Sunday, April 29, 2012

Duel Devil:Loose Ends Day 6


It has been months since the tourney in Crab City. Qron has increased Bart Hill's
training regiment. Qron decided to move from hand to hand combat to fighting
with weapons.

Bart Hill is running thru Qron's back yard and is narrowly avoiding spears and
other projectiles.

He takes his boomerang and throws it at a target, kicks the
head off a wooden stand in, catches the boomerang and somersaults toward
Qron, who ducks Bart's kick and flips him to the ground.

"You are improving, but you must fully master using the boomerang in combat.

Go reset the traps and start again."


The Wolf arrived in Crab City at midnight, stepping off a freighter boat. He
arrives at the Game Plaza at One AM. He decides to not announce himself and
goes directly to Cri Jo's office.

He is stopped by a large man in an ill fitting suit. The man is some Pan Guay
mongrel. A result of the various nationalities that occupy this country.

"What are you looking for?"

"I must see Cri Jo."

"Mr.Cri has serious business to attend to. Leave...."

The Wolf grins as he sets his trap.


The large man tries to punch the Wolf, who leaps in the air and kicks the base of
the man's neck, shattering his vertebrae. The man is dead.

Cri Jo burst out of his office.

"What the devil is going on. I am expecting....."

Cri Jo stops mid sentence. Realizing who has arrived.

"The Wolf...."

"I am honored by your presence."

The Wolf is a tall lanky man. His hair is long and wild, it looks as if it has
never been combed. He has a long mustache that goes past his chin. It almost
looks like a pair of fangs.

He circles Cri Jo's office like he owns it, before finally sitting behind his desk.

"While I remain in Pan Guay, this will be my office. Do you object Mr.Cri?"

"Of course not, you are the honored weapon of Master Claw. To have you here,
honors us all."


Cri Jo hurriedly leaves the office and gathers money to pay the Crab City sheriff
to hide another dead body.

With Cri Jo gone, the Wolf takes out a crumpled yellowed with age photograph.

It is the Wolf in his teenage years standing next to a stern looking older man.
The Wolf knows him as Qron, the man who taught him the art of assassination.


Bart Hill's hands and feet are bleeding. It was a particularly rough day of training.

Qron insisted he climb a barbed wire wall. The Old Man said, Bart would
encounter such obstacles as the Duel-Devil.

Bart is bandaging up his hands, when Qron calls him for dinner. The old timer
fried them up some chicken. Bart gingerly grabs a drumstick, careful not to hurt
his hand.

Qron quickly shovels food down his throat.

"Boy you must wonder why I increased your training."

"I assumed I had simply improved a great deal."

"That is only part of it. You know little of my life."

It is true, the old man never talks about himself.

"I come from a land called Ricca. Have you heard of it?"

"No I have not."

"It is a land of misery and death. Ruled by a demonic tyrant called Claw. There
are few means of elevation is Ricca.

 I simply fought and struggled in the jungle wilds. Eventually I refined my
techniques and gained the attention of the Claw.

Claw sent me to China to further my studies. It was there I met King Gokun, the
greatest fighter that ever lived.

He put me thru a training regiment that makes yours look like child's play.

After years of training, I returned to Ricca and served Master Claw proudly. I was even
allowed to take on a disciple of my own. This would prove to be my down fall."

"Why is that Master Qron?"

"You see I had, in fact I still have a great deal of respect for The Claw. But I did not fear him. I fear nothing in this world.

The Claw could not abide this. The Claw needs more than respect, he needs
hatred and fear.

Claw saw these things in my disciple. This disciple was a young man filled
with hate and a healthy fear of Master Claw. Claw took my disciple and nurtured
him. Made him stronger than even I could make him.

One terrible night the disciple struck. With no warning he attacked me as I slept. I woke up in time to fight back, but I was hurt and the disciple pressed the advantage.

We fought thru out the palace of the Claw, til the Disciple drove my head into a
window. Bleeding, I forced my disciple off me and dove thru the window, falling into the ocean. I swam for days before ending up on a fishing boat. Which brought me to Pan Guay.

That night my disciple was reborn as "The Wolf of Ricca"."

"Master why are you telling me this story?"

"Because The Wolf has arrived in Pan Guay. He intends to kill you."

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