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More 80s heroes


Dragonmace remembers the moment his empire fell apart. A group of interlopers
from another world had come to the aid of Commander 64. One in human military
garb, the other two in blue and green armor.

The one in the green armor had even managed to wield the Lonely Sword and
access its power. Dragon

mace's power was still too much for them. It took the
combined power of the video universe and a direct strike from the Lonely Sword
to stop him.

He was going to die soon if he did not do something. He had his
opportunity when the human known as Sergent Sargent came to inspect his body.
Dragonmace dissolved his essence and possessed him.

From there Dragonmace healed and rebuilt his power. Only revealing himself in brief instances the host body was in danger.

The battle with the mechanical human brought Dragonmace to the surface. When
the sorcerer began investigating his presence, he knew it was time to take over
the host body completely.

He now stands in the Liberty Corps infirmary. The Green Lama laying at his feet
unconscious. Horse Power jump out of bed but are exhausted from the battle with
the Cyborg Lincoln.

Dragonmace spits a beam of energy from his mouth at David Foster, his
girlfriend Courtney Hendrix shoves him out of the way.

"Court I appreciate the save, but the way you're holding me might make David

Courtney looks bewildered at that statement.

"You are David."

"I know who else would I be. Courtney move!!!"

David Foster shoves Courtney Hendrix out of the way of a charging

The four Horse Powers grab the Horse Collars around their necks.

"Horse Power Charge!!!"

The four transform into the blue, red, yellow and green forms of Stallion,
Clydesdale, Bronco and Mustang. The group attempt to fight Dragonmace, but
they are still hurt and weak from the fight with Cyber Lincoln.

He punches Mustang thru the infirmary wall. Spin kicks Clydesdale, smashes
Stallion with his tail and piledrives Bronco into a sub basement.

Now glowing bright yellow, Dragonmace leaps out of Liberty Corps


The Necromizone

Professor Necro watch Earth on a viewing portal. Necro had been so busy
working to create Curseifix, he had missed much of the carnage that had taken
place on Earth.

Now he is watching intently after Sergent Sargent's transformation. He
resembles the creature known as Dragonmace. Leader of a race called the
Komondos in that pocket dimension he created.

Necro decides now is the best time to attack.

"Curseifix, take a squad of Necronoids with you to attack.'

"Should Ax Wing or I join him Professor?"

"Negative SkeleGun, I wish to test Curseifix's power and skill. You and Ax Wing aiding him would not give me an accurate picture."

"Your wish is my command Necro."

Curseifix stamps his staff into the ground and he disappears along with the


Dragonmace in the body of Sergent Sargent ponders his next move. After
escaping Liberty Corps headquarters, he stationed himself in a condemned
building across town.

Should he attempt to return to the Komondo Kingdom? He knows Liberty Corps
has a means of getting there.

Yes he must return to his kingdom. If for no other reason than to retrieve his
dragon mace weapon.

Then if he desires, he can return to Earth. This planet is lacking in true

But Dragonmace needs an army. He could easily fight his way past them, but he
is a Lord of the Komondo Horde, he will not fight alone.

Closing his eyes and straining, dots of thick sweat come out of his pores, each dot
grows into a Komondo. These Komondos are weaker than what he could create if
he had his mace, but they will do.


Horse Power have gathered inside the Secret Horse Power Stable deep
inside Liberty Corps Headquarters. With them are Liberty Corps Head Science
Bulb Curt Hendrix, his sister and fellow Liberty Corp Bulb Courtney Hendrix.

"I do not understand why Private Bedlam could not be here."

Clydesdale answers

"He is a Class A Security Drone, Hendrix, he should not know this place even exist."

Curt Hendrix pretends he did not hear him, and continues speaking.

"Studying the analysis my sister  did on Sergent Sargent without my knowledge or approval, something possessed him. From my records it must have occurred in the Dimension Stallion, Mustang and he visited months ago. The energy
signatures are identical."

Stallion speaks

"Not to mention Sarge looks exactly like ole Lizzy Borden."

Mustang corrects him.

"Mustang this is serious. Please continue Dr.Hendrix."

Courtney Hendrix speaks again.

"Mustang you are not Stallion. This is the second time this has happened."

Curt Hendrix pushes his glasses back up his nose.

"I was worried about this."

"Whats wrong Curt?"

"It is a side effect of the Power Horse Project. The four Horse Powers merged
into one consciousness, they lost all sense of self. Right now they still have the
memories and emotions of the others tangled up in their own.

The effect should fade."

Alarms start blaring out in the Stable.

Bronco looks on the monitors.

"Necronoids are attacking the base.  Professor Necro has some bad timing."

Stallion closes the hinges on his helmet.

"I doubt that Bronco. Horse Power Charge!!!"


In an attack that mirrors their first appearance in this dimension, the Necronoids
are tearing apart Liberty Base.

After the battles with Dread Watch and Abraham Lincoln, Liberty Base has only
a bare bones crew of Drones and Grunts to defend it.

A pair of yellow laser beams strike the Necronoids. They come from the Bronco

Horse Power have arrived.

As they run into battle, Stallion directs traffic.

"We need to end this fast. Finding Sarge has to be our first priority."

A black X appears in front of Horse Power, emerging from it is Curseifix.

"Greetings Horse Power. I was sent by Professor Necro to give you a small pick
me up."

He holds his staff up and fires white light at the Necronoids. The light powers up
the Necronoids, making them grow in size and changing their robotic fist into buzz

The Necronoids easily toss around Horse Power. Using the buzz saw hands to
damage their armor. Horse Power are still disoriented from the earlier
battle with Lincoln.

Curseifix leaps into the air and fires beams of black light at Horse Power.


Curt and Courtney Hendrix are working on a device to help Sergent Sargent.

"Curt do you think this will work?"

"It should Courtney. The device should infuse the Sergent's body with a
harmless but potent energy. That energy should force out the essence of


Clydesdale smashes a Necronoid with his hammer.

"If we can't merge into Power Horse, we can still form Melee Mode on the
Horse Power Combination Power Blaster."

Stallion throws his sword to Clydesdale, who places the handle in a slot on the
head of his hammer.

Bronco connects his shooters at the handle and connects them to the side of the
Horse Hammer.

Mustang connects the Daggers to the top of the Bronco Shooter.

The three stand around Clydesdale.

"Horse Power Combination Power Blaster Melee Slash!!!"

They hold it up and send the glowing blade of energy down into the gathered

The feedback in Melee Mode was too much for them to handle and they drop the

They are hit by a blue fireball that sends them to the ground.

Dragonmace has returned with a squad of Komondos.

"You will return me to my home world Horse Power. Or I will finish what I started in the infirmary."

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