Monday, May 14, 2012

Duel-Devil:Loose Ends Day 14

More Cosmic Heroes


Duel-Devil has fought his way into the Eyes Of Claw Church. He is bloody and
injured from fighting the assassins that confronted him outside. They are
vicious fighters with nothing resembling a conscience.

He recognized their fighting style as being like the ones used by the Wolf of
Ricca and Qron. They were armed with scythes, sais and nun chucks. Using only
his blue and yellow boomerangs as melee weapons, he fought them off.

When the programing kicked in, he killed and maimed the assassins.

Unfortunately when the programing starts, it cannot differentiate between
enemies and civilians. Even a man he casually knew as only Fred.

Fred was at the Claw Church, delivering the money he had collected that day.

Fred saw Duel-Devil fighting the assassins. He was unaware of the assassins
connection to the church. He attempted to intervene and was struck in the eye
with a stray boomerang.

Whether it belonged to Duel-Devil or one of the Eyes, does not matter. Only that on this night, Fred's life was changed forever.

Inside the church, Duel-Devil sees more Eyes waiting for him. Garbed in yellow and dark brown uniforms. Their heads are shaved and in the center of their foreheads is a carving of an eye ball.

Duel-Devil takes his blue boomerang and strikes three of them in the temples
with a single shot. They collapse to the ground dead.

The remaining Eyes surround him and begin slashing. It is impossible to
dodge all of them and he takes a few nasty cuts. Duel-Devil focuses and breaks
the leg of one assassin and plunges his boomerang into the chest of another.

The other charges at him with a jagged spear, similar to the one Qron used.
Duel-Devil leaps over his head, snapping the assassin's neck.

He kicks in the door to the office they were protecting and sees a group of dead
bodies, each with a boomerang carved into their chest.

Standing above them in a trance is Pan Guay Jake. He looks far older, more
haggard than he did at the tourney, but Bart Hill (Duel-Devil) could never forget
this man.

Duel-Devil does not think and strikes Jake in the face with his fist. He breaks his
ribs with a pair of spin kicks. A spinning back fist breaks Jake's jaw. The old
pathetic man is laying in a heap. He did not even try to defend himself, but
Duel-Devil does not care.

He wants to give every ounce of his pain to Pan Guay Jake.


He punches him again and again.


But Duel-Devil does not realize Pan Guay Jake died the instant he hit the
ground. He has been pummeling a corpse for twenty minutes.

Only the sound of sirens breaks his trance. He looks down and sees his knuckles
are bloody and raw. He climbs out of a window and returns to his motel room.

Bart Hill took a shower and tried to wash the blood from his
body. He burned the blue and yellow Duel-Devil uniform in the incinerator.

Now laying in his bed, he cries for the first time since he was twelve years old.
He always dreamed of killing Pan Guay Jake. Thinking that it would make every thing right.

But now he feels empty. He feels shame at all the years he wasted on hate and anger. His mission as Duel-Devil was not righteous. It was an empty revenge fantasy.

He hears a knock on the door, but does not answer.

"It's Tonia, please let me in. I'm worried about you Bart."

Bart opens the door and Tonia is startled. He is bruised all over, and she sees he
has a boomerang scar in his chest, exactly like the old man in room 36.

"Bart how did you get that."

Bart looks at the ground ashamed.

"Please Bart, tell me."

He invites her into his room and he tells her the story of his life. From his
parents murder, to his being trained by Qron and finally why he came to America. But he tells her more.

"Tonia, I don't know how to describe how I feel about you. I want to say I love
you. But I know that idea is ridiculous. I hardly know you.

But you woke up feelings in me, I never knew I had. I know telling you this,has destroyed any chance I had of us being together.

But I don't think I'm suppose to have anyone. I think that is my lot in life."

"I don't know what to say."

"Don't say anything, just leave me alone."

Tonia reluctantly leaves the room. She wants to tell Bart that she loves him too.
She wants to ease his pain in the hopes, it will ease her own.

But she is unable to form the words. She turns around and faces the wall, unable
to look him in the eye. When she turns back around, he is gone.


Bart Hill is on this roof to kill himself. The fact that the mysterious vigilante known as the Ghost is behind him, has not changed his mind.

"Are you here to kill me Ghost? Go ahead, my life is a pathetic failure."

"The Ghost is not here to kill you Bart Hill. He knows what occurred after he left the Claw Church.

He was trying to prevent what happened."

Bart Hill raises the blade intending to end his life in front of the Ghost.

"BART WAIT!!!! Your life has value. The Duel-Devil can still do great good in this world."

"Yeah look at the dried blood on my hands. Look at the good I did."

"Pan Guay Jake was an evil man. Killing him was no great sin."

"He was a pathetic waste of life. My life was building toward killing him. But now he's dead and I'm still here and...."

"And the pain has not disappeared?"

Bart Hill falls to his knees and drops the knife. He begins sobbing. The Ghost walks over to him. He is a distant man by nature, but his heart bleeds for Bart Hill. He is little more than a boy.

But he can utilize him in his war with the Claw.

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