Monday, June 4, 2012

Kill The Future Day 6


The Middle Ages

Noble Sword was not kidding when he said they would take the direct
path. Stallion insisted they not use lethal force on the villagers. Noble Sword
said they were lost to the evil of the Bishop and must be purged.

Stallion disagreed and vowed to stop him if it came to it. They are using the blunt
sides of their swords to stop the more powerful devotees of the Bishop.

It is still daylight so they feel a great need to get to the Bishop while he is still

But as they get to the gate of his Cathedral they see the sky turn dark and
a thunderstorm erupts.

The Bishop appears as a cloud of mist and materializes behind Noble Sword and
throws him into Stallion.
The Bishop looks at Stallion as if the Blue Horse Power's mere presence has awakened a
lost memory in him.

"I must thank you stranger for bringing Noble Sword to me. I feared I would
never draw him out of those woods."

Stallion attempts to decapitate the Bishop who leaps over him with deceptive
speed. The Bishop commands the storm, sending a bolt of lightning into Stallion, briefly shorting out
his armor and knocking him out.


Camelot, Arizona 1845

The Bronze Destroyer of 1845 lays dead. Killed by a single blow from the vampire know as Gus.

Both of Bronco's eyes are blackened from the beating he took, before he could close
his helmet.

Gus looks as if a long buried blood lust has been unleashed.

"Been too long, too long since I truly fought. Feeding off weak simpletons is
beneath me. Seeing you again showed me that."


"Yeah you changed your color again. You screwed up my plan. Noble Gun was
suppose to be here. He was suppose to be the sacrifice. But getting to destroy
you once and for all will be worth it."

Gus's eyes turn blood red and he charges at the Yellow Horse Power. Bronco
quickly takes out his Bronco Shooters and fills Gus with three large gaping holes
in his torso.

Only a wooden stake to the heart, decapitation and prolonged exposure to the sun can truly kill a
vampire. But Gus is still in a world of pain.

Bronco locks the Bronco Shooters at the handle. He fires the full powered
Bronco Shooter at Gus who shifts into mist and floats a few yards away. He
reforms and sees Sheriff Noble holding a large bucket of water.

"Lucky thing for me, you never got to the Preacher."

He dumps the bucket of Holy Water on Gus's head, causing the vampire to burn
everywhere the water touches him. He attempts to transform into a man bat and
gets a few feet in the air when Noble shoots him down.

Now the man bat desperately turns to mist and is carried off into the early night


The Middle Ages

Stallion regains consciousness and he is tied to a tree. A gold ghost appears
before him.

"Hear me Stallion, you must save my champion the Noble Sword. The Bishop
must not succeed this day."

"Who are you?"

"I am Merlin.."

"Of course you are."

"Save Noble Sword and return to your true time."

Stallion easily snaps the ropes. There is nothing in this time that can keep him
trapped for long.

"So Merlin, where do I go? And he's gone."

Stallion runs to the Cathedral, it takes at least three hours.

He climbs up to one of the ominous stained glass windows. He recognizes the
symbols on the church now. Professor Necro has them on his robes in the
footage they have of him.

Noble Sword is tied up and his helmet has been removed. His forehead has been
anointed with blood. Near him is a snake statue that looks like it is screaming.

The Noble Sword looks like it has been dragged thru the Church and left in the
middle of the room in another ominous symbol. Obviously none of them could lift

Stallion uses his scanners and sees everyone watching is at room temperature.

That means there are only vampires. He grips his sword and goes to work. He
decapitates the first five vampires he sees.

The Bishop starts screaming.

"Do no allow him to interrupt this ceremony!!!"

Being hit by a few of these vampires and it is obvious they are not nearly as
strong as the Bishop. Stallion leaps across the room at the Bishop who punches
him in the chest knocking him down.

Stallion hacks at the Bishop and finds he is invulnerable to most of his attacks.

The Bishop kicks Stallion's sword out of his hand.

"I sometimes thought you a dream of my early life. You have changed. Or perhaps I am simply stronger."

The Bishop drops Stallion's back across his knee.

The Bishop drives his knee into Stallion's wind pipe. His armor blunts the blow.

He crawls across the room as the Bishop reigns down centuries of frustration
upon him. It seems he has even forgotten his ceremony.

Stallion is finally where he needs to be. He kicks the Bishop off him across the
room into a row of pews. The Bishop hops up unharmed. Stallion throws his sword
at the Bishop who catches the blade in his hand.

He swings it around mockingly.

"You have handed me your only weapon."

Stallion lifts up the Sword known as Valiant. The sword now feel weightless
unlike before.

"Not my only weapon."

The Bishop runs into the Blue Horse Power, but he is no
match for Stallion who thrust the Noble Sword into his chest.

The Bishop staggers across the room  as a white energy envelopes him.
He falls to the ground and becomes a faint mist.

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