Friday, June 1, 2012

Kill The Future Day 5

In Time


The Stone Age

Clydesdale looks at the vampire standing amongst the dead bodies of the Cavemen he
lead out here. He did not expect anything like this. He thought it was a large animal that spooked the tribe.

His miscalculation has cost these three their lives. No amount of rationalizing will
ever remove the shame Clydesdale feels right now. He takes his hammer and
smashes the vampire in the face three times. Finishing with a downward swing
that drives it into the ground.

The vampire turns to mist and gets behind Clydesdale attempting to choke him
out. Clydesdale grabs two handfuls of its hair and flips it to the ground.

The vampire gets up looking confused. It is clear this is the first time it has
encountered anything as strong as it is. Clydesdale feels lucky it has not
mastered all of its powers.

It lunges for Clydesdale, who punches it in the gut three times and slams it into
the dirt. It turns to mist and tries the maneuver it did earlier, only to be kicked in
the face.

The vampire now appears to be in pain and begins to howl as it transforms into a
monstrous man bat. Sergent Sargent said The Doctor did this during the Old Breed affair in
New York. Rise of An Old Breed Day 7

With a speed Clydesdale was unprepared for, he is tackled by the bat monster
and taken into the sky. It flies higher and higher as Clydesdale punches, kicks and claws at its head.

He has never directly encountered a vampire. He has no idea how high it can fly before giving out. They are nearing the atmosphere when the Bat Monster begins to sizzle. It must be getting too close to the sun, but it refuses to stop.

Clydesdale smashes in the skull of the Bat-Man with his hammer and begins falling to the earth.

His armor has never taken this type of stress test. He has been told the armor could
survive in space and a fall from a skyscraper, but this is something else.

Life support kicks in once the red and black armor catches fire and he crashes in a field
near where he encountered the vampire.

Now he is in pain and can only think of the three men he lead to an early death.


Stallion is wearing a brown hooded monk's robe going into town, bandages cover his hands and the hinges on his helmet are open revealing his face. He is keeping his head down trying to not reveal the blue Horse Power armor.

All of the people in town are working on a giant cathedral. Though the symbols do
not look like anything he remembers from Sunday School.

He approaches two men resting.

"Excuse me"

The men look up with glowing crimson eyes.

"Could I possibly find a place to rest. I am from the Order of Saint Pierre and am
tired from my journey."

"You say you are from the church?"

"Well one sect, I have heard great stories of your work here."

The men stand at attention, like a Soviet Sleeper agent after hearing the
trigger word.

"You must follow us, the Bishop must see you."

"It would be an honor."

The men walk Stallion into the woods. Stallion was prepared for this. The men
were given orders to kill anyone from the Church.

Before the man can take the axe to Stallion's head, he uppercuts the other man
five feet in the air.

He has to find Noble Sword, they are going to take the direct path after all.


Germany 1945

Mustang and the Russian are nearing the lair of Dr.Dracula. Mustang can feel
the stare of the vampire on his back.

"Buddy you got a problem with me? I'm trying to do you commies a solid."

"No it is just I feel like I know you."

"So you know a lot of multi colored Horse Robots?"

The Russian's stone face flashes with anger.

"As a matter of fact I do."

Mustang cannot imagine what that means.

A pair of pale skinny vampires leap off the roof of a building. Before Mustang
can attack, the Russian Agent dismembers them.

"This Doctor is as pathetic as ever. He knows I will be upon him, so he tries to
slow me down with anemic malnourished vampires."

"So it sounds like you know Dr.Dracula too."

"In a sense, that is true."


Camelot, Arizona

Bronco is in a long brown Indian dress, a black wig with his hands covered in
gloves. His face is exposed with the hinges on his helmet opened. He is hunched
over walking on a cane, while being lead by a handsome Indian man whose face
has been scarred by hardship on the frontier.

The man is the Bronze Destroyer minus his skull mask and headdress.

They are able to get thru the field of "New Blood" zombies and arrive at the
wagon of the man behind "New Blood", goes by the name of Dillon.

They knock three times.

"What do ya want?"

"Please my grandmother is sick. Only New Blood will save her."

"We're fresh out."

Destroyer takes out a brick of gold from his satchel.

"I think we found some more, send the old crone, I mean honorable elder in. You
gotta wait outside."

"Why must I wait?"

"Its a special treatment. We gotta prepare it and the fewer prying eyes the

Bronco steps inside and see a gigantic man in a bow tie, bowler hat with a
carefully groomed mustache looking at them.

"Gus, this lady is sick and...."


The vampire tackles Bronco in a rage and throws him thru the wagon wall. He
lifts the Yellow Horse Power and slams him into the ground. He smashes in his
face before he can close the face mask on his helmet.


Gus feels a hatchet go in his back. It is the Bronze Destroyer, Dillon told him,
Noble Gun and Destroyer had finished each other off.

Gus leaps across the field and breaks Bronze Destroyer's neck with a single

The Destroyer is dead.


Liberty Base Ruins

Sergent Sargent and Captain Battle have rode all night. They should rest before
deactivating the DNAblers, but they have no safe place to sleep.

Sergent Sargent barely recognizes the place, as it has been ravaged by
thousands of years of fighting.

His navigational tool leads him to the entrance to the Horse Stable Command Center. He inputs the code and is grateful it still works. But he sees the elevator is no longer there.

The shaft looks long burnt out and scorched. Captain Battle lowers Sergent
Sargent to the ground carefully. They reach the stable and see various weapons
thrown around and most of the equipment destroyed.

"What does this mean Sergent?'

"Means we are going to have to destroy the power system directly."

They open up the tunnel leading to the DNAblers power source. This area looks
relatively pristine compared to the rest of Liberty Base. Until they reach a trio of
War Horses.

Each armor has been torn open and scooped clean. Like a devoured lobster shell.

"Security has not held up as well as I would have hoped......"

"Whats wrong?"

Sergent Sargent sees the armor of Clydesdale snapped in two. The helmet laying
near it.

"Dear Thunder...."

Battle lays his hand on Sergent Sargent's shoulder.

"I know this is troubling."

"I know Captain, but we still have to complete the mission."

Sergent Sargent kicks in the door and is shocked by what he sees. Some hideous
hybrid of a spider and a squid with a skull that resembles, but Sergent Sargent
thinks that is impossible.

The skull speaks.

"Why so sad Sergent? Aren't you happy to see PROFESSOR NECRO!!!"

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