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Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Rise of An Old Breed Day 6

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Sergent Sargent, Bold Eagle, Bronze Destroyer and Horse Power in their guise
of E-Unit walk into Captain Battle the 3rd's office. Unusually they are joined by
a sole Grunt Patrolman.

Captain Battle the 3rd greets them.

"It is not every day I get a visit from Sergent Sargent and E-Unit. Not to mention
the Directors of the Liberty Corps. Why you even brought along cousin Jerry."

Grunt #8998 speaks up.

"Yo Willie."

"In this office I am Captain Battle. How's uncle Hale?"

"I'm not at liberty to discuss that."

Sergent Sargent abruptly interrupts.

"We are not in this thunder forsaken city for a Battle family reunion!!!"

Battle the 3rd drops his feigned veil of politeness.

"Then why are you here?"

The Bold Eagle feels he needs to take control of the meeting. Despite throwing
him out of the Liberty Corps, he still cares about William Battle Jr.

"One of your grandfather's enemies has resurfaced. Do
you know who the Silver Talon is?"

"Sure I do, I study Grampa's journals. Why do you ask?"

"A Liberty Corps Sky Lynx was attacked by a flock of Deaglos."

"It can't be Silver Talon. He was old in Grampa's day."

"We have every reason to believe it is him. You are the most likely target of a
Silver Talon attack. We came to offer you protection."

"Protect me? I'm Captain Battle the 3rd. I don't need protection."

Sergent Sargent grabs Battle by the collar.

"Look here you little snot!!! The only reason you have not had your head torn off
is because you have not dealt with any heavy hitters!!!"

"Get your hands off of me "Sarge"."

Bronze Destroyer angrily commands.

"AT EASE SERGENT!!! Have you lost your mind?"

"I'm sorry Director Dixon, I don't know what came over me."

Captain Battle the 3rd takes a communicator out of a belt pouch. He is being
contacted by a Ultra Battler.

"Battle here? What's the problem ?"

"Captain its messed up. These bird monsters are attacking Central Park. It
looks like civilians are being transformed. We need back up."

"On my way"

Before Battle can inform his guest, he sees they have already left."


The Silver Talon was born in 1897, in a Chinese Village that no longer exist. As a
boy he toiled on the farm, learning from his father. While at night his
grandmother taught him the secrets of Alchemy. A long discredited science.
Though little did the world at large know that was exactly how alchemist wanted it.

He pondered using alchemy on the fields, but his father forbid it. Eventually he
grew tired of listening to a tired old man enter a living death and he left. He used
his power subtly. To create a criminal empire from nothing.

He eventually started terrorizing North America. Where he was given the name

"the Yellow Talon".

During the first World War he encountered a young insignificant soldier. A man
named Battle. His squadron attacked one of the Talon's compounds.

Silver Talon easily dismantled the squadron. Killing many of them. But that one
soldier who he simply maimed. If Talon had known the grief this man would cause
him, he would have killed him right there.

Off and on he fought Battle and his Squadron of Liberators. Until one battle in
Korea. The Talon narrowly avoided being killed by the enigmatic Unknown

Between the injuries and his advancing age, Talon grew desperate to hang on to
his life. He did a spell upon himself, that gave him a long life, but at the price of
his humanity. It also robbed him of his keen mind. Now he could not change back
to his human form, even if he desired.

His associate, the Doctor told him to attack Central Park with as many Deaglos
as he could create. This is still within his power. Now he revels in the chaos, not
caring how this goes into the Doctor's plan. Causing pain and suffering is enough.


Captain Battle the 3rd enters Central Park and is shocked by what he sees. The
bird monsters known as Deaglos are destroying everything they can. Battle
unloads his Dissolvo 85 on them. The fact these Deaglos were once human does
not enter his mind.

All over the park the Ultra Battlers are being overwhelmed. Using his jet pack
he flies above the fray and fires at will. But soon the Deaglos are directed to
attack Battle in mass. He is quickly overwhelmed.


Out of Ivy Towers, David Foster gives the command.


David Foster changes first into the blue armored horse form.


Brutus Roberts changes next into his red armored horse form.


Zane Dresden follows, changing into the green armored horse form.


Romero Sanchez is last, changing into the yellow armored horse form.


Horse Power heads to Central Park. Followed by Sergent Sargent, Bronze
Destroyer, Bold Eagle and Grunt #8998.


Captain Battle the 3rd will not last much longer. At the last instant he remembers
the Whistle Bomb he used at the bank robbery. He sets it off and the high
pitched screech drops the creatures.

Before he can recover he is struck by a yellow bolt of energy. It was fired by a
half man, half dragon.

"You must be the Silver Talon."

"Yes and I am your death."

"Don't be so sure."

He fires the Dissolvo 85 at the Talon, who blocks it with air he transforms to

Using the tiny wings on his back he flies at the young Battle and cuts
him with his very real talons. He holds him by his shirt.

"Yes.... The Doctor's plans can hang. I will have my revenge here."

The Ultra Battlers attempt to intervene but our caught in a pool of quick sand
created instantly.

Before Talon can finish off Battle the 3rd, he is tackled by Clydesdale. Talon
fires yellow energy bolts at him, but Clydesdale swats them aside with his

"You would hurt a helpless old man?"

"You don't look helpless to me."

Clydesdale punches Silver Talon with his full strength.

Before the team can lock Talon up, a thunder storm erupts.

The Bold Eagle realizes something is wrong.

"This does not seem natural."

A bolt of lightning hits Horse Power where they stand, knocking them down.

 A cloud of mist forms behind Captain Battle the 3rd. It is the vampiric Doctor. He grabs the Grandson of Battle and takes flight as a monstrous human bat. The Bold Eagle flies after them but is knocked out with a back handed claw.

Sergent Sargent takes out his grappling hook and wraps it around the ankle of
the Doctor.

"Dracula you got a stowaway!!!"

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