Monday, April 9, 2012

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Rise of An Old Breed Day 1


Taking the South Brook Savings and Loan hostage was not Captain Capsule's
original plan. No originally he was Phil Walrite, a disgruntled pharmacist who was
not creatively satisfied in his work. His experiments in creating new types of pills were frowned upon by the Good Store Pharmacy.

He was fired when one of his experimental pills blew up the store. Captain Capsule was born that day. He put on his homemade costume and became a self styled costumed menace.

He met Paper Cut and Red Tape through an ad in "Ray Gun" magazine. He intended to do a quick robbery to
finance his new criminal organization. But then the security guard surprised them
and Paper Cut panicked and cut the guard down. This made Red Tape panic, who covered the bank in his mysterious red bands.

Now they have no good means of escape and have been trapped for six hours.

Enough time has passed that the cops have brought in the Liberty Corps.

Capsule knows he can't fight his way past a squadron of Grunt Patrolmen. So he sits and waits, at least confident that they can not pierce Red Tape's barrier.


Sergent Sargent rides up to the South Brook Savings and Loan on the
Camouflage Rough Rider ATV, armed with sonic imploder missiles. He received
a call from Co-Op an hour ago about the current hostage crisis.

"Co-Op what in Blue Thunder is taking so long? Your men should be able to take
out a few third rate costumed goobers in minutes."

"Normally we could. But there are hostages involved. I have ran
every possible scenario in my head and there is a sixty percent chance we would
lose a hostage if we advance on them."

"Maybe I can sneak in and take them out one by one."

"Wish that were possible. But the barrier only has one weak point and it would
take a lot of fire power to crack it open."


Sergent Sargent sees bright lights coming down the street. Red, White and Blue
spotlights attached to a Dune Buggy with treads. Such a ridiculous vehicle could
only belong to Captain Battle the 3rd. Star of the Captain Battle and the Ultra Battlers Super Half Hour cartoon and grandson of Captain Battle, the Legend of Two World Wars.

Battle the 3rd hops out of his red and white and blue Tank Buggy. He wears a
costume similar to the one wore by his Grandfather, Father and Uncle. But the
colors are rearranged. The shirt is red, the pants and boots are navy blue. His
haircut is a blond crew cut. He wears a blue scouter over his right eye, a jet pack
similar to the one his grandfather wore and holster equipped with the Dissolvo 85 gun.

After making his big entrance he addresses the media.

"Ladies and gentleman of the press. Captain Battle the 3rd and my squad of
Ultra Battlers are here to do what the Liberty Corps could not. We will end this
hostage crisis."

Sergent Sargent goes over to confront the young upstart.

"Now wait one minute junior. This is a Liberty Corps operation. I'm not going to
let you interfere."

"The city of South Brook recognizes me as a law enforcement
official. We're going in."

"There are hostages involved."

"My scouter found a weak spot. Battlers aim your Dissolvo Rifles at the spot I target"

The red, black and blue masked soldiers aim their rifles at the spot and fire.


Captain Capsule begins to feel there is no way out. That perhaps he should
surrender. He could likely bust out of the city jail with some basic chemicals

As he plots his future escape route a large explosion rattles his concentration.
Red Tape screams in pain after his barrier is shattered.

Four men in red, black and blue costumes storm the bank, lead by Captain
Battle the 3rd. Capsule recognizes them, but thought they were cartoon

Paper Cut's real name is Yoshi Sugota. A master of the paper folding art of
Origami. A mystic ceremony by a mysterious Guild of paper folders, made him
the master of paper. Capable of crafting any kind of weapon, provided he has
enough paper.

He attacks the Ultra Battlers with paper shurikens. But the Battlers rifles destroy them before they can make contact. He next takes out a paper katana and slices one of the Battlers. He quickly folds a glider and attempts to escape only to be hit by a low level Dissolvo 85 blast.

Red Tape has recovered from the feedback of his barrier being broken. He is covered in red tape, which offers him protection from attacks. He wraps one of the Ultra Battlers in the tape and heads for the exit. Only to drop to his knees after being hit by a whistler grenade. Red Tape and the hostages are taken down by the shrill sound.

Captain Capsule's custom helmet protects him from the sound. He tosses a handful of exploding capsules at Battle the 3rd, who flies above it with his jetpack.

Capsule then drops his visor down, puts on his gas mask and uses a smoke pill to cover his escape. Too bad for him, Battle the 3rd's scouter just spotted him. A quick right cross knocks Capsule unconscious.


Sergent Sargent is enraged. The Battle punk may have gotten the hostages killed. A large cloud of smoke in the bank tells him the worst may have occurred.

"Men we have to go in, protect all civilians."

But before Sergent Sargent, Co-Op and the Grunts can go in, A grinning Captain Battle the 3rd comes out dragging the K.O'd Captain Capsule.

"It's sweet you care, but Captain Battle the 3rd and the Ultra Battlers have won the day. Why don't you and your boys handle the clean up."

He pushes past a infuriated Sergent Sargent, to greet the media.

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