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Kill The Future Finale

Other Timeriffic Tales


Prehistoric times

Clydesdale has just laid Fred, Barney and Gazoo to rest. He keeps thinking of ways he could have saved them. They wanted to go on the hunt, now he wishes he had refused. He should have known that his world is full of serious super natural dangers.

They are gone now and the tribe is far weaker without their strongest hunters. He has taught the remaining members all of his military survival training. It should help them survive til new hunters step forward.

He marks the ground where the three are. He curses the fact his navigational system will not find this place when he gets home. The continents will have drifted too much.

Now Clydesdale prepares to do his Hail Mary play. He placess his hand on the horse shoe emblem on his chest.



Camelot, Arizona

Bronco would have rather faced Templord, than told the tribe of the death of The Bronze Destroyer.

The shaman blamed him. Believing him to be a horse demon. That prophecies foretold of his arrival. Bronco humbly apologized and returned to Camelot.

Sheriff Noble shakes Bronco's hand.

"Its been a pleasure getting to know ya Bronco."

"Wasn't a pleasure for the Bronze Destroyer."

"Look these things happen and the Destroyer knew the risk involved. Shoot in my time I've lost more than one deputy. It happens, its part of the game.

That bloodsucker coulda dropped me and it would not of been your fault. That vampire killed the Destroyer, not you."

Bronco knows the logic in the words of Noble. But he still feels in his heart he killed the Destroyer. He should have closed the hinges on his helmet faster. Been better prepared.

"Goodbye Sheriff, I'll read up on you when I get home."

He puts his hand on the Horse Shoe emblem on his chest.


The Middle Ages

The village is being slowly rebuilt. The Bishop did a great deal of damage to this small community.

Eventually Stallion and Noble Sword purged the remaining followers of the Bishop.

The enthralled villagers were freed.

Stallion has pondered how he will get home. He considers attempting to find the Green Lama of this era. His navigational systems could find the unique energy signature of the Lama Temple.

But it would take a very long time to reach it, even with enhanced speed.

Stallion knows of one other way. It carries some risk, but he is confident it will work.

He places his hand on the Horse Shoe emblem on his chest.


1945 The Battle Jet

The Bold Eagle is furious.

"What is wrong with you? We trust you not to be a Ratzi agent but then you attack your Russian partner!!!"

"I told you he's a vampire and the Doctor took control of me."

Bronze Destroyer speaks

"Eagle calm down, you have read the Doctor's files. You know he can enthrall anyone he locks eyes with."

"Maybe so but...."

A white light flashes and a bruised and battered Captain Battle appears.


The Squadron run to their leader. Hale is relived his dad is okay.

"Where did you go Dad?"

"The future"

"What was it like?"

"I probably shouldn't say. But I think things are going to turn out alright."

He sees Mustang in the corner.

"You must be Mustang."

"You know me sir?"

"Sergent Sargent told me about you. Its about time you went home."

Mustang pondered his options. But figures out a very direct method that should take him home. Or maybe tear him apart. But who has time to think.

He presses down on his Horse Shoe chest emblem and disappears in a blink of green light.

Battle speaks

"I hope he makes it home."

Bold Eagle responds

"Me too, but I'm glad I never have to see him again."


The realm of Templord

After destroying the DNAblers in 3402, he was brought here. Despite being diesoriented he immediately attacks Templord. For a time he even has the advantage, despite Templord's great power, he is not a born fighter.

But his power is great and he captures Sergent Sargent in a temporal wave.

"What did you do with Captain Battle, Templord?"

"I returned him to his own time. As I will return you soon. You accomplished your mission."

"What mission?"

"If you had not destroyed Necro when you did, the Obliorex powering the DNAblers would have ruptured and destroyed everything. The past, the future, the Necromizone. Only this throne room would have remained."

"Well why didn't you go?"

"I would not risk being destroyed. No better to send the two greatest fighters who will ever live."

"Where is Horse Power?"

"In different timelines. They have failed in their mission. He still lives, but I will retrieve them soon. They are too vital to your timelines integrity to stay gone."

As Templord finishes this statement, the clocks on his armor and in his lair begin going wild. A multicolored explosion is unleashed in the center of the room.

It is Equestrex:The Power Horse!!!

Templord for the first time looks scared.

"How, How did you get here."

Power Horse takes out his Melee Trident and shatters the stasis field holding Sergent Sargent. He now looks at Templord.


Power Horse now walks toward Templord who fires a wave of Chrono Energy from his staff at him, but the Power Horse walks thru it. He shatters a clock on his chest. Energy is now flowing out.

Templord releases another wave of energy and the throne room is simply a empty warehouse. Templord is now gone.

Sergent Sargent witness's the power of Equestrex for the first time. He is awe struck and unnerved by the experience.


Liberty Base

Brutus Roberts is helping repair Liberty Base. It has been a crazy few weeks, even by Horse Power standards. He is helping Spare Tire fix up the hanger.

"Brutus you been quiet since you got here. I know you aint a chatty Cathy, but is sumthin wrong?"

Brutus looks at the ground. He thinks of the three men he lead to die, He thinks of Road Test, who was killed by Braionic.

"No Tire, I'm fine. Just tired from my trip to the past."

"I bet you are. You see any dinosaurs."

"Tire I told you, Dinosaurs did not exist in the same era as early man."

A Liberty Corps Security Drone walks in.

"Agent Roberts, you have a phone call from a Denise Kimbridge."

"I'll take it on my communicator."

"Hello Denise"

"Brutus are you okay? I was so worried about you."

"I'm fine."

"Well I was wondering if maybe we could go out again. Smith's Steak House is running a triple header meal."

"Sorry Denise, I don't feel up to it."


Liberty Corps Director Jeff Dixon is filing paperwork in his office.

"Director Dixon, Agent Sanchez wants to speak to you."

"Send him in."

Romero Sanchez walks in with a guilty look on his face.

"Director Dixon, could you tell me about your time as the Bronze Destroyer?"

"I was chosen to become the Destroyer by my tribe. At first I rejected it, going to College and later law school. Later I took the mantle when my tribe was being oppressed by local authorities."

"Can you tell me about the previous Destroyers?"

"Romero I know why you are here. You have not been able to look me in the eye since you walked in."

"You know?"

"Yes I have waited for this day since I authorized Project:Horse Power."

"Do you blame me for what happened?"

"Romero you are a good man. I believe you did everything in your power to save my ancestor. But my words are never going to convince you are they?"

"No Director Dixon, they won't."


Sergent Sargent and David Foster are having a sparring match. David has felt more confident since his time in the past. He attempts to punch Sergent Sargent who ducks the punch, suplexes him to the ground and places him in a hammerlock.

"Okay, Okay I quit. Sarge you seem different after what happened in the future. Aren't you worried at the idea Horse Power could be corrupted. That Professor Necro takes over our base?"

"David I learned one thing when I was there. We are not defined by our power. Horse Power is not weapons and vehicles. Its defined by the people who use them, by their spirit. We can stop anything thrown in our way."

Director Powers storms past the two looking furious.

"Director Powers what's wrong?"

"I'll tell you whats wrong!!! Agent Dresden had a moonbounce set up in my office and organized a pizza party in the hall way for a local school. Now I can't get any work done!!!"

The Director walks away fuming.

Sergent Sargent and David Foster look at each other.



The year 4000

Templord's armies have conquered Earth. Templord sits in his lounge enjoying the company of some the future's loveliest ladies. He notices one of the women have a blank stare.

 A gust of wind takes the form of a large bearded man. His face is scarred, his nose looks looks like it has been broken several times. His beard is shaved in such a way it looks like he has two mandibles.

"I've searched for you Templord."

Templord fires a blast of chrono energy at the Vampire, who deftly avoids it by turning to mist. Templord attempts to de age the vampire, only to find his powers do not work on him.

Templord presses a button on his wrist.

The vampire punches the Time Master in the face.

"Calling your guards? They can't save you. They can't even breathe now. I know you are the one who has plagued me for ages. Who sought to keep me from obtaining my destiny."

The vampire tears the Time Master's armor open.

"But all of your assassins and manipulations only made me stronger. Forced me to master powers I never imagined."

He sinks his teeth into Templord.

"You can't stop the future."

Neanderthrall takes his place as the true master of humanity.


Horse Sense PSA

"Hey Billy are you getting ready for Daylights Savings Time?"

"No it's stupid, why do I have to change my clock for some dumb farmers. Hey lets put the clock in the Microwave."

"Hold it kids."

A man walks in wearing arctic armor carrying a cold gun.

"Never put anything in a microwave but food and never put metal in the microwave. Wait aren't you the same kids I told not to turn on the stove when you're alone? Where are your parents?"

"Thanks Cold Snap!!!"


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