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Kill The Future Day 4

Other Timely Stories

The Stone Age

Clydesdale has went on patrol the last several nights and has not encountered
anything strange for the time period.

There are two options left for him.

1. Power down and become a more vulnerable target. But not being in his own
time, he might not be able to access his powers again.

2. Take some of the larger men and use them as bait. The men are willing, they
are desperate to stop the monster.

Clydesdale does not like this but he takes three men with him. With their
numbers and him as backup they should be safe.

Right now they are walking around the lake.

Clydesdale named the three Fred, Barney and Gazoo. The three are the biggest and strongest men in the tribe.

Gazoo (the smallest of the three) is grabbed by what looks to be a gust of wind.

Clydesdale adjust his scanners and runs out to stop it. In the few seconds it takes
to get there, Barney is taken.

The gust attempts to take Fred and Clydesdale throws his hammer at the
gus, the hammer bounces back into Clydesdale's hand.

The gust of wind materializes into the form of a man. He stands up larger than
any of the other cavemen, as tall as Clydesdale.

He has a thick,ugly, black beard and a scarred up forehead. With a nose that has
been broken multiple times. He looks to weigh at least four hundred pounds. In
these times, it means he is a very skilled hunter.

But the most distinguishing trait is the blood stained mouth and sharp fangs.

This caveman is a



Germany 1945

Mustang is briefed on the mission he is replacing Captain Battle on.

"We have been able to capture many of the super powered Axis agents. Only one
has eluded us."

Bronze Destroyer holds up a grainy photo of a man in a red and brown bodysuit
complete with winged cape. Mustang knows him instantly.

"The Doctor..."

Bold Eagle looks surprised.

"I suppose you read about him in history books."

"No I fought him."

"The Doctor is still on the loose?"

"He was missing for years and turned up in NYC and tried to kill Captain
Battle's grandson."

Hale Battle looks excited

"I have a son?"

"You do but this one belongs to your brother."

Mustang thinks back to all the sci fi movies he has seen. He should probably
shut up.

"I've said too much. I help with this operation and I'm just picking up Captain
Battle's slack til we find him. How do I find the Doctor?"

"Not you comrade, we."

A large man steps out of the shadows. He is wearing a Russian military uniform.
He has a thick ugly beard and his nose looks to have been broken multiple times.

"Who are you?"

Bold Eagle steps up.

"Mustang this here is a Russian Agent. We don't know his name, but we're
told he is a perfect counter to Dr.Dracula."

Mustang is hesitant to trust a Soviet Agent, but he knows these are different times.

"Okay comrade, how do we find the Doctor?"

"He is four blocks over in a hidden military base. I assume he is attempting to
activate a sleeper weapon."

"You commies must have good Intel."

"No I simply sense his presence."


The Middle Ages

Noble Sword tells Stallion his story around a burning fire.

"When I was but a skinny squire I toiled and longed to be a real knight. But I
was never given my chance. I was told I was not of pure enough stock. That I
would never be stern enough to endure the rigors of battle.

Until one night a voice called me seeking freedom. I leaped from my bed and ran
and ran. The voice kept calling for me, pleading for help. After what felt like days
I arrived. What I saw was a large tree in the middle of an empty field.

Its cries for help grew to be unbearable. It needed to be freed, yet I had only a
small hatchet on me. But until it was free, its cries would never end. I hacked and
hacked and hacked at the tree. My hands bled daily and my skin became a pure

But I became stronger than I ever thought possible, and my chopping away at the tree never stopped.

Before I lost hope the tree fell over in a tremendous fall. Yet the cries continued.
I was past my breaking point when I saw a shiny gold handle sticking from the
base of the tree trunk.

Instinctively I grasped the handle and pulled it free. It slid out so easily I nearly
fell over. Once in my hand I felt a great power surge thru me and Merlin himself
appeared before me. He said I was selected to protect England from all sorts of
nasty enemies.

With a wave of his finger he covered me in enchanted armor. No weapon
forged by man may pierce it. The sword known as Valiant can cut thru anything
provided the motive is good and the target impure."

"How did this lead to your current predicament."

"King Richard left for the Crusades. He asked me to stay behind to protect England from enemies that may attack, at her most vulnerable hour.

The King is a wise man, for very soon evil did come to England, in the form of the Bishop. He claimed to represent the Church but his aura reeked of evil. He is nearly seven feet tall and as wide as he is tall.

His face is scarred, in a way a Holy Man's should not be. His first sermon confirmed my fears about him. Despite saying nothing he mesmerized the town.

Our numbers began to dwindle, as funerals began reaching numbers not seen since the plague. Yet the graveyards were never full."

"Are you trying to tell me that the Bishop is?"

"Yes a vampire. He has been converting the town into an army of dread. Keeping enough unconverted to provide him a fresh blood supply.

I confronted the Bishop in the Church but he had grown too powerful. I was unable to decapitate him with Valiant. He was unable to pierce my armor. But he broke the stalemate soon enough with the unconverted townspeople.

I was driven from town and deemed a heretic. I dare not remove my armor for fear of attack. Has been awhile, since last I bathed."

"Noble Sword I have no idea how I am going to get home. But I'm going to do some good while I'm here. Lets stop the Bishop together."


Captain Battle has flew roughly twenty miles north carrying Sergent Sargent.

"Captain put us down here. I don't know how much juice your jet pack has."

"It can get us across the country, but I don't want to wear myself out on the flight over."

Sergent Sargent takes a small device out of his jacket. It resemble a portable television but is actually a navigational system.

"Great, it still works."

"Sergent not to get in your business. But what is your plan?"

"I need to get to Liberty Base and the Horse Stable Command. I deactivate the DNAbler and these War Horses will all shut down. We may of cracked the tech, but I know we would never reveal the location of the DNAbler."

"So our first order of business is getting some transportation."

Sergent Sargent logs into his communicator.

"We need a Mangler brought to this location. We were ambushed by Alpha Team and they destroyed our vehicle."

"War Horse we are getting no energy read from your location. Wait you are that Alpha Spy who hacked into our feed earlier."

"Yeah looks like I am. What are you going to do about it?"

Soon two War Horses on Sidewinder Cycles ride up. Their eyes begin glowing as they searching for Sergent Sargent and Captain Battle, who are hiding behind debris.

Captain Battle flies high into the air.

The War Horses take out their Heavy Hitter Cannons and begin firing at Battle, who swiftly dodges each shot. He fires his Dissolvo Gun at full power melting the Heavy Hitters. Taking away the War Horses long range capabilities.

Sergent Sargent has taken out his Scouter Bio Viewer. Looking at the War Horses, the armors have serious structural flaws in the shoulder seams.

He fires his Laser Bayonet into both War Horses, causing the armor to dissolve.
Two men in camo fall to the ground and go into seizures.

Battle flies down.

"Should we help them?"

"Nothing we can do."

They get on the Sidewinders and ride to the ruins of Liberty Base.


1845 Arizona

Dillon Philberg was a small time con. Content to skate thru life executing small time cons like ripping off drunks in card games. That all changed when he met Gus at the Iron Gut bar.

Gus was a huge man, at least seven feet tall and looked to be five hundred pounds if he were a ounce. He spent the night drinking like a fish and never got drunk. Dillon figured being so big made it harder to get wasted. One thing Dillon knew was he did not want to cross him.

He had found another target, some harmless old geezer by the name of Tomway. He was spending his cash like it was going out of style and Dillon figured he was an easy mark.

He ended up getting the geezer for five thousand in gold. He got up to leave and found himself surrounded. Tomway was actually Lyle Tomway of Tomway Rails. He was slumming it for the night and did not appreciate being embarrassed by Dillon.

"How bout I just give the money back?"

"Ain't bout the money. Its bout being embarrassed in front of scum. Now my boys are gonna take it out of your hide."

He breaks a bottle over one of the thugs heads and runs for the door only to be popped in the gut by one of the other goons.

For five minutes they beat the hell out of Dillon.

"Alright that's enough."

Gus stands up and Tomway and his boys all step back.

"Big man this don't concern you."

Gus spits what looks like red tobacco juice into the spittoon. He twirls his mustaches and pops his knuckles.

"Little guy is my bidness partner. You best be to leave him alone."

One of the goons punches Gus in the face and Gus does not even flinch. He knocks him out with a slap. Another one pulls out a Derringer and fires it. Gus catches the bullet in his hand.

What Gus did next was very unpleasant. All that can be said is Lyle Tomway did not have a open casket funeral.

Gus helped Dillon up and explained why he helped him. He is initiating the biggest con ever seen in this part of the world. But he needs a front man, someone people can trust.

Now the pair are in the middle of a field with over two thousand people surrounding their wagon. They have all consumed the New Blood and belong to Gus body and soul. Dillon does not know what his plan is. But he thinks it involves more than making money.

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