Thursday, May 10, 2012

Duel-Devil:Loose Ends Day 12

More Mask Madness
Night comes and the Duel-Devil hunts. This is a remarkably quiet neighborhood
considering the poverty.

He had lunch at the Church today and nothing seemed wrong. Except an uneasiness, like walking into a room where people were just talking about you.

He has crossed the same roof top fifty times now and decides to go to the docks.
In Crab City, he could guarantee to find something wrong at the docks.

He gets there and sees a ship bearing the mark of The Eyes of Claw. He
sees them unloading some crates. It looks like it is perfectly legal, but something
is wrong.

He recognizes some of the men doing the work. They are not dock workers,
they're some of the men he ate lunch with. Why are they doing the work?

He considers moving in closer when he is hit in the back of the head. He turns
around and sees a man with the same markings the "Eyes of Claw" had in Pan

Duel-Devil leaps to his feet and punches the cultist in the face. Drawing blood
with the first punch. Soon more "EYES" join the fight and Duel-Devil's old
programming takes over.

He throws blue and yellow boomerangs, the blue disarming the Eyes, the yellow
knocking them out.

Soon the other cult members join the fight. Duel-Devil is too deeply involved in the
fight to think to hold back. He grabs one man by the shirt and throws him to the

The mans shirt is tore open revealing his chest. Duel-Devil looks down and sees
a boomerang shaped scar.


"The Eye Of Claw are everywhere...."

"TELL ME!!!"

He punches the man.

"TELL ME!!!":

Suddenly Duel-Devil is surrounded by a white fog.

"No, NOT NOW!!!!"

A booming voice emerges from the fog.

"DUEL-DEVIL, You have wrought chaos in the territory of the Ghost."

Duel-Devil follows the voice and throws his blue boomerang toward it. The Ghost catches it in his hand, and throws it to the ground. Duel-Devil could not see this, but he could hear it thru the fog.

"Are you behind this? Are these your "Eyes"?


Duel-Devil runs toward the voice and is punched in the face. He gets up and hits a spinning back fist to the face of the Ghost, hitting the cold metal helmet. Ghost knees him in the face three times and headbutts him.

Before Duel-Devil is able to attack again, he breathes in a knock out gas and loses consciousness.


Bart Hill wakes up in bed. The sun is shining and he feels surprisingly good. Especially considering the beating he took the night before.

Tonia walks out of the bathroom wearing only a towel. Bart made love to her after he returned home. He can't remember how it started, just that they both wanted it so badly. For the first time ever, Bart Hill feels like a full human being.

Tonia hops next to him on the bed.

"Last night was the best night of my life Bart. Can we invite your parents to the wedding?"

"Well of course we will. Dad and Mom will hate to leave Emerald Valley, but this is a special occasion. Its not every day their little boy gets married."

The weather turns dark and a thunder storm erupts. Tonia stands up, now fully dressed.

"Guess the mood has changed."

"Where are you going Tonia?"

"Bart, you have work to do."

Bart looks down and sees he is in his Duel-Devil uniform. He looks out the window and sees a hideous giant pair of eyes. A long gnarled hand burst thru the window and tears Bart Hill in half.."

Bart Hill wakes up in a strange bed. He is in what looks like a mausoleum.

He sees the Ghost standing above him. He tries to get up to finish their fight, but he hurts too much.

"I apologize for my rough treatment of you Duel-Devil. But the Ghost had to be sure of your intentions."

"What do you mean? Why does my head hurt so bad? What was in that knock out gas?"

"It was not the knock out gas. You were at The Claw Church earlier?"

"Yeah, I was investigating?"

"Did you eat any of the soup they offered?"

"Only a bite or two."

"Why only a bite?"

"It tasted funny. I was trained to detect poison in my food and drink."

"You are well trained. Did you recognize the workers at the docks?"

"Yeah, they were eating with me."

"The Church has been brain washing people with their soup line."

"Is that why I had that bizarre dream?"

"Yes it gives you euphoric dreams if you eat enough of it."

"Why did you stop me from busting up the operation if you are a good guy?"

"Because it is preparing us for something far worse."

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