Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Last Will and Testament of the Cyborg Abraham Lincoln Day 2

Supplemental material


David Foster meets with his girlfriend Courtney Hendrix to discus Sergent

"Did you run those scans on Sarge?"

"David, I'm not comfortable running scans on someone against their will."

"Courtney I would never ask for this normally. But I'm worried about Sarge.
Something is wrong with him and he will not seek help."

"Why didn't you ask Curt to do it? This is more his thing."

"Because your brother and Sarge have not been on the best of terms. I do not want
to give him any ammunition."

"David my brother would not do that."

David Foster turns away a bit frustrated with his girlfriend.

"What do the scans say?"

"It says everything is normal, mostly."


"Most of the time he is completely normal. But when he was shot by Masters, his
readings went crazy."

"Then he punched him thru a wall."

"And went right back to normal."

Before the conversation can continue, David Foster's communicator goes off.

"David here."

"The Astro Risk is under attack. We need Horse Power."


The Eagle's Claw is one of the few vehicles that was not damaged during the
Dread Watch invasion. Years ago it was modified for space travel when
Dr.Mindfunk attempted to turn the moon into a disco ball.

Horse Power along with Sergent Sargent are strapped in.

Stallion looks over at Sergent Sargent.

"Sarge are you sure you should go? Whatever is attacking the Astro Risk is

"Stallion, I've been fighting dangerous enemies long before I met you. I'll be

"Horse Power this is Space Case, he's gone?"

"He retreated?"

"No in fact he is heading directly for your location."

"Blue Thunder"

The enemy crashes into the Eagle's Claw at the speed of sound. Shattering the
vehicle into a million pieces.

Abraham Lincoln has arrived.


Lincoln grew bored tearing apart the space station.

They were no longer capable of defending themselves. But his sensors noticed signals going down to Earth. He followed the signal and saw a rescue team preparing to attack.

He looks at the scattered bodies and notices some of them are wearing garish Horse Armor.

Except for one human in a space suit. Lincoln inspects the wreckage further,
when the yellow armored Horse Power leaps to his feet and shoots him with a
pair of yellow revolvers.

"I don't know what you are, but I'm stopping you here!!!"

Lincoln with a burst of speed, punches the Horse Power called Bronco and
slams him into the ground.

Suddenly the green armored Horse Power known as Mustang is up. He slashes
at the Cyborg Lincoln with his daggers. The Cyborg fires eye beams at Mustang
who dodges them.

Nobody has done that before.

Lincoln fires multiple beams and Mustang dodges them all.

The Cyborg runs at Mustang with super speed and the two cross the state multiple times. Each attempting to land a punch. Soon they are back at the wreckage of the Eagle's Claw.

Lincoln sees Mustang falter and flattens him with a punch. The Red and Blue
Horse Powers known as Stallion and Clydesdale are up. Stallion armed with his
Stallion Sword attempts to slash the Cyborg with a down thrust, which Lincoln
blocks with his forearm.

Clydesdale hits Lincoln in the face with his hammer. He is mildly jarred, he has
not been hit that hard in a long time. Stallion attempts to stab him, but Lincoln catches the blade in his hand and throws him into Clydesdale.

Bronco and Mustang are up and Lincoln takes them down with rapid punches to the stomach and head.

Lincoln is hit by an intense laser blast to the chest. It is fired by the human in the
space suit.

"Don't know what you based your Abe Lincoln costume on, but if you don't
back down, you'll be joining the real deal."

"I am Abraham Lincoln. This is not my world, but it soon shall be."

"What do you mean?"

"I was shoved into a glowing green door by insurrectionist."

"So you're saying you're from another...."

The Cyborg fires a beam of energy thru Sergent Sargent's chest.

The Necromizone

A group of Necronoids work hard in the mines beneath the NecrOgre valley.

They are collecting elements to create the substance known as Deadhelm,
otherwise known as counterfeit Oblivorex.

The process of making the chemicals is hazardous under the best of
circumstances. One Necronoid trips over the feet of his fellow worker and falls in
the boiling Deadhelm.

The Necronoid is glowing white and running in circles. SkeleGun who is
supervising, runs to the Necronoid with no regard for his own safety.

The Necronoid touches SkeleGun's arm with his glowing right hand. SkeleGun
suddenly has a new giant gun in place of his hand.

"I think the Professor will be pleased."

Horse Power do not have the luxury of mourning Sergent Sargent. They are
simply grateful they had time to power the Horse Canon.


A full powered blast of white energy strikes the Cyborg Abraham Lincoln. The
blast shatters windows all thru out the state. It appears to peel the skin from the

He emerges from the blast with his suit on fire. Lincoln tears it and his artificial
skin off. He is covered by a smooth silvery metallic skin. On the right side of his
chest is a reactor of some sort.

Lincoln steps forward. He holds up both hands as they begin to glow red.

"My turn"

He fires upon them, generating a massive explosion.

Lincoln places a metallic foot on the chest of Stallion, triumphant.

"This world is mine..."

The scanners in Lincoln's eyes go berserk, he sees the human he killed
earlier, fully recovered.

The scanners say he is far stronger than any human he
has ever encountered.

The man known as Sergent Sargent is glowing green. Before Lincoln can fire
another blast, Sarge shatters his cybernetic eye with a single punch.

"This ain't your world yet, Abe."

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