Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Rise of An Old Breed Day 2


Phineas Q Hansworth sits in a tiny rundown apartment watching the news on a
small black and white television. He watches as a man in a batters helmet,
goggles and lab coat is arrested by the police. Behind him an oriental man in
paper armor and a man covered in red tape.

Phineas Hansworth curses the current generation of costumed villains. For he
was once the Missile Miser, the greatest costumed menace who ever
lived. He feebly walks over to his closet and looks at his armor. The greatest
battle armor ever made in the Great War. The prototype cost one million dollars
to make. So the Americans decided against going into mass production.

By the 1930's the armor was mostly forgotten and Hansworth who obsessed over
old weapons stole it.

His memory is not as sharp as it once was. But he still remembers all the great
battles he had as the Missile Miser. Whether it was thrashing the Rainbow or
battling the Arrow.

But he especially remembers the man known as Necro. The man who recruited Missile Miser, the Fear Mancer and his longtime friend Gentleman Brute. Necro betrayed them in the end and was banished to hell.

Or so Miser thought, until he saw a cloaked figure on the news. He was battling those infernal Liberty
Corps Grunts.

For the first time in decades, Miser's mind burned with ambition. He
tried to set it aside. He tried to set aside the idea that Professor Necro was
thriving while he was ravaged by age. But that was before he saw the new breed
of villainy making fools of themselves on television.

Phineas Q Hansworth puts on the ancient armor, after waiting thirty minutes for it to warm up. Tonight the Missile Miser lives again.


Zane Dresden sits in the Liberty Corps HQ rec room watching the latest episode
of Captain Battle and the Ultra Battlers: Challenge of the Evilbots cartoon.

#Captain Battle follows the robot down the dark tunnel. The robot has sworn to
show him the location of Evilord. When they get to the end of the tunnel they are
at a dead end. Suddenly the caped robot attacks Captain Battle.

"Distrusto how could you? I thought you wished to destroy Evilord."

"Ah...Ha....Ha flesh creature. Distrusto hates Evilord but hates Ultra Battlers
more. Ha...Ha.....Ha..."#

Sergent Sargent, Co-Op and the Grunt Patrol walk into the Rec Room.

"For thunder's sake Zane, how can you watch this garbage?"

"Sarge it has really good story lines."

Co-Op removes his silver mask and puts on his glasses.

"Zane the animation on this show is subpar and the writing is simply a flimsy
excuse to sell toys."

Sergent Sargent angrily looks at Zane.

"Zane turn that garbage off and polish the new Berzerker Jeeps."

"Ok Sarge, right after Distrusto betrays Evilord to the Ultra Battlers."

Sergent Sargent shoots the television with his Laser Bayonet and leaves the

"Geez Co-Op why does Sarge hate Captain Battle?"

"You weren't here when Battle the 3rd was in the Grunt Patrol?"

"No I was still on my first tour in Pan Guay."

"Well first of all, Sarge does not hate Captain Battle. He hates Captain Battle
the 3rd. The grandson who turned Battle's legacy into a toyline."

"But he was a member of Liberty Corps?"

"Briefly, he was a very gifted fighter and was recruited immediately. But he
thought being Battle's grandson entitled him to special treatment. He demanded
to skip being a Security Drone and go right into the Grunt Patrol. Sarge refused
to allow that and he was very difficult.

Eventually he was promoted by Director Powers against Sarge's wishes. As I
said he was very gifted, but he had a habit of going his own way. Feeling being
Battle's grandson made him above taking orders.

After a disastrous encounter with Dread Watch where we lost men, Battle the 3rd
was kicked out by Director Powers himself. Few months later he turned up in his
current identity as Captain Battle the 3rd."

"I guess I can see why Sarge hates him. But he still seems to be acting funny.
I've never seen Sarge fire a weapon so recklessly."

"It has been a long night Zane."


The Missile Miser has decided that he will need a group to back him up if he
expects to challenge Horse Power and Captain Battle's grandson. He has a list of
contacts and begins his recruitment drive.

His first trip takes him to Mexico.

Phineas Hansworth knocks on the door and a young man answers it.

"Excuse me son, but can I speak to Baron Dread."

"He died ten years ago, I'm his son."

"Oh I see. Would you be interested in selling your Father's electric steel whip?"

"I sold it to you five years ago. In fact we had this same conversation two years

"So sorry."

Next Missile Miser travels to Guntersville, Alabama. He knocks on the door of
a small trailer and a small older man answers. His eyes contain a dull expression
and his face has excess skin.

"Brute I'm so glad to see you."

"Mister I can't say I'm remember you. Is you the man whose gonna fix my sink?"

"Brute you idiot it's me, The Missile Miser!!!"

The dull witted man's eyes light up. He too remembers his old life vividly.

"What brings ya down here Miser?"

"I am coming out of retirement and I'm recruiting you first."

"I can't Miser."

"Don't you still have your Brute solution?"

"I ain't suppose ta take it now on accounta muh diabeetus."

"Diabetes? As Gentleman Brute you would not need to worry about such things. Don't you want more than this trailer? Don't you want respect again."

"Well yeah but...."

The man named Niles Fraizer looks at his small broke down trailer. He bought it
and the lot of land it sits on with his life savings. He decides he rather be ravaged by
diabetes than live another day like this.

"Alright Miser I'm uh in."

"Good now we will recruit Baron Dread. I know where he's hiding in Mexico."

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