Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Last Will and Testament of the Cyborg Abraham Lincoln Day 3

More Crazy Action


In a hidden sanctuary, the Green Lama meditates. A truly alien force
disrupts the mystic order of life. For the first time in many years, the Green
Lama must take action.

With a wave of his hand, he is covered by his green hooded cloak.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum"

The Green Lama disappears in a flash of light.


The Cyborg Abraham Lincoln holds the shattered pieces of his cybernetic eye.

As the nanobots in his cybernetic body repair the damage he looks at
the man responsible. He is Sergent Sargent and he has been going thru some

Covered by a green fire, Sergent Sargent now has more power than any
mortal man on this planet.

Looking at his friends and teammates laying on the ground unconscious or
possibly even dead fills him with rage. The flames surrounding him burn
higher and he attacks the Cyborg.

The Cyborg blocks his first punch, and responds with a punch of his own, which Sarge ducks. They now fight at a speed that is difficult  to keep up with.

The Cyborg grabs Sergent Sargent in a full nelson and drives him into the
ground. The impact causes an earthquake that reverberates thru out the city.

Sarge leaps back to his feet and executes a leg sweep on Lincoln. He jumps
into the air and drives his fist down, which the Cyborg narrowly avoids. He
retaliates with an energy blast fired directly into Sarge's chest.

This attack slows him down and Lincoln follows up with multiple high speed punches and kicks. Sergent Sargent retalliates with a headbutt into Lincoln's face. Following up with three punches to the Cyborg's sternum. He out stretches his palm and fires a blue fireball into the Cyborg's chest. Sending him flying.

Lincoln leaps up and at the speed of sound returns with a flying knee to Sergent
Sargent's face.

With the Sergent down. Lincoln goes into his computer options.

"Access programming protocols."


"Go into power inhibitors"

"Inhibitors accessed"

"Disable all inhibitors"

"Disabling inhibitors could disable self preservation programs. Do you wish to



The red reactor in Lincoln's sternum begins glowing brightly and leaking streams
of energy that destroy whatever they touch.

Sergent Sargent returns at super speed and punches the Cyborg, only for his
hand to be caught in its grip. Lincoln punches him at full power, nearly breaking
his neck.

Sergent Sargent leaps back and fires another blue fireball at Lincoln who
shatters it with a gigantic fireball of his own.

Sergent Sargent is now unconscious and the green fire extinguished.


The Necromizone

The now white Necronoid sits before Professor Necro. Both SkeleGun and Ax
Wing's powers have been greatly augmented standing near him.

"These powers are useful to me, but without changes this NecrOgre will soon
burn out. SkeleGun, do you have the totem?"

"Yes Professor, the temple that held it was unguarded."


Professor Necro takes the totem shaped like a tilted lower case x and bolts it
to the NecrOgres face.


A wave of black fire engulfs the NecrOgre, when it fades it is now different.
The totem is still bolted to its face. But now it wears over lapping robes, with a
stylized crown and carries a staff with an X at the top.

"Welcome Curseifix to the Nation of Necro."


Stallion gets to his feet and sees the Cyborg standing over the dead body of
Sergent Sargent. The other members of Horse Power join him .

"Stallion what are we gonna do, we can't take this guy. He shook off every attack."

"Not everything Bronco."

"You can't be serious. Even the simulations were a disaster."

"You were the one who wanted to test it in the field, Clydesdale."

The Four Horse Powers each grab the Horse Shoe emblems on their chest.
Together they shout.

"Horse Power:Form Equestrex!!!!"

Pressing down on the Horse Shoe emblems, the four transform to waves of blue,
red, green and yellow energy and slam into one another.

Horse Power is gone, all that remains is EQUESTREX:THE POWER HORSE

Standing seven feet tall and wearing thicker armor than the Horse Powers
that formed him. His body is red, his arms yellow, his legs green and head blue.

He has two horse heads as shoulder pads with a larger horse shoe emblem on his

Lincoln is not sure what the armored horses did. He fires a full powered energy
blast at Power Horse, who simply ignores it.

Equestrex forms the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster in his hands. Lincoln for
the first time smiles.

"That will not work."

Power Horse fires it and the blast consumes Lincoln. When he stands back up,
various pieces of his body are missing.

Power Horse speaks.


He tosses the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster into the air and the
pieces reconfigure.

The top of the Horse Hammer opens up a slot for the handle of the Stallion

The connected Bronco Shooters slide to the side of the Horse Hammer with the
Mustang Daggers locked on.

The Horse Power Combination Blaster is now a trident of immense power.
Equestrex spins the trident around his head.


Abraham Lincoln does not run from enemies, and he will not start on this strange world. He runs toward the Power Horse, who impales him directly in the reactor on his sternum. The guns and daggers glow as the energy tears thru Abraham Lincoln.

He explodes and falls to the ground in pieces, only his head and torso remain intact.

Equestrex looks down at Lincoln with contempt. Taps the Horse Shoe on his
chest and splits back into the four members of Horse Power that comprise him.


Brutus Roberts is woke up by Sergent Sargent in the Liberty Corps infirmary.

"Sarge you're alive!!!!"

"Project:Power Horse worked. You defeated the Cyborg Abraham Lincoln."

David Foster gets up slowly, already in a great deal of pain."

"Where is he?"

"Allow me to answer that."

"You're the Green Lama."


A somewhat addled Zane Dresden sits up.

"From the old cartoon?"

"That is one of my forms. Yes."

"So what do you have to do with that Cyborg."

"I arrived at the battle field in search of an alien life force that was a threat to
this dimension. What I found were you four laying on the ground unconscious with
the Sergent."

"We had a big problem, old Abe was rebuilding himself. We asked the Lama to
send him back to his home dimension and change the locks."

"Normally I would not do this. But Lincoln did not belong on this plane. Sending
him home, only righted a previous wrong."

"So Lincoln was the alien life force you sensed."

The Green Lama looks ahead solemnly.

"No I lost the trail. I can only feel a faint energy signature....."

The Green Lama collapses, knocked out by a large scale covered
fist belonging to Sergent Sargent. Better known to Horse Power as.


To Be Continued....

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