Friday, May 4, 2012

Maced Day 2

More 80s Action


To any and all watching, The Green Lama appears to be unconscious, but in reality he is on the psychic plane, attempting to enter the mind of Dragonmace.

The mind of Dragonmace appears to be a green scaly football covered in spikes. Lama has went over it at every angle attempting to find a weakness.

"Astounding, this Dragonmace possesses a psyche like I have never encountered before. It appears the only way to gain entry will be to use pure mystic might. I was hoping to avoid this, to lower the risk of damaging the Sergent's psyche, but without my intervention he will lose his life."

Lama opens his hands and points them toward the scaly football.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum!!!"

His hands emit a golden light that opens a hole in the football.

The Lama flies in.


Dragonmace stands in front of Horse Power and Professor Necro's newest general Curseifix.

Dragonmace wears a pair of shredded brown fatigues and combat boots with sharpened talons sticking out. The only evidence left that his body belongs to Sergent Sargent.

"Must I repeat myself Horse Power? Take me to a portal so that I may return to my kingdom!!"

Mustang answers first,

"While you are still in Sarge's body? Fat chance!!!"

Mustang runs into Dragonmace at super speed, but is hit by a back fist.

Dragonmace lifts him by the scruff of his neck and punches him across the yard.

"You are not wielding the Lonely Sword now. This fight will be very different than before."

Curseifix watches the fight going on between Dragonmace and Horse Power.

Something Mustang said intrigued him. Dragonmace has the body of Sergent Sargent. He would be very valuable to Professor Necro.

Dragonmace has stomped Bronco in the chest and is now using his toe talons to tear open his armor. Before he can complete his objective, he is hit by a black beam of light belonging to Curseifix.

"Arrrghhhh Who dares!!!"

"You are coming with me Dragonmace."

"I choose to save you from Horse Power and this is your payment. I will tear you apart."

Dragonmace runs toward Curseifix and bashes him in the head with an overhead chop. The Komondos are now fighting the amplified Necronoids. The Komondos regenerate their limbs as quickly as the Necronoids can cut them off.

Bronco speaks to the rest of the team.

"This is a lucky break. If we hit Dragonmace with a full powered shot from the Horse Canon, we can end this."

Mustang objects.

"He has Sarge's body, we don't know if that will kill him."

Clydesdale interjects

"We don't have a choice. We're taking the shot."

"Why can't we just let him return to the Komondo Kingdom. We can rescue Sarge later."

Stallion speaks

"You saw the threat Dragonmace was to the Video World. We stop him here, Sarge would want that."

Mustang stands in front of Stallion.

"You'll have to get past me."

Courtney Hendrix runs up holding a large ray gun.

"Wait don't do anything. We can save Sarge and stop Dragonmace."

"Where's your brother Courtney?"

"He would not risk coming out. Says his work comes first."

"Alright take the shot."

Horse Power retrieve their weapons and run into the battle.

Dragonmace has dismantled Curseifix. Who lays on the ground beaten. The Necronoids and Komondos have battled to a standstill.

Dragonmace fires a full powered energy blast at Horse Power, who absorb the shot to guarantee he will stay in position.

Courtney fires the energy at Dragonmace. It is a pure benign energy that will hopefully force Dragonmace from Sergent Sargent's body.

He begins thrashing around violently.

Little do the others know, but Dragonmace is fighting two battles. One against Courtney Hendrix and another against the owner of the body, Sergent Sargent himself. Sergent Sargent has help in the form of the Green Lama.

Sergent Sargent was bound in a scaly cocoon. He was struggling about with all his might, until the Lama freed him.

Lama decides not to aid him further. He senses this is a fight the Sergent must fight alone.

Now Sergent Sargent battles Dragonmace within his mind scape.

"I'll be honest Mace. I suspected you were in my body. Causing my mood swings and burst of strength. I allowed it because the extra power was needed. But now you have worn out your welcome. GET OUT!!!!!


Dragonmace's body begins melting, cracking and peeling. Til finally it falls apart completely. Leaving a slime covered Sergent Sargent laying on the ground.

Before anybody can check on him the slime and scales begin glowing and take the form of Dragonmace.

He lifts a pinky and shoots a force bolt at Courtney Hendrix knocking her down.

"I owe you a debt girl."

Horse Power shout


The Cannon appears in the arms of Horse Power. Clydesdale speaks

"We are going to need a little extra here."


The Combination Power Blaster goes out of Melee Mode and returns to gun mode. Clydesdale places it in a slot on the back of the Horse Cannon.


A Titanic Navy Blue blast of energy shoots out of the Horse Cannon at Dragonmace. Cutting a hole thru his torso.

Curseifix sees Horse Power has regained the upper hand. It was foolish of him not to have aided Dragonmace earlier.

He points his Curseistaff at Dragonmace and empowers him as he did the Necronoids. Dragonmace returns to his feet, the wound healed and the spikes on his head and back much larger.


Dragonmace grows 200 stories tall. He shoots a blue fireball out of his mouth that destroys the southern section of Liberty Base.

Together they shout


Green, Yellow, Red and Blue chariots fly out of the sky. Each Horse Power takes their position.


The green and yellow chariots lock on the back end corners of the blue chariot. The front of the Red Chariot locks on to the back end of the Yellow and Green Chariots.

Dragonmace punches Chariot Maximus sending it crashing to the ground. 
Stallion looks around to make sure everyone is okay.

"I hope the Bulbs finished this."


The northern section of Liberty Base opens up and a giant mechanical Rocking
Horse flies out of it.

Horse Power quickly get into the Command Console in the Horse's Head.

Clydesdale begins flipping switches.

"Weapons are online. Launching Pulse Torpedoes."

Torpedoes launch out of the chest section smashing into Dragonmace.

Dragonmace grabs the Trojan base and throws it across the city.

Mustang is frantically attempting to keep it out of tail spin.

"C'mon, Got Ya"

Dragonmace leaps in the air and stomps the top of the base.

Bronco is typing commands into the defense grid.

"Force field should hold."

Stallion gives the command.

"Shift Trojan Base into fight mode."

Dragonmace is electrocuted by the Trojan Force Field. Trojan Base underside
opens up revealing arms and legs and it stands up straight.

Resembling a giant silver and blue Horse Power. A weapon emerges that resembles the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster Melee Mode.

Dragonmace has no fear and attacks Trojan Base. Striking and slashing at the
front of it. Trojan Base grabs Dragonmace's Fist and crushes it.

The Base leans back and charges up the Trojan Trident and cuts Dragonmace in
two. It then shifts into gun mode.

"Trojan Base Power Gun FIRE!!!"

A beam of energy turns the halves to ash, The heart of Dragonmace is still in tact. While he is defeated this day, the Komondo King will return eventually.


Horse Power go to check on Sergent Sargent. Who is in a great deal of pain from
his ordeal. He tries to get up on his own, but collapses.

"Can you guys help me up."

David "Stallion" Foster and Brutus "Clydesdale" Roberts help Sergent Sargent
to his feet.

"Boys I'm sorry about all of this."

Zane "Mustang" Dresden answers

"Its not your fault Sarge."

"Yes it is, I knew something was wrong but I never asked for help."


"I liked the power. I liked carrying my weight in the team again."

Romero "Bronco" Sanchez speaks

"Sarge there is no team without you."

"I appreciate that boys. We need to go check on Green Lama. I must have taken
his head off with that sucker punch, and I need to thank him for freeing me."

Everyone looks confused, before Courtney Hendrix speaks.

"Green Lama? Sarge, the Green Lama was never here."

Sergent Sargent now looks confused.

"Huh,why would the Green Lama of been here?"

The Green Lama floats above the Liberty Base. His spell has now taken full
effect. By the time Lama exited Sergent Sargent's psyche, Horse Power
had the battle well in hand.

It was a mistake for him to work directly with Horse Power. They walk in separate worlds. For now it will seem like he was never there. A green light flashes and the Lama is gone.


Horse Sense PSA

Billy and Jimmy are outside of a cavern wearing black leather combat gear.

"Its time Billy, tonight we will join the Yellow Devils and destroy the United
Earth Government."

"I don't know Jimmy. What if Abraham Lincoln gets us."

"C'mon Billy, don't you know the rebels destroyed Lincoln."

A green door of light flashes and the Cyborg Abraham Lincoln emerges. His
nanobots have rebuilt his body.



He lifts his hand and vaporizes Billy and Jimmy.

"Know Better"

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