Friday, May 11, 2012

Duel-Devil:Loose Ends Day 13

More Action

The Island of Ricca, 1940

Several hundred men are putting together what appears to be the largest tank
ever conceived of. Some of the men are welding, others are wiring, while some are putting together various engines. One thing the the men have in common is they dare not slow down.

For they are being supervised by the Undisputed Emperor of Ricca, The God of

He stands a hundred feet tall. He glares at the men with an unconcealed
contempt. Right now they are preparing his masterpiece. His doomsday device
that will allow him to extend his reign of hate beyond the confines of Ricca.

A small malnourished man approaches hesitantly.

"Master Claw?"

"You dare approach the Nightmare of Ricca?"

"You ordered us to inform you if your "Eyes" had news from America."

"What is it swine?"

"The Duel-Devil from Pan Guay has arrived in that country. He has come into
conflict with The Ghost."

Claw flashes a ghastly grin.

"Leave me now. Tell my Eyes to proceed with the plan."

The malnourished man leaves as quickly as possible.

Claw takes out a massive cat of nine tails and whips the workers, working on his
doomsday device.



Bart Hill has done as the Ghost instructed, and not impeded any of "the Eyes" plans. Against his instincts, he is trusting that Ghost knows what he is doing.

Meanwhile he has continued going to meetings at the "Eyes of Claw" church. He
has refused any and all food and beverage, which has gotten him some strange
looks. But he can't risk coming under the sway of the cult.

He keeps trying to investigate the boomerang scar he saw at the docks. He
started talking to the guy at the meeting, but could not get him to talk about it.

Hard to work questions about disfiguring scars into a conversation.

He has been talking to Tonia more. He thinks she likes him, but he is not sure.

Finally he asked her out to dinner. She said yes, which was a relief to him. For all
Bart knew, that only happens in the movies.

He decides he wants to look his best for the date, so he takes some of Qron's
money,buys a new suit, gets a haircut and has his beard shaved off. He wants to
look presentable for the date.

He returns to the motel and see police all over the area. He sees Tonia outside

"Tonia what happened?"

"Bart it, it was crazy. I was changing the linens in the rooms and when I got to
Room 36. I found, I found, oh my god Bart...."

She falls to her knees and is sobbing.

"Tonia, I know you're upset, but you have to tell me."

She stands up and wipes the snot from her nose, with her wrist.

"A man was dead.... His throat was cut and somebody cut out his liver. He had
these cuts. One of them looked like a a...."


"Yes, but how could you? His face also had a cut that looked like."

"An eye?"

"But how could you? Bart!!! Bart!!!! Please don't leave me!!!"

Bart Hill knew exactly who killed this man and he intended to make him pay.


Bart Hill changed into his Duel-Devil uniform behind the alley. He saw a dried
trail of blood coming from the fire escape connected to room 36. The Eyes of
Claw were not even attempting to cover their tracks.

The trail did become more difficult to follow once the blood dried. He knew they
were not at the Church near the motel. Cops would be on them too fast. But he
knew they had bigger churches in the city and if he had to burn them all down he

Before he can enter the first church, the familiar white fog surrounds him.

"Duel-Devil you are making a grave mistake."

"Ghost my only mistake was trusting you."

Duel-Devil closes his eyes and expands his senses. He can hear the Ghost
approaching him, and ducks down to hit him with a leg sweep. Duel-Devil pounces
on him, only to be monkey flipped by the Ghost.

He hears Ghost quickly opening a compartment on his belt. Obviously trying to
reach the knockout capsules. Duel-Devil throws his blue boomerang at Ghost wrist,
causing him to drop it.

Duel-Devil leaps onto the Ghost back and tries to remove his skull helmet. Only
to find it locked on tightly.

Power are not The Ghost only weapons!!!"

Ghost presses the buckle on his belt. It is an oval with two demonic red eyes.

Pressing it causes his plane to drop from the sky and fire a stream of rubber
bullets into Duel-Devil's back.

A ladder descends from the plane and Ghost latches on. He feels he has already
played too much into Master Claw's plan. Fighting Duel-Devil further would be

As the fog clears, Duel-Devil screams.

"This is not over GHOST!!!"

Before he can enter the church he is surrounded by a squad of "Eyes Of
Claw" assassins.

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