Sunday, April 22, 2012

Duel-Devil:Loose Ends Weekend Edition 4

more karate action


Cri Jo sits in his office in the Crab City Game Plaza. Cri Jo came to Pan Guay in 1917 from the Island of Ricca with a pound of gold.

With that he built a criminal empire in Crab City. Even if his casino is more than a bit run down. He is an older man with most of his hair gone, except for patches on the sides and a think strand on the top of his head combed to the back.

Tonight is the annual fighting tourney in the basement of the casino. It is rarely a money maker and normally loses cash on pays off to the Crab City police.

But Cri Jo's bosses in Ricca insist he run the tourney, for reasons they will not explain. If one appreciates their well being, they do not question the Claw.

A short chubby man walks in. He is wearing a thick pair of glasses held together by tape.

"Mister Cri, you should go watch the fights."

"I'm busy."

"This will interest you."


Bart Hill is in the quarter finals. He is fighting a short skinny man of Japanese descent. The short man got here by using his agility to out maneuver his opponents. He leaps to the side and Bart kicks him in the jaw. He attempts to leap over Bart's head, but is grabbed by the hair and driven face first into the mat.

The man tries to jump up and Bart Hill knocks him out with a right cross to the jaw. The old man in the ill fitting suit yells out


Master Qron is stingy with praise. But in this case it flows freely.

"Excellent work Bart. I expected you to be eliminated here. Your skill far surpasses expectations. Even if I lost three dollars betting on the other guy."

Bart is distracted seeing Pan Guay Jake fidgeting in the corner. Jake knows he should leave. That he should go far away from Pan Guay. He never expected the kid to recover. He thought he would die in the Emerald Valley. But the boy survived and remembers Jake.

Jake prepares to leave before a large man in a suit blocks his way.

"Cri Jo wants to speak to you Jake."

"Well whatever Cri Jo wants, Old Jake wants."

Jake walks into the side room filled with busted roulette wills and scuffed billiard tables.

"What do you need of Old Jake, Mr Jo?"

"This new fighter. He seems to be very interested in you Jake. Why is that?"

"I hadn't noticed."

"His stare has burned a hole in you, whenever he is not competing."

"Oh well guess I got one of them faces."

"No you don't Jake. You are going to tell me a story and not skimp out on details."


Bart Hill is in the third round of the tourney. He is set to fight a muscle bound white man. He has long curly blond locks and a leathery face. His name is Mike "Roughneck" Rogers. Master Qron said he is the favorite to win the whole thing.


Bart somersaults over Rogers and kicks him in the back of the head. He goes down to a knee and Bart follows with another kick that Rogers blocks. Rogers punches Bart in the testicles and slams him to the ground.

He climbs on top of him and starts raining down punches. Bart follows Qron's training and blocks out the pain. He pretends to be unconscious so Rogers will get up. Once he is up ,Bart Hill climbs back up to his feet. His eye is swollen shut and his nose is busted.

Rogers punches Bart in the gut and slings him across the ring. He runs at him and Bart knees him in the chin and follows it with a spin kick that tangles Roughneck in the ropes.

Bart takes this chance to hit him with a flurry of punches, finishing him with a straight kick to the face knocking him out.

The fight is over and Bart Hill advances to the semi finals.

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