Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kill The Future Day 7


1945 Germany

The Doctor sits in a burned out building. He has been betrayed by his Nazi masters. He was promised a strong horde of soldiers he could transform into a vampire army, but the ones left are pathetic.

He then was going to create a massive thunder storm that would allow him to roam free and attack the allies. But for days his weather controlling powers have failed him. The only explanation is a stronger vampire is blocking his attempts.

Now he can sense him. The vampire who transformed him from a feeble scientist into the vampire master known as Dr.Dracula. Even though he is far stronger than most beings on this planet, this vampire fills him with fear.

But he will not run, he sent two of his pathetic vampire minions after him, and can already feel their unlife force fade.

The Russian walks into the burnt out building with no fear. The Doctor knows he should run. But he cannot live in fear, he must destroy his creator. He will not live with this fear. He grabs a wooden post and breaks it in two. He throws the jagged spear at the Russian who catches it and crushes it.

"You are actually going to face me doctor? You know I will destroy you as easily as I destroyed your spear."

Dr.Dracula bites his lip and throws a barrage of wooden shrapnel at the vampire. The vampire deflects them all with his left hand.

Mustang followed behind the Russian and had his fears confirmed. The commie agent is a vampire. Its how he tracked the Doctor so easily.

The Russian's eyes turn crimson and his fangs pop out and he flies into the darkness and swats the Doctor to the ground. The Doctor leaps up and attacks the Russian with all his power. The Russian is bigger, stronger, faster with centuries more experience.

"For such a young vampire your power and cunning are impressive. Perhaps you should live as my underling. This war will be over soon."

The thought fills the Doctor with an anger. He punches the Russian in the face, turns to mist above his head, reforms and dropkicks the Russian into the ground.

The Doctor lifts his arm and his eyes begin swirling with light and transmitting thought waves at the Russian. He hopes with him disoriented from the fight, he can subjugate his will.

The Russian stands up and his eyes begin swirling with light and he meets the Doctor's gaze directly. In struggle that feels like it last forever is over in seconds, as the Doctor submits.

He sits on the ground desperate to formulate a new plan. He sees a bizarre looking Horse Robot near the entrance. The Doctor sees his way out.

Mustang meets his glance and is now in the thrall of the Doctor.



The throne room of Templord

Templord is watching on various monitors the struggles of Horse Power along with, Sergent Sargent and Captain Battle. They were not sent to these timelines by coincidence. Clydesdale, Stallion and Bronco have already failed.

It is now up to Mustang to kill the vampire.

As for the Sergent, all of reality is on his shoulders.


3402 Beneath Liberty Base Ruins

Professor Necro stares at Sergent Sargent. It has been so long since he saw a familar face. It was just twenty years ago he devoured three of those idiotic War Horses who dared disturb him.

Now he sees Sergent Sargent and some familiar mystic aura. Is it SkeleGun? The only one who remained loyal to him til the end, the one who sacrificed his life force to allow Necro to merge with the Oblivorex crystal.

He needed that power to fight Cosmorgue. But the price was too high.

Sergent Sargent and Captain Battle charge into combat with Necro.



The Russian kicks the Doctor in the face sending him to the ground.

"Perhaps you are not fit to serve me."

Mustang stabs the Russian in the side with his daggers. The Russian recoils from the pain and Mustang spin kicks him into the crumbling wall.

The Russian knows exactly what has happened. The Doctor brought the Green Horse Robot under his thrall. He can see the Doctor has already escaped.

The Russian does not care. He will finally kill the Horse Demon that has plagued him thru out history.

The Russian lifts an abandoned car and smashes it down on the Green Horse Power. He knows the demon contains a man and attempts to pry it open.

The Doctor has finally escaped as Mustang drops out of his thrall. He does not know why the Russian is attacking him, but he will stop it.

"I knew you commies could not be trusted."

He slashes the Russian across the face with his dagger.

The Russian prepares to attack again when a massive laser blast comes between them.

It is the Squadron of Liberators in the Battle Plane.

The Bold Eagle is on the speaker.

"The devil is wrong with you two!!! The Doctor escaped!!!"

The Russian grimaces and disappears into the mist.



Captain Battle is smashed into a wall by a tentacle belonging to Professor Necro.

Sergent Sargent fires a full powered blast from his Laser Bayonet at the face of Necro with little effect. He is wrapped up in another tentacle and shifts the Bayonet to Sword mode and hacks it off.

For the first time in centuries, Professor Necro screams.

He takes one of his spider legs and drives Sergent Sargent into the ground.
Captain Battle fires the Dissolvo Gun at full power into the mouth of Necro, freeing Sergent Sargent.

Battle grabs the Laser Bayonet and plunges it into the eye of Necro. A black energy drains from it. Sergent Sargent crawls over to the empty Clydesdale armor and grabs the giant red blaster.

"Must have issued this later. Sorry Brutus."

Necro has a tentacle around the throat of Captain Battle and wants to crush him. But he keeps seeing the aura of SkeleGun, making him hesitate.

"Hey NECRO!!! You may have killed Clydesdale, But I have his BLASTER!!!"

He pulls the trigger on the red gun and fires at the DNAbler Power Source. A white light sends Battle and Sergent Sargent out of this time and the explosion kills Professor Necro once and for all.

Around the United States, the War Horses are depowered as their armor and weapons are no longer functional. Perhaps now this world will know if not peace, at least stability.

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