Monday, April 30, 2012

The Last Will and Testament of the Cyborg Abraham Lincoln Day 1

Supplemental material


Another Earth

Ten men in yellow hooded robes prepare to kill a young man.

"Do you have the ceremonial dagger brother Clyde? We can afford no

A man drops from the sky. He wears a fine black suit with a high collar red cape.
His face is half metal with a bright red mechanical eye.

With a flash of speed, the cyborg decimates the group of yellow robed men. The
leader of the group drops his dagger and runs, he casually lifts his arm up and
vaporizes the man. Leaving a pile of ashes in his place.

The young man does not see the cyborg as savior. For he knows his time on
Earth is done.

The Cyborg is Abraham Lincoln and this is his planet.


How did the 16th President of The United States become a cybernetic tyrant
feared by all?

To answer that question you must look at Professor Necro. Not the one we know. This Necro greatly miscalculated when he attempted to merge his Earth with the Necromizone. Causing the Oblivorex to end up in North America in 1450.

Initially worshiped by the Native Americans, the Europeans quickly exploited
the mysterious crystal and technology was jump started.

The American Revolution was fought with laser rifles and the Civil War was
fought with armored robots.

But some things did not change. Lincoln was still shot in Fords Theater by John
Wilkes Booth. Instead of a pistol he was shot by a laser gun that nearly
destroyed him.

But technology on this Earth was advanced and Lincoln was saved. His body
became more machine than man. It was the cyborg Lincoln himself who tore
Booth out of his armor and executed him on the spot.

Lincoln was now more than a President, he was a true hero and protector of the
American people. During reconstruction he saved the South from the evil of the
Grand Wizard.

This Lincoln prevented World War 1 by saving Arch Duke Francis Ferdinand
from Assassination.

He stopped the mutated OctoNazi's from invading Poland.

Lincoln was a savior to the world. That is until the Rulians appeared. The
Rulians were a race of Alien conquerers who ruled most of the galaxy. They
decided they must rule Earth, that is until they saw the Cyborg Abraham Lincoln.

The Rulians realized they could never defeat such an enemy in a direct
confrontation. But they could corrupt him.

The Rulians hacked into the Cyborg Lincoln's brain and altered it. Giving him an
unquenchable thirst for conquest. Allowing the Rulians to come in and attack
during the chaos.

Soon Lincoln destroyed much of what he had built, including his reputation. In a
battle that scarred the planet, Lincoln killed the Green Lama and even destroyed
the Sacred Lama Council.

Now a incongruous group has declared war on Lincoln. These factions represent
the moral spectrum of everything from evil to the purest good.

They sow rumors of an uprising in Montana. Lincoln arrives planning to
investigate. When he finds a barren field, the cloaking spell is

He is surrounded by everyone from American Soldiers to Members of the Yellow
Devil Society to old Octo Nazis who have emerged from hiding. Lincoln is brutal in his attack, taking down most of the group with a laser beam from his cybernetic eye.

The lead Grand Devil commands


The spell casters begin chanting, they are the remnants of the Lama Temple.

They have opened a green door of light that sucks in Abraham Lincoln. Sending
him to another Earth.

This Earth is safe for now.


The Earth of Horse Power

Lincoln lands in a field filled with cattle.  He looks around confused at what has
occurred. The attack of the insurrectionist did not wound him.

He flies high into the sky above Earth and surveys the country. The cities are full
of people. The land is rich and vibrant, showing no signs of war and strife.

Lincoln attempts to access his communications network only to find nothing. For
that to happen his satellite networks would have to be disabled. The
insurrectionist would not have the skill or desire to do that.

Lincoln flies to his headquarters in South Dakota and finds a mountain with his
face and other presidents carved into it.

Lincoln decides to fly into space to investigate.


The Astro Risk Space Station is the first step of Liberty Corps exploring space. Very soon the station will leave this galaxy and explore deeper space.

Wide Load is the lead engineer on the Astro Risk. It is his pride and joy. He was relived to return to work after visiting his little brother Spare Tire, the head mechanic of the Liberty Corps fleet on Earth.

Their visit was broken up by a Dread Watch ambush. He is grateful he does not need to worry about that up here on the Astro Risk.

His communicator goes off.

"This is Wide Load."

"Wide Load, Space Case here. Monitors are saying a man in a suit and cape is floating
in front of the Astro Risk."

"Send a medical team out."

"No he is fine, I mean he is just studying the space station. Is everything alright
where you are?"

"Doing fine down here. What should we do?"

"Going to open communications."

A monitor appears in front of the Astro Risk. On the monitor is Space Case
commander of the Astro Risk. Space Case is a very laid back leader, he is more
interested in technology and exploration than combat.

The man in the suit fascinates him. Getting a closer look, he could swear the guy
was a cyborg Abe Lincoln.

The Astro Risk is surrounded by an artificial atmosphere that allows sound to

"Sir how did you get up here?"


"Are you human?"


"Are you from Earth?"

Lincoln raises his left hand and extends his index finger. It begins glowing and
fires a blue beam of energy that tears a hole in the Astro Risk.

The Astro Grunts in battle suits designed for space combat, filter out the airlocks
and attack. They fire pulse rifles at Lincoln but find they have no effect. Lincoln attacks them with a blur of speed they cannot even comprehend.

Soon the Space Hawks filter out. They look like something out of a 1930s movie
serial mixed with an F-14. The Hawks fire missiles at Lincoln, who destroys them
with a glance before they can even reach him.

He holds up both hands and fires waves of energy that annihilate the Space

Lincoln then builds up speed and tears thru the Astro Risk multiple times.

Astro Risk Security Director, Wing Span activates the Satellite Killer. A
large Satellite is aimed at the cyborg. Wing Span presses a button and a giant beam of
energy that could eradicate a small moon, hits Lincoln.

Once the dust clears. they are in shock that Lincoln is unharmed. Even his
suit (minus a large tear in the front) is unaffected.

Space Case gets to the communication Station. It took a long time to configure the Astro Risk Phones to be able to contact Earth in seconds. But now he is so glad they made that effort.

"We need Horse Power!!!"

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