Thursday, May 17, 2012

Duel-Devil:Loose Ends Day 17


The Ghost continues to explore the guts of the Claw's War Wagon. He has
waited over two decades for this night, the night he would kill The Claw.

He knows that Duel-Devil thinks he is insane and the Ghost is some delusion.

But in truth, the Ghost keeps Brad Hendrix sane.

That night in 1917, he narrowly escaped the Claw with his life. His men
were massacred in front of him. He survived for days in the jungle. He survived on edible roots in the Riccan Jungle.

When he got home from the war he tried to return to his normal life. He married Clare, his high school sweet heart. He went back to his life as a pilot. Trading in the crop duster for a plane delivering mail. But the nightmares haunted him.

As a husband to Clare he was useless. He paid the bills, but became cold and
distant. He tried telling her about his encounter with Claw one time. But she
looked at him like he was insane. The words "Shell Shocked" were used.

Eventually she cheated on him with his brother Bob. He wished it hurt more, instead he was glad she was with someone who would care about her.

Now Brad would at least not feel guilty, when he abandoned her later that month. One
night, the nightmare changed. Claw ripped off each of Brad's limbs like in the previous dreams.

But before Claw could kill him, a skull faced man in white appeared out of a
fog. He took out a spear and stabbed Claw in the throat. Hendrix cried out, asking who he was. The skull faced man simply said.


Hendrix awakened and went to work. All of his resources went to making the
Ghost a reality. He made money as a private military contractor. He returned to
his chemicals, creating his white fog. He created both lethal and non lethal gases.

He put together the skull helmet. Giving it special lenses that would allow him to
see in the dark and thru his own "Ghost Fog".

He bought a broken down commercial plane and took to fixing it up. Eventually
his "Ghost Wing" would take to the night skies.

The Ghost daydream ends. He is crawling thru a heating vent. It is unmercifully
hot, but it has taken him to the control room. There he sees the Claw, more than
twenty feet tall, sitting in a throne and working various controls and levers.

He kicks open the grating and leaps down, throwing his spear at the Claw's



Duel-Devil has looked all over the War Wagon for Claw. He swears he has
beaten up the same goons three or four times now.

Qron would be very disappointed in him. Sometimes Bart Hill fears that unless he
loses all control, he cannot properly utilize his training.

Before it can bother him, he sees a fresh stream of "Eyes of Claw" assassins running in a different direction. Duel-Devil is not much of a detective, but he knows to follow them.

What he finds is the Ghost fighting The Claw. Bart Hill had heard the legends
about Master Claw. In Pabtoo, they would scare the little kids with stories of him.

But he had no idea such a thing could exist in the world. More than twenty feet
tall, ghastly green skin, long talons on each finger and a mouth full of twisted

Yet the Ghost shows no fear of him. He is in full "Mighty and Powerful Oz" mode.

The Eyes have obviously come at the behest of Claw. Claw fears nothing, but the
way Ghost threw that spear at his throat surprised him.

"I have tolerated you for long enough Ghost. DIE!!!!"

Green gnarled hands glow bright red and fire a ball of light at the Ghost. Ghost narrowly
leaps out of the way, his cape catching fire. Duel-Devil helps by taking down the remaining "Eyes Of Claw".

Claw kicks the Ghost into a metal wall. Duel-Devil throws his boomerangs into
the back of Claw's head.

Claw turns around and looks at Duel-Devil. He thinks this is his grand project,
the one who will return Gen-I to this planet?

"You expect to challenge Master Claw, boy?"

Claw raises his arms and suddenly shrinks down to a mere seven foot one.

"Come at me."

Duel-Devil tries to kick Claw in the face, only for him to block with a forearm. He
tries to punch him and Claw catches his fist.

"Really boy, Qron trained you better than this."

He squeezes down and Duel-Devil's hand is bleeding.

Suddenly a jagged piece of metal goes thru Claw's throat. He releases Duel-
Devil's broken hand.


The Ghost has recovered from his fight with Claw.

Claw is stumbling around, purple blood oozing out of his throat.


Claw grows and shatters apart the War Wagon as if it were a tinker toy.
Claw is now a hundred feet tall and destroying the city of Boston.


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