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Time's Up for Dread Watch:Day 3

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The Dread Master looks over the four candidates presented to him by Monocruel.

"And these men meet my requirements?"

"These men ranked the lowest in every category of all the Dread Troops."

"Good, I do not want to lose any good men with this experiment. Is the
concentrate ready?"

"Yeah the little guy finished it an hour ago,"

"Did he remove the element I requested?"

"Yes, but under protest."

"Take these men to the lab and begin. We attack soon."


David Foster is having a discussion with Romero Sanchez in his living quarters.

"David your intervention with Sarge didn't go well."

"Maybe I should have waited. We had been planning to have that talk since we
returned from New York. I ended up just blurting it out, after Sarge botched the
mission by arguing with Boomeranger."

"Well what do we do now? You saw how he reacted. Something has to be up."

"Maybe but he's a grown man. We offered to help and for
now that's all we can do."

"I don't think so. We could get the Directors to put some pressure on him."

Before David can make an objection, his and Romero's communicators start

"Foster here, what's the problem?"

"David its Spare Tire. Liberty Base is under attack."

"One of Necro's monsters?"

"I don't think so. They are wearing Dread Troop uniforms."

"You don't think they belong to Dread Watch?"

"I don't remember Dread Troops being able to throw cars."

"On our way!!!"


Bruce Gannon, was surprised Dread Master selected him for this
mission. He felt like he was doing poorly in Dread Watch after graduating from the Trainer's school.

When he was selected to take part in a special experiment to create Super Dread
Troops he was thrilled. That was until he drank the serum. Soon he felt like his
bones were breaking and muscles were tearing. His thoughts were no longer his
own. He felt an irrational need to inflict pain.

Before he could reconcile those feelings, he and the three other Dread Troops
selected were shot out of the Sky Mammoth's air lock. The four crashing into
Liberty Corps HQ like raging meteors.

His mind cloudy he shakes off the gun shots of the Grunt Patrol. He had never
actually fought in the field before. He mainly did menial task like laundry detail
and kitchen duty. He actually thought being shot would hurt more. Instead he
hardly feels anything, before he drops a jeep on top of a group of Grunts.


Mustang and Clydesdale had been in the middle of an air hockey tourney in the rec room, when they got the call. That Liberty Base was under attack by four monsters in Dread Troop uniforms.

They arrive and see Cold Snap trying to hold off one of them. Snap fires his cold
gun at the behemoth, who snaps his icy bonds as quickly as Cold Snap forms

Before the Dread Trooper can crush Cold Snap's gun and hand, Clydesdale
flattens him with his Horse Hammer.

Nearby Flash Fry has held back his Dread Trooper with his Fryer on its highest
setting. Seems these things are more vulnerable to fire than ice.

To Flash Fry's surprise the brute goes against common sense and runs into the fire
and punches him out. Before he can crush Flash Fry's head, Mustang tackles him
with super speed. Raining down several dozen punches in a minute.


Spare Tire has been dreading this day. Not because of a Dread Watch monster

But because his brother Wide Load was returning from the Liberty
Corps Space Station. Otherwise known as the Astro Risk.

Tire loves his brother, but it seems like he is always one upping him.

Now Spare Tire is worried one of these Dread Brutes will kill his brother.

Tire fires several bolts from his bolt gun at the brute. It succeeds in drawing his
attention away from Wide Load.

The Brute slugs Spare Tire in the gut and slams him to the ground. Wide Load
runs to his baby brother's rescue, only to be slammed on top of him.

With both brothers under foot, the Dread Brute tries to crush them. He would
accomplish this if not for the Yellow Horse Power Bronco. Who fires his Bronco
Shooter's into its back.


Crash Course drops the petal down in his customized Drag Roaster Combat Car.

He sets aim for the Dread Troop tearing apart the Grunt Patrol and sends him
flying with his fortified titanium bumper.

He graduated from the Grunt Patrol just a short time ago. Most of the Liberty
Agents have welcomed him with open arms.

Everyone but High Five, who has been on his case since day one. Spare Tire told
Crash, its because Five is having a hard time coping with the death of former Liberty Corps driver Road Test.

As he sees the Dread Brute stand up, Crash makes a U turn and prepares to run
it over again. But the brute is ready and jumps onto the hood of the Roaster and
pulls him thru the windshield. He is wearing protective armor so injuries are kept
to a minimum.

Stallion leaps down and slashes the Dread Brute's back with his Stallion Sword.


Master Masters is pleased to see how well his plan is working. Liberty Corps is
on full alert battling the Dread Troops that Masters pumped full of the Brute Serum concentrate.

Masters and Dread Watch walk right thru the front gate of Liberty Base.
Casually taking down any Grunt Patrolman or Agents who try to stop them.

"Right here Monocruel, the control room for the base."

Monocruel quickly rewires the door, so they can enter the Command Console.

Before he can press the button he is shot in the back.

"Bloomin Onions"

It is the Liberty Corps Directors Bill Powers and Jeff Dixon in their Bold Eagle
and Bronze Destroyer uniforms.

"Masters you're under arrest."

Masters shoots Eagle in the chest while blocking Destroyer's laser tomahawk
with his sword.

"After the beating Claw gave you, you two should welcome retirement."

Bronze Destroyer tries another strike with his tomahawk, when Masters hits him
with a nerve strike that causes him to lose the feeling in his left arm.

"You're very skilled Dixon. Even at your advanced age, you could take apart
most men."

Masters knocks Destroyer out with a back hand.

"But I am not most men. I am the Dread Master."

Bold Eagle gains control of his harness

"Alright creep that tears it."

Bold Eagle dive bombs Masters, only to be blind sided by a green beam of
electricity from Monocruel's monocle.

"Door's open, lets go before Sergent Sargent and the boys know what is what."

The door closes behind them and Dread Watch now controls Liberty Base.

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