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Time's Up For Dread Watch Day 6

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Master Masters has done a great deal of research on the Necronoids.

It is in his best interest to know of the creatures that were opposing his
arch enemy. But these winged monsters are not Necronoids, though they look

Masters is angry that his fight with Sergent Sargent is cut short.

"Shuristrike, gun!!!"

Shuristrike tosses Masters his pistol, who fires it at a Xenoid that attacks him.

The Xenoids for their part are unable to make a distinction between Dread
Watch and Horse Power.

Monocruel fires force beams from his monocle at a group of Xenoids.
Ramshackle swings his chain wildly at anything that moves.

Shuristrike sends exploding shurikens at the Xenoids.

For now Dread Watch fights side by side with Horse Power.


Ax Wing pays no attention to Dread Watch and attacks Horse Power. With great
speed and using his wings, he cuts down the team in two dashes.

Sergent Sargent has rearmed his Laser Bayonet and begins firing. Ax Wing
avoids the shots.

Bold Eagle being able to fly, attacks Ax Wing in the air. Ax Wing easily out
maneuvers him, landing several hard punches. Only his greater experience
keeps Eagle from being completely overwhelmed.

Suddenly Ax Wing slashes Eagle across the face with his cybernetic hand.

Before he can finish Eagle off, the laser tomahawk of Bronze Destroyer strikes
him in the back of the head.

Ax Wing turns his attention to the other Liberty Corps Director, only to be
tackled by a now air born Mustang. He was thrown by Clydesdale.

They crash to the ground and Bronco fires his Bronco Shooters into Ax Wing's

 Stallion, follows up with a downward slash of his Stallion Sword.

"Form the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster!!!"

Clydesdale slams the handle of his Horse Hammer into the ground.

"Horse Hammer!!!"

Bronco connects his Bronco Shooters at the handle and places them on top of the
Horse Hammer.

"Bronco Shooters!!!"

Stallion places his sword on top of the Bronco Shooter.

"Stallion Sword!!!"

Mustang places his daggers on each side of the sword.

"Mustang Daggers!!!"


 Ax Wing detaches the wings on his back (known as the Ax Winger) and holds it in front of him as a shield, deflecting the blast back at Horse Power.

He runs into the team and attacks, using the Ax Winger as a melee weapon, attacks
the now weaponless Horse Power.

Now he throws the winger into the air and it strikes the team like a missile. The x winger goes back into the air and Ax Wing leaps up allowing it to reattach to
his back.


The Necromizone

Skelegun and Professor Necro watch the battle unfold on Earth.

"You are pleased Professor?"

"Very much Skelegun, Ax Wing is performing better than I dared hope for. Soon
Horse Power will be destroyed and the Obivorex reclaimed."

"What of the humans battling the Xenoids? They were fighting Horse Power

"They require a closer look."


As skilled as Dread Watch are, the Xenoids begin to overwhelm them.

Soon they have Master Masters on the run. Well timed laser blasts shatter their skulls. They were fired by Sergent Sargent.

"Sargent? Why would you save me?"

"Right now we need all the warm bodies we can to

Masters shoots a Xenoid behind Sergent Sargent.

"And why won't I simply shoot you in the back?"

"It's not in your best interest."

Sergent Sargent leaps over Masters and cuts down an approaching Xenoid.

"You know that much about me Sargent."

"Tell me Masters, what in your expert opinion, should we do about Ax Wing?"


Masters did have a plan, but it involves trusting Dread Watch. Something Horse
Power was not thrilled about.

Ax Wing's greatest weapon was the Ax Winger he uses to fly. Every time they
attempt to fire the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster, Ax Wing detaches
his ax winger and fires it at Horse Power.

Masters tells Sergent Sargent.

"Summon the Horse Canon."

"How do you know about that?"

"You really think I don't keep up with your upgrades? I saw you use it during
your skirmish with that fanatic."

"Don't see how the canon can hit it, when the Combination Power Blaster

"It won't, you are going to give us control of the Combination Power Blaster."

"You're crazy, but I don't think we have a choice."

"Good to know you can still follow orders Sargent."


Horse Power are struggling in their battle with Ax Wing. He keeps going from air
to land combat and they are unable to get a read on him. When he detaches the
Ax Winger, it is like having to fight two enemies.

A squad of Dread Troops and Grunt Patrolman have joined the fight with the

Ax Wing is shot in the back by Sergent Sargent, allowing Bronco and Clydesdale
to punch him.

"Summon the Horse Cannon"

"Sarge we won't be able to hit him."

"I got it worked out this time."

The Horse Cannon appears around the Horse Power team.

Clydesdale places his horse shoe in the red slot on the canon..

Stallion places his horse shoe in the blue slot on the canon.

Bronco places his horse shoe in the yellow slot on the canon.

Mustang places his horse shoe in the green slot on the canon.



Dread Watch surround the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster. It takes all
four of them to hold it steady. Horse Power has fired the Horse Canon at Ax

Masters speaks

"On my word Dread Watch."

Ax Wing detaches his Ax Winger and fires it at Horse Power.


The Horse Power Combination Power Blaster is fired. The recoil sends all of
Dread Watch flying.

A swirling red, yellow, green and blue beam of energy hits the Ax
Winger knocking it off course. This allows the Horse Canon blast to hit Ax Wing

It gets up very shaken and collapses. A black door of light takes him and the

Before Sergent Sargent can offer his hand, Masters shoots him in the chest and Sergent Sargent collapses to the ground.

Masters stands over his former protege triumphant.

"Now its convenient."


The Necromizone

Ax Wing and the Xenoids return battered and defeated. Professor Necro walks
over to them, looking down and somewhat annoyed.

Ax Wing kneels in front of him.

"Forgive me Necro."

"I wish you had been successful today. But I now have a good gauge of
what you and your Xenoids are capable of.

Soon I will move forward with my master plan.

Necro looks over at a final cocoon that has yet to hatch. Inside sits the fallen
Liberty Corps Agent, Road Test.


Sergent Sargent lays on the ground motionless after being shot by his former
mentor and current enemy Master Masters.

Horse Power are in shock, but do not show it. Stallion leads them in an attack on
Master Masters and Dread Watch.

Before the team can get near them, Masters puts a code into his wrist computer.

The Horse Power team is hit directly by a high powered pulse beam, fired by the
DREAD Sky Mammoth.

The team attempt to regain their footing and are hit by a barrage of missiles.

Under normal circumstances, Masters would not attempt such a direct attack with the Sky Mammoth. But thanks to his earlier attack, the Liberty Corps arsenal has been decimated.

"I wouldn't celebrate if I were you Masters."

Master Masters is left speechless when he sees Sergent Sargent. Masters attempts to stab him with his  \rapier. But Sergent Sargent grabs Masters wrist, causing him to drop it.

He punches Masters hard enough to shatter part of his helmet and send him
flying across the grounds of Liberty Base.

Masters gets up injured. He inputs another code and the Sky Mammoth tractor
beam grabs him and Dread Watch.

Before they can retreat, Stallion gives the word.

"Summon the Horse Flys!!!"

Out of the sky comes four hover chariots. Green, Blue, Red and Yellow. The
four Horse Powers get into their assigned chariot.

"Form Chariot Maximus!!!!"

The green and yellow chariots attach to the back end corners of the blue chariot.
Finally the red chariot locks on top of the back of the green and yellow chariots.

The Chariot Maximus fires a full powered blast from the horse head on the front
of the blue chariot. The blast damages the Sky Mammoth.

On board the Mammoth, Master Masters is hurt.

"Fire the pulse cannon at full power."

The full powered blast narrowly misses Chariot Maximus.
Clydesdale shouts out.

"Summon the Horse Cannon!!!"

The Horse Cannon appears in Clydesdale's hands and he places it on top of his
red chariot.


The blast rages out of the Horse Shaped cannon and tears a hole thru the Dread
Sky Mammoth.

Masters struggles to keep control of the Sky Mammoth. It is falling apart and
will soon explode.

Within seconds the Sky Mammoth shatters in a burst of fire. What is not noticed
is a black light surrounding the wreckage.


The Liberty Corps is resting in the wreckage of their headquarters. Clean up can wait for now.

Zane Dresden walks over to Sergent Sargent.

"Sarge how did you survive being shot?"

"It only grazed my shoulder. I'm fine."

Romero Sanchez joins in.

"Sarge I saw it hit you."

"Things were too chaotic for you to be sure of anything. It grazed my shoulder, I'm fine."

The team does not press the issue further.


Master Masters sits in his seat on the bridge of the Sky Mammoth. He is badly
injured and surprised he's even alive. Or that the Sky Mammoth is still together
at all.

Professor Necro appears before him.

"I think you could use a friend."


Horse Sense PSA

Billy walks into Jimmy's living room.

"Jimmy I found the neatest thing."

"Wow whats that Billy?"

"An old freezer and it works and every thing. We can go camping and pretend we're Eskimos."

A man in a red and yellow fireman's uniform walks in.

"I would not do that boys."


"Never go to sleep in a deep freezer and pretend to be Eskimos. Its
dangerous and offensive to our Inuit brothers."

"Thanks Flash Fry!!"

"Know Better"

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