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Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Time's Up For Dread Watch

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Clark City, Texas

This is not the way Scott Timber wanted things to go. When he started using his
Time Displacement Belt to commit robberies, he only wanted to make some
quick cash to fund his experiments.

He could not approach one of the big box developers like Ivy Pro. They would
reject his design, then quickly make a duplicate.

He was hesitant to go to the banks for a loan. He just could not trust institutions
that did business with Ivy Pro and Mor-Con. Too easy for his design to leak out,
and the banks would demand to see schematics for the belt.

That left a non profit like the Liberty Corps. He could trust them not to steal his
design. But they would want a commitment, that Scott was unwilling to give.

So that left using the TDB for crime. He came up with the identity of Shift:The
Time Thief, and went to work. Robbing tiny sums across the world had earned
him 500,000 in a week. But that was not nearly enough to begin his project.

So he started stealing larger sums of money. That carried the risk of attracting
the attention of Horse Power.

"Got you!!!!

The Yellow Horse Power Bronco takes out his Bronco Shooters and fires a laser
beam at Shift. Shift activates the TDB and disappears quickly. What might
appear to be super speed or teleporting is actually the time stream being

Shift appears behind Bronco, before he can attack, The Green Horse Power
Mustang rushes him. With his super speed, Mustang nearly catches Shift, who narrowly
shifted out.

Now he is hiding on the roof. Hoping he can shift back to his apartment in LA. Maybe he can sell the TDB to Ivy Pro.

Suddenly two black and red gauntlets come out of the roof and pull Shift down. It
is the Red Horse Power Clydesdale. He punches Shift in the chest, damaging the
suit. In a panic, Shift activates the TDB and is in the middle of traffic.

"He damaged the navigation systems. Now if I want to Shift, I'll
have to set the coordinates manually."

Two boomerangs hit Shift in the damaged area of his suit. Boomeranger has
arrived. But he now wears the uniform of the Ultra Battlers.

Temp energy is beginning to leak from Shift's suit.

"By order of the Ultra Battlers, we demand you stand down."

"What in Blue Thunder are you doing here Boomeranger? This is a delicate

"Doing what it was taking you clowns hours to do and apprehend this felon."

"You idiot it took us hours to box him in like this. You may have switched teams,
but I'll be dang blasted if you ruin this."

Shift is still panicking, but is slightly relived. If those two keep arguing, he might
be able to shift to the next town over. It will deplete the remaining Temp
Energy. Allowing him to repair the suit. Even if it means having to take a bus back to LA.

He slowly starts putting in the coordinates.

"Now look here pal. I ain't in yo precious Liberty Corps now. My service
contract ended and I went to a proper group. So stay outta my way pops."

Boomeranger and Sergent Sargent notice Shift glowing. They realize he is
preparing for a big shift.

"Oh no ya don't!!!!"

Boomeranger throws an exploding Bomberang at the TDB. The explosion
sends Shift flying as he suddenly blinks out of existence. Leaving only a scorched
piece of earth as evidence he was even here.


Samson, North Dakota.

Dread Watch has seen better days. Since losing to Horse Power months ago,
they no longer get the really big jobs.

They occasionally get hired to back up third rate dictators. This is not what Master Masters envisioned, when he founded Dread Watch in 1978.

Now the top bootlegger in the United States has hired them to guard an illegal
shipment of moonshine as it is transported to Canada.

The only one who appears happy with this job is the biker Ramshackle. Who has
sampled more than a little of the supply.

They have not had anything resembling trouble since this started. Masters
suspects they were only hired, for the added status it would give the bootlegger..

They are in Samson refueling the truck. Suddenly the truck is flipped over.

Master Masters takes out his rapier and cuts a hole in the side of the truck.
Monocruel, Shuirstrike and Ramshackle each find an escape route. They see
Liberty Corps were notified of their presence.

Masters prepares to battle his former protege Sergent Sargent. Only to realize
he is nowhere to be found.

"Who the devil are you?"

"Name's Battleline, you're under arrest."

"Laugh Track"


"Fast Break"

Master Masters cannot believe this. Liberty Corps sent their B team to stop
him. He will make an example of them.


Ramshackle swings his chain at the Liberty Corps Agent Fast Break. A former
pro basketball player, he decided to enlist in the army after Doctor Mindfunk's
attack cost him the MBF Championship.

He is still new to this and new to not being the best. But he still has some moves.

He is dribbling two basketballs and easily dodges the attacks of Ramshackle.

"You cost me ten grand when you blew that free throw."

Fast Break bounces the basketballs off the face of Ramshackle.

"Sorry buddy, would an autograph help?"

Ramshackle headbutts Fast Break.

"Nah but how bout I leave you my signature!!!!"

He follows up with a bunch to the gut of the MBF legend.

Fast Break rolls thru and takes out his net cannon. He fires it entrapping

"Nothing but net!!!"


Shuristrike is in a duel with Co-Op. First matching one another move for move
with katanas. Shuristrike throws several shurikens at Co-Op, who uses his
juggling skills to stop the deadly stars. Trapping them in hard rubber balls.

Co-Op catches Shuristrike with his lasso. Using the ranching skills he picked up
during his summer in Colorado.

Before he can finish hog tieing Shuristrike, a puff of smoke appear around him
and he is gone. Co-Op turns around and Strike spits a deadly mist in his face.

Even with the lenses guarding his face mask, it still burns. Co-Op attempts to
clean his eyes, but is knocked out by the nunchucku of Shuristrike.


Monocruel hates wasting any blast from his monocle on the buffoon known as Laugh Track. But the injun is a deceptively skilled fighter.

"Okay stop me if you heard this one. A big shot aristocrat turned mercenary, takes a job working for a low life bootlegger."

Monocruel fires a red heat beam at Laugh Track who blocks it with his Tomachik. A rubber chicken/tomahawk.

"Ooh you have heard that one. Sorry, but I got a million of them."

He throws the Tomachik behind his back at Monocruel, who melts it with another heat blast.

Laugh Track comes in closer and tackles Monocruel to the ground.

"Fancy guy like you probably doesn't like playing in the mud."

Monocruel fires a blast of his monocle at a tree above a group of kids.

Laugh Track runs to the kids and knocks them out of harms way. Giving Monocruel the chance to blast him with an ice beam.


Master Masters slashes at Battle Line. This is Battle Line's first major mission since being promoted. He was hoping he would of been paired up with Ramshackle. Anybody but Masters.

"Don't I recognize you boy? Weren't you in the Grunt Patrol."

Battle Line fires shots from his Battle Shot, which Masters deflects with his rapier.

"Yeah I was, whats it to you?"

"I only remembered, because it struck me as pathetic the grandson of Captain Battle was a lowly Grunt."

Battle Line punches Masters in the stomach.

"We all have dues to pay."

Masters turns a back flip and kicks Battle Line in the face.

"Are you related to Captain Battle the 3rd? Now that is someone living up to a legacy."

Battle Line throws a bolo at Masters who simply leaps over it.

"Gonna take more than that to shake me."

"Your grandfather would say that too. I actually fought with him in Pan Guay. His last fight before he disappeared. You should ask your father about that."

Battle Line is stunned. If he were fighting anyone else, it would mean nothing. But that fraction of a second is all the Dread Master needs. He cuts Battle Line's chest and shoots him in the leg with his Dread Blaster.

Suddenly Fast Break is thrown next to Battle Line. Ramshackle walks over dusting himself off.

"So we gonna kill em?"

Masters thinks to himself.

"No they're not worthy. Let them live with the failure.

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