Saturday, April 28, 2012

Duel-Devil:Loose Ends Weekend Edition 5

More Kung Fu Action


Bart Hill is hurting. Master Qron gave him some powder made from plants
growing in his backyard and the pain is now dull. But Bart can not see out of his
left eye.

"Bart listen to me. This is when the training I have given, comes into use.

Your eyes are but one part of you. Listen to your other senses, embrace them
and abandon your sight for now.

This fight is about more than victory or money. This fight will put you on the road
to revenge."

Bart stands up wearily.

"Got ya Qron. I'm ready to go."

The old man in the ill fitting tux walks up to Bart and Qron.

"Change in brackets, you fighting Jared now."

Bart looks at Qron.

"What does this mean Qron?"

"Don't worry they play loose with brackets to con gamblers."

"This Jared guy shouldn't be tough. He only got this far due to an easy bracket."

"That is what worries me. Someone is counting on the gamblers to bet on you."


Bart enters the ring and sees Jared Chang enter next. Jared is about the
same size as Bart Hill, but not nearly as skilled a fighter. He only made it this far
due to bracket fixing.


Qron jumps up and grabs Bart Hill's arm.

"End this quickly."

Jared charges in and catches Bart with three stiff jabs to his bad eye. Bart
responds with an upper cut to Jared Chang's chin. He tosses him in the corner
and begins kneeing him in the face.

Jared headbutts Bart and knees him in the groin. Bart hits Jared with a spinning
back fist.

Jared is on the ground and Bart kicks him in the face.

Before he can finish him, Pan Guay Jake staggers to ringside.

"Hey boy!!! Hey boy!!! Once you get done with him, maybe I'll finish what I

Bart Hill is filled with rage and leaps down to the floor and shatters Pan Guay
Jake's orbital bone. He is now raining punch after punch on him.

The bouncers try to pull Bart off Jake, but he breaks the leg of one of the men
with a kick. Then dislocates the shoulder of the other with a judo throw.

The gamblers while armed, are still filled with fear and empty the casino as Master Qron tries to pull Bart Hill off Pan Guay Jake.


He is unable to get the boy to listen to reason and resorts to punching him in the
back of the neck. Qron drags Bart Hill back to his house, before the Crab City
Sheriff arrives.

 Things were not suppose to go like this. After Pan Guay Jake told Cri Jo his story, Jo formulated a scam.

He would put Bart Hill against Jared Chang. Knowing all the gamblers would bet on Bart Hill.

Then during the fight he would have Jake make a big display of antagonizing the
boy. Distracting him long enough for Jared to knock him out.

But the boy was too much for Chang. He was too much for Cri Jo's personal guards and now the sheriff is going to shut him down.

His bribe will not sweep this under the rug. He knows he can get the money from
Ricca. But Master Claw will expect a payment in return. Either the life of Cri Jo, or Bart Hill.

He picks up the phone and calls the "embassy" in Ricca.

"This is Cri Jo, I must speak with The Wolf. Yes I will pay any price, but I need
him in Pan Guay now."


Bart Hill wakes up in his bed at Master Qron's house. His face feels like the skin
was peeled off. He looks out the window and it is now daylight.

He still has on his boxing trunks and his hand and feet wraps are soaked in dried

He goes in the kitchen and sees Qron sitting at the table in a trance.






The old man turns and stares Bart Hill in the eye.

"What is it Bart?"

"Master I'm sorry about last night."

"You anger is justified. But you will find that even the noblest of anger carries
grave consequences. Get dressed we must continue your training."


The Island Of Ricca

Ricca is a poor nation. But you would not know it by looking at the palace of its
imperial ruler, otherwise known as Master Claw. It has more rooms than could
possibly be needed, floors made of marble, walls lined with silk curtains and
oil paintings of the Claw on the ceilings.

The man known simply as the Wolf is the greatest assassin in the world. One of
the finest unarmed combatants who has ever lived.

Most of his income is from serving as bodyguard to Master Claw. Not that the God of Hate would ever need a bodyguard, it is simply a status.

The Wolf packs his uniform and prepares to leave for Pan Guay. He goes into
the throne room to ask permission of Claw to leave Ricca.

The Claw looks down from his throne with a mouth full of jagged teeth and his
talon covered hand stroking his chin.

"It has been a long time since you have felt the need to leave Ricca. Why would
you go to Pan Guay and help a roach like Cri Jo? I would enjoy devouring him,
savoring his fearful, decaying soul."

The Wolf is careful to avoid eye contact with Master Claw.

"I would enjoy that as well Master. But after hearing the reports of what occurred at the tournament, I could not resist."

"Tell me more."

"A skilled fighter turned up. A fighter filled with a hate and blood lust to match
my own. It seems he was trained by Qron himself."

"Yes that does seem worthy of your notice. Leave now and return quickly. I do
not like being without your services."

"Of course Master Claw."

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