Friday, April 13, 2012

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Rise of An Old Breed Day 5


When Liberty Corps Founders Jeff Dixon and Bill Powers were called by Agent David Foster, they knew something important had happened. David was not one to make social calls. When they got to the Liberty Corps Medical Lab and saw the body of the Deaglo, they realized how serious things were.

Sergent Sargent does not hold many men in reverence. But Bill Powers is one of the few. He greatly respects Jeff Dixon, but Bill Powers was the man who brought him into the Liberty Corps and renewed his faith in the Armed Services.

"Director Powers what is that thing?"

"Sergent that is a Deaglo. They are slaves to the Silver Talon. One of the arch enemies of Captain Battle."

"Why have I never seen them in the archives?"

"We've not seen a Deaglo since 1953. Our ally the Unknown Soldier defeated the Silver Talon, but he escaped. Captain Battle searched, but never found him. The Captain concluded that he had probably died."

Zane Dresden asks a question.

"Is it possible some of the Deaglos survived without him?"

Jeff Dixon answers

"No Zane, the Deaglos were mindless creatures. The Silver Talon was the only one capable of creating them. Without him controlling them, they would end up eating each other."

Romero Sanchez interjects.

"So we have to assume that the Silver Talon is back. What does this mean? He has to be ancient. Why come out of retirement now? Why did he attack Air Force One?"

Bill Powers answers

"I don't know, but we are going to get some answers now."

Sergent Sargent looks slightly uncomfortable.

"We? Don't you and Director Dixon have business here at Liberty Base?"

"Not while the Silver Talon is on the loose. Agent Roberts, get the Eagle's Claw ready, we leave for New York City in an hour."


In a underground compound that once belonged to the Terrorist Organization DREAD, the Old Breed meet to develop plans for world domination.

Missile Miser tries to hide the fact he is impressed.

"I don't see why some dusty old bomb shelter is better than my basement Dracula."

"Once again Missile Miser, my proper name is The Doctor. Dr.Dracula was a name created by sensationalistic newspapers.

You are fortunate I knew the location of this DREAD compound. One of the few that Baron Dread did not sell to the Dread Master.

Besides I have difficulty imagining the Claw sitting around your broken card table."

The Doctor says this as he sees the Riccan God of Hate sitting on a metal box looking restless.

"These accommodations are pathetic Dracula. When do we begin our path of destruction? If I wanted to sit around doing nothing, I could have stayed in Ricca."

"We will attack soon, I promise. You are integral to my plan."


"....... The plan is quite simple. We will take out the President of the United States. Without a leader, the country will be in chaos, giving us the opportunity to take over."

Gentleman Brute, beastly yet intriguing in his red tuxedo ask a question.

"That sounds smashing Doctor, but how will we get to him. The President will be very well guarded. The instant we make a move, he will go into hiding."

"A good inquiry Brute. We will not attack using force."

Hearing this makes the Claw growl angrily.

"Not initially. No we will get to him thru Captain Battle's grandson. He will destroy the President and his families legacy."

Missile Miser looks incredulously at the Doctor.

"And how will we get him to do that. Buy him some ribbon candy?"

The Doctor looks annoyed with the Missile Miser.

"Missile Miser you are ignorant of my kind. My powers go beyond transmutations. My powers effect the mind."


The Doctor looks directly into the Missile Miser's eyes. Without saying a word he commands Miser to lift his bolt gun and point it at himself.

"You see Miser you are not in control. I can order you to do as I please and you have no alternative but to obey."

The Doctor releases the Missile Miser from his thrall.

"Soon this new Captain Battle will be under my control."


The Eagle's Claw lands in New York City, carrying Sergent Sargent, David Foster, Romero Sanchez, Zane Dresden and Brutus Roberts. Along with the Directors of the Liberty Corps, Bill Powers and Jeff Dixon. But for now they have returned to their former guises of The Bold Eagle and the Bronze Destroyer.

They wear modified uniforms of the costumes they wore in their prime. Destroyer now has an armored chest plate and his skull face mask has high tech capabilities. He is armed with both a standard issue Liberty Corps laser gun, and a laser hatchet.

Eagle's wings are now coated in a cybernetic mesh. His mask can see on several wave lengths and access many communication networks. He too has a pair of laser guns, and a special battle baton.

Looking at them, you would not know their combined aged was nearly one hundred and thirty.

Sergent Sargent allows the Directors to take command.

"Director Powers?"

"While on this mission call me Eagle."

"Eagle what do we do first? We suspect Silver Talon has returned, but where do we look?"

"First order of business is contacting Battle's Grandson and his Ultra Battlers."

Sergent Sargent bristles at the idea.

"I know he's not one of your favorite people. But as the public face of the Captain Battle legacy, he is the logical target for any attack from the Silver Talon.

Its the same reason we made sure Grunt #8998 was included on this mission."

The team heads for the headquarters of the Ultra Battlers, located in Ivy Tower in Times Square.


"Look buddy, I don't care how much it cost to reprint the shirts. This Captain Battle has blond hair. I'm not hurting this brand because your printers are screw ups."

A young petite secretary enters the office of Captain Battle the 3rd.

"Sergent Sargent and members of the Liberty Corps are here to see you."

Battle the 3rd looks amused. The idea of making Sergent Sargent wait amuses him even more.

"Tell him I'm busy, but I'll work him in as soon as possible."

Captain Battle the 3rd remembers the day he was kicked out of the Liberty Corps. As a member of the Grunt Patrol, he cost Liberty Corps a crucial battle against Dread Watch.

He had been in the Grunt Patrol for two months at that point and thought he had earned the right to take the Captain Battle name. He showed up in a modified version of his grandfather's uniform and the Sarge had a fit.

During the mission he ignored a direct order and attacked Master Masters directly. If not for Sergent Sargent's intervention, Masters would have shot him in the chest, instead of merely the shoulder.

But the chance to capture Dread Watch had passed. The Corps suffered losses and Sergent Sargent was livid. Director Powers kicked him out of the Liberty Corps.

After that he went freelance for a while. Armed with a busted prototype of his Gramp's Dissolvo Gun. But it was tough to gain any headway after burning his bridges with the Liberty Corps. If the Ivy Pro Corporation had not intervened, he probably would be working for his dad, the former Captain Battle Junior.

Ivy Pro wanted to create an alternative to the Liberty Corps and saw their chance with the Grandson of Captain Battle. They equipped, trained and set him up with his own offices. Soon he had his own army, a TV show and the knowledge he was the best in the world.

Captain Battle the 3rd taps the button his intercom.

"Send the Sergent in."

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