Sunday, May 6, 2012

Duel-Devil Loose Ends Day 8

More Karate Action


Qron ducks a bladed round house kick from The Wolf.

The kick tears apart the flimsy dry walling. Qron swings his spear at The Wolf, who blocks it with his bladed hand. He punches Qron in the face and grazes his cheek with a bladed uppercut.

Qron and his former disciple are evenly matched. Neither has been able to
obtain a true advantage over the other.

Qron wipes the blood from his cheek and runs in swinging his spear, but the Wolf
is able to block every thrust and swipe with his hand and foot blades.

Wolf goes back on the attack kicking and punching at Qron, but is unable to land
a killing blow.

Bart Hill is laying on the ground watching this. The Wolf hit him with a nerve
strike in the neck. He is struggling to get to his feet.

Qron slashes The Wolf across the chest with his spear, who responds by cutting
Qron's arm. Before the Wolf can finish him off, Bart gets to his feet.

Bart unfastens the weighted spiked belt around his waist. Qron forces him to
wear it every second of the day, he said it would teach him coordination.

Initially he cut his hands often. But eventually it became second nature.

Holding the heavy belt in his hands, he whips the Wolf of Ricca in the back.


The belt hangs from his back. Qron grabs the Wolf's arm and
break it.


"You see Disciple, I knew you would return. I knew I would taste your blood."

While Qron applies pressure to the already broken arm. The Wolf embraces the
pain and removes the blade from his boot.

"Huff....Grrr....Huff..... Do not drink yet Master...."

The Wolf of Ricca places the blade into the heart of Master Qron, ending his life.

Bart Hill watches in shock. Qron is the closest thing he has had to
a father, since his mom and dad were murdered.

The old man shaped him into who he is. Even if his motives were far from pure,
for Bart Hill none of that matters. Now he has to face the prospect of being truly
alone again.

Bart kicks the Wolf in the face, sending him tumbling down the hall like a
pebble across a pond.

The Wolf tries to stand up.

"Wait boy, I huff can teach grrrrr you more
than... Qron ever could."

Bart kicks the Wolf in the face, and begins raining punches down on him silently.

By the time his knuckles are bloody and broken, the Wolf of Ricca is dead.

He takes his weight belt and Qron's spear and flees the casino.


The Island of Ricca

Pan Guay Jake was jumped outside of a bar in Crab City by these strange
looking blokes in yellow robes. Their faces have these strange markings on
them, like an eye ball was carved into their forehead.

They beat him unconscious and put a sack over his head. When they removed it,
he wished they had left it on him.

He sees the most horrific green demon in front of him. He has heard rumors about The Claw of Ricca, but he never imagined he could be real.

"What...... What do you want with old Jake?"

The Claw stands up, he is several feet taller than Jake.

He grabs Jake by the throat and lifts him.

"You are fortunate. Normally I would not spare the energy to kill one as pathetic as you."

"Cough....What do you...Cough....need with me?"

"You're going back to America...."


Bart Hill returned to Qron's house on the outskirts of town. He took a long bath and washed the blood off of his hands.

As he soaked in the tub he wondered what he would do without Qron. The old man was the closest thing to family he had in the world. Now he is alone and he is unsure of what to do with his life. He is only nineteen years old, far too young to settle for a life of farming in Pan Guay.

His mind drifted from the Wolf of Ricca to Pan Guay Jake. Bart has not forgotten him. He thinks to himself he will find Jake and kill him.

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