Saturday, May 5, 2012

Duel-Devil:Loose Ends Day 7


Master Qron drops a package on the table in front of Bart Hill.

"Open it."

Bart Hill does as instructed and takes out a body suit and mask. One half is yellow and the other blue.

"Master Qron, what is this?"

"It is your Duel-Devil uniform."

Bart Hill speaks in a whisper.

"Yellow? Is suppose to be red..."

"What did you say boy?"

"I said thank you Master Qron."

"Get dressed, we leave soon."

"Where are we going?"

"To kill "The Wolf of Ricca".


The Wolf of Ricca stands in the manager's office of the casino. He has put on his brown gi and mask. The mask is half of a wolf's head, exposing his teeth.

On his left hand he slips on a bladed glove, on his right foot, a bladed shoe.

With a swift kick he cuts his chair in two, followed by a chop that slices the desk apart.

The Wolf is ready, for soon Qron and his new disciple will arrive. He will finally taste the blood of his teacher and obtain a new disciple in the process.


Bart Hill has put on the uniform of Duel-Devil. He walks into the kitchen and sees Master Qron in a yellow and black karate gi.

"Did you find the boomerangs?"

"Yes Master Qron."

Qron takes out a one sided spear, tosses it in the air and catches it.

"We leave now."


The Wolf of Ricca has made sure the casino was full this night. He forced Cri Jo to run a double or nothing special. Meaning all bets carry maximum reward with no risk.

Innocent and not so innocent people will not stop Qron from killing the Wolf. But it will slow the boy down, which will in turn slow Qron down.


Qron and Bart are on top of the Crab City Game Plaza. Qron sees the casino is filled. He taught the Wolf well.

"Bart, do you understand the fight we are about to engage in?"

"....Yes Master...."

"You are lying. You have never faced anything like the Wolf."

Even behind the Duel-Devil mask, Bart Hill is visibly angry.

"You have no idea what I've seen in my life."

"I know about your parents and Pan Guay Jake."

"You do?"

"Yes it was in all the newspapers in Pan Guay. You were a national celebrity briefly. Not for what you experienced, but the fact you survived it all.

I knew you would be my true disciple. The one who would kill "The Wolf of Ricca".

The Sheriff in Platoon owes me a great deal, so he kept me abreast of your activities."

"So you knew I would be in Crab City as the Dare-Devil?"


"Why are you telling me this now."

Suddenly a group of thugs emerge from the stairwell connected to the roof.

"Drop your weapons now!!!"

Qron grabs his spear and slices two of the thugs open.

"This is why, I wanted the Wolf to attack us here. Always have the high ground Bart."


The Wolf remembers Qron telling him in Ricca.

"Always take the high ground..."

So the Wolf sent a worthless group of goons gathered at the bars and sent them up. Let Qron wear himself out fighting them.

He will use lethal force and will need to protect the boy. Who is very skilled, but not adept at taking human life at will. No, that will come later.


Qron breaks the neck of a pot bellied wino, then puts his spear thru the chest of a  local boxer.

Bart uses his boomerang to disarm three of the men of their knives, chains and clubs.

"Master Qron, why are none of these men using firearms."

Qron uses a leg sweep to take a thug down, before stomping in his head.

"The Wolf does not want to risk you getting shot."

Bart Hill breaks the nose of a large Chinese thug, and throws him into a skinny white man holding a knife.

Suddenly Bart Hill is knocked down by the fastest punch he has ever seen.

The same fist goes for Master Qron, who blocks it with his forearm and responds with a kick to the chest. Which the attacker avoids with three back flips.

"Your skills have rusted "Master", mine have not."

The Wolf of Ricca has arrived.

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