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Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Rise of An Old Breed Day 9

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Horse Power is scattered as the Claw attempts to stomp them. He has
reached full power thanks to a mysterious lunar eclipse. Claw sends a flurry
of meteors at the team.

"At this rate, Claw is going to destroy Manhattan.
Summon the Horse Fly Chariots!!!"

Blue, Red, Yellow and Green lights appear over New York City. They are the
Horse Fly Chariots. Each Horse Power gets behind the controls of their specially
designed hover chariot.

The Chariots swarm the Claw, firing Green, Blue, Yellow and Red laser beams.

They are having minimum effect on the God of Hate.

Sergent Sargent is sent crashing two floors down by the monstrous vampire man
bat called the Doctor. He groggily gets up.

Sarge wonders why the fall did not break his back. Before he can
ponder it further, the Doctor tries to stomp him, but Sergent Sargent narrowly
avoids him.

He instinctively reaches for his Laser Bayonet, before remembering that idiot,
Battle the 3rd dropped it on the 12th floor. Sarge throws a flash
grenade at the monster, momentarily slowing it down. He is grateful this building
is condemned, otherwise he would be even more handicapped in this fight.

The Doctor grabs him by the throat and slams him thru a wall into an abandoned
bathroom. Before the Doctor can cut Sergent Sargent's throat,
Captain Battle the 3rd fires a full powered Dissolvo 85 blast into his back.

The Doctor merely annoyed, sends the grandson of Battle flying across the hall.

He abandons Sergent Sargent and pursues his original prey.


Grunt #8998 gets to the second floor and realizes that Captain Battle the 3rd and
Sergent Sargent along with the Doctor are gone. It is not difficult to track them,
one just needs to follow the trail of destruction.

The Ultra Battlers waste no time in pursuing them. They attach grappling hooks
to the wall and fall down the hole.

Before #8998 can follow, he notices something on the floor.


Missile Miser's armor is nearly done for. It has served him well, through four wars, a depression and several presidents. He has fought everything from archers, to divine leaders to demons from other dimensions. But he never suffered a beating like the one Claw gave him. Both to his armor and his dignity.

The tired armor lets out what sounds like a human moan. Miser
ask the armor to hold itself together just a little longer.


Stallion attempts to find a weak spot on the Claw. But the Nightmare of Ricca is a deceptively skilled opponent. They can't find a vulnerable area. They realize the only way they are going to win is to overpower him.

"Time to form CHARIOT MAXIMUS!!!!"

Stallion positions his Blue Horse Fly at the front of Chariot Maximus.

Next Mustang connects his Green Horse Fly to the left back end corner of
Stallion's Horse Fly.

Bronco connects his Yellow Horse Fly to the right back end corner of Stallion's
Horse Fly.

Finally Clydesdale places his Red Horse Fly on the back ends of Bronco and
Mustang's Chariots.


They place the already formed Horse Power Combination Power Blaster on the
front of Stallion's section of Chariot Maximus.


The swirling multicolored beam of power surges at the Claw, who catches it in his
palm. The team is in shock that it did not topple the God of
Hate. Claw begins to push back.

"What are we going to do Stallion? We're putting all available power into
this blast."

"I don't know Bronco. We could tap into our life support units. But I don't want to
gamble on that again."

Claw pushes the beam back toward Horse Power, even as the energy burns a
hole into his palm.

Claw feels a pain in his lower back. It is enough to cause him to drop his hands and be hit by the full power of the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster Chariot Maximus Power Blast.

Claw shrinks back to his original seven foot height.


Moments before

Missile Miser has found the Claw. He has grown to full power thanks to the lunar eclipse. He knows the monster can shrug off any of his chain guns and bombs. But Miser does not think Claw can handle being hit by the Missile Miser armor in ballistic mode.

Miser turns several cranks and dials inside his armor. The commands cause the
arms and legs to withdraw into the missile segment of the armor.

Inside it has become broiling hot. He is very close to the Claw and aims for the
lower part of his spine.


Claw in the midst of a titanic struggle is distracted by the booming muffled


Miser sees a flash of light as he hits the Nightmare of Ricca.


The Doctor is tearing apart the Ultra Battlers. Their Dissolvo Rifles have had as
little effect, as Battle the 3rd's Dissolvo 85 had on the transformed vampire.

Sergent Sargent decides without his Laser Bayonet to take a low tech approach
to fighting the Doctor. He kicks a wooden banister in, creating a make shift
stake. He lunges at the Doctor aiming for his chest.

"Hey Dracule say Ahhh!!!!!"

The vampire Man Bat grabs Sergent Sargent's wrist.

He leans in very close.

"In this form I am not as finicky. I think I'll finish my meal......"

A laser hits the Doctor directly in his lower abdomen. The Doctor reverts to his
true form and disappears into dust.

Sergent Sargent sees Grunt #8998 holding the Laser Bayonet.

"Hey Sarge you forgot this."


Missile Miser lays in the remnants of his armor. He is shocked to see he
survived the crash. Shocked and more than a bit sad. Seeing his lifes work turned
into scrap metal brings Missile Miser to tears. If he thought he was going to
survive, he never would have launched that kamikaze attack on The Claw.

As he thinks of what to do with the time he has left, he is surrounded by five of
those Ultra Fighters or Super Batters. He can't remember what they are called.
They are lead by a man in a business suit.

"Phineas Q Hawthron? My name is Lionel Craig and I want to give you a job."


A month after the fight with the Old Breed in New York City, there is a party at
Liberty Corps Headquarters. Grunt #8998, real name Jerry Battle, has just been
promoted to Liberty Corps Field Agent. His codename, a tribute to his lineage is

The ceremony was hours ago and now they are having a party in the hangar base.

Mess Hall made a huge spread with every food you can imagine and a few you
could not.

Director Bill Powers and Director Jeff Dixon walk over to shake Battleline's hand.

"For a Grunt who was promoted you seem a bit down Battleline. Is it because
your dad could not be here?"

"No Director Powers, I know dad is on a secret mission. I honestly thought Willie would be here. After the fight with the Doctor, he gave me this big
speech about how I was like a brother to him and how we should stay in touch."

"I understand how you feel Battleline. Your cousin cares about you. He
needs time to adjust."


The music goes off as everyone looks at Sergent Sargent, who flipped on the
television in the hangar. Battle the 3rd told him to watch the latest episode of his

Courtney Hendrix speaks.

"Sarge what's wrong? I've never seen you this upset."

"Yeah just look at this."


Captain Battle just got to the basement of the haunted mansion. Sitting in
the corner cowering is Sergent Corporal. A wannabe Captain Battle, against
Battle's orders attempted to fight the dreaded Count Fangula. A garlic bomb
sends Fangula running.

"Sergent I hope you learned a lesson."

"I'll say, before fighting a vampire, learn how to clean garlic out of your vest."



Everyone in the hangar starts laughing. Everyone but the simmering Sergent Sargent and the embarrassed Battleline.

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