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Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Rise of An Old Breed Day 7


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Sergent Sargent is being pulled thru the NYC skyline by a vampire man bat.

 Right now his only concern is saving the life of Captain Battle the 3rd from The Doctor.

He pulls himself up the cable wrapped around the Doctor's leg, all while being
slung into different walls and buildings. Sergent Sargent pulls out his Laser
Bayonet and fires a full powered blast into the torso of the vampire.

The Doctor howls in pain, from being hit in the stomach wound given to him by the Original
Captain Battle in Korea.See Cosmic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 12

Normally a vampire heals quickly. But in this case he never properly healed. The Doctor believes it is because of the Artificial Sun Light Battle fired into the fresh wound.

Whatever the reason, being hit there again causes him to crash on the roof of a
nearby building. Sergent Sargent was not so lucky, only narrowly catching the edge.

The bat man form of the Doctor reverts back to his normal human form. The
Doctor screams in anguish during the transformation. Captain Battle the 3rd
looks in horror at the true form of the Doctor. He appears as if he is decaying
and is even missing the bottom of his jaw.

Sergent Sargent pulls himself to his feet and is in shock.

"Blue Thunder"

The Necromizone

Professor Necro is watching the events happening on Earth very closely. Now
would be the perfect time to launch a full assault on Liberty Corps HQ. But he
drained much of his power creating SkeleGun and that affair with the Soldier of
Light. It will be another Helecycle before he has full power again.

So now he plays an amused observer.

At first he did not put much stock in the likes of Silver Talon, Missile Miser and
Gentleman Brute. But once the Claw involved himself and later the Doctor. He
realized this could be very interesting.


The Claw sits and waits for the Doctor to initiate his plan. But his patience is
limited. He waited decades to return.

He will not wait much longer. He looks at the buffoons Missile Miser and Gentleman Brute. They fear him and our right for it.

Looking at them he decides right then and there to destroy this world. The
Nightmare of Ricca will not wait another moment for some lowly vampire to
dictate direction to him.

Claw heads for the door and is stopped by Gentleman Brute.

"Now look here my good man. The Doctor has not returned with the Battle tyke.
We are suppose to wait here."

Claw walks past Brute, and Brute puts his hand on the Claw's shoulder. Claw
viciously slams Brute's face into the concrete wall.

Missile Miser is afraid of Claw. But Miser is an oddly loyal person. Miser never
liked Gentleman Brute. His normal form is a dullard. His refined super form was a insufferable bore. But Miser feels loyal to him, because they once fought a green skeleton side by side.

Miser fires rockets into the Claw. Who simply smiles, knowing he now has an excuse to
hurt Miser.


Horse Power, the Bronze Destroyer, The Bold Eagle, Grunt #9889 and assorted
Ultra Battlers restrain the Silver Talon and his Deaglos.

Stallion steps forward.

"We have to catch up to the thing that snatched Battle the 3rd and Sarge."

Stallion checks the scanner in his helmet.

"Scanner says Sarge is five blocks away on some rooftop."

"Alright Horse Power, lets move out."

The Bronze Destroyer gets a message in his cyber mask.

"No I just received a call from Jury Rig. He says that a monster is tearing apart
the city, miles from here. That takes priority. Ultra Battlers will you join us?"

The Red Ultra Battler picks up his rifle.

"Orders from Mr.Craig, are to protect the Captain at all cost. We're going after
him. "

Horse Power head into another fight with unknown forces.


Sergent Sargent and Captain Battle the 3rd look at the jawless Doctor in shock.

"What in thunder are you?"

The Doctor reforms his face and angrily replies.

"I am the Doctor, I am your master. I had no quarrel with you Sergent.
Now I will devour your life force."

Battle the 3rd attacks the Doctor. Connecting with two punches and a
spin kick to the chest.

The Doctor is unharmed.

"You seem to exhibit some fighting heart."

The Doctor punches Battle in the face and slams him into the rooftop. Battle
takes out his Dissolvo 85 and aims it at the Doctor's face, only for the Doctor to
knock it out of his hand.

Sergent Sargent punches the vampire in the jaw, then again in the stomach. The Doctor
does not remember any mortal ever hitting that hard. Sergent Sargent sets his Laser Bayonet to sword mode and attempts to stab his foe, who transforms to mist and appears behind him. Before Sergent Sargent knows what is happening, the Doctor bites his neck.


The Claw tosses aside another car with ease. He missed this so much. The lowly
humans running in terror. A few stupider ones attempting to fight back.

The only thing that changes are the weapons used. Once they threw rocks at him. Then arrows and today they fire bullets. It will never be enough to stop him.

Claw lifts a bus above his head. It bothers him the human vermin managed to
escape. Before he can throw it into a populated area, he is hit by a high intensity
laser blast.

The Bronze Destroyer and Bold Eagle attack. They look vaguely familiar to

Destroyer uses a laser powered hatchet to hack at Claw's chest, while
Eagle fires at his back. Claw punches Destroyer in the face, fracturing his
cyber skull mask and throws Destroyer's hatchet at Eagle.

Eagle's particle harness is broken, causing his wings to disappear. The Green
Horse Power Mustang catches the Liberty Corps Director.

Clydesdale charges into Claw and hits him with a full powered punch. Claw
responds by throwing Clydesdale thru a building.

"You humans have grown stronger in my absence. It will make killing you more

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