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Duel-Devil:Loose Ends FINALE


A flurry of meteorites crash into city hall. Claw stomps fleeing cars.


None of Qron's training prepared him for this. Claw is a hundred feet tall and throwing balls of fire. He ignores machine gun fire like it is nothing. Duel-Devil can't imagine his boomerangs doing better.

"Ghost? Ghost? What do we do?"

He sees Ghost race "The Ghost Wing." He is doing emergency repairs on his plane.

Duel-Devil understands, the Ghost Wing can do more damage than either of them.

But Duel-Devil is not much of a mechanic. He runs toward Claw, and latches onto his leg. He punches and kicks at the Claw, as he scales his robe.

Duel-Devil has come up with his own plan, but it is pure insanity. It will likely cost him his life.


Ghost is frantically repairing his Ghost Wing. The repairs he is making on the damaged wing will not last. But he only needs her to fly for a few minutes.


He hops in and starts the Ghost Wing and soon it is air born. He looks and sees Duel-Devil climbing up the Claw's back.

Before Claw can notice Duel-Devil on his back, Ghost fires a barrage of bullets into his eye.

This enrages the Claw who furiously swipes at the plane. 

Ghost prepares a final attack with the Ghost Wing. Perhaps the final attack they will ever make.


Why is Tonia Taylor following the soldiers and policemen? It makes no sense, she should be going in the opposite direction. But she knows Bart Hill is fighting whatever has attacked the city.

That he resumed his duties as Duel-Devil, that he would have to go and fight. She wishes she had told him, she loved him.

But she could not bring herself to do it. She feared hurting him too much. He is an emotional open wound. She does not want to pour salt into him.

But she fears soon he will be dead, so she rushes to be by his side.

He is half way up and is grateful for all the times Qron insisted he climb the mountains near his cabin.

But even Qron did not have to avoid friendly machine gun fire. The police and military do not care that he is trying to fight Claw. Besides his red and blue uniform is blending into Claw's robe.

As he gets to the top of Claw's shoulder, he is finally noticed.

Duel-Devil throws his red boomerang into the eye of the Claw. While the Nightmare of Ricca screams, Duel-Devil jumps down his throat.

He is going into the belly of the beast.


Duel-Devil's trip into the innards of Claw has been very bumpy. Going down his throat he was cut on several spikes growing on Claw's wind pipe.

He grabs one of them and slowly climbs down. Along the way, he uses his boomerangs to create punctures. It is very hard to breathe, hotter than any summer he experienced in Pan Guay.

Once again Duel-Devil is thankful for Qron's training. He would be dead without those breathing exercises.

He reaches what he assumes to be the guts of Claw. It looks like something from his nightmares. He sees boiling rivers of acid, parts of his guts have teeth and keep reaching up to bite him.

Duel-Devil goes to work and begins hacking the insides to pieces.

He hears loud groans and assumes the Claw is simply in pain. Until he turns around and sees three large creatures climb out of the boiling acid. Bodies covered in jagged edges with faces that resemble Claw himself.

Duel-Devil throws his boomerang at one, and kicks another in the face.

The third one proves to be faster than Duel-Devil expected and slams him down. He wraps his talons around his face and squeezes. Tearing his mask apart as blood comes from his forehead.

Duel-Devil lays there being overwhelmed by the pain and heat. He has been holding back too long. He has to give into the training.

He focuses his energy and punches the antibodies head in.

The remaining two attack and Duel-Devil leaps over them. Causing a collision, and the two antibodies start tearing each other apart.

He starts climbing, when a snake with Claw's head oozes out of a pore and begins squeezing the life from him.

He tries to pull it away from him, but the snake starts slamming him into different sides of Claw.

The snake begins pulling him back up into Claw's chest, but suddenly dissolves into a grey paste. Duel-Devil jams a boomerang into Claw's sternum to stop his fall.

He looks around and sees the insides of Claw are melting.


Ghost has emptied all of the Ghost Wing's weapons into Claw,

He just saw Duel-Devil leap down the Nightmare of Ricca's throat. Ghost can guess what his plan is. To damage Claw from the inside, but he lacks the fire power to kill him like that.

Ghost takes his plane high into the sky. He wanted to avoid doing this, The Ghost Wing feels like a part of him. Losing it will be like losing a limb.

He sees Claw doubled over in pain. He pushes the controls down and the Ghost Wing crashes into the mouth of Claw. The explosion shatters every window in a two block radius.

Claw staggers across the road and shatters another building.


Before he coughs up what appears to be some sort of internal organ. Claw collapses to the ground and slowly shrinks back to his normal height of seven foot two.

Ghost picks up a sharp piece of metal and crawls toward Claw. He ejected from the Ghost Wing before it crashed into the monster.

He stands up and prepares to kill the Claw once and for all.


"More of Claw's Eyes?"

"No we're FBI."

"You can't arrest Claw."

"Don't intend to. We are sending him home. He has diplomatic immunity."


"We understand, but Claw has the strangest diplomatic agreement we have ever seen. President says we are to put him in a box and mail him to Ricca."

Ghost lacks the energy to fight these men. Instead he unleashes his Ghost fog and makes his escape.


Tonia Taylor was knocked down by the explosion of the Ghost Wing. She quickly got up and ran to where it came from. When she saw the giant demon destroying buildings, she wanted to shut down mentally.

She then saw it cough up an organ, it landed near her and was nearly the size of a small car.

A blue fist punches thru the organ and out of it crawls Bart Hill. His mask is torn up and his face is bleeding.


Tonia runs and hugs him as tightly as she can. Not caring that Bart is soaked in the blood of Claw.

"Bart I love you. I love you more than I've ever loved anything."

Bart Hill smiles and kisses Tonia Taylor.

"I love you Tonia. Only one thing I could love as much."

"What Bart?"

"A shower."

The couple embrace again, confident that their futures are secure.



The Island of Ricca 1943

A one eyed man runs thru the jungles of Ricca. He has survived and eventually thrived there for the last three years. First taming the savage wild life that swelled within the jungles.

After that he endured the assassination attempted by the Eyes of Claw. But regardless of the numbers, the one eyed man triumphs. Leaving a trail of bloodshed in his wake.

Tonight he stops being the hunted and becomes the hunter. He sees the castle of Master Claw in the distance. It has been so long since he saw the Nightmare of Ricca.

At the castle he drops behind two Eyes of Claw, breaking ones neck and stabbing the other in the throat.

Soon he will find Master Claw.


New York City, 1943

Bart Hill worked very hard at becoming a hero as the Duel-Devil. But it made holding down a job difficult. His only job skills are fighting and detective work.

He left Boston in a year after the fight with Claw. The city was not big enough for the Devil and the Ghost. Their tactics were simply too far apart.

So Bart decided to move to New York City. His new bride, Tonia had no problem leaving Boston. She has no family in the city and would follow Bart Hill to the ends of the Earth.

He dallied in pro boxing, but fighting simply for money feels wrong. He then tried to start a detective agency. But almost all his cases involved jealous house wives snooping on their husbands. The others were husbands snooping on their wives.

One night while saving a cop from a mob ambush it hit him. He should become a policeman.

He entered the Police Academy and graduated with flying colors. His first night at the 83rd Precient, he is surrounded by a white fog in an alley.

"What do you want Ghost?"


The Ghost unfastens his helmet and reveals the weathered face of Brad Hendrix.  For a veteran of the Great War, he looks fairly young.


The Ghost holds out his white gloved hand. Officer Hill shakes it.

"Call me Brad."


The Island of Ricca

The Claw sits on his throne. His defeat in America knaws at him. He desires revenge on Duel-Devil and The Ghost. But for now Gen-I has need of Duel-Devil.

He sees two of his "Eyes" cut down by a crazed man missing an eye. More of his "Eyes" surround the man. Armed with a single blade, he cuts at them until he is overwhelmed by sheer numbers.

Master Claw stands up and raises one of his hands.


The Eyes stop their attack and kneel before their undisputed master. Claw walks to the one eyeed man.

"You have proven yourself worthy. You will be my vessel in America. You will be my Fear Mancer."

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