Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Duel-Devil:Loose Ends Day 16


The Ghost plane flies over the docks and fires a stream of bullets into the Eyes
Of Claw soldiers.

Duel-Devil feels useless up here manning the guns. He would rather hit the
ground and fight the Eyes directly. But Ghost says they are only a symptom of
the problem. Soon they will fight the virus directly.

Another squad of Eyes leave a boat, Ghost drops a gas bomb on them, knocking
them all unconscious.

Duel-Devil expresses concern for the bystanders and cops knocked out,
but Ghost assures him the chemicals are non toxic. That they will only wake up with a slight headache.

Even in the air, Ghost and Duel-Devil hear a loud rumbling. Out of the ocean
emerges a tank the size of a large warehouse.

Ghost fires a stream of bullets at it and they bounce off harmlessly. Ghost climbs
higher and higher into the Boston skyline and drops three bombs onto it.

But the War Wagon of The Claw will not be stopped. Ghost prepares to attack
again, when the left wing is hit by a barrage of bullets.

Duel-Devil unbuckles his seat belt.

"Ghost we gotta bail. Maybe if you exit now, we can crash the Ghost Wing into
the tank."


"Now is not the time for your great and powerful Oz act. You could die."


"Oh boy, it's really bad this time. Ghost get me close to the tank and I will find a
way inside of it."


The plane lurches wildly to the right. In the hands of a less skilled pilot, it would
have crashed into the Claw's War Wagon.

Duel-Devil leaps out and grabs the side of the War Wagon. Not even considering
that it might lack a hand hold. He simply trusted he would find a way.

He gets to the top of the War Wagon. Before he can even think to look for a
opening, several Eyes of Claw crawl out of the hatch. Each wearing the same
brown and yellow uniforms. Each with an eyeball carved into their forehead.

Duel-Devil takes out his red and blue boomerangs and takes them out in two
throws. This time Duel-Devil is using restraint, more than these men deserve.

But it is not about the Eyes of Claw, it is about redeeming himself.


The Claw sits in a massive throne that cost hundreds of subjects their lives. Claw
thinks dying for his comfort is the closest those swine will ever come to a noble

He works various controls and levers in his War Wagon. The vigilante known as
the Ghost has already tried to stop him. Firing bullets from his pathetic Ghost
Wing. The only reason he did not destroy it outright, was he dared not kill his

Duel-Devil is far too important to the future of the Claw.

One of his "Eyes" runs into the room. He is bleeding from his nose and mouth.

"Master Claw, an intruder has invaded your sacred War Wagon."

Claw looks down thoughtfully.

"Yet you ran to me, rather than stop him?"

"No Master Claw, I wanted to warn...."

Claw reaches down and rips the man's head off and pops it into his mouth.

"Fool, Master Claw knows all."

Claw then pulls a lever, sending a barrages of bombs rolling into the streets of



The Ghost has managed to land his plane safely in the street near city hall. He
sees the Eyes of Claw have hit the streets, draining out of their various centers.

Ghost surrounds himself in his white fog. Expanding it to cover all of main street.

He takes out a baton and takes down the Eyes of Claw, one by one.

He sees the War Wagon of Claw is making its way up the road. Using the
advanced goggles in his skull mask/helmet, he sees there is an escape hatch near
the left front tank tread.

As large as the War Wagon is, he has little risk of being crushed standing dead
center. Once it passes over him, he shoots a grappling hook at the underside and
scales up.

He gets to the hatch and forces it open with a stick of dynamite. Climbing in, he
finds himself surrounded by Eyes of Claw assassins.

He surrounds himself in his white fog and relies on the close quarters to take
down the Eyes. These men are incapable of fighting like a unit. They do not give
a second thought to cutting each other down to reach a common enemy.

He takes out his retractable pole and places a spear head at the end of it.

He will find the Claw and kill him.

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