Monday, May 28, 2012

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Kill The Future Day 1

Timely Action


Sergent Sargent is in the Liberty Corps Lab lifting weights. The test is being monitored by Liberty Corps Head Science Bulb, Curt Hendrix and his sister Courtney.

With them are David "Stallion" Foster, Brutus "Clydesdale" Roberts, Romero "Bronco" Sanchez and Zane "Mustang" Dresden. Together they comprise Horse Power.

Sergent Sargent has the four hundred pound weight above his head and drops it. He then collapses to his knees drenched in sweat.

"Huff...Huff.... Well?"

Curt Hendrix comes down with his computerized clip board.

"While you're still a remarkable physical specimen Sergent, all traces of Dragonmace appear to be gone. However.."


"Dragonmace's possession was mystical in nature. It could very well be we are unable to detect any trace of  it. But for now you have no super powers."

Sergent Sargent wipes the sweat from his face, with his shirt.


The alarms in the lab start blaring.

Courtney Hendrix looks at the monitors.

"Full squadron of Necronoids are attacking with Curseifix, SkeleGun and Ax Wing leading."

The four members of Horse Power grab the Horse Collar transformation buckles on their belts.


David Foster changes into blue armor.


Romero Sanchez changes into yellow armor.


Zane Dresden changes into green armor.


Brutus Roberts changes into red armor



Horse Power arrive at the housing project where the Necronoids are tearing things apart.

Mustang asks the question, as he attacks the Necronoids with super speed.

"Why are they attacking the housing project. Usually they attack Liberty Base."

Ax Wing fires his Ax Winger at Mustang knocking him down. Allowing three of his Xenoids to cover the Green Horse Power in cyber silk.

"Professor Necro's plans are not for you to decipher Mustang!!!"

Ax Wing begins pummeling Mustang with punches and kicks. Mustang cuts out of the Cyber Cocoon with his daggers and slices Ax Wing in the chest.

"That's enough Madame Butterfly."

He dropkicks Ax Wing into the side of a dumpster. A Necronoid taps him on the shoulder, he turns around, and it holds a mirror up getting his reflection.

"Huh? I combed my mane this morning."

Mustang punches the Necronoid out, but not before it tosses the mirror to another Necronoid across the street.

On the basketball court a group of enhanced Necronoids and Curseifix are fighting Clydesdale and Sergent Sargent.

"Careful Sarge, the Necronoids have upgraded recently."

"I can hold my own Clydesdale."

Sergent Sargent fires laser blast at a Necronoid who deflects it with a swinging mace attached to its wrist.

The Necronoid kicks him in the stomach and another backhands him.

Curseifix fires a shot from his Curseistaff at Sergent Sargent, Clydesdale saves him by absorbing the blast.



Sergent Sargent leaps over Clydesdale and kicks Curseifix into the chain link fence. Curseifix hits Sergent Sargent in the stomach with his staff.

Before Curseifix can fire it, Clydesdale smashes his head in with the Horse Hammer.

A beam of light gets into the eyes of the Red Horse Power. He turns to see what it is and sees a mirror in  his face. He punches the Necronoid in the gut, but not before it tosses the mirror out of the basketball court.

Stallion and Bronco are using most of their energy to avoid being hit by the barrage of SkeleGun. SkeleGun is a living weapon. Almost every part of his anatomy has some sort of ballistic weaponry.

Bronco locks his Bronco Shooters together into Horse Shoe mode and fires at SkeleGun, who rolls out of the way. Directly into the downward thrust of Stallion's sword. Sending the general of Professor Necro flying.

SkeleGun gets to his feet and gives the command.


Bronco and Stallion are confused when they see a Necronoid capturing their reflections in a mirror.

SkeleGun fires a rocket at the two Horse Powers.

"Another day Horse Power!!!"

Mustang runs over

"Looks like we won."

Sergent Sargent attempts to sound enthusiastic.

"Good work men."

Stallion ask Sergent Sargent.

"Do you think Necro has a larger plan?"

"Doesn't he always?"

Little do Horse Power know they are being monitored by a being outside of time itself.

The Necromizone

The trio of SkeleGun, Ax Wing and Curseifix return with their squadron of Necronoids and Xenoids. In their possession is a glowing mirror.

SkeleGun hands it to Professor Necro.

"Master to what purpose does this mirror hold?

"It is a vital part of my plan. I needed a tiny portion of each Horse Power's essence before I could begin my work."

Professor Necro connects the mirror to a device that is merged with the cocoon holding Road Test.


It is nearly midnight and Sergent Sargent is at the firing range shooting his Laser Bayonet.

He looks at the target and sees he missed each shot by a fraction of several inches. For anyone else that would be satisfactory. But for Sergent Sargent it is a failure. Just like today in the fight with Curseifix. If not for Clydesdale, he would have been killed.

He resets the moving auto target and begins firing again.


Brutus Roberts is enjoying his night off. He has a big date with Denise Steinway. She works for a law firm near Liberty Base.

He ran into her at the Burger Barn one afternoon and was instantly attracted to her. He ran into her a few more times "accidentally" and made small talk each time. Now that she seems interested, he asked her out.

He tried to downplay the fact he was Clydesdale. His identity is publicly known, but it seems wrong to use his work to score dates.

Tonight they are enjoying a steak dinner at Smith's Steakhouse. Denise has ate her third steak while Brutus has just started on his second.

"Gotta say Denise you are not what I expected."

"Is that bad?"

"Not in this case. Just usually people tend to put on airs on a first date. I appreciate you being yourself."

"Well honestly Brutus, I'm so tired after working at the office, I don't have the energy to put up appearances. Maybe after the cake, I can pretend to be a helpless waif."

"Good idea, then I'll pretend to be gentleman."

They both start laughing. The lights go out for a brief second, and when they come back on, everyone but Brutus Roberts is a baby.

"Googy woogy"

The now two year old Denise throws mashed potatoes at Brutus.

"I heard of robbing the cradle, but this is ridiculous."

"Agent Roberts to Liberty Base, got a problem at Smith's Steakhouse."

"Whooo I'm a race car vrooom!!!"

"Crash Course is that you?"


"Romero here, Brutus you up to your knees in diapers like us?"

"Yeah want to meet up, but I can't leave these people like this."

The lights blink back on and Denise is back to being 32 again.

"Why do I have gravy on my shirt?"

"I'll explain later Denise. Work calls"


"Horse Power Charge!!!"

Brutus Roberts transforms into Clydesdale as he walks out of the restaurant.

"Oh work...."

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