Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Rise of An Old Breed Day 4


The Horse Power team trains in the underground compound known as Trojan Base.

The four Horse Powers are each in a chair enduring a harsh mental simulation.

This will be the fifth time in a week they have attempted this. If successful, it will
give them a great advantage over Professor Necro.

The four disparate personalities become one. But only for an instant before the
strain becomes too great.

Brutus Roberts, the Horse Power known as Clydesdale rips the simulator helmet
off and stands up.

"I'm not doing that again. I feel like I'm going to vomit."

Dr.Curt Hendrix, one of the developers of Horse Power attempts to calm him.

"Brutus we must finish work on The Power Horse Project. Professor Necro's
forces grow stronger every day."

"I've heard it before Hendrix. I'm not risking that again for a simulation."

Brutus Roberts storms out of the room.


High Five is flying a brand new Liberty Corps Sky Fox. The previous one was
destroyed by the creature know as the Heterocera.

Today he is escorting the President of the United States to a conference in
New York City. The President personally requested High Five for this mission.
The presence of a Liberty Corps vehicle is usually more than enough to discourage any type of attack.

High Five sees a swarm of bird creatures on his radar. After dealing with
Necronoids and giant moth monsters, bird creatures almost seem like a day off.

"This is Sky Fox calling Air Force One, I want you to initiate a impromptu
landing, while I investigate up ahead."

One of the bird creatures rams into the Sky Fox at full speed and attempts to
tear its shielding off. High Five flips a switch and electrocutes the monster.

Seeing their leader taken down, the remaining bird creatures attack, but our no
match for the Sky Fox. High Five fires a round of rockets at the birds, the ones
that dodge he catches with high powered laser blast.

High Five sends out a net to retrieve one of the bird creatures still in tact.

"Sky Fox to Air Force One, there is something wrong here. I advice you to
return to the Washington immediately."

"That will not do Sky Fox. The President's trip to the United Nations is too important. We will increase security."

High Five places the Bird Creature's remains in a pod and sends it to Liberty
Corps HQ.


Inside the basement of his apartment building, the Missile Miser is livid.

"Talon how could you? We were not suppose to move against the President until
I had formulated a plan."

The now half man/half dragon know as Silver Talon speaks.

"Missile Miser I join you out of respect for your vision.
But you are not great thinker like the Silver Talon. I sent out group of Deaglos to test the security guarding the President. Though they were defeated I have learned much."

Niles Frazier has ingested his Brute serum at last, and now is the dashingly ugly
Gentleman Brute.

"It is a sound plan old sport. The real game will begin once the uncouth
Claw arrives."

A cloud of mist enters the basement and takes the form of a man in a red and
brown body suit. The mask resembles bat wings. Dr.Dracula has arrived.

"All your grandiose plans Missile Miser and you meet in the basement of a
dilapidated apartment building? You will never be more than a lackey."

"How dare you speak to me in such a manner!!"

"What will you do about it?"

"So you changed your mind about joining us?"

"An associate informed me you were searching for me. It took little effort to find
you. Not only am I joining you, but I have created a plan guaranteed to give the
Old Breed success."


In the Liberty Corps medical lab, Sergent Sargent, David "Stallion" Foster,
Brutus "Clydesdale" Roberts, Romero "Bronco" Sanchez and Zane "Mustang"
Dresden have been summoned by Dr.Curt Hendrix.

When they enter the room they see a body laying on the exam table covered by a

Sergent Sargent speaks first.

"This better be important Hendrix."

"Trust me Sergent, this is important. High Five was attacked today."

"By Necronoids?"

"No Zane, the creatures did not resemble any of Professor Necro's monsters.
Let me just show you."

Dr.Curt Hendrix pulls the sheet off and reveals the body of the Deaglo. The
group look at the bird creature with moderate surprise. Everyone but David
Foster. He recognizes the creature from his time studying the Liberty Corps

"We need to call Director Hendrix and Director Dixon right now."

Sergent Sargent looks incredulously at David Foster.

"David we don't involve the Liberty Corps directors every time we encounter
something in the field."

"Trust me Sarge, the directors will want to know about this."


A plane lands in New York City. A large metal crate is carefully lowered to the
ground. The baggage handler ponders what could possibly be in the large metal
crate. The front of the crate is torn open from the inside. Claw emerges
 in all his glory. At last the God of Hate returns to America.

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