Monday, May 7, 2012

Duel-Devil:Loose Ends Day 9

More Pulp Heroes

Crab City, Pan Guay 1940

It has been a year since Master Qron was killed by his former disciple, The Wolf
of Ricca. Bart Hill killed the Wolf that same knight and embraced the mantle of
the Duel-Devil.

Now he patrols Crab City late at night, looking for trouble. At first, the task of
cleaning up Crab City seemed insurmountable. But over time, using the tactics
taught to him by Qron, Crab City is now a respectable place to live.

At least it is from Ten PM to Five AM, after that it is up to the corrupt police
department to keep the peace. The police do not appreciate Duel-Devil's work.

But they lack the nerve to stop him. They fully believe he killed The Wolf of
Ricca and Master Qron. Bart does not try to convince them other wise. It builds
his mystique.

He prepares to go home when he notices a disturbance near the Crab City Game
Plaza, the building where Qron died.

Men in brown and yellow robes are attacking gamblers. He has seen them
around town during the day, usually passing out literature. Their faces bear a
strange mark on them, an eye carved into their forehead.

One large man in a yellow and brown robe has a woman by her hair, in his hand is
a crooked dagger.

"The blood of one like you will suit our cause. We will drain you and pay tribute
to him."

Duel-Devil throws a blue boomerang at the robed man's wrist, disarming him.

He punches the man in the temple of his head, knocking him out.
The other robed men attack Duel-Devil. Who like a yellow and blue blur, brutally
takes them down.

He punches one man in the chest hard enough to break his sternum. Another
tries to stab Duel-Devil with a knife, but Devil dodges it and sends it into the first
man's gut. Duel-Devil knocks out the man with a knee to the head.

Sirens are blaring and the Crab City Police enter. Duel-Devil casually walks
past them, almost daring someone to stop him.


That was Bart Hill's (Duel-Devil) first encounter with The Eyes of Claw. During his waking hours between training, he investigated the group. They would seem to be from Ricca, but all signs point to their home base being in the United States, in Boston, Massachusetts.

No matter how many of them he takes down, their numbers grow greater and
greater. Bart has been debating for some time what he should do and finally he
decides. He is going back to America.

That night he packed his belongings, mostly his collection of pulps and clothes
into an old canvas bag. He goes under Qron's porch and finds five thousand American
dollars buried underneath. Bart remembered the old guy not wanting Bart to ever
go under the porch.

Maybe that was Qron's way of telling him about the money without telling him.

He does not worry about leaving Qron's house unattended. Enough people are
scared of both Duel-Devil and the Old Guy, they would not dare trespass.
Besides Bart figures he will be back soon enough.

That night Bart leaves Pan Guay on a steam ship for America.

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