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Duel-Devil:Loose Ends Weekend Edition 1


The Island of Ricca 1743

Ricca had always been a poor nation full of suffering and anguish. But it had now
become too much.

The crops had dried up and all the live stock was dying. Fishing and hunting trips
turned up less and less food. A foolish man whose name time has cursed was
desperate. The people of Ricca were superstitious and dealt in black magic.

This man was desperate for his people to live and so he sojourned into the forest
of despair with a pail of human blood and smeared a pentagram into the ground.


The blood on the ground gently bubble and a humble looking old man crawls from
the ground. The man looks like he is about to cry at his own failure.

"You are mighty Gen-I?"

"Yes I am all you desire."

"You will bring life back to the fields of Ricca? Allow food to be plentiful."

The old man smiles a toothless grin and snaps his fingers in a manner that brings
no sound.

"It is already done."

"What do you ask of payment?"

"Payment? You insult my gift. I will give you another gift soon."

The old man smiles before his flesh melts away. The young man returns home,
unsure if he accomplished anything that night.

But the old man kept his word. The fields of Ricca flourished, food was plentiful
and spirits were high and eventually this man forgot the old man's promise of a
second gift.


The man is very nervous, he awaits the birth of his first child. His wife has had a
very difficult pregnancy. Even with the sun shining and the weather fair and cool,
there is a touch of misery in the air.


The man runs in expecting the worse. That something happened to his wife and
the baby.

"What happened, is my baby..."

The Mid Wife looks as pale as a sheet. The man looks down and sees his baby,
its eyes are black and red with a mouthful of sharpened fangs. His hands and feet
look like tiny talons.

The man remembers the night he saved Ricca. He slumps down and remembers
it all.

Gen-I keeps his word, always.


Emerald Valley of Pan Guay

Brian Hill is not a drunk or a layabout. He is a man who works very hard for his wife and twelve year old son, Bart. But he is always chasing rainbows, looking for that one big score.

Even in the short span of Bart's life, Brian has done everything from searching for gold to wild catting for oil in Texas. In Texas he learned from a man named Pan Guay Jake, about a place in the country of Pan Guay called the Emerald Valley.

He said the place has barely been explored and it was ripe for the taking. Someone could bring in a lot of cash from a small Emerald strike. But they would need to go now, before the two fighting regimes finally figure out how to divide everything.

Brian was skeptical, this is not moving to Texas, or California or even Alaska. This was going to a hostile country. He declined Jake at first, until Jake produced a emerald the size of three doll heads.

Brian went home and told Laura about Pan Guay. If Laura was going to put her foot down to one of Brian's crazy schemes. it would of happened long before now.

So the Hill family moved to Pan Guay. After a rather treacherous trip through land, sea and air, the Hills and Jake arrived in the tiny town of Platooh, Pan Guay.

Brian emptied the remainder of his savings into equipment and went to work. Jake never seemed to share Brian's zeal for mining. He often played supervisor. Or emcee to Laura and little Bart.

He seemed to be a charming man, he had a million stories, a sun damaged face and a calloused hide to match. One day he was giving Bart a horsie back ride and telling him about his escape from a slave camp in Southern Pan Guay.

"Laura!!!, BARTY, JAKE!!!! I did it, I did it, I did it!!!"

"Did what?"

"I found Emeralds, enough to make us the richest people on earth!!!"

The four go into town and celebrate. Buying steak dinners and drinking til the three adults were more than a bit drunk.

They stumbled back to camp all very happy.

"Laura this is it for us. You'll live a grand life and little Bart will never want for anything."

Jake suddenly is not stumbling. He takes out a long hunting knife and stabs Brian Hill in the chest.

"You think I brought you down here, so you could have my claim?"

Laura punches Jake in the face, and Jake returns the favor.

"I only brought you down here, so I could sneak back into the country. Sorry Barty, wasn't a slave camp I escaped, was a prison colony.

Did some nasty things, but I figure the new regime won't be as picky."

Laura grabs his leg and he kicks her in the face. Takes his knife and slices her throat.

Bart starts to run, terrified he will be next and Jake follows him. He tackles the boy and holds him down.

"Not gonna kill you boy. Not a total monster. But I want you to remember me."

He cuts the symbol of a boomerang into the twelve year old's chest.


The boy staggers into Platooh struggling not to go into shock. The Sheriff tried to talk to the boy but he would not talk. Even if he could, he had no idea how to speak the Pan Guay language.

The boy lead the sheriff down to where his parents were. They were horrified by the sight and tried to shield the child from viewing it again. But Bart was already in his own world.

Bart became a bit of a celebrity in Pan Guay once the news hit. The entire town essentially raised him and prayed for the day he might talk.

Looking out the school house window, he sees a group of men throwing boomerangs. It was a weapons demonstration to show how the boomerang would be better for hunting than guns and arrows. They were not very convincing, considering only one of them used it successfully.


Bart runs out of the school house. The class and the teacher were in shock. Bart had not spoken since being discovered.

"Please... Can I have one???"

The sheriff looks pleased that Bart has finally talked. He buys one boomerang from the men.

Bart had a new obsession. He practiced throwing every hour of every day. That is, when he was not getting into fights with other kids and even animals.

He considered it all training, he was going to become the best hand to hand combatant that ever lived. Someone who would never be killed by something as pathetic as a knife.

Young Bart Hill seemed to have no fear, not of authority and not of nature.

At night he read the one pulp magazine he had brought with him to Pan Guay. It was about the Brass Blizzard, a masked crime fighter. Bart Hill had went from enjoying this story to obsessing over it.

He intended to make it reality.

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