Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Rise of An Old Breed Day 8

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The Doctor sank his teeth into the neck of Sergent Sargent. It has been decades
since he took blood from an unwilling human. He expected the blood to taste
warm and sweet. What he found was vile, he has never tasted anything so putrid.
The Doctor releases Sergent Sargent and throws him to the ground.

"You are not human.."

Captain Battle the 3rd kicks the Doctor in the face, and zaps him in the chest
with the Dissolvo 85.

"That's rich coming from a jawless vampire."

He fires his gun at the roof beneath him, creating a hole, grabs Sergent Sargent
and jumps to the room beneath them.

"C'mon Sarge snap out of it. Fangula's only stunned. We need a plan."

Sergent Sargent pulls himself together.

"What happened to the Doctor?"

"You were too old and bitter to eat. I hate to say this, but I need to use your
Laser Bayonet. I know the Doctor's weakness, but I don't think the Dissolvo 85
has enough juice."

"Why do you need it? Just tell me and I'll do it."

"I read all of Gramps old journals. He mentioned a battle with the Doctor in
Korea. I would not of thought of it, until I saw how badly you hurt
him, when you shot him in the gut."

"I'll shoot him there again."

"Sarge look, I know you don't like me. But I know where the vulnerable area is. I can hit it the first time. You're still groggy from being bitten."

The crimson and brown clad Doctor crashes thru the ceiling in pursuit of the pair.

Sergent Sargent hands Battle the 3rd his Laser Bayonet. It is at its highest setting.

The Doctor charges toward the duo. Battle the 3rd aims the bayonet and fires a high powered blast, hiting the Doctor directly in the shoulder. The Doctor howls in pain and transforms into his man bat form.

"Aw geez......."


Stallion leaps at Claw and slashes at him with his Stallion Sword. Claw
blocks it with his forearm. He raises his other hand and shoots a ball of fire into
the Blue Horse Power.

Mustang runs in at super speed and frustrates Claw, peppering him with punches.

Claw kneels over in pain. Sitting very still, Mustang grows overconfident and has
his ankles grabbed by Claw..

Bronco fires his Bronco Shooters at Claw, who uses Mustang as a shield. The
Green Horse Power now has dents in his chest plate. Claw tosses him aside and
moves toward Bronco. Who fires more blast, but finds each one deflected by the
self styled God Of Hate.

Claw kicks him in the chest, and slams a parked car on top of him. Clydesdale
cracks his hammer on top of Claw's misshapen skull, scoops up Bronco and leaps

The four Horse Powers get together.

"We need to end this fast."

"What are you thinking Bronco?"

"We need to bring together the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster."

Clydesdale plants the handle of his hammer in the street.


Bronco connects his Bronco Shooters at the handle and places it on the head of
the Horse Hammer.


Mustang places his Daggers on the Bronco Shooters.


Stallion places his Sword between the daggers.


Claw has recovered and is running toward Horse Power.

"Horse Power Combination Power Blaster Fire!!!!!"


The Necromizone

Professor Necro watches the battle unfold between Horse Power and the Claw.
Even if he is unable to attack directly, he can still aid Claw.

Necro knows Claw's strength is dictated by the cycles of the Earth moon. He creates a lunar


The Horse Power Combination Power Blaster has been fired and hits Claw
directly. But as they hit they notice the storms generated by the Doctor have
ceased. They look into the sky and see a lunar eclipse. With the full moon out,
Claw grows to gigantic proportions.

The Horse Power team fires the Combination Power Blaster multiple times to no effect.


Grunt #8998 finally reaches the location of his cousin Captain Battle the 3rd and
Sergent Sargent. He feels guilt for not staying to fight the Claw. But he could not
do much to help Horse Power and he loves his cousin. Even if he has not seen
him in years.

Grunt #8998 is joined by a group of Ultra Battlers. The men did not say much on
the trip here. #8998 has been in the business long enough to know pure mercs when he sees them. No matter what Lionel Craig's hype machine says, these guys are in it for the paycheck.

Before they enter the building, the unnatural storms filling the NYC skies have
cleared. Replaced by a full lunar eclipse.

#8998 turns to a Ultra Battler next to him.

"What do you think that's is about?"

"Mr.Craig's orders are to save the Captain."

#8998 grumbles entering the building.

"Yeah heard you the first time."


Missile Miser's armor functions, if only barely. It is full
of dents now.

He walks over to check on Gentleman Brute who has reverted to
his Niles Frazier form. He is covered in bruises but is breathing.

Miser goes outside. He sees the moon and wonders how long he was out. He
activates his thrusters. Missile Miser is going on one final flight.

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