Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kill The Future Day 2

Do the Time Warp again


Horse Power and Sergent Sargent have been tracing the source of the time
lapses for what feels like hours, but in reality has been mere minutes.

In that time they fought regiments of Confederate Soldiers, then herds of dinosaurs, then
Confederate Soldiers riding the Dinosaurs.

Clydesdale knocks down the wall to an abandoned sock factory.

"This is where the disturbances are coming from."

They step into the factory expecting to see run down machinery, but instead see
what looks to be the inside of a futuristic clock.

A man sitting in a throne wearing chrome armor covered by various clocks with a
long white beard greets them.

"Welcome Horse Power, it is good to see you again."

Sergent Sargent looks incredulous?


"Hmm I imagine I looked far different as Shift:The Time Thief."

Mustang steps forward.

"Look no offense Gramps, but Shift was a young guy. You're old enough to be his
great, great, great, great, great, great, great..."

The man fires a stream of Chrono energy at Mustang, knocking him to the

"SILENCE!!! It matters not, for Shift is dead, only TEMPLORD remains!!!"

Clydesdale begins running toward Templord, with his hammer already pulled out.

"Okay I've heard enough."

He swings his hammer and Templord blocks it with his clock staff. Then
connects with a legsweep.

He leaps across the room and kicks Stallion in the chest.

Bronco fires his Bronco shooters at Templord, who slows the shots to a crawl, Teleports behind Bronco and punches him in the back of the head.

Sergent Sargent is hesitating without the Dragon Power, he believes he is no match for a being as powerful as Templord.

But seeing his team in trouble, he fires at Templord's exposed face. But the time master shifts out of place and drops down on Sergent Sargent, stomping his sternum.

Templord holds up his clock staff and  the clocks on his chest go wild.

"This was good sport but enough."

White chrono energy fills the room and Horse Power with Sergent Sargent


Sometime in the middle ages

A white portal opens and Stallion falls out of it into a forest. Stallion does not
recognize the area.

"Stallion contacting Liberty Base, anyone there?"

The only reply he gets is static.

"Stallion to Horse Power... Bronco? Clydesdale? Mustang? Sarge? C'mon
anybody there?"

Stallion walks around the woods attempting to figure out where Templord sent him.

The navigational tools in his helmet are semi functional. Readings are telling him he is in Europe. He tries to get a more exact reading and it says England. He is out of the forest and sees a cave. In front of it is a smoldering fire. Someone is living here.

Behind Stallion, a man in silver armor with a blue wrap pulls out a sword.




Bronco lands in a desert near a small town. He attempts to access his communications system, but is no more successful than Stallion. His navigational tools tell him he is in the southwestern United States.

He hears a loud gun shot and runs toward the town. Even in his Horse Power armor, people are too distracted by the brawl to notice him.

He sees two men fighting, one man is in a blue coat with a white cowboy hat. He is in a life and death struggle with

"Bronze Destroyer?"


Mustang falls out of the white door of light in a dilapidated building. It sounds as if a massive thunder storm is taking place outside.

Looking out a window he sees a city is being bombed by an air raid. Mustang served enough tours in Pan Guay to know he dropped into a bad scene.

He attempts to open his communicator but gets only static. The navigational system tells him he is in Germany.

Before he can ponder his dilemma, he is shot in the back. He turns around brandishing his daggers.

The Unknown Soldier has his Nitro Gun on him. He is joined by Hale Battle, the Bold Eagle and Bronze Destroyer.

"What did you do with Captain Battle?"

Prehistoric times

Clydesdale falls out of the white light and manages to land on his feet. He first tries to use his communicator and gets no reception. He next tries his navigator and gets gibberish.

"Where did this Templord send me?"

He walks around and sees a woolly mammoth about to trample a baby. Clydesdale catches its foot and throws it several yards.

The mammoth gets up angry and charges the Red Horse Power.

"Alright jumbo, sorry about this."

He punches the animal in the forehead knocking him out.

Suddenly more cavemen run out and surround him. They fall to their knees in worship.

"Oh geez."


Sergent Sargent falls out of the white door of light into a black pile of ooze. It does not smell like anything he can imagine. Not a bad smell necessarily, but completely unfamiliar.

He takes out his communicator.

"Sergent Sargent, anyone there?"

"This is War Horse 82225676432445566880, how did you get on this channel?"

"How did you get on this channel, and why do you call yourself War Horse?'

"You are in an unauthorized area, sending in War Horse Squadron Beta Gamma 88 to clear."

"The thunder is he talking about?"

A Mangler tank that has seen better days comes barreling down the broken streets. Firing laser cannons at Sergent Sargent. He narrowly avoids them.

He looks closely and sees the tank being driven by two camouflaged Horse Powers.

He fires three full powered shots from his laser bayonet at the Mangler to no effect. Before he is ran over he is lifted into the sky and deposited on the roof of a building. He looks at the man who saved him and can't believe his eyes.

"Captain Battle..."

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