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Kill The Future Day 3

Other Heroes Trapped in Time


Sometime in the middle ages

Stallion can tell his attacker is not just any swordsman. In fact he is the best he
has ever encountered. It is taking every ounce of skill he has to avoid being
sliced to ribbon, even with his Horse Power armor.

He senses the man attacking him is not evil or deranged. He seems to be fighting
out of self defense.

"So demon, the Bishop is no longer content with having driven me from town. He
now wants me completely destroyed!!"

"Sir I am no demon, I am a stranger in this land."


He now increases the intensity of his attack upon Stallion.

Stallion realizes he needs to do something drastic to prove he means no harm. He punches his attacker in the chest, sending him flying across the forest.

He quickly leaps up, but before the battle can resume, Stallion throws the
attacker his sword.

"I surrender, you may do with me as you will."

The attacker lifts the Stallion Sword and gives it a few swings. It is quite heavy,
even heavier than his sword "Valiant". He looks at it and tosses the sword back to

"No minion of the Bishop would give his weapon to me. Not even in
subterfuge. Let us return to my cave dwelling and you can tell me your story."

"First, may I have your name?"

"Call me Noble Sword."



The Bronze Destroyer and Sheriff Noble have been allies in the past.

Bronze Destroyer was his Tribe's ancestral protector, and often came into
conflict with abusive settlers.

He would attempt to solve problems without violence, but once a conflict required the Destroyer, that was no longer a realistic option.

Things improved once Sheriff Noble arrived in Camelot, Arizona. He kept the
rowdy settlers in line and Destroyer kept his people from escalating conflicts.

But things changed once the medicine man came to town.

He promised vitality to all who took his "New Blood" elixer. His show was
something else. They would always start at dusk, which is very unusual for
a medicine show.

He took the sickliest looking elderly man in the audience and brought him up on stage.

You would assume the old man was wearing incredibly convincing make up. But this was old man Jensen. Everyone knew him, and he most certainly was not an actor.

After one swig of the elixir he was able to lift a horse above his head with ease.

Of course the entire town bought as much New Blood as possible.

That was when the trouble began for Camelot. People slumped around town as if
they were zombies. Then the attacks on the Indian Tribes began. First it was
random drunkards. But soon the crowds grew and even contained respectable citizens.

The Bronze Destroyer fought them off but it was never enough. They were
simply too strong.

Then the medicine man showed up one evening. He promised the Indians true
vitality and power. This time they took an elderly woman out of the audience, and
she lifted the wagon off the ground.

The Indians devoured the "New Blood" and they too began acting like zombies and were soon attacking Camelot.

Sheriff Noble was doing his best to stop them without violence, but it was no use.

Eventually he went to investigate and all signs pointed to the Bronze Destroyer
being the source of "New Blood".

That he intended to use it to conquer the tribe and Camelot.

But little did Sheriff Noble know that Bronze Destroyer's investigation pointed to
the Sheriff being behind "New Blood". That the Sheriff had wealthy backers in the East
that wanted to corrupt and destroy the tribes.

Now two good men try to destroy each other. They fight with only their fist.

Destroyer initially cut him with his Tomahawk. Noble tried to fire his enchanted
handguns, but noticed they would not work.

Perhaps that should have showed Noble he was fighting the wrong enemy. His
mystic six shooters have unlimited ammo, but are unable to be fired upon an innocent.

But the Sheriff is a passionate man, as is the Bronze Destroyer.

This is the situation Bronco finds himself coming upon. The townspeople are in
such a stupor, that they do not even notice the Yellow Horse

Bronco takes out his Power Lariat and captures both the Sheriff and Bronze

"Sorry about this, but why are you two fighting?"

The Sheriff looks at Bronco like a world weary man who has seen everything under the sun.

"You mind telling me exactly what you are?"

"You don't sound surprised to see me?"

"Things get a bit twisted in Camelot. Now who are you? I'll tell you why me
and the Destroyer were brawling after you answer."

Bronco tells his story to the Bronze Destroyer and Sheriff Noble, who take it all
in and cautiously accept it. With their tempers calmed, they compare stories and
know they have been mislead.

While Bronco is trapped here, he decides to do some good.


Prehistoric times

Clydesdale is fluent in over seventy languages. But now he is very grateful for
the universal translator in his armor.

Talking with the cavemen, he realizes Templord sent him back to prehistoric
times. The Cavemen quickly kill, prepare and cook the Mammoth that
Clydesdale knocked out.

"Why are you so anxious to eat before dark?"

"Bad spirits come at dark. Eat man, woman and child. Only safe in cave."

Clydesdale thinks there is a logical explanation for this. Likely some large

Then he thinks, he is a Horse Robot sent back to a Flintstones
rerun by a living clock. Logic has little to do with his life.

Either way he decides to investigate.


World War 2 Germany

"Where is Captain Battle?"

"Dude I got no idea."

An angry Hale Battle chortles

"What are you some robot cowboy?"

Mustang gets up and runs for the exit but is caught by a punch from the Unknown
Soldier. Mustang regrets not paying more attention to Stallion's lectures
about the history of Liberty Corps.

He recognizes Hale Battle, he knows him as Battle Flag. He knows Bold Eagle and Bronze Eagle as Liberty Corps Directors Bill Powers and Jeff Dixon.

But he has no idea who this Unknown Soldier is. Only that he packs a real wallop.

"I don't know what happened to Captain Battle. I'm from the year 1985, I'm a
member of a future version of this group."

Mustang opens the hinges on his helmet to reveal his face.

"This is an armor created by the group. Me and my teammates were fighting
someone named Templord. He hit us with some time wave and I ended up here.

So now is the part where you don't believe my story. ?"

Bold Eagle steps forward.

"Look at how we are all dressed. We have had more than enough
strange events happen around us, we'll take your word for it.

Besides you're our only link to Captain Battle."

Bronze Destroyer speaks

"We need to clear out. When Battle disappeared we were in the middle of an important mission. Maybe you can help us out."



Captain Battle and Sergent Sargent have been hiding in the sewers for hours.
These War Horses are everywhere. They do not appear to be as strong as true
Horse Powers, but are still very dangerous.

Sergent Sargent defers to the wisdom of Captain Battle.

"Sir do you have a plan of action."

"Not a good one I'm afraid. We need to learn more about this place. We
can't help the people here."

Suddenly the sewers fill with a mini tempest and a green hooded wire frame man
appears. Like something out of a video game.

"Greetings gentlemen I am the Green Lama."

Captain Battle looks surprised at this.

"I suppose you're not the 1943 Lama?"

"He was one of my predecessors."

Sergent Sargent ask a question.

"Why do you look like something out of a video game?"

"I am all that remains of the Lama Temple. I am a sentient computer program,
containing all knowledge of the Sacred Lama Order."

"Why is there no human Lama?"

"The Lama Temple and all disciples were destroyed in an unknown disaster
around 2056. I was created by a group of computer programmers in the year

"What year is it now?"


"What are the War Horses?"

"In the year 1989 the Earth was invaded by the Rulian Empire. Earth's
protectors attempted to stop the invasion but were soon overwhelmed by sheer

It was decided the only choice was to expand the Horse Power
technology. To crack it in a sense, to create an army of Horse Powers.

The Rulian Invasion was driven away by this army."

Sergent Sargent looks almost pale.

"Let me guess this Horse Power Army took over the world."

"No, the Liberty Corps was very aware of the risk involved in cracking the
Horse Power tech and monitored it very closely. Retrieving and deactivating as
much of it as they could."

"So what was the problem?"

"It is impossible to put lightning back in a bottle. Soon unauthorized Horse
Powers began appearing around the world. Initially they were government agents
in Russia and China. But soon the lowliest of mercenaries had the tech.

Horse Power was forced to reinstate the Horse Corps to combat this. But it was
never enough."

"So who are these War Horses chasing us?"

"They are known as Beta team."

"What do they want?"

"To capture Alpha Team's flag?"

"What is that code for?"

"Nothing, they intend to capture a tiny red flag to gain ten points for
their team?"

Captain Battle grows furious.

"All this destruction is a game to them?"

"Essentially yes."

Sergent Sargent and Captain Battle look sick.

"Why did you contact us?"

"I felt a disturbance in time when you arrived. Currently the War Horses all vie to find the Trojan Base. This must not happen."

"You're the Green Lama, why don't you stop it."

"As a computer program there are limits to my power. Due to
creating a techmagic spell preventing the War Horses from leaving the United
States, I am unable to effect much change directly within this countries border."

The Lama wire frame begins breaking up.

"It is up to you to save Earth."

Captain Battle looks at Sergent Sargent.

"Now how do you imagine we do that."

"I know exactly where to start."

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