Sunday, April 15, 2012

Duel-Devil:Loose Ends Weekend Edition 2


Pan Guay, 1935

Bart Hill has intensified his training and is now an expert at using the
boomerang and has become a pretty good fighter. Tonight will be the night he appears as the
Dare-Devil:The Master of Fear!!!

But Platooh is a very small town and everyone knows him. So he
is taking a long trip down to Crab City, a large gambling city in Pan Guay.

He gets there and it is nearly eleven pm. Bart puts on his costume inside the
bathroom of a small tavern/casino. He came to town in a old worn out pair of
work pants. He puts on a red and blue turtleneck sweater and a
red ski mask, before sneaking out the window.

He manages to break up a mugging. Two men had jumped a lady behind a bar
and Bart stopped it. It did not get down to a physical confrontation, he thinks his presence
spooked them.

He sees an older man in pajamas leaving the casino. He has a large handful of
bills and is whistling happily. Bart follows him several blocks, thinking the old
man is an easy target for would be muggers .

"Alright pops, give me that money."

A big bruiser punches the old fellow in the gut and shoves him into a trash can.

Bart Hill leaps down and kicks him in the face. The bruiser is not knocked down,
but his lip is busted.

"Big mistake mask man."

He takes out a pistol and Bart throws his boomerang at the bruiser's hand.

He runs in and punches the bruiser in the jaw. The bruiser headbutts him and
rams his face into a brick wall. The bruiser kicks his ribs in. It looks like
Dare-Devil will die before he even lives.

"That is enough."

It is the older man, Bart tried to save.

"You should of got while the getting was good."

The bruiser punches the old man who dodges the punch. He tries again and the
old man dodges again. He stomps the bruiser's foot, kicks him in the face five
times, before flipping him to the ground.

The bruiser lifts his head and is knocked out by a palm thrust.


Bart Hill wakes up in a tiny room. He smells bacon and eggs frying. He gets up and walks into the kitchen. Every part of his body hurts and he wonders how he avoided death last night.

He sees the old man by the stove cooking.

"Um sir, how did I get here?"

"I brought you here. You needed my help."

"I was trying to save you."

"You effort was noble, but the energy was wasted."

"What happened, a cop run that thug off?"

"No, I did."

"Um no offense sir but..."

"Eat your breakfast, then meet me outside."


Bart scarfed down the breakfast and went out back. Old guy was not much of a
cook. but he was hungry.

The old man is wearing an old, dirty karate gi. It looks like it has never been

"You showed a lot of potential last night. But if you do not get more training, you
will die. There will not be an old man Qron to save you, a second time."

"Your name is Qron?"

"Its some old mangled Ricca name. Means bird of quest. Attack me now."


"Attack me now, or I'll attack you. You don't want that."

Bart balls up his fist and swings at Qron, who easily avoids it. Bart presses the
attack and keeps swinging at the old man.

Bart finally figures out a pattern and punches Qron in the gut, following up with
an uppercut to the chin. Qron is bleeding from the mouth and hits Bart with four
strikes to the jaw, three to the gut and hits him a leg sweep. Finally placing his
foot on Bart Hill's throat.

"Like I say boy, lots of potential. But potential is not enough. Go in the house and find a gi to put on. Your training begins today."

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