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Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Time's Up For Dread Watch

Other 80s classics


The Necromizone

Professor Necro and Skelegun stand in front of the cocoon. The
cocoon itself is massive, and has patches of circuitry on it.

Inside is the injured Xenomoth Professor Necro captured months ago. The
creature was far too weak and pathetic to be of much use at the time. It had been
mangled by Thunder Thief. But Professor Necro saw potential in it.

He crafted a cybernetic cocoon and powered it with his essence, so the creature
could be rebuilt. The cocoon is cracking and a metal claw tears it open. Soon the
cocoon is glowing and finally it shatters.

The reborn creature stands before Professor Necro and Skelegun. It bares a slight
resemble to its former form. The basic body of a Xenomoth. But with a metallic
arms, wires and circuits on its chest, legs and shoulders. Wires where before it had tendrils. The biggest change are the wings on its back. The wings of a moth are gone. Replaced by what appears to be a giant battle ax.

Professor Necro looks pleased with the results of his experiment.


The Dread Watch Sky Mammoth flies high over the skies of the artic. It serves
as a mobile headquarters for Dread Watch.

Master Masters sits in the master control room of the Sky Mammoth simmering.
He thinks of the battle with Liberty Corps earlier. Once he got back to the base,
he realized Horse Power was occupied with some self styled Time Thief.

But there was a day no menace would take priority over Dread Watch.

Shuristrike walks in.

"Father are you still upset?"

"Yes Kio, it's hard not to think about it."

Masters inadvertently rescued the boy named Kio from a Fantamah death cult.

Masters was not looking to be a hero. He was simply stealing an artifact from a
temple. In the process, he killed the cultists. He later learned they had
intended to sacrifice Kio in a ceremony.

Masters would have abandoned the boy, but he proved extremely useful. So
Masters raised Kio as his son. Overseeing his training in the ninja arts.

"Father you appear lost in thought."

"No Kio, I know exactly what I am going to do."

"What is that?"

"I am going to rescue Crime King."

"You said there was no need to pursue it, since the robot paid up front?"

"Under normal circumstances that would be true. But this is personal, I intend to
complete that job and destroy Horse Power, once and for all."


Sergent Sargent and Horse Power have returned to Liberty Base. Horse Power
have depowered, returning to their human identities.

David Foster otherwise known as Stallion looks concerned.

"David you were quiet the entire trip back. Are you upset by what happened to

"I am Sarge. But there is something else worrying me."

"What would that be David?"



"Sarge you have been acting oddly and it is hard to overlook. You got into that
argument with Boomeranger in the middle of a fight."

"I wanted him out of the way."

"The old Sarge would not of allowed that to distract him."

Zane Dresden joins in.

"You shot a TV a month ago for no reason."

"I was stressed out from dealing with that Battle the 3rd goober."

Romero Sanchez interjects

"Sarge you never lost your cool during the war. So seeing you flip out over a
lame cartoon is odd."

Finally Brutus Roberts speaks.

"While we're on the subject. You have taken some nasty beatings lately, and I
don't remember you getting so much as a bruise."

"Come to think of it Sarge, you were the only one not mutated by the cocoon of
the Heterocera."

"David we went over that, I was not trapped long enough to change."

"That's a load of bull Sarge."

"Nobody asked you Thunder Thief."

Thunder Thief has been a minimum security prisoner of the Liberty Corps for
months now. He heard the discussion and could not resist stirring the pot.

"The Heterocera trapped me in its cocoon and was absorbing my juice instantly.
Why would you not change?"


"Sarge just let Dr.Hendrix examine you."


Sergent Sargent storms out of the room.


Guntersville, Alabama

Niles Frazier survived his encounter with the Claw. But at a great price. His leg is
broken, as well as both his arms and several ribs. He would have died if Missile
Miser and Lionel Craig had not found him.

Mr.Craig had even offered Niles a job in his Ivy Pro chemical division. But Niles declined. He wants to give that life up forever. But Mr.Craig insisted on giving him some money.

So Niles bought himself a brand new trailer. He hears a loud knock at the door.
He tries to ignore it, thinking it must be Missile Miser, wanting him to come out
of retirement again.

The door is ripped off the hinges and tossed aside. A large man in a leather vest
with no shirt and brandishing a chain enters. He is followed by another man in a
metallic helmet/fencers mask with a black bodysuit. Niles's memory is not as
sharp as it was. But he thinks that is Ramshackle and the Dread Master.

"Is there anything I can do for ya?"

"I would like to discuss a business matter with you Mister Frazier."

"Take a seat please."

The Dread Master carefully sits down on the brown and green couch.

"Mister Frazier I want to discuss your Brute Serum."

This agitates Niles Frazier greatly.

"Nope, nope, nope I don't wanna do it. I ain't taken that stuff again. You can just leave."

Niles Frazier on his crutches tries to walk away, only to be lifted by the scruff of
his neck by Ramshackle.

Master Masters walks over to him.

"I think you are confused by my offer. I want you to make a concentrate of the
Brute Serum. That will end your involvement."

Masters hands him a large roll of hundred dollar bills.

"Okay mister, you got a deal."

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