Thursday, April 26, 2012

Time's Up For Dread Watch Day 5

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Horse Power and Sergent Sargent are fighting their way thru Liberty Corps
Base. They are trying to get to the master command console.

Bronco on his Super Sidewinder Cycle avoids being hit by the shovel of the Earth

Bronco connects his Bronco Shooters at the handles and attaches them to his
cycle. He destroys a section of wheels on the Earth Mauler with a single shot.

Mustang is running around the base, disarming every automatic canon and
missile launcher.

Sergent Sargent is running away from his own Mangler Tank. Sarge jumps into the drivers seat of
the Mangler and enters a code into the on board computer to regain control.

Stallion climbs into the gunner position and begins firing at the Liberty Corps
Solo Flyers,  small jets roughly the size of a motor cycle. Designed for aerial
missions that require a delicate touch.

Clydesdale is face to face with the Lion Shark Mariner Tank . A vehicle designed to fight on land or water. Clydesdale catches the fired harpoon in his hand and throws it into the Lion Shark's engine, disabling it.

The team is now gathered at the entrance to the command console. Bold Eagle
and Bronze Destroyer join them a bit worse for wear.

Sergent Sargent barks out orders.

"Alright men, form the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster."


Master Masters has lost his cool a bit. Horse Power are about to reclaim the
Command Console. It maybe time to retreat, he is not going to enter a fight he
can't win.

Shuristrike and Ramshackle enter the room from a side entrance connected to
the prison.

"Where is Crime King, we have to retreat soon. The Sky Mammoth is ready to
transport us away from here."

"Crime King was too heavy to move unaided."

"We are rapidly running out of time for that. The force field guarding the Command Console will break eventually."

Master Masters knows he needs a way to even the odds with Horse Power.


Battle-Line was laying in the infirmary when the alarm sounded. He was ordered
by Triage to stay put. He saw that the base had been attacked by some sort of
monsters in Dread Troop uniforms.

He did as he was told by Triage, until the base went on lock down. Looking on the
security monitors he could see Dread Watch taking the command console.

Battle-Line decided to take action and stop Dread Watch himself. He assumed they intended to use Liberty Base against Horse Power.

Battle-Line knew most sections of the base are under surveillance. So it would be
impossible to sneak attack Dread Watch. Then he remembered the
service tunnels his dad told him about. They were built before anything else.

Mainly to make it easier for construction of the underground labs.

Battle-Line is very close to the Command Console. His injured leg is slowing him
down some. He holds the Battle Shot tightly, knowing he only gets one chance at

If he takes out Masters the others will scatter.

He shoots Masters but only grazes his shoulder. Somehow Masters knew to


Battle-Line throws out smoke bombs in an attempt to cover his escape. But he
forgot about Monocruel. Who aided by his Monocule, can see through the densest darkness.

Battle-Line is shot in the back by a yellow force beam.

Masters picks him up.

"Lucky for you boy, I need a hostage."


Stallion places his Stallion Sword on top of the Bronco Shooters between the
Mustang Daggers and forms the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster.

Before they can fire, the doors to the Command Console open and Dread Watch
walks out. Ramshackle is holding an injured Battle-Line.

Master Masters carries himself with an air of authority that Sergent Sargent
remembers from serving under him in Pan Guay.

"Stand down Sargent."

Sergent Sargent aims his Laser Bayonet at Masters head.

"Stand down or Ramshackle will crush Battle's grandson."

Bold Eagle is agitated.

"Do what he says, we will not risk Battle-Line's life."

"Forget it, I drop my weapon and Masters kills him anyway. I shoot him and I have a shot at saving the kid."

Ramshackle stomps Battle-Line's leg.


"I keep my promises Sargent. You know that about me. What I want is a one on
one battle with you.

No Horse Power, No E-Unit, No Dread Watch. Just Sergent
vs Master."

"Fine you have a deal."

Now it is Bronze Destroyer's turn to lose his patience.

"Sergent we did not authorize this."

"Is this how it's gonna be Director? You two come out of retirement and start
running all the plays?"

Bronze Destroyer decides to let Sergent Sargent decide this.

"Its your call Sergent."

"Lets do this Masters."


Ramshackle holds a gun to the back of the bound and injured Battle-Line.

Shruristrike and Monocruel stand with him. Masters gives them strict orders not
to interfere.

Horse Power stand on the other side of the base with the hinges on their helmets
opened, revealing their faces. With them are Liberty Corps Directors, Bold Eagle
and Bronze Destroyer.

Sergent Sargent tells them to stay out of it, until Dread
Watch does something stupid.

Master Masters has his titanium Rapier. He left his gun with Shuristrike.

Sergent Sargent removes the gun segment to the Laser Bayonet and gives it to
Bold Eagle.

The two men were once closer than brothers.

Until that day in Pan Guay when Masters betrayed his unit at the Fantomah

Shortly after E-Unit was formed, Dread Watch appeared, lead by a mysterious
Dread Master. It was years before Sergent Sargent discovered the Dread
Master's true identity.

Now it all comes to an end, Sergent Sargent will defeat his former mentor once
and for all.

The two circle one another. Steel meets laser as the two men prove to be evenly matched.

Masters parries every attack of Sergent Sargent. Until Sarge manages to cut
Masters across the stomach. Unfortunately for him, Masters is well armored.

Masters cuts his arm a moment later.

"Seems I should of gave you fencing lessons. Then again I couldn't turn you
into an adequate soldier."

Sergent Sargent attacks Masters ferociously, seemingly attempting to
decapitate him.

Masters blocks and before the stalemate can be decided, they are rocked by an

Ax Wing and the Xenoids have arrived.

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