword Killer disappears in a blue light.

Sergent Sargent walks over anger.



Stallion gives out instructions like a born leader.

"Eagle, Bronco, you two keep back. You can both strike from a long
distance, while I get up close with my sword."

The Claymorgue raises his broken sword and sends a surge of energy by striking
the ground.

Stallion leaps over it and brings his sword down across it. The Sword Killer
revealed himself as the Claymorgue.

It looks like the sword took this sap as a host. Which complicates the fight.

Stallion is using the blunt end of the sword to strike the host and Eagle and
Bronco have their blasters at a lower setting.

Bold Eagle speaks to Bronco.

" I have a plan. You and Stallion need to form the Bronco/Stallion
Combination Power Blaster."

"But it might kill the host."

"Not if you aim for his wrist. We need to get the sword away from him. Stallion
are you listening?"

"Yes sir, we just need you to keep him busy."

"Can do."

Bronco gets angry.

"No, we are not risking Director Powers life."

"That is not your decision, Agent Sanchez!"

Bronco knows the Director is right.

Bold Eagle blast at the wrist of Claymorgue, but each shot is blocked.

He flies in each direction, frustrating the demon sword."

Bronco connects his Bronco Shooters at the handle.


Stallion locks his sword on top of the Bronco Shooters.



The blue and yellow beam of energy comes charging at the Claymorgue. Before
it can hit, the sword cuts open a hole in the air and jumps in.

The beam narrowly misses Bold Eagle.

Stallion comes over.


He takes out his communicator and lifts his face mask.

"Sarge this is Stallion, we just made contact with the Sword Killer."

"That's funny, we just made contact too."



Another Dimension

In a shining realm, a thin, white bearded man sits on a throne. He is
surrounded by various swordsmen, each in a force field putting them in a peaceful
sleep. Among them Yoshi Tetsuro.

A blue light flashes and the Armored Man appears. He is unable to speak, but
the bearded man understands.

"So it appears that a few self styled heroes, misunderstood your motives?"

The armored man nods.

"Hmm well at least the Claymorgue was delayed by the same group."

The armored man transforms into a sword. The bearded man lifts the sword with surprising ease.

"I will find you a new master, my Noble Sword. This much Merlin swears."

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sword and The Scorn Day 3


Danny Barnes ran a weapons booth at the local Flea Market in Tulip Town
Mississippi. Usually selling knives, swords and nun chucks. One day he came across the oddest box.

It looked like it was made out of stone with tentacles and skulls carved in it. He bought it from the guy for fifty bucks. Old man would not give his game, he just seemed really happy to be rid of it.

Randy had a hell of a time opening the box. He tried every thing he could think of and it would not open. He tried to pry it open. He shot the lock with his shotgun.

He even used dynamite and it would not budge.

Every night after dinner he would try to pry open the lock.

Until one evening he was using his knife to try to pick the lock. He ended up cutting his finger and a single drop of blood hit the lock. The wind howled briefly and the lock popped open.

Randy was disappointed by what he found. A rusted and chipped old sword. It was old enough he might make some money selling it. He picked the sword up and he was suddenly filled with a power and blood lust beyond his imagination.

At first he killed people around town. The authorities had no idea anyone was being murdered, since the victims had tiny cuts on them. The sword only needed to draw blood to kill, the quantity did not matter.

But soon the sword spoke to Randy directly. It spoke to him in his dreams. It said its name was "The Claymorgue" and that it thirsted for blood. That the Claymorgue had an enemy and Randy must stop it at all cost.

It has went across the globe killing famous swordsmen. Even if Randy was in full control, he would only recognize a few of the names. Despite dealing in weapons, he only has a rudimentary knowledge of swords.

The Claymorgue has grown more desperate in its attacks. Gone are the expert cuts, replaced by the unskilled hacks of a lunatic.

It senses its enemy now knows of its presence The Claymorgue realizes it will
need a higher quality of host soon.


London, England

Sergent Sargent decided to visit each name on the list and hope to get lucky.

First name on the list Gregory Simon, the World Fencing Champion three years

Sarge along with Brutus "Clydesdale" Roberts and Zane "Mustang" Dresden
visited Simon in his London flat.

Sergent Sargent shakes Gregory Simons hand.

"Thank you for meeting us on such short notice Mr.Simon."

"Well it is not every day I get approached by Sergent Sargent and Horse Power.

You blokes are very popular over here. Why my nephew watches the video tapes
of your battles every day."

Zane Dresden looks shocked.

"What video tapes!!!"

Sergent Sargent turns to him.

"Some fly by night company, collected news footage of our battles and put it on
VHS. That is not why we're here."

Zane looks at the ground grumbling.

"Not why we're here? I better get my money."

Brutus Roberts looks at Zane very annoyed.

"Mr.Simon have you heard about the recent attacks on swordsmen?"

"Yes, terrible business. Tetsuro San is a good friend of mine. I have upped my
security detail."

Brutus Roberts continues

"We're afraid that might not be enough. We would like to tail you for a few

"That will be quite fine with me, provided you do not interfere with the daily
affairs of my academy."

Sergent Sargent speaks

"We'll try our best Mr.Simon."


Las Vegas, Nevada

David "Stallion" Foster, Romero "Bronco" Sanchez and Liberty Corps Director
Powers have arrived at the Las Vegas Weapons and Ammo convention. The

LAWAC started in 1979 and has become a premier destination for weapons

David and Romero decided to power down to prevent attracting a crowd. They
approach Darren Langham, he is an expert at forging broad swords.

Before they can approach him a commotion breaks out near the entrance.

David and Romero grab their Horse Collars.



Romero is transformed into the yellow and black armor of Bronco.


David transforms into the blue and black Horse Power known as Stallion.

Director Power turns on the harness for his laser wings. He puts his mask on and
becomes Bold Eagle.

They see a man covered in a red aura and wielding a chipped and rusted broad
sword. The man is wearing a pair of ragged camouflage hunting shorts.

His face looks like something belonging to a demon.

Stallion takes out his sword and attacks.

"Sorry buddy, this ends here."

The man does not appear to be particularly skilled at wielding his weapon. But he
makes up for this disadvantage with power.

Bold Eagle prepares to join the fray, when he is stopped by Bronco.

"Wait here Director Powers. You'll only get in the way."

"Bronco, I'm not a civilian that needs to be protected."

"Sir we can't risk you getting hurt."


Bold Eagle ignores Bronco and charges at the man with the broken sword.

Stallion has kept the man on the ropes, using superior skill. Until one of the
man's wild hacks gets through, cutting his chest plate.

"Arrrghhh, how did I feel that? It felt like my chest was cut open but I was fully

The man prepares to slice Stallion's head off, when the Bold Eagle punches him
in the face.

The man swings his sword wildly, and Bold Eagle avoids each strike. He takes
out his laser pistol and fires at the man. Who manages to block each blast with
his sword.

Bronco fires his Bronco Shooters at full power, into the chest of the man. Who
collapses to the ground.

"There its over, neutralize the sword."

Stallion flips the face mask of his helmet up.

"Bronco, what do you think you're doing. We were trying to stop the hostile with
non lethal force."

"And it was not working. At the rate the battle was progressing, Director Powers
would have been killed."

Bold Eagle walks over.

"I don't appreciate your condescending tone Agent Sanchez."

"It was not meant to be condescending sir. But I will not allow another teammate
to die on my watch."


Stallion lowers his face mask.

"Guys this will have to wait..."

The man raises up to his feet. The two fresh holes still in his body.

"No piece of modern weaponry will stop the Claymorgue."

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sword and The Scorn Day 2


Tokyo, Japan 1985

Yoshi Tetsuro is the greatest Kendo master in the world. Few equal him in the art of fighting with a sword and none surpass him.

He started his school in 1975, after he retired from competition.

He still trains as hard as he ever did. He owes it to his students to be as skilled, as the was the day he started his school.

Sensei Tetsuro hears a loud crash in the dojo, he grabs his blade and runs out to meet the intruder head on.

He sees a large man wearing silver armor, resembling something out of the European middle ages.The intruder is wielding a large broad sword and has just taken down his two best students.

The remaining students are not yet skilled enough to use real blades in combat.

They are no match for the intruder.

"Students stand down."*

*Translated from Japanese

The students back away immediately. Sensei Tetsuro has not unsheathed his blade yet. A true master only does that as a last resort.

"Who are you armored stranger? Why are you in my dojo?"

The armored man says nothing. Instead unsheathing his sword, it appears he was looking for Sensei Tetsuro.

Tetsuro takes his blade out and attacks. He makes a precision slice that would kill any other man. But the armored stranger blocks it with his own sword.

Tetsuro again attempts to strike the armored man and again finds his blow

Sensei Tetsuro begins to suspect he is out matched in skill by the
stranger. But he will not yield in front of his students.

The armored stranger is now on the attack and Tetsuro manages to block and parry every one of the stranger's attacks. He does notice something off in the attacks. The stranger is only using the blunt end of the broad sword.

Tetsuro cannot ponder the strangers motives, for he is still under attack.

Eventually one of the strikes connects with his ribs, knocking the breath out of him. He bends over in pain, only to be struck in the head.

The armored stranger knocks him unconscious with one final blow.


Lawnvale, Ohio

Romero "Bronco" Sanchez is at the Burger Barn with Spare Tire and Laugh
Track. Romero was invited out to lunch by the pair, since he has seemed
distant lately.

Right now he is playing darts with Laugh Track and losing.

"C'mon Romero I know I'm good, but I've never beaten you this easily."

"Sorry Track, I'm not really myself."

Spare Tire takes two big bites of his Pizza Cheese Burger. A cheese burger that uses pizza slices as buns.

"We're your pals Romero and we know you have been down since that business with Templord. Tell us what happened."

"Tire, Track I already did an official report about what went down. I encountered a vampire in the past and drove it away from an Indian Reservation."

Laugh Track throws a bulls eye.

"Alright Romero have it your way."

"Tire, how is Wide Load doing? I know he was injured during that attack by The Cyborg Lincoln."

"He's busy working on rebuilding the Astro Risk Space Station. He is hoping to get to do some heavy welding...."

Before Tire can finish his story, Romero's communicator begins beeping.

"Sorry guys I gotta go."


Sergent Sargent, David Foster, Romero Sanchez, Brutus Roberts and Zane
Dresden sit in the conference room listening to Liberty Corps Director, Bill

"Men there have been a series of odd crimes occurring around the world."

Zane Dresden cannot resist speaking up.

"What else is new?"

Bill Powers bristles at this. For some reason Zane has been irritating him far
more lately.

"Zane if you would allow me to finish, I will tell you.
Six famous swordsmen have been kidnapped or killed."

Sergent Sargent raises his hand.

"Pardon the interruption Director, but how does this involve Horse Power?
People are killed and kidnapped every day. Not to sound callous, but isn't this business for the Police?"

"Normally that would be true Sarge, but check out these reports.

The last case involved Yoshi Tetsuro being attacked by an armored knight."

Sergent Sargent looks surprised.

"Yoshi Tetsuro?"

"You know him Sarge?"

"He trained me in Kendo between tours in Pan Guay. Anyone that could get the drop on him using only a sword, is bad news."

Director Powers brings a list up on the giant monitor in the command center.

"In addition to Tetsuro, two kendo champions were killed and one kidnapped. One fencing champion in Europe was kidnapped, while another in Michigan was killed.

The remaining names on the list are notable swordsmen who have not been attacked."

Zane Dresden looks at the list confused.

"What about Sarge and David?"

Director Powers looks mildly irritated.

"What about them Agent Dresden?"

"If this guy is going after famous swordsmen, I think Sarge and David (Or
Stallion) will be at the top of the list."

Director Powers looks impressed.

"Good point Agent Dresden, I overlooked Sergent Sargent and Agent Foster."

Sergent Sargent has the list downloaded to his pocket console computer.

"Me, Brutus and Zane are going to approach the names on half the list. David and Romero are going after the rest. Take a squad of Grunts as back up."

Director Powers looks up.

"I would like to join in on this mission."

Sergent Sargent looks annoyed.

"Director, I respect your wishes and The Bold Eagle would be a help to us. But well..."

"You think I'm getting too caught up in being a costumed agent again and that I dilute your authority in the field?"

Sergent Sargent smiles.

"That's about it. But I can't let my ego drive the team and we are short handed."

David, Zane, Brutus and Romero grab the Horse Buckles and in unison shout.



The Necromizone

Master Masters inspects the new and improved Dread Watch.

Monocruel no longer needs to depend on a complex apparatus to fire his eye beam. Instead the power is emanated from within.

He shatters the three boulders tossed into the air by Ramshackle. Who has been given super human strength and an impervious calloused hide.

Shuristrike then teleports several miles into the air and turns the fragments of rock into tiny pieces.

Professor Necro turns to Masters with a gentle smile.

"Ready to enter one of Ax Wing's cocoons?"

"Not yet Professor."

"I'm glad you said that Masters. I'm sensing a mystic disturbance on Earth that might require your attention."

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Sword and The Scorn Day 1


The Crusades, Jerusalem

War has ravaged this holy city. Noble Sword has just entered the conflict.

Up to this point Merlin (his spiritual guide) had forbidden him from entering the

He had told him this was a man made "Holy" war and The Noble Sword had no
place in it. But Merlin's attitude had changed very quickly.

A mystic wildcard had entered into the conflict and Noble Sword would be

He walks down the ravaged streets, where he sees bodies strewn about. He
looks at the cuts and puncture wounds on the victims.

They do not look like they could have been caused by any man made weapon. The cuts are too jagged, the
stab wounds too erratic.

But stranger still were the dead bodies that look perfectly fine. It isn't until
he takes a closer look, he sees only minor nicks and scratches. Perhaps this
was the reason Merlin sent him here.

Suddenly Noble Sword feels an intense burning pain in his arm. He looks
down and sees he has been cut.

He thinks this is impossible. That no weapon made by man could ever pierce
his armor.

Before he can take in the shock to his system, he looks up and sees the man
who cut him.

A somewhat short Muslim soldier holding what looks to be a rusted and
chipped sword. His face appears to be decaying and he is surrounded by a red aura.

The man never says his name. He simply attacks, but this time Noble Sword
is prepared and blocks every attack with his sword "Valiant".

The man changes tactics and begins driving Noble Sword into a church.

Noble Sword looks around and sees a few adults with young children praying.

"Fools leave immediately or you forfeit your lives!!!"

The man with the broken sword takes note of Noble Sword's concern and with a deceptive speed
flips back and shatters a wall near the people. The hero runs to shield the


The people leave the church quickly, as Noble Sword holds the wall up with
his shield.

The man with the chipped and rusted sword takes this opportunity to stab a
defenseless Noble Sword in the chest.

Feeling his life force ebb, Noble Sword takes "Valiant" and decapitates his mute enemy.

The red glow fades and the face of the Muslim soldier looks relived. To be
granted death, rather than be slave to some demonic sword whose name he
did not even know.

The church collapses on Noble Sword and the soldier. Their lives end, even
as the journey of their weapons is just beginning.


Sergeant Sargent and David "Stallion" Foster are having a duel in the

Corps gym. Their weapons of choice are Kendo Sticks. They have been
fighting for an hour and have not noticed the crowd gathering around them.

Neither has been able to obtain the advantage. It appears as swordsman
they are equal.

Until Sergeant Sargent attempts a leg sweep, but David leaps to avoid it
coming down with his Kendo Stick, but the Sergeant quickly blocks it.

He kicks David Foster to the ground and leaps toward him. But David
Foster tumbles to the ground and slashes Sergent Sargent across the stomach. If
these were actual blades, Sarge would be dead.

For now only his ribs and ego are sore.

David Foster tosses Sergent Sargent a towel as the crowd disperses.

"I guess that answers any questions about your stamina."

"I think having to fight Professor Necro and a army of rogue Horse
Powers in the future answered that."

"Are you really not worried about the idea that Horse Power could be

"Not really because nobody controls the future. We can just do our best to
make it better. Honestly I'm more concerned that I lost another duel to you."

"Sarge you are a great swordsman and soldier. But you are never going to
be a guy who excels in simulations."

"Maybe you're right David."

One thing Sergent Sargent has not shared about his trip to the future. That
someone will die wearing the Clydesdale armor.

He pushes the thought out of his mind and changes into his uniform.


"Alright Distrusto, we have you now."

"Oh do you Captain Battle?"

A large robot that has two large knives at the end of his arms, stabs two of
the Ultra Battlers.

"No Backstabbicus, not you!!!"

"Captain Battle will be back after these messages."


Brutus "Clydesdale" Roberts sits on the couch staring blankly at the TV.

Zane "Mustang" Dresden is sitting next to him.

"Brute I appreciate the company, but don't you hate this show?"

" I don't care about this show one way or another. I'm just waiting for our
next fight."

"Brutus you haven't seemed right since our trip to the past. What

"What makes you think something happened?"

"We share a mind as Power Horse, remember? I can't recall your memories
exactly. But I know something really bad happened."

"Zane I really do appreciate your concern. But there is nothing you can do
for me."

Brutus Roberts leaves the room. Thinking of the three cavemen he allowed
to die.


The Necromizone

Master Masters watches as the Cyber Cocoons containing Shuristrike,
Ramshackle and Monocrule hatch.

Dread Watch ended up here after being defeated by Horse Power.

A man calling himself "Professor Necro" appeared and brought the team to
his strange world, that he calls the "Necromizone".

Masters refuses to be intimidated. Even if this world is the most unsettling
place he has ever laid eyes on.

Necro explained who he was and how them combining forces was the smart
thing to do. Masters agreed with this, the last battle showed him that Dread
Watch needs help.

Necro had the monster known as Ax Wing ensnare Monocruel, Ramshackle
and Shuristrike within his cocoons. Necro says when they hatch they will have
power to rival Horse Power themselves.

Masters refused to be wrapped in the cocoon. Better he see what happens
to his men first.

Necro is also modifying the "DREAD Sky Mammoth". Making it powerful
enough to battle Horse Power's new Trojan Base.

Necro allows him to monitor Horse Power from The Necromizone. His
enemies appear to grow stronger.

"I'm sorry to bother you Masters, but the Dread Cocoons are hatching."

"Not a problem Professor. I am curious though, who does the forth cocoon

"Look for yourself Masters."

Master Masters walks over and looks into the translucent portion of the

Cyber Cocoon. He recognizes the face immediately.

"That is Road Test, the Liberty Corps Tank Driver. My Intel reported him
as being kill in combat with one of your creatures."

Professor Necro smiles

"Oh he is dead Masters."