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Time's Up For Dread Watch:Day 4

Other 80s Classics


The Necromizone

Professor Necro and SkeleGun watch as Ax Wing battles a group of Necronoids.

Flying thru the air he destroys them with a few quick dashes, his wings cutting
them to shreds.

The Necronoids form the Necronaut and attempt to stomp Ax Wing. But he is far
too fast for it.

SkeleGun speaks to Professor Necro.

"Professor, Ax Wing is impressive."

Ax Wing fires the wings on his back like a missile at the Necronaut, causing it to
fall apart.

"Thank you SkeleGun, your approval means much to me. But this is only a
portion of what Ax Wing is capable of."

Ax Wing spits a wire mesh out of his mouth, forming cyber cocoons around a few
of the defeated Necronoids.


Sergent Sargent hits one of the Dread Brutes with a full powered shot from his
Laser Bayonet. The Brute is sent crashing into a wall. Clydesdale knocks the
Brute out with a right hook.

"Well that's one Dread Brute down. How bout the others?"

"Let me check Clydesdale."

Sergent Sargent takes out his communicator and contacts Mustang.

"Mustang how are things going?"

"About to wrap it up Sarge."

The Dread Brute swings wildly at The Green Horse Power, who swiftly avoids his
punches. He begins to run circles around the Brute, hitting him with multiple
kidney punches.

The Brute goes to one knee, as Mustang quickly digs a hole
around him. Packing the dirt tightly. Mustang then knocks him out with a running

"Now I'm done Sarge."

"Stallion and Bronco finished theirs off before you."

"In that case why are the alarms still blaring?"

"Good question."


Mustang attempts to reenter Liberty Base first, but is hit by a trio of missiles and sent crashing into Clydesdale and Sergent Sargent.

"What in Blue Thunder? Those were our missiles."

"Yeah and that is our laser canon, DUCK!!!!"

Clydesdale grabs Sergent Sargent and absorbs the blast. At full power that canon
has enough power to hurt even Clydesdale."

Stallion and Bronco arrive to their teammates location.

"What is going on here? We tried to enter the base and were hit by Chain

"Those are weapons meant for Omega Class attacks."

Sergent Sargent looks around.

"I think those Dread Brutes were decoys."


Master Masters is usually all business. But he admits to himself he is having
great fun attacking Horse Power with their own weapons. Still he is a business
man first.

"Monocruel have you located Crime King?"

"Yeah I unlocked his cell ten minutes ago, but he hasn't moved."

"You forget Monocruel, that Crime King is trapped in that alien armor. If his
associate Retro-9 is to be believed.

For now he can wait. We must defeat Horse Power first."

"Well Master there is one other thing. As huge as this base is, it seems there is
an entire larger section I can't access, no matter what I do."


Ramshackle throws a chair across the room.

"What in the world is wrong with you Ramshacle?"

"Bronco stole my bike!! I'm going to tear him apart."

"No you are going to remove Crime King from his cell. Shuristrike you go
with him. Me and Monocruel will deal with Bronco."


Bronco summons his Super Sidewinder Cycle. He is going to plow thru the gate
with the Cycle at full speed. That is if he can avoid being destroyed by Liberty
Corps Hatchet Copters on autopilot.

They fire multiple screamer missiles at him. Fouling up his tracking instruments
and throwing him off course.

"Sarge, can you guys get these things off my tail? I need to build up my

"You got it Bronco."

Sergent Sargent takes down one Hatchet with a full powered Laser Bayonet

Stallion leaps up and slices another with his sword.

Mustang runs and bounces off the wall, somersaulting at three Hachets and
cutting thru them with his daggers.

Clydesdale leaps off the ground and smashes one Hachet with his Horse
Hammer. Rips the propeller off and throws it into another one.

Bronco now has enough room to reach top speed and none of the canons or
missiles can touch him. He fires rockets from his cycle and creates a hole
in the wall surrounding Liberty Base.


Ramshackle and Shuristrike walk confidently thru the Liberty Base Prison
complex. There are only a few prisoners being held. One cell has what appears to
be a high tech grease trap.

"This is a lot of trouble to break me out. I'm touched."

It is Thunder Thief walking out of his prison suite. He is wearing PJs with his
emblem on the pocket. His blue and yellow hair is fairly long now.

Ramshackle snorts.

"You think we'd break you out? Dread Watch don't work pro bobo."

"That's bono you idiot."

Ramshackle fears no man, he has no idea Thunder Thief is powerless, and
punches him in the face.

"Well looks like you aren't as tough as you use to be. No wonder Liberty Corps
is keeping you as a pet."

On instinct, Thunder Thief tries to electrocute Ramshackle. Only to find the
dampener belt hum loudly, preventing it.

Shuristrike calls out.

"I found Crime King."

Ramshacle looks at Thunder Thief and walks away laughing.

Thunder Thief for the first time feels powerless.


The Necromizone

The cyber cocoons of the Necronoids are preparing to hatch.

"Watch SkeleGun, this is Ax Wing's true power."

The cyber cocoons break open. The Necronoids have changed, the metallic
portions of their bodies are covered in jagged points. The bone portions with
patches of brown fur.

They look more ferocious than before.

But the biggest change are the wings they each have. The wing on the organic
side looks like a butterfly's wings were cut up and glued back together. The
metal halves looks like something belonging to a metallic bat.

The Xenoids take to the sky and fly in formation around Ax Wing.

Professor Necro opens a black door of light and the squad flies into it.

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