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Kill The Future Day 4

Other Timely Stories

The Stone Age

Clydesdale has went on patrol the last several nights and has not encountered
anything strange for the time period.

There are two options left for him.

1. Power down and become a more vulnerable target. But not being in his own
time, he might not be able to access his powers again.

2. Take some of the larger men and use them as bait. The men are willing, they
are desperate to stop the monster.

Clydesdale does not like this but he takes three men with him. With their
numbers and him as backup they should be safe.

Right now they are walking around the lake.

Clydesdale named the three Fred, Barney and Gazoo. The three are the biggest and strongest men in the tribe.

Gazoo (the smallest of the three) is grabbed by what looks to be a gust of wind.

Clydesdale adjust his scanners and runs out to stop it. In the few seconds it takes
to get there, Barney is taken.

The gust attempts to take Fred and Clydesdale throws his hammer at the
gus, the hammer bounces back into Clydesdale's hand.

The gust of wind materializes into the form of a man. He stands up larger than
any of the other cavemen, as tall as Clydesdale.

He has a thick,ugly, black beard and a scarred up forehead. With a nose that has
been broken multiple times. He looks to weigh at least four hundred pounds. In
these times, it means he is a very skilled hunter.

But the most distinguishing trait is the blood stained mouth and sharp fangs.

This caveman is a



Germany 1945

Mustang is briefed on the mission he is replacing Captain Battle on.

"We have been able to capture many of the super powered Axis agents. Only one
has eluded us."

Bronze Destroyer holds up a grainy photo of a man in a red and brown bodysuit
complete with winged cape. Mustang knows him instantly.

"The Doctor..."

Bold Eagle looks surprised.

"I suppose you read about him in history books."

"No I fought him."

"The Doctor is still on the loose?"

"He was missing for years and turned up in NYC and tried to kill Captain
Battle's grandson."

Hale Battle looks excited

"I have a son?"

"You do but this one belongs to your brother."

Mustang thinks back to all the sci fi movies he has seen. He should probably
shut up.

"I've said too much. I help with this operation and I'm just picking up Captain
Battle's slack til we find him. How do I find the Doctor?"

"Not you comrade, we."

A large man steps out of the shadows. He is wearing a Russian military uniform.
He has a thick ugly beard and his nose looks to have been broken multiple times.

"Who are you?"

Bold Eagle steps up.

"Mustang this here is a Russian Agent. We don't know his name, but we're
told he is a perfect counter to Dr.Dracula."

Mustang is hesitant to trust a Soviet Agent, but he knows these are different times.

"Okay comrade, how do we find the Doctor?"

"He is four blocks over in a hidden military base. I assume he is attempting to
activate a sleeper weapon."

"You commies must have good Intel."

"No I simply sense his presence."


The Middle Ages

Noble Sword tells Stallion his story around a burning fire.

"When I was but a skinny squire I toiled and longed to be a real knight. But I
was never given my chance. I was told I was not of pure enough stock. That I
would never be stern enough to endure the rigors of battle.

Until one night a voice called me seeking freedom. I leaped from my bed and ran
and ran. The voice kept calling for me, pleading for help. After what felt like days
I arrived. What I saw was a large tree in the middle of an empty field.

Its cries for help grew to be unbearable. It needed to be freed, yet I had only a
small hatchet on me. But until it was free, its cries would never end. I hacked and
hacked and hacked at the tree. My hands bled daily and my skin became a pure

But I became stronger than I ever thought possible, and my chopping away at the tree never stopped.

Before I lost hope the tree fell over in a tremendous fall. Yet the cries continued.
I was past my breaking point when I saw a shiny gold handle sticking from the
base of the tree trunk.

Instinctively I grasped the handle and pulled it free. It slid out so easily I nearly
fell over. Once in my hand I felt a great power surge thru me and Merlin himself
appeared before me. He said I was selected to protect England from all sorts of
nasty enemies.

With a wave of his finger he covered me in enchanted armor. No weapon
forged by man may pierce it. The sword known as Valiant can cut thru anything
provided the motive is good and the target impure."

"How did this lead to your current predicament."

"King Richard left for the Crusades. He asked me to stay behind to protect England from enemies that may attack, at her most vulnerable hour.

The King is a wise man, for very soon evil did come to England, in the form of the Bishop. He claimed to represent the Church but his aura reeked of evil. He is nearly seven feet tall and as wide as he is tall.

His face is scarred, in a way a Holy Man's should not be. His first sermon confirmed my fears about him. Despite saying nothing he mesmerized the town.

Our numbers began to dwindle, as funerals began reaching numbers not seen since the plague. Yet the graveyards were never full."

"Are you trying to tell me that the Bishop is?"

"Yes a vampire. He has been converting the town into an army of dread. Keeping enough unconverted to provide him a fresh blood supply.

I confronted the Bishop in the Church but he had grown too powerful. I was unable to decapitate him with Valiant. He was unable to pierce my armor. But he broke the stalemate soon enough with the unconverted townspeople.

I was driven from town and deemed a heretic. I dare not remove my armor for fear of attack. Has been awhile, since last I bathed."

"Noble Sword I have no idea how I am going to get home. But I'm going to do some good while I'm here. Lets stop the Bishop together."


Captain Battle has flew roughly twenty miles north carrying Sergent Sargent.

"Captain put us down here. I don't know how much juice your jet pack has."

"It can get us across the country, but I don't want to wear myself out on the flight over."

Sergent Sargent takes a small device out of his jacket. It resemble a portable television but is actually a navigational system.

"Great, it still works."

"Sergent not to get in your business. But what is your plan?"

"I need to get to Liberty Base and the Horse Stable Command. I deactivate the DNAbler and these War Horses will all shut down. We may of cracked the tech, but I know we would never reveal the location of the DNAbler."

"So our first order of business is getting some transportation."

Sergent Sargent logs into his communicator.

"We need a Mangler brought to this location. We were ambushed by Alpha Team and they destroyed our vehicle."

"War Horse we are getting no energy read from your location. Wait you are that Alpha Spy who hacked into our feed earlier."

"Yeah looks like I am. What are you going to do about it?"

Soon two War Horses on Sidewinder Cycles ride up. Their eyes begin glowing as they searching for Sergent Sargent and Captain Battle, who are hiding behind debris.

Captain Battle flies high into the air.

The War Horses take out their Heavy Hitter Cannons and begin firing at Battle, who swiftly dodges each shot. He fires his Dissolvo Gun at full power melting the Heavy Hitters. Taking away the War Horses long range capabilities.

Sergent Sargent has taken out his Scouter Bio Viewer. Looking at the War Horses, the armors have serious structural flaws in the shoulder seams.

He fires his Laser Bayonet into both War Horses, causing the armor to dissolve.
Two men in camo fall to the ground and go into seizures.

Battle flies down.

"Should we help them?"

"Nothing we can do."

They get on the Sidewinders and ride to the ruins of Liberty Base.


1845 Arizona

Dillon Philberg was a small time con. Content to skate thru life executing small time cons like ripping off drunks in card games. That all changed when he met Gus at the Iron Gut bar.

Gus was a huge man, at least seven feet tall and looked to be five hundred pounds if he were a ounce. He spent the night drinking like a fish and never got drunk. Dillon figured being so big made it harder to get wasted. One thing Dillon knew was he did not want to cross him.

He had found another target, some harmless old geezer by the name of Tomway. He was spending his cash like it was going out of style and Dillon figured he was an easy mark.

He ended up getting the geezer for five thousand in gold. He got up to leave and found himself surrounded. Tomway was actually Lyle Tomway of Tomway Rails. He was slumming it for the night and did not appreciate being embarrassed by Dillon.

"How bout I just give the money back?"

"Ain't bout the money. Its bout being embarrassed in front of scum. Now my boys are gonna take it out of your hide."

He breaks a bottle over one of the thugs heads and runs for the door only to be popped in the gut by one of the other goons.

For five minutes they beat the hell out of Dillon.

"Alright that's enough."

Gus stands up and Tomway and his boys all step back.

"Big man this don't concern you."

Gus spits what looks like red tobacco juice into the spittoon. He twirls his mustaches and pops his knuckles.

"Little guy is my bidness partner. You best be to leave him alone."

One of the goons punches Gus in the face and Gus does not even flinch. He knocks him out with a slap. Another one pulls out a Derringer and fires it. Gus catches the bullet in his hand.

What Gus did next was very unpleasant. All that can be said is Lyle Tomway did not have a open casket funeral.

Gus helped Dillon up and explained why he helped him. He is initiating the biggest con ever seen in this part of the world. But he needs a front man, someone people can trust.

Now the pair are in the middle of a field with over two thousand people surrounding their wagon. They have all consumed the New Blood and belong to Gus body and soul. Dillon does not know what his plan is. But he thinks it involves more than making money.

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Kill The Future Day 3

Other Heroes Trapped in Time


Sometime in the middle ages

Stallion can tell his attacker is not just any swordsman. In fact he is the best he
has ever encountered. It is taking every ounce of skill he has to avoid being
sliced to ribbon, even with his Horse Power armor.

He senses the man attacking him is not evil or deranged. He seems to be fighting
out of self defense.

"So demon, the Bishop is no longer content with having driven me from town. He
now wants me completely destroyed!!"

"Sir I am no demon, I am a stranger in this land."


He now increases the intensity of his attack upon Stallion.

Stallion realizes he needs to do something drastic to prove he means no harm. He punches his attacker in the chest, sending him flying across the forest.

He quickly leaps up, but before the battle can resume, Stallion throws the
attacker his sword.

"I surrender, you may do with me as you will."

The attacker lifts the Stallion Sword and gives it a few swings. It is quite heavy,
even heavier than his sword "Valiant". He looks at it and tosses the sword back to

"No minion of the Bishop would give his weapon to me. Not even in
subterfuge. Let us return to my cave dwelling and you can tell me your story."

"First, may I have your name?"

"Call me Noble Sword."



The Bronze Destroyer and Sheriff Noble have been allies in the past.

Bronze Destroyer was his Tribe's ancestral protector, and often came into
conflict with abusive settlers.

He would attempt to solve problems without violence, but once a conflict required the Destroyer, that was no longer a realistic option.

Things improved once Sheriff Noble arrived in Camelot, Arizona. He kept the
rowdy settlers in line and Destroyer kept his people from escalating conflicts.

But things changed once the medicine man came to town.

He promised vitality to all who took his "New Blood" elixer. His show was
something else. They would always start at dusk, which is very unusual for
a medicine show.

He took the sickliest looking elderly man in the audience and brought him up on stage.

You would assume the old man was wearing incredibly convincing make up. But this was old man Jensen. Everyone knew him, and he most certainly was not an actor.

After one swig of the elixir he was able to lift a horse above his head with ease.

Of course the entire town bought as much New Blood as possible.

That was when the trouble began for Camelot. People slumped around town as if
they were zombies. Then the attacks on the Indian Tribes began. First it was
random drunkards. But soon the crowds grew and even contained respectable citizens.

The Bronze Destroyer fought them off but it was never enough. They were
simply too strong.

Then the medicine man showed up one evening. He promised the Indians true
vitality and power. This time they took an elderly woman out of the audience, and
she lifted the wagon off the ground.

The Indians devoured the "New Blood" and they too began acting like zombies and were soon attacking Camelot.

Sheriff Noble was doing his best to stop them without violence, but it was no use.

Eventually he went to investigate and all signs pointed to the Bronze Destroyer
being the source of "New Blood".

That he intended to use it to conquer the tribe and Camelot.

But little did Sheriff Noble know that Bronze Destroyer's investigation pointed to
the Sheriff being behind "New Blood". That the Sheriff had wealthy backers in the East
that wanted to corrupt and destroy the tribes.

Now two good men try to destroy each other. They fight with only their fist.

Destroyer initially cut him with his Tomahawk. Noble tried to fire his enchanted
handguns, but noticed they would not work.

Perhaps that should have showed Noble he was fighting the wrong enemy. His
mystic six shooters have unlimited ammo, but are unable to be fired upon an innocent.

But the Sheriff is a passionate man, as is the Bronze Destroyer.

This is the situation Bronco finds himself coming upon. The townspeople are in
such a stupor, that they do not even notice the Yellow Horse

Bronco takes out his Power Lariat and captures both the Sheriff and Bronze

"Sorry about this, but why are you two fighting?"

The Sheriff looks at Bronco like a world weary man who has seen everything under the sun.

"You mind telling me exactly what you are?"

"You don't sound surprised to see me?"

"Things get a bit twisted in Camelot. Now who are you? I'll tell you why me
and the Destroyer were brawling after you answer."

Bronco tells his story to the Bronze Destroyer and Sheriff Noble, who take it all
in and cautiously accept it. With their tempers calmed, they compare stories and
know they have been mislead.

While Bronco is trapped here, he decides to do some good.


Prehistoric times

Clydesdale is fluent in over seventy languages. But now he is very grateful for
the universal translator in his armor.

Talking with the cavemen, he realizes Templord sent him back to prehistoric
times. The Cavemen quickly kill, prepare and cook the Mammoth that
Clydesdale knocked out.

"Why are you so anxious to eat before dark?"

"Bad spirits come at dark. Eat man, woman and child. Only safe in cave."

Clydesdale thinks there is a logical explanation for this. Likely some large

Then he thinks, he is a Horse Robot sent back to a Flintstones
rerun by a living clock. Logic has little to do with his life.

Either way he decides to investigate.


World War 2 Germany

"Where is Captain Battle?"

"Dude I got no idea."

An angry Hale Battle chortles

"What are you some robot cowboy?"

Mustang gets up and runs for the exit but is caught by a punch from the Unknown
Soldier. Mustang regrets not paying more attention to Stallion's lectures
about the history of Liberty Corps.

He recognizes Hale Battle, he knows him as Battle Flag. He knows Bold Eagle and Bronze Eagle as Liberty Corps Directors Bill Powers and Jeff Dixon.

But he has no idea who this Unknown Soldier is. Only that he packs a real wallop.

"I don't know what happened to Captain Battle. I'm from the year 1985, I'm a
member of a future version of this group."

Mustang opens the hinges on his helmet to reveal his face.

"This is an armor created by the group. Me and my teammates were fighting
someone named Templord. He hit us with some time wave and I ended up here.

So now is the part where you don't believe my story. ?"

Bold Eagle steps forward.

"Look at how we are all dressed. We have had more than enough
strange events happen around us, we'll take your word for it.

Besides you're our only link to Captain Battle."

Bronze Destroyer speaks

"We need to clear out. When Battle disappeared we were in the middle of an important mission. Maybe you can help us out."



Captain Battle and Sergent Sargent have been hiding in the sewers for hours.
These War Horses are everywhere. They do not appear to be as strong as true
Horse Powers, but are still very dangerous.

Sergent Sargent defers to the wisdom of Captain Battle.

"Sir do you have a plan of action."

"Not a good one I'm afraid. We need to learn more about this place. We
can't help the people here."

Suddenly the sewers fill with a mini tempest and a green hooded wire frame man
appears. Like something out of a video game.

"Greetings gentlemen I am the Green Lama."

Captain Battle looks surprised at this.

"I suppose you're not the 1943 Lama?"

"He was one of my predecessors."

Sergent Sargent ask a question.

"Why do you look like something out of a video game?"

"I am all that remains of the Lama Temple. I am a sentient computer program,
containing all knowledge of the Sacred Lama Order."

"Why is there no human Lama?"

"The Lama Temple and all disciples were destroyed in an unknown disaster
around 2056. I was created by a group of computer programmers in the year

"What year is it now?"


"What are the War Horses?"

"In the year 1989 the Earth was invaded by the Rulian Empire. Earth's
protectors attempted to stop the invasion but were soon overwhelmed by sheer

It was decided the only choice was to expand the Horse Power
technology. To crack it in a sense, to create an army of Horse Powers.

The Rulian Invasion was driven away by this army."

Sergent Sargent looks almost pale.

"Let me guess this Horse Power Army took over the world."

"No, the Liberty Corps was very aware of the risk involved in cracking the
Horse Power tech and monitored it very closely. Retrieving and deactivating as
much of it as they could."

"So what was the problem?"

"It is impossible to put lightning back in a bottle. Soon unauthorized Horse
Powers began appearing around the world. Initially they were government agents
in Russia and China. But soon the lowliest of mercenaries had the tech.

Horse Power was forced to reinstate the Horse Corps to combat this. But it was
never enough."

"So who are these War Horses chasing us?"

"They are known as Beta team."

"What do they want?"

"To capture Alpha Team's flag?"

"What is that code for?"

"Nothing, they intend to capture a tiny red flag to gain ten points for
their team?"

Captain Battle grows furious.

"All this destruction is a game to them?"

"Essentially yes."

Sergent Sargent and Captain Battle look sick.

"Why did you contact us?"

"I felt a disturbance in time when you arrived. Currently the War Horses all vie to find the Trojan Base. This must not happen."

"You're the Green Lama, why don't you stop it."

"As a computer program there are limits to my power. Due to
creating a techmagic spell preventing the War Horses from leaving the United
States, I am unable to effect much change directly within this countries border."

The Lama wire frame begins breaking up.

"It is up to you to save Earth."

Captain Battle looks at Sergent Sargent.

"Now how do you imagine we do that."

"I know exactly where to start."

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Kill The Future Day 2

Do the Time Warp again


Horse Power and Sergent Sargent have been tracing the source of the time
lapses for what feels like hours, but in reality has been mere minutes.

In that time they fought regiments of Confederate Soldiers, then herds of dinosaurs, then
Confederate Soldiers riding the Dinosaurs.

Clydesdale knocks down the wall to an abandoned sock factory.

"This is where the disturbances are coming from."

They step into the factory expecting to see run down machinery, but instead see
what looks to be the inside of a futuristic clock.

A man sitting in a throne wearing chrome armor covered by various clocks with a
long white beard greets them.

"Welcome Horse Power, it is good to see you again."

Sergent Sargent looks incredulous?


"Hmm I imagine I looked far different as Shift:The Time Thief."

Mustang steps forward.

"Look no offense Gramps, but Shift was a young guy. You're old enough to be his
great, great, great, great, great, great, great..."

The man fires a stream of Chrono energy at Mustang, knocking him to the

"SILENCE!!! It matters not, for Shift is dead, only TEMPLORD remains!!!"

Clydesdale begins running toward Templord, with his hammer already pulled out.

"Okay I've heard enough."

He swings his hammer and Templord blocks it with his clock staff. Then
connects with a legsweep.

He leaps across the room and kicks Stallion in the chest.

Bronco fires his Bronco shooters at Templord, who slows the shots to a crawl, Teleports behind Bronco and punches him in the back of the head.

Sergent Sargent is hesitating without the Dragon Power, he believes he is no match for a being as powerful as Templord.

But seeing his team in trouble, he fires at Templord's exposed face. But the time master shifts out of place and drops down on Sergent Sargent, stomping his sternum.

Templord holds up his clock staff and  the clocks on his chest go wild.

"This was good sport but enough."

White chrono energy fills the room and Horse Power with Sergent Sargent


Sometime in the middle ages

A white portal opens and Stallion falls out of it into a forest. Stallion does not
recognize the area.

"Stallion contacting Liberty Base, anyone there?"

The only reply he gets is static.

"Stallion to Horse Power... Bronco? Clydesdale? Mustang? Sarge? C'mon
anybody there?"

Stallion walks around the woods attempting to figure out where Templord sent him.

The navigational tools in his helmet are semi functional. Readings are telling him he is in Europe. He tries to get a more exact reading and it says England. He is out of the forest and sees a cave. In front of it is a smoldering fire. Someone is living here.

Behind Stallion, a man in silver armor with a blue wrap pulls out a sword.




Bronco lands in a desert near a small town. He attempts to access his communications system, but is no more successful than Stallion. His navigational tools tell him he is in the southwestern United States.

He hears a loud gun shot and runs toward the town. Even in his Horse Power armor, people are too distracted by the brawl to notice him.

He sees two men fighting, one man is in a blue coat with a white cowboy hat. He is in a life and death struggle with

"Bronze Destroyer?"


Mustang falls out of the white door of light in a dilapidated building. It sounds as if a massive thunder storm is taking place outside.

Looking out a window he sees a city is being bombed by an air raid. Mustang served enough tours in Pan Guay to know he dropped into a bad scene.

He attempts to open his communicator but gets only static. The navigational system tells him he is in Germany.

Before he can ponder his dilemma, he is shot in the back. He turns around brandishing his daggers.

The Unknown Soldier has his Nitro Gun on him. He is joined by Hale Battle, the Bold Eagle and Bronze Destroyer.

"What did you do with Captain Battle?"

Prehistoric times

Clydesdale falls out of the white light and manages to land on his feet. He first tries to use his communicator and gets no reception. He next tries his navigator and gets gibberish.

"Where did this Templord send me?"

He walks around and sees a woolly mammoth about to trample a baby. Clydesdale catches its foot and throws it several yards.

The mammoth gets up angry and charges the Red Horse Power.

"Alright jumbo, sorry about this."

He punches the animal in the forehead knocking him out.

Suddenly more cavemen run out and surround him. They fall to their knees in worship.

"Oh geez."


Sergent Sargent falls out of the white door of light into a black pile of ooze. It does not smell like anything he can imagine. Not a bad smell necessarily, but completely unfamiliar.

He takes out his communicator.

"Sergent Sargent, anyone there?"

"This is War Horse 82225676432445566880, how did you get on this channel?"

"How did you get on this channel, and why do you call yourself War Horse?'

"You are in an unauthorized area, sending in War Horse Squadron Beta Gamma 88 to clear."

"The thunder is he talking about?"

A Mangler tank that has seen better days comes barreling down the broken streets. Firing laser cannons at Sergent Sargent. He narrowly avoids them.

He looks closely and sees the tank being driven by two camouflaged Horse Powers.

He fires three full powered shots from his laser bayonet at the Mangler to no effect. Before he is ran over he is lifted into the sky and deposited on the roof of a building. He looks at the man who saved him and can't believe his eyes.

"Captain Battle..."

Monday, May 28, 2012

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Kill The Future Day 1

Timely Action


Sergent Sargent is in the Liberty Corps Lab lifting weights. The test is being monitored by Liberty Corps Head Science Bulb, Curt Hendrix and his sister Courtney.

With them are David "Stallion" Foster, Brutus "Clydesdale" Roberts, Romero "Bronco" Sanchez and Zane "Mustang" Dresden. Together they comprise Horse Power.

Sergent Sargent has the four hundred pound weight above his head and drops it. He then collapses to his knees drenched in sweat.

"Huff...Huff.... Well?"

Curt Hendrix comes down with his computerized clip board.

"While you're still a remarkable physical specimen Sergent, all traces of Dragonmace appear to be gone. However.."


"Dragonmace's possession was mystical in nature. It could very well be we are unable to detect any trace of  it. But for now you have no super powers."

Sergent Sargent wipes the sweat from his face, with his shirt.


The alarms in the lab start blaring.

Courtney Hendrix looks at the monitors.

"Full squadron of Necronoids are attacking with Curseifix, SkeleGun and Ax Wing leading."

The four members of Horse Power grab the Horse Collar transformation buckles on their belts.


David Foster changes into blue armor.


Romero Sanchez changes into yellow armor.


Zane Dresden changes into green armor.


Brutus Roberts changes into red armor



Horse Power arrive at the housing project where the Necronoids are tearing things apart.

Mustang asks the question, as he attacks the Necronoids with super speed.

"Why are they attacking the housing project. Usually they attack Liberty Base."

Ax Wing fires his Ax Winger at Mustang knocking him down. Allowing three of his Xenoids to cover the Green Horse Power in cyber silk.

"Professor Necro's plans are not for you to decipher Mustang!!!"

Ax Wing begins pummeling Mustang with punches and kicks. Mustang cuts out of the Cyber Cocoon with his daggers and slices Ax Wing in the chest.

"That's enough Madame Butterfly."

He dropkicks Ax Wing into the side of a dumpster. A Necronoid taps him on the shoulder, he turns around, and it holds a mirror up getting his reflection.

"Huh? I combed my mane this morning."

Mustang punches the Necronoid out, but not before it tosses the mirror to another Necronoid across the street.

On the basketball court a group of enhanced Necronoids and Curseifix are fighting Clydesdale and Sergent Sargent.

"Careful Sarge, the Necronoids have upgraded recently."

"I can hold my own Clydesdale."

Sergent Sargent fires laser blast at a Necronoid who deflects it with a swinging mace attached to its wrist.

The Necronoid kicks him in the stomach and another backhands him.

Curseifix fires a shot from his Curseistaff at Sergent Sargent, Clydesdale saves him by absorbing the blast.



Sergent Sargent leaps over Clydesdale and kicks Curseifix into the chain link fence. Curseifix hits Sergent Sargent in the stomach with his staff.

Before Curseifix can fire it, Clydesdale smashes his head in with the Horse Hammer.

A beam of light gets into the eyes of the Red Horse Power. He turns to see what it is and sees a mirror in  his face. He punches the Necronoid in the gut, but not before it tosses the mirror out of the basketball court.

Stallion and Bronco are using most of their energy to avoid being hit by the barrage of SkeleGun. SkeleGun is a living weapon. Almost every part of his anatomy has some sort of ballistic weaponry.

Bronco locks his Bronco Shooters together into Horse Shoe mode and fires at SkeleGun, who rolls out of the way. Directly into the downward thrust of Stallion's sword. Sending the general of Professor Necro flying.

SkeleGun gets to his feet and gives the command.


Bronco and Stallion are confused when they see a Necronoid capturing their reflections in a mirror.

SkeleGun fires a rocket at the two Horse Powers.

"Another day Horse Power!!!"

Mustang runs over

"Looks like we won."

Sergent Sargent attempts to sound enthusiastic.

"Good work men."

Stallion ask Sergent Sargent.

"Do you think Necro has a larger plan?"

"Doesn't he always?"

Little do Horse Power know they are being monitored by a being outside of time itself.

The Necromizone

The trio of SkeleGun, Ax Wing and Curseifix return with their squadron of Necronoids and Xenoids. In their possession is a glowing mirror.

SkeleGun hands it to Professor Necro.

"Master to what purpose does this mirror hold?

"It is a vital part of my plan. I needed a tiny portion of each Horse Power's essence before I could begin my work."

Professor Necro connects the mirror to a device that is merged with the cocoon holding Road Test.


It is nearly midnight and Sergent Sargent is at the firing range shooting his Laser Bayonet.

He looks at the target and sees he missed each shot by a fraction of several inches. For anyone else that would be satisfactory. But for Sergent Sargent it is a failure. Just like today in the fight with Curseifix. If not for Clydesdale, he would have been killed.

He resets the moving auto target and begins firing again.


Brutus Roberts is enjoying his night off. He has a big date with Denise Steinway. She works for a law firm near Liberty Base.

He ran into her at the Burger Barn one afternoon and was instantly attracted to her. He ran into her a few more times "accidentally" and made small talk each time. Now that she seems interested, he asked her out.

He tried to downplay the fact he was Clydesdale. His identity is publicly known, but it seems wrong to use his work to score dates.

Tonight they are enjoying a steak dinner at Smith's Steakhouse. Denise has ate her third steak while Brutus has just started on his second.

"Gotta say Denise you are not what I expected."

"Is that bad?"

"Not in this case. Just usually people tend to put on airs on a first date. I appreciate you being yourself."

"Well honestly Brutus, I'm so tired after working at the office, I don't have the energy to put up appearances. Maybe after the cake, I can pretend to be a helpless waif."

"Good idea, then I'll pretend to be gentleman."

They both start laughing. The lights go out for a brief second, and when they come back on, everyone but Brutus Roberts is a baby.

"Googy woogy"

The now two year old Denise throws mashed potatoes at Brutus.

"I heard of robbing the cradle, but this is ridiculous."

"Agent Roberts to Liberty Base, got a problem at Smith's Steakhouse."

"Whooo I'm a race car vrooom!!!"

"Crash Course is that you?"


"Romero here, Brutus you up to your knees in diapers like us?"

"Yeah want to meet up, but I can't leave these people like this."

The lights blink back on and Denise is back to being 32 again.

"Why do I have gravy on my shirt?"

"I'll explain later Denise. Work calls"


"Horse Power Charge!!!"

Brutus Roberts transforms into Clydesdale as he walks out of the restaurant.

"Oh work...."

Friday, May 18, 2012

Duel-Devil:Loose Ends FINALE


A flurry of meteorites crash into city hall. Claw stomps fleeing cars.


None of Qron's training prepared him for this. Claw is a hundred feet tall and throwing balls of fire. He ignores machine gun fire like it is nothing. Duel-Devil can't imagine his boomerangs doing better.

"Ghost? Ghost? What do we do?"

He sees Ghost race "The Ghost Wing." He is doing emergency repairs on his plane.

Duel-Devil understands, the Ghost Wing can do more damage than either of them.

But Duel-Devil is not much of a mechanic. He runs toward Claw, and latches onto his leg. He punches and kicks at the Claw, as he scales his robe.

Duel-Devil has come up with his own plan, but it is pure insanity. It will likely cost him his life.


Ghost is frantically repairing his Ghost Wing. The repairs he is making on the damaged wing will not last. But he only needs her to fly for a few minutes.


He hops in and starts the Ghost Wing and soon it is air born. He looks and sees Duel-Devil climbing up the Claw's back.

Before Claw can notice Duel-Devil on his back, Ghost fires a barrage of bullets into his eye.

This enrages the Claw who furiously swipes at the plane. 

Ghost prepares a final attack with the Ghost Wing. Perhaps the final attack they will ever make.


Why is Tonia Taylor following the soldiers and policemen? It makes no sense, she should be going in the opposite direction. But she knows Bart Hill is fighting whatever has attacked the city.

That he resumed his duties as Duel-Devil, that he would have to go and fight. She wishes she had told him, she loved him.

But she could not bring herself to do it. She feared hurting him too much. He is an emotional open wound. She does not want to pour salt into him.

But she fears soon he will be dead, so she rushes to be by his side.

He is half way up and is grateful for all the times Qron insisted he climb the mountains near his cabin.

But even Qron did not have to avoid friendly machine gun fire. The police and military do not care that he is trying to fight Claw. Besides his red and blue uniform is blending into Claw's robe.

As he gets to the top of Claw's shoulder, he is finally noticed.

Duel-Devil throws his red boomerang into the eye of the Claw. While the Nightmare of Ricca screams, Duel-Devil jumps down his throat.

He is going into the belly of the beast.


Duel-Devil's trip into the innards of Claw has been very bumpy. Going down his throat he was cut on several spikes growing on Claw's wind pipe.

He grabs one of them and slowly climbs down. Along the way, he uses his boomerangs to create punctures. It is very hard to breathe, hotter than any summer he experienced in Pan Guay.

Once again Duel-Devil is thankful for Qron's training. He would be dead without those breathing exercises.

He reaches what he assumes to be the guts of Claw. It looks like something from his nightmares. He sees boiling rivers of acid, parts of his guts have teeth and keep reaching up to bite him.

Duel-Devil goes to work and begins hacking the insides to pieces.

He hears loud groans and assumes the Claw is simply in pain. Until he turns around and sees three large creatures climb out of the boiling acid. Bodies covered in jagged edges with faces that resemble Claw himself.

Duel-Devil throws his boomerang at one, and kicks another in the face.

The third one proves to be faster than Duel-Devil expected and slams him down. He wraps his talons around his face and squeezes. Tearing his mask apart as blood comes from his forehead.

Duel-Devil lays there being overwhelmed by the pain and heat. He has been holding back too long. He has to give into the training.

He focuses his energy and punches the antibodies head in.

The remaining two attack and Duel-Devil leaps over them. Causing a collision, and the two antibodies start tearing each other apart.

He starts climbing, when a snake with Claw's head oozes out of a pore and begins squeezing the life from him.

He tries to pull it away from him, but the snake starts slamming him into different sides of Claw.

The snake begins pulling him back up into Claw's chest, but suddenly dissolves into a grey paste. Duel-Devil jams a boomerang into Claw's sternum to stop his fall.

He looks around and sees the insides of Claw are melting.


Ghost has emptied all of the Ghost Wing's weapons into Claw,

He just saw Duel-Devil leap down the Nightmare of Ricca's throat. Ghost can guess what his plan is. To damage Claw from the inside, but he lacks the fire power to kill him like that.

Ghost takes his plane high into the sky. He wanted to avoid doing this, The Ghost Wing feels like a part of him. Losing it will be like losing a limb.

He sees Claw doubled over in pain. He pushes the controls down and the Ghost Wing crashes into the mouth of Claw. The explosion shatters every window in a two block radius.

Claw staggers across the road and shatters another building.


Before he coughs up what appears to be some sort of internal organ. Claw collapses to the ground and slowly shrinks back to his normal height of seven foot two.

Ghost picks up a sharp piece of metal and crawls toward Claw. He ejected from the Ghost Wing before it crashed into the monster.

He stands up and prepares to kill the Claw once and for all.


"More of Claw's Eyes?"

"No we're FBI."

"You can't arrest Claw."

"Don't intend to. We are sending him home. He has diplomatic immunity."


"We understand, but Claw has the strangest diplomatic agreement we have ever seen. President says we are to put him in a box and mail him to Ricca."

Ghost lacks the energy to fight these men. Instead he unleashes his Ghost fog and makes his escape.


Tonia Taylor was knocked down by the explosion of the Ghost Wing. She quickly got up and ran to where it came from. When she saw the giant demon destroying buildings, she wanted to shut down mentally.

She then saw it cough up an organ, it landed near her and was nearly the size of a small car.

A blue fist punches thru the organ and out of it crawls Bart Hill. His mask is torn up and his face is bleeding.


Tonia runs and hugs him as tightly as she can. Not caring that Bart is soaked in the blood of Claw.

"Bart I love you. I love you more than I've ever loved anything."

Bart Hill smiles and kisses Tonia Taylor.

"I love you Tonia. Only one thing I could love as much."

"What Bart?"

"A shower."

The couple embrace again, confident that their futures are secure.



The Island of Ricca 1943

A one eyed man runs thru the jungles of Ricca. He has survived and eventually thrived there for the last three years. First taming the savage wild life that swelled within the jungles.

After that he endured the assassination attempted by the Eyes of Claw. But regardless of the numbers, the one eyed man triumphs. Leaving a trail of bloodshed in his wake.

Tonight he stops being the hunted and becomes the hunter. He sees the castle of Master Claw in the distance. It has been so long since he saw the Nightmare of Ricca.

At the castle he drops behind two Eyes of Claw, breaking ones neck and stabbing the other in the throat.

Soon he will find Master Claw.


New York City, 1943

Bart Hill worked very hard at becoming a hero as the Duel-Devil. But it made holding down a job difficult. His only job skills are fighting and detective work.

He left Boston in a year after the fight with Claw. The city was not big enough for the Devil and the Ghost. Their tactics were simply too far apart.

So Bart decided to move to New York City. His new bride, Tonia had no problem leaving Boston. She has no family in the city and would follow Bart Hill to the ends of the Earth.

He dallied in pro boxing, but fighting simply for money feels wrong. He then tried to start a detective agency. But almost all his cases involved jealous house wives snooping on their husbands. The others were husbands snooping on their wives.

One night while saving a cop from a mob ambush it hit him. He should become a policeman.

He entered the Police Academy and graduated with flying colors. His first night at the 83rd Precient, he is surrounded by a white fog in an alley.

"What do you want Ghost?"


The Ghost unfastens his helmet and reveals the weathered face of Brad Hendrix.  For a veteran of the Great War, he looks fairly young.


The Ghost holds out his white gloved hand. Officer Hill shakes it.

"Call me Brad."


The Island of Ricca

The Claw sits on his throne. His defeat in America knaws at him. He desires revenge on Duel-Devil and The Ghost. But for now Gen-I has need of Duel-Devil.

He sees two of his "Eyes" cut down by a crazed man missing an eye. More of his "Eyes" surround the man. Armed with a single blade, he cuts at them until he is overwhelmed by sheer numbers.

Master Claw stands up and raises one of his hands.


The Eyes stop their attack and kneel before their undisputed master. Claw walks to the one eyeed man.

"You have proven yourself worthy. You will be my vessel in America. You will be my Fear Mancer."

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Duel-Devil:Loose Ends Day 17


The Ghost continues to explore the guts of the Claw's War Wagon. He has
waited over two decades for this night, the night he would kill The Claw.

He knows that Duel-Devil thinks he is insane and the Ghost is some delusion.

But in truth, the Ghost keeps Brad Hendrix sane.

That night in 1917, he narrowly escaped the Claw with his life. His men
were massacred in front of him. He survived for days in the jungle. He survived on edible roots in the Riccan Jungle.

When he got home from the war he tried to return to his normal life. He married Clare, his high school sweet heart. He went back to his life as a pilot. Trading in the crop duster for a plane delivering mail. But the nightmares haunted him.

As a husband to Clare he was useless. He paid the bills, but became cold and
distant. He tried telling her about his encounter with Claw one time. But she
looked at him like he was insane. The words "Shell Shocked" were used.

Eventually she cheated on him with his brother Bob. He wished it hurt more, instead he was glad she was with someone who would care about her.

Now Brad would at least not feel guilty, when he abandoned her later that month. One
night, the nightmare changed. Claw ripped off each of Brad's limbs like in the previous dreams.

But before Claw could kill him, a skull faced man in white appeared out of a
fog. He took out a spear and stabbed Claw in the throat. Hendrix cried out, asking who he was. The skull faced man simply said.


Hendrix awakened and went to work. All of his resources went to making the
Ghost a reality. He made money as a private military contractor. He returned to
his chemicals, creating his white fog. He created both lethal and non lethal gases.

He put together the skull helmet. Giving it special lenses that would allow him to
see in the dark and thru his own "Ghost Fog".

He bought a broken down commercial plane and took to fixing it up. Eventually
his "Ghost Wing" would take to the night skies.

The Ghost daydream ends. He is crawling thru a heating vent. It is unmercifully
hot, but it has taken him to the control room. There he sees the Claw, more than
twenty feet tall, sitting in a throne and working various controls and levers.

He kicks open the grating and leaps down, throwing his spear at the Claw's



Duel-Devil has looked all over the War Wagon for Claw. He swears he has
beaten up the same goons three or four times now.

Qron would be very disappointed in him. Sometimes Bart Hill fears that unless he
loses all control, he cannot properly utilize his training.

Before it can bother him, he sees a fresh stream of "Eyes of Claw" assassins running in a different direction. Duel-Devil is not much of a detective, but he knows to follow them.

What he finds is the Ghost fighting The Claw. Bart Hill had heard the legends
about Master Claw. In Pabtoo, they would scare the little kids with stories of him.

But he had no idea such a thing could exist in the world. More than twenty feet
tall, ghastly green skin, long talons on each finger and a mouth full of twisted

Yet the Ghost shows no fear of him. He is in full "Mighty and Powerful Oz" mode.

The Eyes have obviously come at the behest of Claw. Claw fears nothing, but the
way Ghost threw that spear at his throat surprised him.

"I have tolerated you for long enough Ghost. DIE!!!!"

Green gnarled hands glow bright red and fire a ball of light at the Ghost. Ghost narrowly
leaps out of the way, his cape catching fire. Duel-Devil helps by taking down the remaining "Eyes Of Claw".

Claw kicks the Ghost into a metal wall. Duel-Devil throws his boomerangs into
the back of Claw's head.

Claw turns around and looks at Duel-Devil. He thinks this is his grand project,
the one who will return Gen-I to this planet?

"You expect to challenge Master Claw, boy?"

Claw raises his arms and suddenly shrinks down to a mere seven foot one.

"Come at me."

Duel-Devil tries to kick Claw in the face, only for him to block with a forearm. He
tries to punch him and Claw catches his fist.

"Really boy, Qron trained you better than this."

He squeezes down and Duel-Devil's hand is bleeding.

Suddenly a jagged piece of metal goes thru Claw's throat. He releases Duel-
Devil's broken hand.


The Ghost has recovered from his fight with Claw.

Claw is stumbling around, purple blood oozing out of his throat.


Claw grows and shatters apart the War Wagon as if it were a tinker toy.
Claw is now a hundred feet tall and destroying the city of Boston.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Duel-Devil:Loose Ends Day 16


The Ghost plane flies over the docks and fires a stream of bullets into the Eyes
Of Claw soldiers.

Duel-Devil feels useless up here manning the guns. He would rather hit the
ground and fight the Eyes directly. But Ghost says they are only a symptom of
the problem. Soon they will fight the virus directly.

Another squad of Eyes leave a boat, Ghost drops a gas bomb on them, knocking
them all unconscious.

Duel-Devil expresses concern for the bystanders and cops knocked out,
but Ghost assures him the chemicals are non toxic. That they will only wake up with a slight headache.

Even in the air, Ghost and Duel-Devil hear a loud rumbling. Out of the ocean
emerges a tank the size of a large warehouse.

Ghost fires a stream of bullets at it and they bounce off harmlessly. Ghost climbs
higher and higher into the Boston skyline and drops three bombs onto it.

But the War Wagon of The Claw will not be stopped. Ghost prepares to attack
again, when the left wing is hit by a barrage of bullets.

Duel-Devil unbuckles his seat belt.

"Ghost we gotta bail. Maybe if you exit now, we can crash the Ghost Wing into
the tank."


"Now is not the time for your great and powerful Oz act. You could die."


"Oh boy, it's really bad this time. Ghost get me close to the tank and I will find a
way inside of it."


The plane lurches wildly to the right. In the hands of a less skilled pilot, it would
have crashed into the Claw's War Wagon.

Duel-Devil leaps out and grabs the side of the War Wagon. Not even considering
that it might lack a hand hold. He simply trusted he would find a way.

He gets to the top of the War Wagon. Before he can even think to look for a
opening, several Eyes of Claw crawl out of the hatch. Each wearing the same
brown and yellow uniforms. Each with an eyeball carved into their forehead.

Duel-Devil takes out his red and blue boomerangs and takes them out in two
throws. This time Duel-Devil is using restraint, more than these men deserve.

But it is not about the Eyes of Claw, it is about redeeming himself.


The Claw sits in a massive throne that cost hundreds of subjects their lives. Claw
thinks dying for his comfort is the closest those swine will ever come to a noble

He works various controls and levers in his War Wagon. The vigilante known as
the Ghost has already tried to stop him. Firing bullets from his pathetic Ghost
Wing. The only reason he did not destroy it outright, was he dared not kill his

Duel-Devil is far too important to the future of the Claw.

One of his "Eyes" runs into the room. He is bleeding from his nose and mouth.

"Master Claw, an intruder has invaded your sacred War Wagon."

Claw looks down thoughtfully.

"Yet you ran to me, rather than stop him?"

"No Master Claw, I wanted to warn...."

Claw reaches down and rips the man's head off and pops it into his mouth.

"Fool, Master Claw knows all."

Claw then pulls a lever, sending a barrages of bombs rolling into the streets of



The Ghost has managed to land his plane safely in the street near city hall. He
sees the Eyes of Claw have hit the streets, draining out of their various centers.

Ghost surrounds himself in his white fog. Expanding it to cover all of main street.

He takes out a baton and takes down the Eyes of Claw, one by one.

He sees the War Wagon of Claw is making its way up the road. Using the
advanced goggles in his skull mask/helmet, he sees there is an escape hatch near
the left front tank tread.

As large as the War Wagon is, he has little risk of being crushed standing dead
center. Once it passes over him, he shoots a grappling hook at the underside and
scales up.

He gets to the hatch and forces it open with a stick of dynamite. Climbing in, he
finds himself surrounded by Eyes of Claw assassins.

He surrounds himself in his white fog and relies on the close quarters to take
down the Eyes. These men are incapable of fighting like a unit. They do not give
a second thought to cutting each other down to reach a common enemy.

He takes out his retractable pole and places a spear head at the end of it.

He will find the Claw and kill him.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Duel-Devil:Loose Ends Day 15


The Island of Ricca, 1940

Within the inter sanctum of his castle. The Claw stands naked on an ominous symbol. He takes out a rusted dagger and cuts his hand. The blood pours out on to the symbol.

"I call upon the sinister power of Gen-I!!! Your greatest creation beckons you forward!!!!"

A red cloud of smoke appears before Claw. It shapes itself to match the skull of Claw.


"Father, soon I will have the means to free you from your hell dimension. You will walk this planet and feed upon the pathetic swine that inhabit it."


"Yes Father, I found a special soul in the land of Pan Guay. I sacrificed two of my greatest weapons to prepare him. He is a noble soul twisted into a hideous vision of hate. Soon he will be ready to be sacrificed in your name. He will take your place in hell."


The cloud of red smoke explodes, burning the flesh from The Nightmare of Ricca. It will regenerate and his power will be even greater.


Weeks have passed since Duel-Devil killed Pan Guay Jake. The Ghost has taken over the training of Bart Hill, known to the world as Duel-Devil.

He has taught Bart Hill how to properly investigate criminal activity. How to interrogate a suspect without having to make a threat. How to follow the smallest clue to solve a case.

There is little Ghost can teach Bart Hill about fighting, that Bart does not already know. So he gives him a crash course in forensic investigations. He teaches him how to drive a car and motorcycle. Finally he teaches him to pilot a plane.

When The Claw finally makes his move, this knowledge will be very important.

Ghost still refuses to reveal his true identity to Bart Hill.  He trust the boy, but his aura and mystique must be protected.

After weeks of working together in the field, Ghost presents Bart Hill with a package. He opens it and sees a red and blue Duel-Devil uniform. The one he always envisioned having. For the last few weeks, Bart has simply worn a ski mask.

Ghost looks at him.

"I apologize for changing the colors. Red and Blue seemed more fitting for a Devil."

"No that's fine."

The phone rings in the Ghost Mausoleum.

"Ghost, explosions hit the docks!! Suddenly these Eyes Of Claw are shooting people. They are packing serious heat."

"NO... We were suppose to have more time. Duel-Devil go to the Ghost Plane. The time has come."

Monday, May 14, 2012

Duel-Devil:Loose Ends Day 14

More Cosmic Heroes


Duel-Devil has fought his way into the Eyes Of Claw Church. He is bloody and
injured from fighting the assassins that confronted him outside. They are
vicious fighters with nothing resembling a conscience.

He recognized their fighting style as being like the ones used by the Wolf of
Ricca and Qron. They were armed with scythes, sais and nun chucks. Using only
his blue and yellow boomerangs as melee weapons, he fought them off.

When the programing kicked in, he killed and maimed the assassins.

Unfortunately when the programing starts, it cannot differentiate between
enemies and civilians. Even a man he casually knew as only Fred.

Fred was at the Claw Church, delivering the money he had collected that day.

Fred saw Duel-Devil fighting the assassins. He was unaware of the assassins
connection to the church. He attempted to intervene and was struck in the eye
with a stray boomerang.

Whether it belonged to Duel-Devil or one of the Eyes, does not matter. Only that on this night, Fred's life was changed forever.

Inside the church, Duel-Devil sees more Eyes waiting for him. Garbed in yellow and dark brown uniforms. Their heads are shaved and in the center of their foreheads is a carving of an eye ball.

Duel-Devil takes his blue boomerang and strikes three of them in the temples
with a single shot. They collapse to the ground dead.

The remaining Eyes surround him and begin slashing. It is impossible to
dodge all of them and he takes a few nasty cuts. Duel-Devil focuses and breaks
the leg of one assassin and plunges his boomerang into the chest of another.

The other charges at him with a jagged spear, similar to the one Qron used.
Duel-Devil leaps over his head, snapping the assassin's neck.

He kicks in the door to the office they were protecting and sees a group of dead
bodies, each with a boomerang carved into their chest.

Standing above them in a trance is Pan Guay Jake. He looks far older, more
haggard than he did at the tourney, but Bart Hill (Duel-Devil) could never forget
this man.

Duel-Devil does not think and strikes Jake in the face with his fist. He breaks his
ribs with a pair of spin kicks. A spinning back fist breaks Jake's jaw. The old
pathetic man is laying in a heap. He did not even try to defend himself, but
Duel-Devil does not care.

He wants to give every ounce of his pain to Pan Guay Jake.


He punches him again and again.


But Duel-Devil does not realize Pan Guay Jake died the instant he hit the
ground. He has been pummeling a corpse for twenty minutes.

Only the sound of sirens breaks his trance. He looks down and sees his knuckles
are bloody and raw. He climbs out of a window and returns to his motel room.

Bart Hill took a shower and tried to wash the blood from his
body. He burned the blue and yellow Duel-Devil uniform in the incinerator.

Now laying in his bed, he cries for the first time since he was twelve years old.
He always dreamed of killing Pan Guay Jake. Thinking that it would make every thing right.

But now he feels empty. He feels shame at all the years he wasted on hate and anger. His mission as Duel-Devil was not righteous. It was an empty revenge fantasy.

He hears a knock on the door, but does not answer.

"It's Tonia, please let me in. I'm worried about you Bart."

Bart opens the door and Tonia is startled. He is bruised all over, and she sees he
has a boomerang scar in his chest, exactly like the old man in room 36.

"Bart how did you get that."

Bart looks at the ground ashamed.

"Please Bart, tell me."

He invites her into his room and he tells her the story of his life. From his
parents murder, to his being trained by Qron and finally why he came to America. But he tells her more.

"Tonia, I don't know how to describe how I feel about you. I want to say I love
you. But I know that idea is ridiculous. I hardly know you.

But you woke up feelings in me, I never knew I had. I know telling you this,has destroyed any chance I had of us being together.

But I don't think I'm suppose to have anyone. I think that is my lot in life."

"I don't know what to say."

"Don't say anything, just leave me alone."

Tonia reluctantly leaves the room. She wants to tell Bart that she loves him too.
She wants to ease his pain in the hopes, it will ease her own.

But she is unable to form the words. She turns around and faces the wall, unable
to look him in the eye. When she turns back around, he is gone.


Bart Hill is on this roof to kill himself. The fact that the mysterious vigilante known as the Ghost is behind him, has not changed his mind.

"Are you here to kill me Ghost? Go ahead, my life is a pathetic failure."

"The Ghost is not here to kill you Bart Hill. He knows what occurred after he left the Claw Church.

He was trying to prevent what happened."

Bart Hill raises the blade intending to end his life in front of the Ghost.

"BART WAIT!!!! Your life has value. The Duel-Devil can still do great good in this world."

"Yeah look at the dried blood on my hands. Look at the good I did."

"Pan Guay Jake was an evil man. Killing him was no great sin."

"He was a pathetic waste of life. My life was building toward killing him. But now he's dead and I'm still here and...."

"And the pain has not disappeared?"

Bart Hill falls to his knees and drops the knife. He begins sobbing. The Ghost walks over to him. He is a distant man by nature, but his heart bleeds for Bart Hill. He is little more than a boy.

But he can utilize him in his war with the Claw.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Duel-Devil:Loose Ends Day 13

More Action

The Island of Ricca, 1940

Several hundred men are putting together what appears to be the largest tank
ever conceived of. Some of the men are welding, others are wiring, while some are putting together various engines. One thing the the men have in common is they dare not slow down.

For they are being supervised by the Undisputed Emperor of Ricca, The God of

He stands a hundred feet tall. He glares at the men with an unconcealed
contempt. Right now they are preparing his masterpiece. His doomsday device
that will allow him to extend his reign of hate beyond the confines of Ricca.

A small malnourished man approaches hesitantly.

"Master Claw?"

"You dare approach the Nightmare of Ricca?"

"You ordered us to inform you if your "Eyes" had news from America."

"What is it swine?"

"The Duel-Devil from Pan Guay has arrived in that country. He has come into
conflict with The Ghost."

Claw flashes a ghastly grin.

"Leave me now. Tell my Eyes to proceed with the plan."

The malnourished man leaves as quickly as possible.

Claw takes out a massive cat of nine tails and whips the workers, working on his
doomsday device.



Bart Hill has done as the Ghost instructed, and not impeded any of "the Eyes" plans. Against his instincts, he is trusting that Ghost knows what he is doing.

Meanwhile he has continued going to meetings at the "Eyes of Claw" church. He
has refused any and all food and beverage, which has gotten him some strange
looks. But he can't risk coming under the sway of the cult.

He keeps trying to investigate the boomerang scar he saw at the docks. He
started talking to the guy at the meeting, but could not get him to talk about it.

Hard to work questions about disfiguring scars into a conversation.

He has been talking to Tonia more. He thinks she likes him, but he is not sure.

Finally he asked her out to dinner. She said yes, which was a relief to him. For all
Bart knew, that only happens in the movies.

He decides he wants to look his best for the date, so he takes some of Qron's
money,buys a new suit, gets a haircut and has his beard shaved off. He wants to
look presentable for the date.

He returns to the motel and see police all over the area. He sees Tonia outside

"Tonia what happened?"

"Bart it, it was crazy. I was changing the linens in the rooms and when I got to
Room 36. I found, I found, oh my god Bart...."

She falls to her knees and is sobbing.

"Tonia, I know you're upset, but you have to tell me."

She stands up and wipes the snot from her nose, with her wrist.

"A man was dead.... His throat was cut and somebody cut out his liver. He had
these cuts. One of them looked like a a...."


"Yes, but how could you? His face also had a cut that looked like."

"An eye?"

"But how could you? Bart!!! Bart!!!! Please don't leave me!!!"

Bart Hill knew exactly who killed this man and he intended to make him pay.


Bart Hill changed into his Duel-Devil uniform behind the alley. He saw a dried
trail of blood coming from the fire escape connected to room 36. The Eyes of
Claw were not even attempting to cover their tracks.

The trail did become more difficult to follow once the blood dried. He knew they
were not at the Church near the motel. Cops would be on them too fast. But he
knew they had bigger churches in the city and if he had to burn them all down he

Before he can enter the first church, the familiar white fog surrounds him.

"Duel-Devil you are making a grave mistake."

"Ghost my only mistake was trusting you."

Duel-Devil closes his eyes and expands his senses. He can hear the Ghost
approaching him, and ducks down to hit him with a leg sweep. Duel-Devil pounces
on him, only to be monkey flipped by the Ghost.

He hears Ghost quickly opening a compartment on his belt. Obviously trying to
reach the knockout capsules. Duel-Devil throws his blue boomerang at Ghost wrist,
causing him to drop it.

Duel-Devil leaps onto the Ghost back and tries to remove his skull helmet. Only
to find it locked on tightly.

Power are not The Ghost only weapons!!!"

Ghost presses the buckle on his belt. It is an oval with two demonic red eyes.

Pressing it causes his plane to drop from the sky and fire a stream of rubber
bullets into Duel-Devil's back.

A ladder descends from the plane and Ghost latches on. He feels he has already
played too much into Master Claw's plan. Fighting Duel-Devil further would be

As the fog clears, Duel-Devil screams.

"This is not over GHOST!!!"

Before he can enter the church he is surrounded by a squad of "Eyes Of
Claw" assassins.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Duel-Devil:Loose Ends Day 12

More Mask Madness
Night comes and the Duel-Devil hunts. This is a remarkably quiet neighborhood
considering the poverty.

He had lunch at the Church today and nothing seemed wrong. Except an uneasiness, like walking into a room where people were just talking about you.

He has crossed the same roof top fifty times now and decides to go to the docks.
In Crab City, he could guarantee to find something wrong at the docks.

He gets there and sees a ship bearing the mark of The Eyes of Claw. He
sees them unloading some crates. It looks like it is perfectly legal, but something
is wrong.

He recognizes some of the men doing the work. They are not dock workers,
they're some of the men he ate lunch with. Why are they doing the work?

He considers moving in closer when he is hit in the back of the head. He turns
around and sees a man with the same markings the "Eyes of Claw" had in Pan

Duel-Devil leaps to his feet and punches the cultist in the face. Drawing blood
with the first punch. Soon more "EYES" join the fight and Duel-Devil's old
programming takes over.

He throws blue and yellow boomerangs, the blue disarming the Eyes, the yellow
knocking them out.

Soon the other cult members join the fight. Duel-Devil is too deeply involved in the
fight to think to hold back. He grabs one man by the shirt and throws him to the

The mans shirt is tore open revealing his chest. Duel-Devil looks down and sees
a boomerang shaped scar.


"The Eye Of Claw are everywhere...."

"TELL ME!!!"

He punches the man.

"TELL ME!!!":

Suddenly Duel-Devil is surrounded by a white fog.

"No, NOT NOW!!!!"

A booming voice emerges from the fog.

"DUEL-DEVIL, You have wrought chaos in the territory of the Ghost."

Duel-Devil follows the voice and throws his blue boomerang toward it. The Ghost catches it in his hand, and throws it to the ground. Duel-Devil could not see this, but he could hear it thru the fog.

"Are you behind this? Are these your "Eyes"?


Duel-Devil runs toward the voice and is punched in the face. He gets up and hits a spinning back fist to the face of the Ghost, hitting the cold metal helmet. Ghost knees him in the face three times and headbutts him.

Before Duel-Devil is able to attack again, he breathes in a knock out gas and loses consciousness.


Bart Hill wakes up in bed. The sun is shining and he feels surprisingly good. Especially considering the beating he took the night before.

Tonia walks out of the bathroom wearing only a towel. Bart made love to her after he returned home. He can't remember how it started, just that they both wanted it so badly. For the first time ever, Bart Hill feels like a full human being.

Tonia hops next to him on the bed.

"Last night was the best night of my life Bart. Can we invite your parents to the wedding?"

"Well of course we will. Dad and Mom will hate to leave Emerald Valley, but this is a special occasion. Its not every day their little boy gets married."

The weather turns dark and a thunder storm erupts. Tonia stands up, now fully dressed.

"Guess the mood has changed."

"Where are you going Tonia?"

"Bart, you have work to do."

Bart looks down and sees he is in his Duel-Devil uniform. He looks out the window and sees a hideous giant pair of eyes. A long gnarled hand burst thru the window and tears Bart Hill in half.."

Bart Hill wakes up in a strange bed. He is in what looks like a mausoleum.

He sees the Ghost standing above him. He tries to get up to finish their fight, but he hurts too much.

"I apologize for my rough treatment of you Duel-Devil. But the Ghost had to be sure of your intentions."

"What do you mean? Why does my head hurt so bad? What was in that knock out gas?"

"It was not the knock out gas. You were at The Claw Church earlier?"

"Yeah, I was investigating?"

"Did you eat any of the soup they offered?"

"Only a bite or two."

"Why only a bite?"

"It tasted funny. I was trained to detect poison in my food and drink."

"You are well trained. Did you recognize the workers at the docks?"

"Yeah, they were eating with me."

"The Church has been brain washing people with their soup line."

"Is that why I had that bizarre dream?"

"Yes it gives you euphoric dreams if you eat enough of it."

"Why did you stop me from busting up the operation if you are a good guy?"

"Because it is preparing us for something far worse."

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Duel-Devil:Loose Ends Day 11


Duel-Devil is surrounded by an impenetrable fog. He hears a loud distorted voice.

"You dare enter the territory of the Ghost?"

"I didn't see your name on it."

Duel-Devil carefully feels around the alley, hoping in vein to grab a
hold of his attacker.

"All The Ghost surveys belongs to him. To avenge the innocent victims of crime
from beyond the grave."

Duel-Devil thinks to himself.

"Did he say from beyond the grave?"

The Ghost leaps down and punches Duel-Devil in the face, followed by a hard
blow to the gut. Ghost or not, he knows how to throw a punch.

Duel-Devil retaliates by kicking blindly, only hitting the cape of The Ghost. Who
responds by kneeing Duel-Devil in the groin and uppercutting him into the air.

Devil knows Qron would throttle him for allowing himself to get beat up like this. For being so dependent upon his eye sight.

He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. No longer Duel-Devil, but Bart Hill
he relies on his other senses. He hears his opponent running at him, he grabs The
Ghost by the wrist and judo flips him to the ground.

Ghost is quickly back to his feet and is hit by a combination of Duel-Devil punches. Ghost quickly unleashes another canister of gas that takes Duel-Devil's breath away. Then slams him into the brick wall in the alley.

He takes a grappling hook from his belt and repels to the roof. Before leaving,
he speaks again.

"The Ghost has decided to allow you to live. We shall meet again."

He is surrounded by the white fog and disappears.


The next morning in his motel room, Bart Hill wakes up battered and bruised. He
is still sleeping in his Duel-Devil costume.

He washes up in the sink and gets dressed. He has some things to do today. His
first order of business is to find The Eyes of Claw. They must have a church
somewhere. He'll join up and hope they lead him to the leader.

Tonight he will investigate the Ghost. Find out what his story is.

Bart walks down the stairs and sees the desk clerk. She is a woman who looks to
be the same age as Bart. She is a bit short and has long dark hair.

"Hello Mr.Hill, will you be staying with us again tonight?"

"I'll be here for awhile Tonia, and call me Bart."

"Well Bart its not my place to pry, but how did you get that black eye."

"I went out drinking, and I guess the local color didn't like me."

Bart could kick himself for saying that. He fears she'll think he's a lush, who
picks fights in bars. Bart has encountered a grand total of three women his own
age since his parents were murdered.

Last five years he lived with Qron alone. After that night at the casino, he
avoided all contact with people.

He looks at Tonia and tries to figure out if she is judging him. Instead she smiles.

"I can't imagine how anybody could dislike you."

Bart tries to gauge that response. Is she interested, or was it just a polite
compliment. Why is he even worried about this? He has to find the Claw Church.

"Um Tonia would you know where I can find The Church of the Claw?"

"Need help taming your crazy night life?"

"No no, I mean."

"Pulling your leg Bart. Yeah there is actually a recruitment center near the
motel. Since this is not the best neighborhood, they have a large pool of souls to

"Thanks Tonia, catch you later."

"Um Bart?"


"Be careful, I've seen these Order guys, and they are not exactly bums in a bar.

You could get hurt."

Bart leaves, feeling exhilarated for some reason.


Tonia was right and The Order of The Claw's offices are nearby. He walks in and sees a neatly dressed white man sitting behind a desk. Nothing like the Claw Cultist he fought in Pan Guay. They had the gleam of a fanatic in their eyes. Their faces were scarred with a special mark.

The man stands up and anxiously walks over to Bart Hill.

"Hello sir, so happy to make your acquaintance. How may we assist you?"

"Um I'm new to Boston and I need some help getting adjusted."

"Well we can certainly help you with that. We run a wide variety of services here. We can help find you work, and even offer hot meals.

"That would be great, mister?"

"You can call me Fred, we are beyond last names within the Order."

"Can I get you some food?"

"Do I have to give up my last name?"

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Duel-Devil:Loose Ends Day 10


The Island of Ricca 1916

When Lieutenant Brad Hendrix joined the military, none of his expectations were

First he thought he would be a fighter pilot in the war, shooting down German
planes and being a flying ace. He figured it was natural seeing as he flew a crop
duster since he was fourteen years old.

But he was informed he did not qualify, that they needed men in the trenches. But
he thought at least he would be in Europe, killing krauts by the bucketful.

Instead he was sent to a place called Pan Guay. Apparently the Germans have
some settlements here and the Allies think it in their best interest to take it.

The Germans proved to be no match for them. Brad had proven himself capable
of defeating the German troops in chemical warfare. He had proven himself to be
quite the chemist in the lurch. Likely from his years flying the crop duster.

But the Germans had help. Enemies that appeared to be vaguely
Asian. Typically smaller than the American troops. But they fought with a
ferocity, never seen before.

It was learned they were from a neighboring island called Ricca. The
commanders made the call, that the troops were to seize Ricca. Brad and the
other men did not think anything of it. The Riccans were tough, but they lacked
the fire power of the United States of America.

They had heard rumors about the Island's king. But Brad dismissed them as
ridiculous. But he would learn how wrong he was. As they approach the
castle, they are surprised to see how ill defended it is.

When they move in closer, the gate to the castle lowers and they see one large man.

 The closer they get, they realize this is no mere man. He stands at least seven
feet tall. His skin a sickly green, his mouth filled with mangled teeth. His
fingertips are twisted talons.

The rumors about the King of Ricca are true, The Claw is real. Every instinct in
Brad Hendrix tells him to run. To get as far away from Ricca as possible, to
forget such a wicked land ever existed.

But Hendrix is a warrior and he leads the charge into battle. The Claw shrugs off
bullets as if they are nothing. Hendrix attempts to stab him with the bayonet, only to find he
cannot pierce the hide of the Claw.

Claw snatches the rifle from Brad Hendrix and breaks it across his knee. He
grabs Hendrix by the scruff of his neck and throws him to the ground. He looks
up and sees the grotesque sight of the Claw laughing.

Claw gleefully fights the rest of Hendrix's unit and Brad Hendrix has to
watch helplessly as Claw slaughters them all.

Claw turns around and prepares to kill Hendrix. Only to be consumed by a white
fog. Claw is immune to all poisons, but the fog has blinded him. Giving Lt.Hendrix
the chance to escape into the jungles of Ricca. Weeks later, Hendrix returns to his boat, he vows to return
someday and kill The Nightmare of Ricca.


Boston, Massachusetts 1940

Bart Hill arrived in Boston, Tuesday night. After getting some rest at a crummy
hotel, he knows it is time to hunt down the Eyes of Claw. If this were Crab City,
he would crack some skulls at the casinos. He would find out what he needed in
an hour.

Boston is not Crab City, but he figures every city has slums. He puts on his
costume and goes to the scummiest bar he can find.

He walks in and all eyes are on Bart Hill. He is quite the sight in his yellow and
blue Duel-Devil uniform.

"Hey did the circus come to town?"

Duel-Devil punches the man in the face. If he were inclined, the man would be dead.

"Yeah circus is in town and I'm the ring master. Now tell me, what do you know
about the Eyes of Claw."

Two of the drunks friends attempt to sneak up on Duel-Devil, but he senses them
and throws a yellow boomerang, shattering their pool cues. The boomerang
returns to his hand and he gets back to his interrogation.

"The Eyes, tell me!!!"

The man is close to crying.

"I don't know no Eyes."

"I don't believe you."

Another man steps forward.

"Ring Master"

"Its Duel-Devil"

"Duel-Devil, he's telling the truth, we don't know no Eyes of Claw. I know we
are in a rundown neighborhood. But we're honest hard working men. Bob here
was just busting your chops."

Bart realizes he went too far. He was so desperate to establish his reputation in
Boston, he jumped the gun.

"Okay, are there any new churches in town. Not Christian or Jewish, something
way off the beaten path."

The bartender looks thoughtfully.

"Yeah...Yeah the paper has been talking about this The Order of Claw. They
have been doin a lot of charity work."

Duel-Devil is grateful for the info, but wants to maintain his edge.

He walks out of the bar without saying a word.

Bob is helped back up to his feet holding his jaw.

"Just what we need, another costumed nut running around here."


Duel-Devil is in the alley behind the bar, when he is surrounded by a white fog, that hecan't see thru.

The fog dissipates as a man in a white bodysuit and cape wearing a skull helmet
appears before him.

"Who dares enter the territory of the Ghost?"